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Sergey Shnitkind, Maria A Martinez-Yamout, Jane Dyson, Peter E Wright
Phosphorylation of the kinase-inducible domain (KID) of the cyclic AMP response element binding transcription factor (CREB) regulates its function through several mechanisms. Transcriptional activation occurs following phosphorylation at serine 133, but multisite phosphorylation in a neighboring region termed the CK cassette, residues 108-117, results in inhibition of CREB-mediated transcription. A molecular-level understanding of the mechanism of these opposing reactions has been lacking, in part because of the difficulty of preparing multiply-phosphorylated CREB in vitro...
December 3, 2018: Biochemistry
Andrew Hsu, Fabien Ferrage, Arthur G Palmer
Spin relaxation in solution-state NMR spectroscopy is a powerful approach to explore the conformational dynamics of biological macromolecules. Probability distribution functions for overall or internal correlation times have been used previously to model spectral density functions central to spin-relaxation theory. Applications to biological macromolecules rely on transverse relaxation rate constants, and when studying nanosecond timescale motions, sampling at ultralow frequencies is often necessary. Consequently, appropriate distribution functions necessitate spectral density functions that are accurate and convergent as frequencies approach zero...
November 6, 2018: Biophysical Journal
Heng-Ling Meng, Wei Zhang, Guang-Hui Zhang, Jian-Jun Wang, Zhen-Gui Meng, Guang-Qiang Long, Sheng-Chao Yang
Marsdenia tenacissima is a well-known anti-cancer medicinal plant used in traditional Chinese medicine, which often grows on the karst landform and the water conservation capacity of land is very poorly and drought occurrences frequently. We found M. tenacissima has strong drought resistance because of continuousdrought16 d, the leaves of M. tenacissima were fully curly and dying. But the leaves were fully almost recovering after re-watering 24h. The activity of SOD and POD were almost doubled under drought stress...
2018: PloS One
Xiaoming Liu, Songdou Zhang, ZhongJian Shen, Yanjun Liu, Zhen Li, Xiaoxia Liu
Vrille (Vri), a basic leucine zipper (bZIP) transcription factor, plays important roles in insect circadian clock regulation, tracheal development, proliferation, flight, and metamorphosis. Here, Helicoverpa armigera was used as a model to investigate the role of Vri in larval moulting and metamorphosis. Sequence analysis results revealed that Helicoverpa armigera Vri (HaVri) shares a high amino acid identity with other Lepidoptera Vri homologues. Spatial-temporal expression pattern data showed that HaVri expression was highly abundant in larval moulting and metamorphosis stages and was mainly expressed in the midgut and Malpighian tubule during metamorphosis...
November 28, 2018: Insect Molecular Biology
Danny W-K Ng, Jayami K Abeysinghe, Maedeh Kamali
Being sessile, plants rely on intricate signaling pathways to mount an efficient defense against external threats while maintaining the cost balance for growth. Transcription factors (TFs) form a repertoire of master regulators in controlling various processes of plant development and responses against external stimuli. There are about 58 families of TFs in plants and among them, six major TF families (AP2/ERF (APETALA2/ethylene responsive factor), bHLH (basic helix-loop-helix), MYB (myeloblastosis related), NAC (no apical meristem (NAM), Arabidopsis transcription activation factor (ATAF1/2), and cup-shaped cotyledon (CUC2)), WRKY, and bZIP (basic leucine zipper)) are found to be involved in biotic and abiotic stress responses...
November 24, 2018: International Journal of Molecular Sciences
Pankaj Kumar, Ankita Mishra, Himanshu Sharma, Dixit Sharma, Mohammed Saba Rahim, Monica Sharma, Afsana Parveen, Prateek Jain, Shailender Kumar Verma, Vikas Rishi, Joy Roy
Starch makes up 70% of the wheat grain, and is an important source of calories for humans, however, the overconsumption of wheat starch may contribute to nutrition-associated health problems. The challenge is to develop resistant starch including high amylose wheat varieties with health benefits. Adapting advance genomic approaches in EMS-induced mutant lines differing in amylose content, basic leucine zipper (bZIP) regulatory factors that may play role in controlling amylose biosynthesis were identified in wheat...
November 22, 2018: Scientific Reports
Di Wu, Mei Wang, Xingang Wang, Yong-Biao Zhang, Tao Song, Ningbei Yin, Zhenmin Zhao
Single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in protein-coding regions of genes which were previously reported to be associated with nonsyndromic cleft lip, with or without palate involvement (NSCL/P), were investigated. Twelve candidate loci [platelet-derived growth factor C (PDGFC), platelet-derived growth factor subunit A (PDGFA), platelet-derived growth factor receptor alpha (PDGFRA), glycine receptor alpha 2 (GLRA2), glycine receptor beta (GLRB), ATP binding cassette subfamily A member 4 (ABCA4), MAF bZIP transcription factor B (MAFB), interferon regulatory factor 6 (IRF6), CCDC26 long non-coding RNA (CCDC26), paired box 7 (PAX7), ventral anterior homeobox 1 (VAX1), and netrin 1 (NTN1)] covering 1...
November 21, 2018: European Journal of Oral Sciences
Seok-Jun Moon, Hee Jin Park, Tae-Heon Kim, Ju-Won Kang, Ji-Yoon Lee, Jun-Hyun Cho, Jong-Hee Lee, Dong-Soo Park, Myung-Ok Byun, Beom-Gi Kim, Dongjin Shin
How plants defend themselves from microbial infection is one of the most critical issues for sustainable crop production. Some TGA transcription factors belonging to bZIP superfamily can regulate disease resistance through NPR1-mediated immunity mechanisms in Arabidopsis. Here, we examined biological roles of OsTGA2 (grouped into the same subclade as Arabidopsis TGAs) in bacterial leaf blight resistance. Transcriptional level of OsTGA2 was accumulated after treatment with salicylic acid, methyl jasmonate, and Xathomonas oryzae pv...
2018: PloS One
Julie Boudet, Marielle Merlino, Anne Plessis, Jean-Charles Gaudin, Mireille Dardevet, Sibille Perrochon, David Alvarez, Thierry Risacher, Pierre Martre, Catherine Ravel
The quality of wheat grain is mainly determined by the quantity and composition of its grain storage proteins (GSPs). GSPs consist of the low (LMW-GS) and high (HMW-GS) molecular-weight glutenins and gliadins. The synthesis of these proteins is essentially regulated at the transcriptional level and by the availability of nitrogen and sulfur. The regulation network has been extensively studied in barley where BLZ1 and BLZ2, members of the basic leucine zipper (bZIP) family, activate the synthesis of hordeins...
November 16, 2018: Plant Journal: for Cell and Molecular Biology
Bing Hu, Biao Lai, Dan Wang, Jiaqi Li, Linhuan Chen, Yaqi Qin, Huicong Wang, Yonghua Qin, Guibing Hu, Jietang Zhao
During litchi (Litchi chinensis Sonn.) fruits ripening, two major physiological changes, degreening (chlorophyll degradation) and pigmentation (anthocyanin biosynthesis) are visually apparent. However, the specific factor triggering this important transition is still unclear. In the present study, we found that endogenous ABA content increased sharply when chlorophyll (Chl) breakdown initiated and ABA level peaked just before the onset of anthocyanin accumulation, suggesting that ABA plays an important role during litchi fruit pigmentation...
November 8, 2018: Plant & Cell Physiology
Patricia de Francisco, Francisco Amaro, Ana Martín-González, Juan Carlos Gutiérrez
Metallothioneins (MT) are multi-stress proteins mainly involved in metal detoxification. MT gene expression is normally induced by a broad variety of stimulus and its gene expression regulation mainly occurs at a transcriptional level. Conserved motifs in the Tetrahymena thermophila MT promoters have been described. These motifs show a consensus sequence very similar to AP-1 sites, and bZIP type transcription factors might participate in the MT gene expression regulation. In this research work, we characterize four AP-1 transcription factors in each of four different analyzed Tetrahymena species, detecting a high conservation among them...
2018: Frontiers in Genetics
Samu Tateyama, Itsuki Kobayashi, Osamu Hisatomi
Photozipper (PZ) is a light-activatable basic leucine zipper (bZIP) protein composed of a bZIP domain and a light-oxygen-voltage-sensing domain of aureochrome-1. Blue light induces dimerization and subsequently increases the affinity of PZ for the target DNA sequence. We prepared site-directed PZ mutants in which Asn131 (N131) in the basic region was substituted with Ala and Gln. N131 mutants showed spectroscopic and dimerization properties almost identical to those of wild-type PZ and an increase in helical content in the presence of the target sequence...
November 13, 2018: Biochemistry
Ying Wen, Xueqiong Zhou, Meiting Lu, Meiling He, Ye Tian, Lixia Liu, Mengnan Wang, Wenchong Tan, Yaotang Deng, Xushan Yang, Matthias P Mayer, Fei Zou, Xuemei Chen
The development of hepatocellular carcinomas (HCC) depends on their local microenvironment and the induction of neovascularization is a decisive step in tumor progression, since the growth of solid tumors is limited by nutrient and oxygen supply. Hypoxia is the critical factor that induces transcription of the hypoxia inducible factor-1α (HIF-1α) encoding gene HIF1A and HIF-1α protein accumulation to promote angiogenesis. However, the basis for the transcriptional regulation of HIF1A expression in HCC is still unclear...
October 26, 2018: Oncogene
Nanbiao Long, Thomas Orasch, Shizhu Zhang, Lu Gao, Xiaoling Xu, Peter Hortschansky, Jing Ye, Fenli Zhang, Kai Xu, Fabio Gsaller, Maria Straßburger, Ulrike Binder, Thorsten Heinekamp, Axel A Brakhage, Hubertus Haas, Ling Lu
Both branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) and iron are essential nutrients for eukaryotic cells. Previously, the Zn2Cys6-type transcription factor Leu3/LeuB was shown to play a crucial role in regulation of BCAA biosynthesis and nitrogen metabolism in Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Aspergillus nidulans. In this study, we found that the A. fumigatus homolog LeuB is involved in regulation of not only BCAA biosynthesis and nitrogen metabolism but also iron acquisition including siderophore metabolism. Lack of LeuB caused a growth defect, which was cured by supplementation with leucine or iron...
October 2018: PLoS Genetics
Md Golzar Hossain, Eriko Ohsaki, Tomoyuki Honda, Keiji Ueda
Many DNA virus replication-related proteins are associated with promyelocytic leukemia protein (PML), a component of nuclear domain 10 (ND10), which has been investigated for its potential involvement in viral replication. In the case of Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus (KSHV) lytic gene products, K8 (K-bZIP), ORF59, and ORF75 have been shown to colocalize with PML, but its importance in KSHV lytic replication is still unclear. In this study, we analyzed the functional influence of PML on KSHV latency and lytic replication in KSHV-infected primary effusion lymphoma (PEL) cell lines...
2018: Frontiers in Microbiology
Jing Sun, Peipei Cao, Lijun Wang, Sumei Chen, Fadi Chen, Jiafu Jiang
The product of CmFTL, a gene represented by multiple transcripts, is an important determinant of floral development in chrysanthemum. Here, a new transcript CmFTL3ps4 which contains three different amino acid residues compared to CmFTL3 was characterized. When driven by the Arabidopsis thaliana FT promoter, CmFTL3ps4 expression did not rescue the late flowering phenotype of the A. thaliana ft-10 mutant. When the variant sequences CmFTL3Q130K , CmFTL3G136A and CmFTL3D145N were heterologously expressed in A. thaliana, both CmFTL3G136A and CmFTL3D145N were shown to accelerate flowering, although to a different extent...
November 2018: Plant Science: An International Journal of Experimental Plant Biology
Sharath Belame Shivakumar, Dinesh Bharti, Raghavendra Baregundi Subbarao, Ju-Mi Park, Young-Bum Son, Imran Ullah, Yong-Ho Choe, Hyeong-Jeong Lee, Bong-Wook Park, Sung-Lim Lee, Gyu-Jin Rho
Following success of pancreatic islet transplantation in the treatment of Type I diabetes mellitus, there is a growing interest in using cell-based treatment approaches. However, severe shortage of donor islets-pancreas impeded the growth, and made researchers to search for an alternative treatment approaches. In this context, recently, stem cell-based therapy has gained more attention. The current study demonstrated that epigenetic modification improves the in vitro differentiation of Wharton's jelly mesenchymal stem cells (WJMSCs) into pancreatic endocrine-like cells...
October 21, 2018: Journal of Cellular Physiology
Yijun Wang, Yali Wang, Jia Zhao, Jiayu Huang, Yining Shi, Dexiang Deng
We report coding and long noncoding RNAs in maize upon phytohormone gibberellin stimulation. Plant hormone gibberellin (GA) orchestrates various facets of biological processes. Dissection the transcriptomic dynamics upon GA stimulation has biological significance. Feature of maize transcriptome in response to GA application remains largely elusive. Herein, two types of plants, one was with normal height, the other was GA-sensitive dwarfism, were selected from advanced backcross population for GA3 treatment with different concentrations...
November 2018: Plant Molecular Biology
Xiaoyu Chen, Shan Liu, Wei Zhang, Chunyan Wu, Hanchen Liu, Fang Zhang, Zhongbing Lu, Wenjun Ding
Recent studies have demonstrated that long-term exposure to fine particulate matter (PM2.5 ) increases the risk of central nervous (CNS) diseases. As a basic region-leucine zipper (bZip) transcription factor, nuclear factor erythroid 2-related factor 2 (Nrf2) is essential for protection against chemically induced oxidative stress to restore cellular redox balance. However, the impact of Nrf2 on the neurotoxic effects of PM2.5 remains to understand. In this study, we exposed wild-type (WT) and Nrf2 knockout (Nrf2-/- ) mice to 1 mg/kg PM2...
November 10, 2018: Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications
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