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Tess Soulié, Elliot Bell, Gabrielle Jenkin, Dalice Sim, Sunny Collings
Despite its critical role in clinical suicidology, empirical evidence on the nature of countertransference (CT) to patients at risk for suicide (PRS) is lacking. This study aimed to provide a systematic description of CT phenomena to PRS. Psychiatrists, psychologists and psychotherapists completed the Therapist Response Questionnaire (TRQ) online, with reference to a PRS. Factor analysis (n = 267) yielded a seven-factor structure, including 1) entrapped/rejecting, 2) fulfilled/engaging, 3) aroused/reacting, 4) informal/boundary crossing, 5) protective/overinvolvement, 6) ambivalent/inconsistent, and 7) mistreated/controlling...
August 17, 2018: Archives of Suicide Research: Official Journal of the International Academy for Suicide Research
Sarah Schumacher, Deborah Weiss, Christine Knaevelsrud
The efficacy of exposure is beyond doubt, which is reflected in guidelines recommending its application in the treatment of anxiety disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Research suggests exposure to be underutilized in clinical practice in the United States and Europe. A systematic investigation of the dissemination of exposure in Germany is lacking. The present study examined the dissemination and application frequency of exposure among German cognitive behavioural therapists working in routine care...
August 17, 2018: Clinical Psychology & Psychotherapy
Lina Nassri, Isabell Schneider, Petra Maria Gaum, Jessica Lang
OBJECTIVES: To identify approaches for an effective patient-centred care of depressed employees, we investigated occupational physicians' (OPs) and psychotherapists' (PTs) knowledge about job stressors on the development of depression, application of this knowledge, interdisciplinary cooperation and perceived barriers. STUDY DESIGN: A cross-sectional online survey. PARTICIPANTS: OPs (163; 48.5% male) and PTs (69; 43.5% male) providing complete data on the survey out of 257 OPs and 112 PTs who started the survey...
August 13, 2018: BMJ Open
Selvira Draganović
INTRODUCTION: Providing good mental health services to the vulnerable and needy should be of utmost importance to all mental health professionals. To be able to do so, professionals require to be, not only educated but actually properly trained and supervised in specially, among various skills, psychotherapy orientation. Unlike developed countries, psychotherapy services and professional career in psychotherapy in Bosnia and Herzegovina (B&H) is relatively new primarily due to the recent historical developments and events in B&H...
July 2018: Psychiatria Danubina
David Cittern, Abbas Edalat
We build on a neuroanatomical model of how empathic states can motivate caregiving behavior, via empathy circuit-driven activation of regions in the hypothalamus and amygdala, which in turn stimulate a mesolimbic-ventral pallidum pathway, by integrating findings related to the perception of pain in self and others. On this basis, we propose a network to capture states of personal distress and (weak and strong forms of) empathic concern, which are particularly relevant for psychotherapists conducting attachment-based interventions...
December 2017: Computational psychiatry
Faisil Sethi, John Parkes, Eric Baskind, Brodie Paterson, Aileen O'Brien
SummaryThe emergence of a drive to reduce restrictive interventions has been accompanied particularly in the UK by a debate focussing on restraint positions. Any restraint intervention delivered poorly can potentially lead to serious negative outcomes. More research is required to reliably state the risk attached to a particular position in a particular clinical circumstance.Declaration of interestF.S. is a consultant psychiatrist in Psychiatric Intensive Care at the Maudsley Hospital, London. He is on the Executive Committee of the National Association of Psychiatric Intensive Care and Low Secure Units, and was a member of the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence Guideline Development Group for the Short-Term Management of Aggression and Violence (2015)...
March 2018: British Journal of Psychiatry: the Journal of Mental Science
Beata Charążka, Agnieszka Suligowska, Jan Komorowski, Agnieszka Siejka
Thyroid-associated orbitopathy is a syndrome of eye symptoms produced by immunological inflammation of soft tissues of orbit,mostly due to Graves-Basedow disease. This disease is accompanied by proptosis, oedema of lids, double vision, tearing and photophobia. These symptoms lead to significant deterioration of quality of life due to reduction of sharpness of sight and therefore worsen emotional condition of patients. AIM: The aim of study was to assess the impact of Graves orbitopathy on quality of life...
June 27, 2018: Polski Merkuriusz Lekarski: Organ Polskiego Towarzystwa Lekarskiego
Brian A Chopko, Konstantinos Papazoglou, Robert C Schwartz
First responders are psychosocially burdened with work-related stressors that occur frequently during required duties. Related mental health difficulties, such as direct and vicarious trauma, depression, and interpersonal problems often affect first responders' ability to perform effectively, and their personal lives may be disrupted. Mindfulness-based interventions have been shown to directly promote first responders' mental and physical health while providing increased resilience when facing work-related stressors...
July 27, 2018: American Journal of Psychotherapy
Laura Moeseneder, Eugénia Ribeiro, John Christopher Muran, Franz Caspar
OBJECTIVE: Striking the balance between creating challenge through confrontation (drawing attention to discrepancies) to encourage change and offering support through the therapeutic relationship to ensure safety for patients represents a central issue for psychotherapists. The aim of the present study was to assess immediate effects of confrontations by therapists on the therapeutic alliance. METHOD: We rated video recordings of 77 therapies to measure incidences of alliance ruptures/resolution attempts as well as confrontations by therapists...
July 26, 2018: Psychotherapy Research: Journal of the Society for Psychotherapy Research
Iana Markevych, Falko Tesch, Thomas Datzmann, Marcel Romanos, Jochen Schmitt, Joachim Heinrich
BACKGROUND: Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a frequently occurring neurodevelopmental disorder, symptoms of which first appear in early childhood. Etiology of ADHD is not well understood. We investigated whether outdoor air pollution and greenspace affect ADHD incidence in children residing in Saxony. METHODS: 66,823 children, all beneficiaries of the statutory health insurance company AOK PLUS and born between 2000 and 2004, were followed until 2014...
November 15, 2018: Science of the Total Environment
Shannon Robinson, Jacob E Lang, Alexandra M Hernandez, Tracey Holz, Megan Cameron, Beth Brannon
INTRODUCTION: 87 female and 10 male adult outpatients with BPD diagnoses presenting with acute suicidal and self-harm behaviors were offered a 12-Month Intensive DBT Program delivered by an interdisciplinary team of psychotherapists, including social workers, nurses, and a psychologist. METHODS: Clients were administered self-report measures at pre-treatment, and at 3-, 6-, and 12-month intervals in a single-group longitudinal design. Our analyses of treatment outcomes (ANOVA and Bonferroni-corrected comparisons) considered: BPD-specific symptoms, using the BSL-23 (n = 44), ZAN-BPD (n = 39), and DBT-WCCL Adaptive Skills Use and Dysfunctional Coping subscales (n = 43); transdiagnostic psychiatric symptoms, using the BSL Global Severity Index (n = 35); and quality of life, using QOLI t-scores (n = 42)...
August 2018: Archives of Psychiatric Nursing
Tad Hirsch, Christina Soma, Kritzia Merced, Patty Kuo, Aaron Dembe, Derek D Caperton, David C Atkins, Zac E Imel
We present CORE-MI, an automated evaluation and assessment system that provides feedback to mental health counselors on the quality of their care. CORE-MI is the first system of its kind for psychotherapy, and an early example of applied machine-learning in a human service context. In this paper, we describe the CORE-MI system and report on a qualitative evaluation with 21 counselors and trainees. We discuss the applicability of CORE-MI to clinical practice and explore user perceptions of surveillance, workplace misuse, and notions of objectivity, and system reliability that may apply to automated evaluation systems generally...
June 2018: DIS
Giulio Vidotto, Pasquale Anselmi, Luca Filipponi, Marco Tommasi, Aristide Saggino
Self-report personality tests widely used in clinical, medical, forensic, and organizational areas of psychological assessment are susceptible to faking. Several approaches have been developed to prevent or detect faking, which are based on the use of faking warnings, ipsative items, social desirability scales, and validity scales. The approach proposed in this work deals with the use of overt items (the construct is clear to test-takers) and covert items (the construct is obscure to test-takers). Covert items are expected to be more resistant to faking than overt items...
2018: Frontiers in Psychology
Alison E Lenet, Yael Holoshitz, Lauren K Havel, Deborah L Cabaniss
Psychodynamically oriented psychotherapists are faced with the question of what to say to new patients about the therapy they are beginning. This article reviews historical attitudes about early treatment discussions with patients in psychoanalysis with an emphasis on how these discussions have evolved as informed consent became a standard of care. Approaches to talking to patients about therapeutic action in psychodynamic psychotherapy are discussed, including the development and application of a psychoeducational document that is being used to facilitate these discussions in the outpatient residents' clinic of a large urban academic medical center...
July 17, 2018: American Journal of Psychotherapy
Travon S Johnson, Alexis Ganz, Stephen Berger, Anindita Ganguly, Gilly Koritzky
The military is experiencing high rates of mental illness, yet service members and veterans with mental health problems often choose not to seek treatment. Based on clinical-psychology models of client-therapist matching and cultural competency, we hypothesized that willingness to seek treatment among military personnel is higher when the potential psychotherapist is a discharged veteran. Seventy-seven military personnel (73% men, 70% White, M age = 34.2) took part in the study. As hypothesized, the majority of participants indicated that they would prefer to see a psychologist who is a veteran...
2018: Frontiers in Psychology
Kristen G Pinto-Coelho, Clara E Hill, Monica S Kearney, Elissa L Sarno, Elizabeth S Sauber, Sydney M Baker, Jennifer Brady, Glenn W Ireland, Mary Ann Hoffman, Patricia T Spangler, Barbara J Thompson
Using consensual qualitative research (CQR), we analyzed 13 interviews of experienced psychotherapists about general intentions for therapist self-disclosure (TSD), experiences with successful TSDs, experiences with unsuccessful TSDs, and instances of unmanifested urges to disclose. For TSD generally (i.e., not about a specific instance), typical intentions were to facilitate exploration and build and maintain the therapeutic relationship. Therapists typically reported becoming more comfortable using TSD over time...
July 2018: Journal of Counseling Psychology
Pablo Fernández-Navarro, Catarina Rosa, Inês Sousa, Vanessa Moutinho, Ana Antunes, Carina Magalhães, António P Ribeiro, Miguel M Gonçalves
OBJECTIVES: In previous studies, reconceptualization innovative moments were associated with successful psychotherapy. Reconceptualization has two components-(a) a positive temporal contrast between the past self and the present self (contrasting self [CS]) and (b) a description of how and/or why this change has occurred (change process [CP])-from the perspective of the client. The aim of this study is to analyse if CS and CP have the same association with outcomes as reconceptualization...
July 10, 2018: Clinical Psychology & Psychotherapy
Jutta Ahnert, Heiner Vogel, Matthias Richard, Jürgen Wilhelm, Claudia Drechsel-Schlund, Silke Neuderth
A telephone-based psychological counselling service was implemented and evaluated in four regional offices of the German statutory accident insurance in healthcare and welfare services (BGW). Insurance employees/caseworkers, psychotherapists, and insured persons were asked to rate the counselling service in terms of their experiences and satisfaction. 15.5% of all insured persons initially contacted made use of the counselling service. Those using the service reported a slightly higher level of psychological distress, were less likely to be able to work 3 months after using the service and were more likely to attend a subsequent psychotherapy session...
July 9, 2018: Das Gesundheitswesen
Anna Chiumento, Ipshita Mukherjee, Jaya Chandna, Carl Dutton, Atif Rahman, Katie Bristow
BACKGROUND: Research suggests outdoor activity in green spaces is important for children's mental, emotional and social wellbeing. A recognised green space intervention is "Social and Therapeutic Horticulture" (STH). We discuss findings from a pilot STH intervention, "A Haven of Green Space" conducted in North West England. The target group were school children aged 9-15 years experiencing behavioural, emotional and social difficulties. This exploratory study aims to assess the mental wellbeing of the children pre- and post-intervention, and assess the value of the evaluation methods and "Five Ways to Wellbeing" evaluation framework...
July 5, 2018: BMC Public Health
Leonore Kottje-Birnbacher
Professional work enables people to become conscious of their self-efficiency, to develop self-confidence and to have feelings of belongingness. How far does psychotherapy as a profession satisfy these desiderata? Psychotherapists are able to make others happier than they would otherwise be, but this does not seem to be sufficient for them to find satisfaction in their work. On average, psychotherapists seem to be fairly satisfied with their job. There are, however, great individual differences partly correlated with therapy efficacy...
July 2018: Psychiatrische Praxis
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