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Corina Iorgoveanu, Ahmed Zaghloul, Aakash Desai, Kathir Balakumaran, Muhammad Y Adeel
Brugada syndrome (BrS) is an inherited channelopathy disease, caused by genetic changes in transmembrane ion channels. It has an increased risk of sudden cardiac death (SCD) in the absence of a structural heart disease. We report a case in which the presenting electrocardiogram (EKG) exhibited a type 1 Brugada-like pattern during an adrenal crisis with transformation into a type 2 Brugada-like pattern as the crisis improved.
June 6, 2018: Curēus
Hafiz Taha Mahmood, Maheen Ahmed, Mubassar Fida, Adeel Tahir Kamal, Farheen Fatima
In the current era of expedited orthodontics, among many clinicians, tertiary care hospitals and patients, surgery first orthognathic approach (SFOA) has gained popularity. The advantages of SFOA (face first approach) are the reduced overall treatment duration and the early improvement in facial esthetics. In SFOA, the absence of a presurgical phase allows surgery to be performed first, followed by comprehensive orthodontic treatment to achieve the desired occlusion. The basic concepts of surgery early, surgery last, SFOA and Sendai SFOA technique along with its variations are reviewed in the present article...
May 2018: Dental Press Journal of Orthodontics
Dmitrii M Nikolaev, Andrey A Shtyrov, Maxim S Panov, Adeel Jamal, Oleg B Chakchir, Vladimir A Kochemirovsky, Massimo Olivucci, Mikhail N Ryazantsev
Rhodopsins are seven α-helical membrane proteins that are of great importance in chemistry, biology, and modern biotechnology. Any in silico study on rhodopsin properties and functioning requires a high-quality three-dimensional structure. Due to particular difficulties with obtaining membrane protein structures from the experiment, in silico prediction of the three-dimensional rhodopsin structure based only on its primary sequence is an especially important task. For the last few years, significant progress was made in the field of protein structure prediction, especially for methods based on comparative modeling...
July 31, 2018: ACS Omega
Muhammad Adeel Hassan, Junlong Liu, Muhammad Rashid, Naveed Iqbal, Guiquan Guan, Hong Yin, Jianxun Luo
BACKGROUND: Piroplasmosis is an important animal disease that is a major constraint to the development of the livestock industry, often resulting in significant economic losses. Therefore, there is an urgent need to further understand the etiology of this and other tick-borne infections. METHODS: Blood samples were collected from tick-infested animals from the Chakwal, Jhang, and Faisalabad districts of Punjab, Pakistan and from peri-urban areas around Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, China to investigate the presence of Babesia and Theileria species...
August 7, 2018: Parasites & Vectors
Madhusudan Grover, Simon J Gibbons, Asha A Nair, Cheryl E Bernard, Adeel S Zubair, Seth T Eisenman, Laura A Wilson, Laura Miriel, Pankaj J Pasricha, Henry P Parkman, Irene Sarosiek, Richard W McCallum, Kenneth L Koch, Thomas L Abell, William J Snape, Braden Kuo, Robert J Shulman, Travis J McKenzie, Todd A Kellogg, Michael L Kendrick, James Tonascia, Frank A Hamilton, Gianrico Farrugia
BACKGROUND: Cellular changes described in human gastroparesis have revealed a role for immune dysregulation, however, a mechanistic understanding of human gastroparesis and the signaling pathways involved are still unclear. METHODS: Diabetic gastroparetics, diabetic non-gastroparetic controls, idiopathic gastroparetics and non-diabetic non-gastroparetic controls underwent full-thickness gastric body biopsies. Deep RNA sequencing was performed and pathway analysis of differentially expressed transcripts was done using Ingenuity®...
August 7, 2018: BMC Medical Genomics
Mohammad Adeel, Muhammad Faisal, Asma Rashid, Sadaf Usman, Usman Khaleeq, Taskheer Abbas, Abdul Rehman, Kashif Malik, Raza Hussain, Arif Jamshed
Introduction Development of laryngeal cancer is multifactorial, and management is surrounded with controversies. Recent reports suggest a decline in the survival of these patients. We conducted a study to analyze the clinicopathological parameters and compute the outcomes in terms of survival in patients with laryngeal cancer treated at our institution. Methods Electronic charts of 515 patients with Laryngeal cancer treated at our Hospital and Research Center from 2004 to 2014 were retrospectively reviewed...
June 1, 2018: Curēus
Adeel Mustafa, Hans-Jürgen Ensikat, Maximilian Weigend
PREMISE OF THE STUDY: Stinging hairs are striking examples of plant microengineering-the plant equivalent of the hypodermic syringe. The requisite mechanical properties are mostly achieved by cell wall mineralization. Stinging hairs of Urtica dioica (Urticaceae) are known to be mineralized with silica and calcium carbonate and those of Loasaceae also with calcium phosphate, but no comparative study has been provided across different taxa with stinging hairs. METHODS: Light microscopy and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) with cryo-SEM and energy-dispersive x-ray spectroscopy were used to analyze morphology and biomineralization of stinging hairs of 43 species from the families Caricaceae, Euphorbiaceae, Loasaceae, Namaceae, and Urticaceae...
August 6, 2018: American Journal of Botany
Nadia Tayyab, Gohar Zaman, Luqman Satti, Aamer Ikram, Adeel Hussain Gardezi, Muhammad Tahir Khadim
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate direct drug susceptibility testing on MGIT 960 system for detection of multidrug resistant tuberculosis from smear positive pulmonary specimens. STUDY DESIGN: Cross-sectional analytical study. PLACE AND DURATION OF STUDY: Microbiology Department, Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, Rawalpindi, from July 2016 to September 2017. METHODOLOGY: Smear positive specimens were pretreated according to guidelines and then tested on MGIT 960 TB system for direct drug susceptibility testing (DST) of isoniazid and rifampin...
August 2018: Journal of the College of Physicians and Surgeons—Pakistan: JCPSP
Hubert Huang, Stefano Muscatelli, Michael Naslund, Shahed N Badiyan, Adeel Kaiser, Mohummad Minhaj Siddiqui
PURPOSE: The optimal primary treatment for localized high-grade prostate cancer in younger men remains controversial. The objective of this project was to compare the impact of initial radical prostatectomy versus radiation therapy on survival outcomes for young men <60 years old with high-grade prostate cancer. MATERIALS AND METHODS: We retrospectively analyzed the records of men under 60 years old in the Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) database who underwent initial surgery or radiation therapy for high-grade (Gleason score ≥ 8) localized (N0M0 TNM stage) prostate cancer from 2004-2012...
July 27, 2018: Journal of Urology
Muhammad Tauqeer Ahmed, Muhammad Yameen, Bushra Munir, Sadia Asim, Muhammad Usman, Syed Ali Raza Naqvi, Jawad Akhtar Hussain Gillani, Rashid Rasheed, Muhammad Adeel Shahzad
Bacterial infection is one of the vital sources of morbidity and mortality. The development of single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) radiotracer agents using antibiotics, for targeting in-vivo bacteria, helps in antibiotic dose calibration, targeted infection therapy and reduction in mortality rate. The aim of this study was to appraised 99m Tc-labeling sulfadiazine as a radiopharmaceutical for bacillus infections imaging. Radiolabeling of sulfadiazine with technetium-99m was carried out by subsequent addition of 1...
July 2018: Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Diana Pizarro, Adeel Ilyas, Emilia Toth, Andrew Romeo, Kristen O Riley, Rosana Esteller, Ioannis Vlachos, Sandipan Pati
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Focal seizures can arise from coordinated activity across large-scale epileptic networks and propagate to regions that are not functionally altered but are recruited by epileptiform discharges. In preclinical models of focal epilepsy, the thalamus is recruited by cortical onset seizures, but it remains to be demonstrated in clinical studies. In this pilot study, the authors investigate whether seizures with onset within and outside the mesial temporal structures are detected in the anterior thalamus (ATN)...
July 23, 2018: Epilepsy Research
Adeel Ghayur, T Vincent Verheyen, Erik Meuleman
Amine-based carbon dioxide capture is the most mature technology for reducing flue gas CO2 emissions. It has been postulated and observed during commercialisation of this technology that significant quantities of waste amines are produced. Further industrial implementation of this technology requires adequate disposal or valorisation options for this waste. This review presents an analysis of seven biological and chemical technologies for waste amine amelioration or valorisation. Of these, the biological treatments are identified as being more mature for industrial application with the capacity for marketable product generation...
July 17, 2018: Journal of Environmental Management
Emilia Toth, Ganne Chaitanya, Michael Pogwizd, Diana Pizarro, Adeel Ilyas, Steven Pogwizd, Sandipan Pati
PURPOSE: Arousal is the most primitive, powerful instinct with survival benefit present in all vertebrates. Even though the arousal systems are classically viewed as "ascending" brainstem phenomena, there is a "descending" cortical feedback system that maintains consciousness. In this study, we provide electrophysiological confirmation that seizures localized to the anterior cingulum can behaviorally manifest as paroxysms of arousal from sleep. METHODS: Temporal dynamics of arousal induced by anterior cingulate seizures were analyzed by using multiple modalities including stereoelectroencephalography (phase lag index and phase amplitude coupling), lead-1 ECG (point-process heart rate variability analysis) and diffusion tractography (DTI)...
July 14, 2018: Clinical Autonomic Research: Official Journal of the Clinical Autonomic Research Society
Shahad H Aljuhani, Saja A Bamaroof, Thoraya H Alghamdi, Alhanoof A Almogbel, Alhanof S Alkhammash, Batool S Alkhammash, Amjad A Bahusayn, Mohamad H Bangash, Saleh S Baeesa, Adeel G Chaudhary, Adel M Abuzenadah, Ahmed A Mirza, Mohamad Y Saka, Deema M Hussein
OBJECTIVE: To investigate individuals` knowledge about central nervous system tumors (CNST) signs and symptoms and risk factors, as well as their readiness to seek medical advice. The signs and symptoms associated with CNSTs are often vague, and failure to recognize them could lead to delays in seeking help and possibly fatal results. METHODS: This was a cross-sectional survey that utilized 2 delivery methods. A total of 1,500 personally delivered and 1,500 online self-administered questionnaires were completed in parallel between June 2015 and June 2016 for the occupants of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia...
July 2018: Neurosciences: the Official Journal of the Pan Arab Union of Neurological Sciences
Jayesh A Dhanani, Jeremy Cohen, Suzanne L Parker, Hak-Kim Chan, Patricia Tang, Benjamin J Ahern, Adeel Khan, Manoj Bhatt, Steven Goodman, Sara Diab, Jivesh Chaudhary, Jeffrey Lipman, Steven C Wallis, Adrian Barnett, Michelle Chew, John F Fraser, Jason A Roberts
BACKGROUND: Nebulised antibiotics are frequently used for the prevention or treatment of ventilator-associated pneumonia. Many factors may influence pulmonary drug concentrations with inaccurate dosing schedules potentially leading to therapeutic failure and/or the emergence of antibiotic resistance. We describe a research pathway for studying the pharmacokinetics of a nebulised antibiotic during mechanical ventilation using in vitro methods and ovine models, using tobramycin as the study antibiotic...
July 11, 2018: Intensive Care Medicine Experimental
Muhammad Waseem Tahir, Nayyer Abbas Zaidi, Adeel Akhtar Rao, Roland Blank, Michael J Vellekoop, Walter Lang
Fungus is enormously notorious for food, human health, and archives. Fungus sign and symptoms in medical science are non-specific and asymmetrical for extremely large areas resulting into a challenging task of fungal detection. Various traditional and computer vision techniques were applied to meet the challenge of early fungus detection. On the other hand, features learned through the convolutional neural network (CNN) provided state-of-the-art results in many other applications of object detection and classification...
July 2018: IEEE Transactions on Nanobioscience
Ghulam Murtaza, Adeel Siddiqui, Izhar Hussain
Cardiovascular (CV) diseases are caused by vascular dysfunction. The enhanced sensitivity to vasoconstrictors, reduced endothelium-derived vasodilators nitric oxide (NO) and prostacyclin (PGI2), and endothelium-derived hyperpolarization (EDH) indicate CV dysfunction. In recent years, recombinant human relaxin, known as serelaxin, has emerged as a new vasoactive drug that is useful in acute heart failure. First part of this review article encompasses the role of endogenous relaxin in CV homeostasis. Subsequently, vascular effects of serelaxin and the underlying modes of action in comparison to other vasodilators are discussed...
July 8, 2018: Current Protein & Peptide Science
Adeel Ilyas, Ching-Jen Chen, Dale Ding, Paul M Foreman, Thomas J Buell, Natasha Ironside, Davis G Taylor, M Yashar Kalani, Min S Park, Andrew M Southerland, Bradford B Worrall
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
July 2018: World Neurosurgery
Sofia Malik, Muhammad Adeel Ahmed, Ziaullah Choudhry, Nouman Mughal, Muhammad Amin, Muneeb Ahmed Lone
BACKGROUND: Many investigators reported the amount of fluoride release from glass ionomer cement. However, the work on fluoride release from GIC containing fluoroapatite and hydroxyapatite is scarce. Therefore, this study was conducted to find out the amount of fluoride release from Glass ionomer cement containing fluoroapatite and hydroxyapatite. METHODS: The study was conducted in the Department of Materials, Queen Marry University of London. A total of 108 samples equally divided in to three groups namely fluoroapatite added GIC, Hydroxyapatite added GIC as an experimental group and unmodified GIC as a control group...
April 2018: Journal of Ayub Medical College, Abbottabad: JAMC
Fatma Ben Abid, Mohammed Abukhattab, Hafedh Ghazouani, Obada Khalil, Ahmed Gohar, Hussam Al Soub, Muna Al Maslamani, Abdullatif Al Khal, Eman Al Masalamani, Said Al Dhahry, Samar Hashim, Faraj Howadi, Adeel A Butt
BACKGROUND: Central nervous system (CNS) viral infections are an important cause of morbidity and mortality. No data are available regarding their epidemiology in Qatar. DESIGN: We retrospectively evaluated all cerebrospinal fluid findings from January 2011-March 2015 at Hamad Medical Corporation. Those with abnormal CSF finding were included in our study. We excluded those with missing medical records, no clinical evidence of viral CNS infection, or proven bacterial, fungal or tuberculosis CNS infection...
August 2018: International Journal of Infectious Diseases: IJID
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