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Satoru Takahashi

Md Shahin Alam, Satoru Takahashi, Mariko Ito, Miyuki Komura, Mayuko Suzuki, Natthanan Sangsriratanakul, Dany Shoham, Kazuaki Takehara
The bactericidal efficacies of 0.2% food additive grade calcium hydroxide (FdCa(OH)2 ) solution, a quaternary ammonium compound (QAC) diluted at 1:500 (QACx500) and their mixture - Mix500 (FdCa(OH)2 powder added at final concentration 0.2% to QACx500) - were investigated at two different temperatures (room temperature (RT) (25 ± 2°C) and 2°C), using varying contact time, with or without presence of organic materials (5% fetal bovine serum: FBS), either in suspension or on abiotic carrier (steel, rubber and plastic)...
August 16, 2018: Journal of Veterinary Medical Science
Michiko Hirose, Masashi Hada, Satoshi Kamimura, Shogo Matoba, Arata Honda, Kaori Motomura, Narumi Ogonuki, Hossam H Shawki, Kimiko Inoue, Satoru Takahashi, Atsuo Ogura
Although phenotypic abnormalities frequently appear in the placenta following somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT), mouse trophoblast stem cells (TSCs) established from SCNT embryos reportedly show no distinct abnormalities compared with those derived from normal fertilization. In this study, we reexamined SCNT-TSCs to identify their imprinting statuses. Placenta-specific maternally imprinted genes (Gab1, Slc38a4, and Sfmbt2) consistently showed biallelic expression in SCNT-TSCs, suggesting their loss of imprinting (LOI)...
August 5, 2018: Epigenetics: Official Journal of the DNA Methylation Society
Yasuo Okumura, Katsuaki Yokoyama, Naoya Matsumoto, Eizo Tachibana, Keiichiro Kuronuma, Koji Oiwa, Michiaki Matsumoto, Toshiaki Kojima, Shoji Hanada, Kazumiki Nomoto, Ken Arima, Fumiyuki Takahashi, Tomobumi Kotani, Yukitoshi Ikeya, Seiji Fukushima, Satoru Itou, Kunio Kondo, Masaaki Chiku, Yasumi Ohno, Motoyuki Onikura, Atsushi Hirayama
BACKGROUND: Although direct oral anticoagulants (DOACs) are widely used in Japanese patients with atrial fibrillation (AF), large-scale investigations into their use, with suitable follow-up times and rates, are lacking.Methods and Results:The SAKURA AF Registry is a prospective multicenter registry created to investigate therapeutic outcomes of oral anticoagulant (OAC) use in Japanese AF patients. We conducted a study involving 3,237 enrollees from 63 institutions in the Tokyo area being treated with any of 4 DOACs (n=1,676) or warfarin (n=1,561) and followed-up for a median of 39...
August 4, 2018: Circulation Journal: Official Journal of the Japanese Circulation Society
Satoru Shimochi, Kei Daizumoto, Keisuke Ozaki, Yoshito Kusuhara, Tomoya Fukawa, Tomoharu Fukumori, Masayuki Takahashi, Hiroomi Kanayama
We report a case of left renal angiomyolipoma extending into the renal vein. A 67-year-old woman showed a left renal tumor which was 6 cm in diameter and had density equal to fat tissue in computed tomography. We suspected liposarcoma and performed radical nephrectomy and resection of thrombus. The pathological diagnosis was angiomyolipoma with no malignancy. To our knowledge, renal angiomyolipoma with tumor thrombus has been reported in 62 cases, and pulmonary embolism developed in 9 of these cases. We conclude that surgical treatment is effective in treating angiomyolipoma with tumor thrombus...
May 2018: Hinyokika Kiyo. Acta Urologica Japonica
Katsutoshi Sekine, Tetsuya Hamaguchi, Hirokazu Shoji, Atsuo Takashima, Yoshitaka Honma, Satoru Iwasa, Ken Kato, Kenta Takahashi, Tomoyasu Kato, Yukihide Kanemitsu, Narikazu Boku
BACKGROUND: Ovarian metastases from colorectal cancers are relatively rare. Since most ovarian metastases are associated with metastases at other sites, the prognosis is usually poor. Few reports exist that describe the clinical course of colorectal cancer patients with ovarian metastasis, including the chemotherapy response. METHODS: We retrospectively reviewed the clinical data of patients with ovarian metastases from colorectal cancer treated at the National Cancer Center Hospital, Tokyo, between January 2006 and December 2015...
July 20, 2018: Oncology
Reo Hamaguchi, Takashi Tsuchiya, Go Miyata, Toshihiko Sato, Kenichi Takahashi, Keisuke Ariyoshi, Shunsuke Oyamada, Satoru Iwase
INTRODUCTION: Although adjuvant capecitabine therapy for patients with colorectal cancer after surgery often causes adverse events (AEs), such as diarrhoea, stomatitis, anorexia and hand-foot syndrome (HFS), there are no standard prevention therapies. Cystine and theanine were reported to attenuate some chemotherapy-associated AEs, and are also expected to attenuate the AEs caused by capecitabine treatment. Therefore, our present study aimed to determine the safety and efficacy of cystine/theanine therapy in patients with colorectal cancer undergoing capecitabine-based adjuvant chemotherapy after surgery...
July 19, 2018: BMJ Open
Satoru Amano, Atsushi Umeji, Akira Uchita, Yukihisa Hashimoto, Takashi Takebayashi, Kayoko Takahashi, Yuki Uchiyama, Kazuhisa Domen
Background Against the background of linguistic and cultural differences, there is a need for translation and adaptation from the English version of the Fugl-Meyer Assessment (FMA) to Japanese. In addition, there is no study of inter-rater reliability of FMA all domains for affected upper extremities with appropriate sample size based on the intraclass correlation coefficient (ICC) focusing on non-simultaneous assessment. Objective This study aimed (1) to translate the English version of the FMA and its administration/scoring manual; and (2) to investigate the psychometric properties of the Japanese version of the FMA in patients with stroke...
July 20, 2018: Topics in Stroke Rehabilitation
Aya Nakaya, Hideo Yagi, Hitomi Kaneko, Satoru Kosugi, Toru Kida, Yoko Adachi, Hirohiko Shibayama, Takae Kohara, Yuri Kamitsuji, Shin-Ichi Fuchida, Nobuhiko Uoshima, Eri Kawata, Hitoji Uchiyama, Yuji Shimura, Takayuki Takahashi, Fumiaki Urase, Kensuke Ohta, Tsuneyoshi Hamada, Kazue Miyamoto, Masayuki Kobayashi, Maki Shindo, Hirokazu Tanaka, Chihiro Shimazaki, Masayuki Hino, Junya Kuroda, Yuzuru Kanakura, Akifumi Takaoari-Kondo, Shosaku Nomura, Itaru Matsumura
We retrospectively analyzed twenty-six patients with primary plasma cell leukemia (pPCL) registered from May 2005 until April 2015 by the Kansai Myeloma Forum. Twenty patients received novel agents (bortezomib or lenalidomide), and their median survival of was 34 months. The median survival of patients who underwent autologous stem cell transplantation (SCT) was 40 months, those undergoing allogeneic SCT 55 months, and those undergoing both types of SCT (auto-allo) 61 months; whereas for those who did not undergo SCT it was 28 months ( p  = 0...
2018: Leukemia Research Reports
Kaori Minehiro, Satoru Demura, Katsuhiro Ichikawa, Takeshi Sasagawa, Naoki Takahashi, Syuhei Minami, Hideki Murakami, Hiroyuki Tsuchiya
STUDY DESIGN: Prospective case series. OBJECTIVE: To assess a new protocol for full spine X-ray using copper (Cu) filters to reduce radiation exposure in patients with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS). SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA: Radiation exposure is associated with an increased risk of cancer development in children. To reduce the radiation exposure without compromising the image quality using existing radiographic equipment, a new computed radiography protocol was optimized using a variety of heavy metal filters...
July 12, 2018: Spine
Kuniaki Ota, Toshifumi Takahashi, Satoru Shiraishi, Hideki Mizunuma
AIM: Menorrhagia and dysmenorrhea are common symptoms. Uterine adenomyosis is one of the causes of menorrhagia and dysmenorrhea. These symptoms often decrease the quality of life in women. Microwave endometrial ablation (MEA) is a recently developed procedure that enables endometrial ablation. Dienogest has long been used to suppress endometrium development and reduce adenomyosis-related dysmenorrhea. However, some cases could be resistant to dienogest. In this study, we evaluated the efficacy of a combination of MEA and postoperative dienogest in reducing adenomyosis-related dysmenorrhea and menorrhagia...
July 12, 2018: Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Research
Yu Morino, Satoru Chatani, Kiyoshi Tanabe, Yuji Fujitani, Tazuko Morikawa, Katsuyuki Takahashi, Kei Sato, Seiji Sugata
Because emission rates of particulate matter (PM) from stationary combustion sources have been measured without dilution or cooling in Japan, condensable PM has not been included in Japanese emission inventories. In this study, we modified an emission inventory to include condensable PM from stationary combustion sources based on the recent emission surveys using a dilution method. As a result, emission rates of organic aerosol (OA) increased by a factor of 7 over Japan. Stationary combustion sources in the industrial and energy sectors became the largest contributors to OA emissions over Japan in the revised estimates (filterable-plus-condensable PM), while road transport and biomass burning were the dominant OA sources in the previous estimate (filterable PM)...
July 19, 2018: Environmental Science & Technology
Shinichi Sakamoto, Hidenori Takahashi, Yuji Inoue, Yusuke Arai, Satoru Inoda, Natsuko Kakinuma, Yujiro Fujino, Tatsuro Tanabe, Hidetoshi Kawashima, Yasuo Yanagi
Purpose: We report the 2-year outcomes of intravitreal aflibercept (IVA) for exudative age-related macular degeneration (AMD) with good visual acuity (VA) and examine the baseline factors associated with good visual outcome. Materials and methods: This multicenter, prospective study evaluated 39 eyes (39 AMD patients) enrolled from August 2013 to August 2014 at 12 and 24 months. Only patients with initial best-corrected VA (BCVA) >0.3 logarithm of the minimum angle of resolution (20/40 Snellen) were eligible...
2018: Clinical Ophthalmology
Keigo Hoshi, Takayuki Chiba, Jun Sato, Yukihiro Hayashi, Yoshihito Takahashi, Hinako Ebe, Satoru Ohisa, Junji Kido
Cesium lead halide (CsPbX3 , X = Cl, Br, or I) perovskite quantum dots (QDs) are known as ionic nanocrystals, and their optical properties are greatly affected by the washing solvent used during the purification process. Here, we demonstrate the purification process of CsPbBr3 perovskite QDs using low-dielectric-constant solvents to completely remove impurities, such as the reaction solvent and desorbed ligands. The use of the ether solvent diethylene glycol dimethyl ether (diglyme), having a low dielectric constant of ε = 7...
July 25, 2018: ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
Md Shahin Alam, Satoru Takahashi, Mariko Ito, Mayuko Suzuki, Miyuki Komura, Natthanan Sangsriratanakul, Dany Shoham, Kazuaki Takehara
The bactericidal efficacy of food additive-grade calcium hydroxide [FdCa(OH)2 ] was evaluated for inactivation of Salmonella Infantis and Salmonella Enteritidis in liquid and Salmonella Infantis on contaminated eggshells. The activity of FdCa(OH)2 was also compared with that of sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) containing 150 ppm chlorine (150 ppm NaOCl). FdCa(OH)2 solutions (0.1% and 0.2%) in the presence or absence of organic materials (5% calf serum [CS]) at pH 12.6 were used to inactivate Salmonella Infantis and Salmonella Enteritidis in a reaction tube or on eggshells artificially contaminated with Salmonella Infantis...
June 2018: Avian Diseases
Motoharu Hamada, Sayoko Doisaki, Yusuke Okuno, Hideki Muramatsu, Asahito Hama, Nozomu Kawashima, Atsushi Narita, Nobuhiro Nishio, Kenichi Yoshida, Hitoshi Kanno, Atsushi Manabe, Takashi Taga, Yoshiyuki Takahashi, Satoru Miyano, Seishi Ogawa, Seiji Kojima
Congenital dyserythropoietic anemia (CDA) is a heterogeneous group of rare congenital disorders characterized by ineffective erythropoiesis and dysplastic changes in erythroblasts. Diagnosis of CDA is based primarily on the morphology of bone marrow erythroblasts; however, genetic tests have recently become more important. Here, we performed genetic analysis of 10 Japanese patients who had been diagnosed with CDA based on laboratory findings and morphological characteristics. We examined 10 CDA patients via central review of bone marrow morphology and genetic analysis for congenital bone marrow failure syndromes...
June 23, 2018: International Journal of Hematology
Sei Komatsu, Chikao Yutani, Tomoki Ohara, Satoru Takahashi, Mitsuhiko Takewa, Atsushi Hirayama, Kazuhisa Kodama
BACKGROUND: Spontaneous ruptured aortic plaques (SRAP), which might cause atheromatous embolization, are thought to be mainly iatrogenic and have not been observed directly. OBJECTIVES: The purpose of this study was to clarify the incidence, types, and dimensions of SRAP using angioscopy. METHODS: In a cross-sectional study, 324 consecutive patients diagnosed with or suspected of having coronary artery disease were subjected to intra-aortic scans with nonobstructive angioscopy...
June 26, 2018: Journal of the American College of Cardiology
Kenichi Goda, Junko Fujisaki, Ryu Ishihara, Manabu Takeuchi, Akiko Takahashi, Yasuhiro Takaki, Dai Hirasawa, Kumiko Momma, Yuji Amano, Kazuyoshi Yagi, Hiroto Furuhashi, Tomoki Shimizu, Takashi Kanesaka, Satoru Hashimoto, Yoichiro Ono, Taku Yamagata, Junko Fujiwara, Takane Azumi, Masako Nishikawa, Gen Watanabe, Yasuo Ohkura, Tsuneo Oyama
AIM AND METHODS: The Japan Esophageal Society created a working committee group consisting of 11 expert endoscopists and 2 pathologists with expertise in Barrett's esophagus (BE) and esophageal adenocarcinoma. The group developed a consensus-based classification for the diagnosis of superficial BE-related neoplasms using magnifying endoscopy. RESULTS: The classification has three characteristics: simplified, an easily understood classification by incorporating the diagnostic criteria for the early gastric cancer, including the white zone and demarcation line, and the presence of a modified flat pattern corresponding to non-dysplastic histology by adding novel diagnostic criteria...
June 19, 2018: Esophagus: Official Journal of the Japan Esophageal Society
Girish R Mali, Patricia L Yeyati, Seiya Mizuno, Daniel O Dodd, Peter A Tennant, Margaret A Keighren, Petra Zur Lage, Amelia Shoemark, Amaya Garcia-Munoz, Atsuko Shimada, Hiroyuki Takeda, Frank Edlich, Satoru Takahashi, Alex von Kreigsheim, Andrew P Jarman, Pleasantine Mill
Molecular chaperones promote the folding and macromolecular assembly of a diverse set of 'client' proteins. How ubiquitous chaperone machineries direct their activities towards specific sets of substrates is unclear. Through the use of mouse genetics, imaging and quantitative proteomics we uncover that ZMYND10 is a novel co-chaperone that confers specificity for the FKBP8-HSP90 chaperone complex towards axonemal dynein clients required for cilia motility. Loss of ZMYND10 perturbs the chaperoning of axonemal dynein heavy chains, triggering broader degradation of dynein motor subunits...
June 19, 2018: ELife
Keitaro Sofue, Toshihide Itoh, Satoru Takahashi, Bernhard Schmidt, Ryuji Shimada, Noriyuki Negi, Kazuro Sugimura, Takamichi Murakami
OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to assess the ability of third-generation dual-source dual-energy computed tomography to quantify cisplatin concentration using a 3-material decomposition algorithm in an experimental phantom. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Fifteen agarose-based phantoms containing various concentrations of iodine (0, 1.0, 2.0 mg I/mL) and cisplatin (0, 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 mg Pt/mL) were scanned using third-generation dual-source dual-energy computed tomography at 80 kV and 150 kV with tin prefiltration...
June 14, 2018: Investigative Radiology
Kenta Kikuchi, Mayumi Iida, Naoki Ikeda, Shigetaka Moriyama, Michito Hamada, Satoru Takahashi, Hiroshi Kitamura, Takashi Watanabe, Yoshinori Hasegawa, Koji Hase, Takeshi Fukuhara, Hideyo Sato, Eri H Kobayashi, Takafumi Suzuki, Masayuki Yamamoto, Masato Tanaka, Kenichi Asano
Macrophages manifest distinct phenotype according to the organs in which they reside. In addition, they flexibly switch their character in adaptation to the changing environment. However, the molecular basis that explains the conversion of the macrophage phenotype has so far been unexplored. We find that CD169+ macrophages change their phenotype by regulating the level of a transcription factor Maf both in vitro and in vivo in C57BL/6J mice. When CD169+ macrophages were exposed to bacterial components, they expressed an array of acute inflammatory response genes in Maf-dependent manner and simultaneously start to downregulate Maf...
July 15, 2018: Journal of Immunology: Official Journal of the American Association of Immunologists
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