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Metformin in pcos

Asutosh Sahu, Priyadarshini Tripathy, Jayashree Mohanty, Attila Nagy
OBJECTIVES: To evaluate the effects of oral contraceptive pill (OCP) and Metformin at the end of 6 months of treatment on ovarian stromal blood flow by using pulsed and color Doppler in women with PCOS. METHODS: Women with PCOS (n=101) fulfilling the Rotterdam criteria were enrolled and randomized to receive either OCP or Metformin. OCP was administered in cycles of 28 days (21 pills containing 35μg of ethynylestradiol plus 2mg of cyproterone acetate followed by 7 placebo pills) for six cycles and Metformin 500mg was administered twice daily for 6 months...
October 11, 2018: Journal of Gynecology Obstetrics and Human Reproduction
Atilla Karateke, Recep Dokuyucu, Hatice Dogan, Tumay Ozgur, Zeynel Abidin Tas, Okan Tutuk, Gokhan Agturk, Cemil Tumer
OBJECTIVE: Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a serious endocrine disorder. In the present study, we investigated the therapeutic effects of erdosteine in letrozole induced-PCOS in rats. <br><br>Methods: Thirty two wistar albino female rats were grouped as control group (C), PCOS group (PCOS), PCOS-metformin group (PCOS+MET), PCOS-erdosteine group (PCOS+Erd). Polycystic ovary syndrome was induced by administering letrozole; such rats presented with sex hormone disorder, abnormal estrous cycles determined by daily vaginal smear, large cystic follicles, and increasing fasting insulin levels...
October 7, 2018: Medical Principles and Practice: International Journal of the Kuwait University, Health Science Centre
Joan Henderson, Stephen Barnett, Abhijeet Ghosh, Allan J Pollack, Adam Hodgkins, Khin Than Win, Graeme C Miller, Andrew Bonney
BACKGROUND: Electronic medical records are increasingly used for research with limited external validation of their data. OBJECTIVE: This study investigates the validity of electronic medical data (EMD) for estimating diabetes prevalence in general practitioner (GP) patients by comparing EMD with national Bettering the Evaluation and Care of Health (BEACH) data. METHOD: A "decision tree" was created using inclusion/exclusion of pre-agreed variables to determine the probability of diabetes in absence of diagnostic label, including diagnoses (coded/free-text diabetes, polycystic ovarian syndrome, impaired glucose tolerance, impaired fasting glucose), diabetic annual cycle of care (DACC), hemoglobin (HbA1c) > 6...
October 3, 2018: Health Information Management: Journal of the Health Information Management Association of Australia
Alpesh Goyal, Mohd Ashraf Ganie
This case report describes 15-year-old identical twin sisters, who presented to us with features of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). A biochemical workup revealed hyperinsulinemia and androgen excess with elevated prolactin levels. The possible etiologies for hyperprolactinemia were excluded with a detailed evaluation and it was labeled as idiopathic. Considering the fact that androgen excess could be caused by either insulin resistance or hyperprolactinemia, we decided to treat one sister with insulin sensitizer metformin and other with dopamine agonist cabergoline...
July 19, 2018: Curēus
Joseph Zhou, Scott Massey, Darren Story, Lixin Li
Metformin is a biguanide drug that has been used to treat type 2 diabetes mellitus for more than 60 years. The United Kingdom Prospective Diabetic Study (UKPDS) has shown metformin to improve mortality rates in diabetes patients, and recent studies suggest metformin has additional effects in treating cancer, obesity, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), and metabolic syndrome. Metformin has also been shown to alleviate weight gain associated with antipsychotic medication...
September 21, 2018: International Journal of Molecular Sciences
Soumya Ranjan Panda, Madhu Jain, Shuchi Jain, Riden Saxena, Smrutismita Hota
Background: Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), a commonly prevalent endocrinopathy among reproductive age group women, is most often associated with obesity. Increased insulin resistance appears to be the central pathophysiologic mechanism responsible for various complications of PCOS. This makes 'weight loss' as the first-line treatment approach in PCOS. So various trials have tried to compare metformin (an insulin-sensitizing agent) and orlistat (an anti-obesity drug) aiming to achieve weight loss and hence higher ovulation rate for the group of obese PCOS patients...
October 2018: Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology of India
Giuseppe D'Amato, Anna Maria Caringella, Antonio Stanziano, Clementina Cantatore, Simone Palini, Ettore Caroppo
BACKGROUND: Letrozole is widely employed as ovulation induction agent in women with PCOS, but its use in mild stimulation (MS) protocols for IVF is limited. Aim of the present study was to evaluate the feasibility of a MS protocol with letrozole plus hMG in non-obese PCOS women undergoing IVF after a metformin pre-treatment. METHODS: We retrospectively evaluated the data of 125 non-obese PCOS undergoing MS with letrozole plus hMG, 150 IU as starting dose, (group 1, N = 80) compared to those undergoing a conventional IVF stimulation protocols (CS) (group 2, N = 45) prior to IVF...
September 14, 2018: Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology: RB&E
Tom Tanbo, Jan Mellembakken, Sverre Bjercke, Eva Ring, Thomas Åbyholm, Peter Fedorcsak
We thank Levin and Rottenstreich for their interest in our article on ovulation induction strategies in polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). We suggested as a second line treatment after life style changes, the combination of inositol isomers and metformin or metformin only. The use of inositol was primarily based on the results of a systematic review by Pundir et al., although other small studies not included in the systematic review have also indicated a possibly beneficial effect on ovulation in anovulatory PCOS...
September 10, 2018: Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica
Jun Zhang, Mi Su, Liangzhi Xu, Zhilan Yang, Weiyao Yin, Ying Nie, Xiaoyong Qiao, Ran Cheng, Yaxian Ma
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the efficacy and metabolic safety of long-term treatment with ethinyl oestradiol/cyproteroneand desogestrel/ethinyl oestradiol tablets in women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). METHODS: Women with PCOSfrom West China Second Hospital of Sichuan University enrolled between September, 2011 and August, 2013 were randomlyallocated to receive either ethinyl oestradiol/cyproterone tablets (Group A, n =355) or desogestrel/ethinyl oestradiol tablets(Group B, n =357) for a prospective observation period of 6 months...
July 30, 2018: Nan Fang Yi Ke da Xue Xue Bao, Journal of Southern Medical University
Solhild Stridsklev, Øyvind Salvesen, Kjell Åsmund Salvesen, Sven M Carlsen, Eszter Vanky
The objective of this study was to investigate possible differences in uterine artery pulsatility index (UtAPI) between pregnant women with PCOS and healthy controls and to explore possible effects of metformin on UtAPI. Material and Methods . The study was conducted in a tertiary center. Forty-eight pregnant women diagnosed with PCOS before pregnancy and 124 healthy pregnant women were included. Women with PCOS were randomly assigned to metformin 2000 mg daily or a placebo. UtAPI was measured five times during 1st and 2nd trimesters of pregnancy in women with PCOS and four times in healthy controls...
2018: International Journal of Endocrinology
Habib Erensoy, Mitra Niafar, Sevil Ghafarzadeh, Naser Aghamohammadzadeh, Nader D Nader
We examine the effects of metformin on insulin resistance (IR) and mood including in adolescent and adult women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). This trial was conducted in 19 adolescents (age ≤18 years) and 25 adult (age >18 years) women with PCOS. Anthropometric and measurements including, serum glucose, endocrine panel, and lipid profile were performed at baseline. IR was measured by Homeostasis Model Assessment IR (HOMA-IR). Anxiety and depression were measured by Beck's Anxiety (BAI) and Depression Inventories (BDI-II)...
September 5, 2018: Gynecological Endocrinology
Wenneke van Weelden, Vincent Wekker, Leon de Wit, Jacqueline Limpens, Hilkka Ijäs, Aleid G van Wassenaer-Leemhuis, Tessa J Roseboom, Bas B van Rijn, J Hans DeVries, Rebecca C Painter
INTRODUCTION: Antidiabetic drugs (OADs) are increasingly prescribed to treat hyperglycaemia during pregnancy in women with gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) or polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), even though long-term effects on offspring are unknown. This systematic review summarises the evidence of follow-up studies of randomised controlled trials (RCTs) reporting on long-term effects of prenatal exposure to OADs on offspring. METHODS: The MEDLINE, EMBASE and CENTRAL databases were searched from inception to April 2018 for the concepts antidiabetic agents and prenatal exposure (or pregnancy and offspring/child) in combination with an RCT search filter...
October 2018: Diabetes Therapy: Research, Treatment and Education of Diabetes and related Disorders
Maria Kupreeva, Abdoulaye Diane, Richard Lehner, Watts Russell, Mahua Ghosh, Spencer D Proctor, Donna F Vine
Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a highly associated with cardiometabolic risk and the metabolic syndrome (MetS), predisposing women to increased risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease (CVD). Metformin is commonly used to treat insulin resistance-glucose intolerance, and flutamide, an androgen receptor antagonist, is used to target hyperandrogenemia and dyslipidemia. Currently, the physiological mechanism of action of these treatments on androgen, lipidogenic and insulin signaling pathways remains unclear in the PCOS...
August 28, 2018: American Journal of Physiology. Endocrinology and Metabolism
Hong-Hong Ning, Jiong Le, Qian Wang, Charlotte Aimee Young, Bo Deng, Peng-Xiang Gao, Hai-Qiao Zhang, Shu-Lan Qin
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the efficacy of metformin versus a placebo in the treatment of patients with simple obesity without obesity related diseases. METHODS: A search was done on Pub-Med, EMBASE, Cochrane, and Science Citation Index Expanded databases. The main inclusion criteria included the following:(1) randomized controlled trials. (2) patients diagnosed as being overweight or obese. (3) patients were randomly assigned to receive metformin or control. Exclusion criteria included the following: patients diagnosed with an obesity related disease, such as diabetes mellitus (DM) or polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)...
August 27, 2018: Endocrine
Marta Díaz, José Miguel Gallego-Escuredo, Abel López-Bermejo, Francis de Zegher, Francesc Villarroya, Lourdes Ibáñez
Background: Fetuin-A is a glycoprotein produced in the liver and related to metabolic syndrome; fetuin-A secretion is divergently regulated in different pathological conditions. In girls with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), insulin sensitization results in a more favorable endocrine-metabolic outcome than oral contraception; we assessed whether those differences are underscored by changes in circulating fetuin-A. Methods: Fetuin-A concentration endocrine-metabolic markers and hepatovisceral fat were measured longitudinally in 35 PCOS girls [age, 16 yr; body mass index (BMI), 23 kg/m2 ] randomized to receive either oral contraception [ethinylestradiol-levonorgestrel ( n = 18)] or a low-dose combination of spironolactone, pioglitazone, and metformin (SPIOMET, n = 17) over 12 months...
2018: International Journal of Endocrinology
Yogesh Kumar, Narendra Kotwal, Yashpal Singh, Vimal Upreti, Shrikant Somani, K V S Hari Kumar
Background: Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is a condition characterized by insulin resistance (IR) and hormonal dysfunction. We conducted a randomized, controlled trial comparing the effects of metformin, oral contraceptive pills (OCP) and their combination in PCOS. Materials and Methods: We randomized 90 newly diagnosed PCOS (age 18-40 year, symptom duration >6 months) patients into three groups (Group 1-Metformin, Group 2-OCP, and Group 3- Metformin + OCP) in this prospective study...
May 2018: Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care
Roshni Patel, Gaurang Shah
BACKGROUND: Insulin sensitizers like metformin and pioglitazone are clinically used since last decades for the treatment of PCOS, but their efficacy and possible role in PCOS patients remains questionable. Also, the mechanism by which these insulin sensitizers show effect is not clear. AIM OF THE STUDY: To evaluate the effect of metformin and pioglitazone on leutinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone receptor mRNA expression, hyperandrogenism and insulin resistance in high fat diet induced and letrozole induced PCOS in rats...
April 2018: Archives of Medical Research
Zheying Min, Qian Gao, Xiumei Zhen, Yong Fan, Tao Tan, Rong Li, Yue Zhao, Yang Yu
BACKGROUND: Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a common endocrine and metabolic disorder that affects female fertility. However, with the lack of a corresponding research model, the pathology mechanism of PCOS is poorly understood. Induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) technology has been recognized as means to generate patient-specific stem cells for disease modeling. METHODS: The mRNA abundance of iPSCs was analyzed by RNA microarray and real-time polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR)...
August 9, 2018: Stem Cell Research & Therapy
Ewa Otto-Buczkowska, Karolina Grzyb, Natalia Jainta
Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) usually arises during puberty and is marked by insulin resistance, hyperinsulinemia, and hyperandrogenism. The principle is that the diagnosis of PCOS must be based on the presence of at least two of the following three criteria: chronic anovulation, hyperandrogenism (clinical or biological), and polycystic ovaries. The diagnosis of PCOS in adolescents is particularly difficult due to developmental problems in this group. Many symptoms of PCOS, including acne, menstrual irregularities, and hyperinsulinemia, are common in normal puberty...
2018: Pediatric Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism
F-F Wang, Y Wu, Y-H Zhu, T Ding, R L Batterham, F Qu, P J Hardiman
BACKGROUND: Women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) are almost three times more likely to be obese than those without PCOS. However, we have no specific interventions to induce weight loss so far and rely on drugs used to treat other symptoms of the syndrome or obesity in the general population. OBJECTIVE: The objective of this study is to compare the effectiveness of metformin, inositol, liraglutide and orlistat to induce weight loss in women with PCOS and overweight/obesity...
October 2018: Obesity Reviews: An Official Journal of the International Association for the Study of Obesity
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