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Yuru Guan, Guohe Huang, Lirong Liu, Charley Z Huang, Mengyu Zhai
Faced with an increasing amount of industrial solid waste (ISW) in the process of rapid industrialization, it is indispensable to carry out ISW metabolism study to realize source and waste reduction. In this study, a new composite waste input-output (WIO) model is developed to examine ISW production and production relationships among different sectors. In particular, the extended methods of network control analysis and network utility analysis are used in the ecological network analysis under two ISW scenarios (i...
October 12, 2018: Environmental Pollution
Adnan A Bekhit, Eman El-Agroudy, Aliaa Helmy, Tamer M Ibrahim, Amin Shavandi, Alaa El-Din A Bekhit
Leishmaniasis affects over 150 million people all over the world, especially in subtropical regions. Currently used antileishmanial synthesized drugs are associated with some drawbacks such as resistance and cytotoxicity, which hamper the chances of treatment. Furthermore, effective leishmanial vaccines are not well developed. Promising chemotherapy, either from natural or synthetic compounds, was or still is the most promising treatment. This review focuses on recent findings in drugs used for the treatment of leishmaniasis including; chemical and natural antileishmanial moieties, different potential targets, as well as various trials of vaccination development...
October 11, 2018: European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry
Javier Navarro, Jay Swayambunathan, Max Lerman, Marco Santoro, John P Fisher
The layers in skin determine its protective and hemostasis functions. This layered microstructure cannot be naturally regenerated after severe burns; we aim to reconstruct it using guided tissue regeneration (GTR). In GTR, a membrane is used to regulate tissue growth by stopping fast-proliferating cells and allowing slower cells to migrate and reconstruct specialized microstructures. Here, we proposed the use of keratin membranes crosslinked via dityrosine bonding. Variables from the crosslinking process were grouped within an energy density (ED) parameter to manufacture and evaluate the membranes...
October 17, 2018: Acta Biomaterialia
Binbin Yan, Yingchen Hou, Dong Chen, Jianye He, Yu Jiang
BACKGROUND: Central lymph node metastasis(CLNM) is common in papillary thyroid carcinoma(PTC). LNM is related to local recurrence and adverse prognosis. The extent of prophylactic central lymph node dissection(pCLND) is not well defined. We aim to investigate the prevalence and risk factors for contralateral central lymph node metastasis (CCLNM) in unilateral clinical node-negative (cN0) PTC patients to determine the appropriate extent of pCLND. METHODS: A systematic literature search was performed using PubMed and Embase databases until May 2018...
October 17, 2018: International Journal of Surgery
Hannah G Lane, Rachel Deitch, Yan Wang, Maureen M Black, Genevieve F Dunton, Linda Aldoory, Lindsey Turner, Elizabeth A Parker, Shauna C Henley, Brit Saksvig, Hee-Jung Song, Erin R Hager
Schools are a recommended place for childhood obesity prevention. Local Wellness Policies (LWPs) establish guidelines for schools to provide opportunities for students to access nutritious foods and be physically active. Little is known about the impact of LWPs, when implemented, on students' behavior and body mass index (BMI). The Wellness Champions for Change trial assesses the student-level impact of providing theory-based training and technical assistance to help schools implement LWPs. This 3-arm, cluster randomized controlled trial will take place in 30 low- or middle-income schools (15 elementary and 15 middle) in five Maryland school districts...
October 17, 2018: Contemporary Clinical Trials
Pavan Walvekar, Ramesh Gannimani, Thirumala Govender
Current drug therapy against infections is threatening to become obsolete due to the poor physical, chemical, biological and pharmacokinetic properties of drugs, followed by high risk of acquiring resistance. Taking into account the significant benefits of nanotechnology, nano-based delivery of anti-infectious agents is emerging as a potential approach to combat several lethal infections. Co-delivery of multiple anti-infectious agents in a single nano-based system is beginning to show significant advantages over mono-therapy, such as synergism, enhanced anti-microbial activity, broad anti-microbial spectrum, reduced resistance development, and improved and cost-effective treatment...
October 17, 2018: European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Sana Batool, Kimon V Argyropoulos, Roksana Azad, Precious Okeoma, Hasan Zumrut, Sanam Bhandari, Rigzin Dekhang, Prabodhika R Mallikaratchy
Nucleic Acid Aptamers (NAAs) are a class of synthetic DNA or RNA molecules that bind specifically to their target. We recently introduced an aptamer termed R1.2 against membrane Immunoglobulin M (mIgM) expressing B-cell neoplasms using Ligand Guided Selection (LIGS). While LIGS-generated aptamers are highly specific, their lower affinity prevents aptamers from being used for translational applications. Highly specific aptamers with higher affinity can increase targetability, boosting the application of aptamers as diagnostic and therapeutic molecules...
October 17, 2018: Biochimica et biophysica acta. General subjects
Kelseanna Hollis-Hansen, Jennifer Seidman, Sara O'Donnell, Leonard H Epstein
Grocery shopping shapes the home food environment, which can contribute to the development of obesity. Episodic future thinking (EFT) helps adults make healthier decisions by initiating prospective thinking, which guides one to forego smaller immediate rewards in favor of larger delayed rewards. EFT could help parents improve grocery purchases thereby improving the home food environment and family eating behaviors. The effect of EFT on food shopping was evaluated in two studies with mothers who were overweight/obese and primary household shoppers...
October 17, 2018: Appetite
Jason Ross, Mladen I Vidovich
INTRODUCTION: Percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) is typically performed with vascular access provided by the radial or femoral artery. However, little is known about how patients value aspects of these different vascular access approaches. METHODS: Conjoint analysis is a survey-based statistical technique used in market research that helps determine how individuals value different attributes that make up a particular product or services. We utilized conjoint analysis to assess the relative importance of four attributes associated with PCI: access site, risk of bleeding, hospital stay, and radiation exposure...
October 20, 2018: Catheterization and Cardiovascular Interventions
Emily J Cicali, Kathryn Blake, Yan Gong, Edward B Mougey, Hadeel Al-Atrash, Nancy Chambers, Jolanda Denham, Jonathan Evans, Donald E George, Roberto Gomez, Pablo Palomo, Salik Taufiq, Julie A Johnson, John J Lima, James P Franciosi
The efficacy of proton pump inhibitor (PPI) medications is highly dependent on plasma concentrations, which varies considerably due to cytochrome P450 (CYP2C19) genetic variation. We conducted a pragmatic, pilot study of CYP2C19 genotype-guided pediatric dosing of PPI medications. Children aged 5-17 years old with gastric-acid-related conditions were randomized to receive either conventional dosing of a PPI or genotype-guided dosing for a total of 12 weeks. Sixty children (30 in each arm) were enrolled and had comparable baseline characteristics...
October 20, 2018: Clinical and Translational Science
Steinar Risnes, Chunfang Li
The aim of the present study was to identify the stage during acid etching of dental enamel where scratches introduced by sectioning and grinding procedures were eliminated. Nitric acid was used as etchant. Four hundred 2-3 mm-thick longitudinal sections of human third molar crowns were assigned to 80 groups, each group differing with respect to grinding procedure (silicon carbide paper grit 600; 1,000; 1,200; and 1,200 + polishing), acid concentration (0.1%, 1%, 2.5%, and 5%) and etching time (15, 30, 45, 90, and 180 s)...
October 20, 2018: Microscopy Research and Technique
Sara Gili, Angelica Abreo, Miguel GóMez-Fernández, Roma Solà, Carlos Morros, Xavier Sala-Blanch
Our objective was to define the positions of the nerves around the brachial artery and, secondarily, to assess the risk of intraneural injection during dual guided axillary block. Sixty ultrasound-guided axillary blocks were performed. The locations of the musculocutaneous, median, ulnar, and radial nerves relative to the brachial artery were determined. The position of the ulnar nerve was defined in relation to that of the brachial vein, and the position of the musculocutaneous nerve in relation to the coracobrachialis muscle...
October 20, 2018: Clinical Anatomy
Navin K Kapur, Colin S Hirst
Limited data exploring the utility of IABPs in shock without acute myocardial infarction exist. Counterpulsation pumps depend on native LV contractile function. Hemodynamic monitoring with a pulmonary artery catheter should help guide management of the cardiogenic shock patient. More studies are required to identify the optimal patient population and hemodynamic parameters best suited for IABP therapy.
October 1, 2018: Catheterization and Cardiovascular Interventions
Arnold H Seto, Morton J Kern
This study demonstrates that FFR-guided PCI reduces noninvasively assessed ischemia more effectively than angiography-guided PCI. Improved ischemia resolution was associated with improved clinical outcomes. Superior ischemia resolution is likely the dominant mechanism of improved outcomes with FFR in clinical outcome trials, as opposed to avoidance of inappropriate stenting and its associated adverse events.
October 1, 2018: Catheterization and Cardiovascular Interventions
Xiaolei Cai, Duo Mao, Can Wang, Deling Kong, Xiamin Cheng, Bin Liu
Liposome has been used as a popular drug delivery system for cancer therapy. Traditional liposome delivery system lacks efficient and stable tracking capability to assess their delivery efficacy and biodistribution after administration. Meanwhile, conventional fluorescent liposome containing optical tracers faces the challenge of aggregation-caused quenching. Herein, we report a novel strategy to integrate an aggregation-induced emission fluorogen with liposome to yield an AIEgen-lipid conjugate, termed as "AIEsome"...
October 20, 2018: Angewandte Chemie
A Torres, E Shaheen, P Lambrechts, C Politis, R Jacobs
AIM: To describe a minimally invasive method to create a 3D printed guide to gain access to obliterated root canals on the basis of CBCT data. SUMMARY: A 85-year-old female ASA III was referred for root canal treatment of tooth 22. Clinically there were no complains, no percussion pain or sinus tract. Radiologically the tooth had an obliterated canal with an apical radiolucency. The tooth was diagnosed with asymptomatic apical periodontitis. Microguided Endodontic treatment was performed with the help of a 3D printed guide...
October 19, 2018: International Endodontic Journal
Atsushi Hamabe, Takayuki Ogino, Tsukasa Tanida, Shingo Noura, Shunji Morita, Keizo Dono
BACKGROUND: Currently, we lack tools that can reliably guide laparoscopic surgeons to a target anatomical destination for dissection. We aimed to develop and evaluate a fluorescent destination marker (FDM), composed of a resected omental appendix injected with indocyanine green (ICG), for real-time navigation in laparoscopic surgery for colorectal cancer in this pilot study. METHODS: This study included ten patients diagnosed with colorectal cancer. To prepare FDMs, we laparoscopically harvested omental appendices attached to the colon we planned to resect...
October 19, 2018: Surgical Endoscopy
Ujwal Bhure, Justus E Roos, Klaus Strobel
Osteoid osteoma is a painful, benign, osteoblastic lesion that occurs in younger patients and affects the extremities or the axial skeleton. While plain film findings may suggest the diagnosis, in complex anatomical regions such as the spine, pelvis, wrist and foot advanced imaging modalities are often required. A typical nidus surrounded by sclerosis or cortical thickening characterizes osteoid osteoma on plain radiography and CT. MR is the cross-sectional imaging modality of choice for most musculoskeletal disorders...
October 19, 2018: European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging
Caitlin A Orsini, Caesar M Hernandez, Jennifer L Bizon, Barry Setlow
The ability to choose among options that differ in their rewards and costs (value-based decision making) has long been a topic of interest for neuroscientists, psychologists, and economists alike. This is likely because this is a cognitive process in which all animals (including humans) engage on a daily basis, be it routine (which road to take to work) or consequential (which graduate school to attend). Studies of value-based decision making (particularly at the preclinical level) often treat it as a uniform process...
October 18, 2018: Cognitive, Affective & Behavioral Neuroscience
Yu Sugawara, Tomoya Ueda, Tsunenari Soeda, Makoto Watanabe, Hiroyuki Okura, Yoshihiko Saito
Percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) for heavily calcified lesions is challenging because these lesions are resistant to balloon dilatation and stenting. Lacrosse non-slip element (NSE) may have the potential to dilate heavily calcified lesions. We aimed to investigate predictors of successful lesion modification using Lacrosse NSE angioplasty via optical coherence tomography (OCT)-guided PCI. We investigated 32 patients with severe target lesion calcification treated with OCT-guided PCI. Successful lesion modification was defined as the complete fracture of calcification after Lacrosse NSE angioplasty...
October 19, 2018: Cardiovascular Intervention and Therapeutics
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