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Growth models

Tobias Lammel, Georgia Tsoukatou, Johanna Jellinek, Joachim Sturve
In vitro experimental systems based on continuous piscine cell lines can be used as an alternative to animal tests for obtaining qualitative and quantitative information on the possible fate and effect of chemicals in fish. However, their capability to reproduce complex metabolic processes and toxic responses as they occur in vivo is limited due to the lack of organ-specific tissue architecture and functions. Here we introduce a three-dimensional (3D) in vitro experimental system based on spheroidal aggregate cultures (spheroids) of the continuous rainbow trout liver cell line RTL-W1 and provide a first description of their structural and functional properties including growth, viability/longevity, metabolic activity, ultrastructure and cytochrome P450 1A (CYP1A) expression determined by bright-field, multi-photon fluorescence and transmission electron microscopy as well as RT-qPCR analysis...
October 17, 2018: Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety
Zena J Wally, Abdul M Haque, Antonio Feteira, Frederik Claeyssens, Russell Goodall, Gwendolen C Reilly
Dental implants need to support good osseointegration into the surrounding bone for full functionality. Interconnected porous structures have a lower stiffness and larger surface area compared with bulk structures, and therefore are likely to enable better bone-implant fixation. In addition, grading of the porosity may enable large pores for ingrowth on the periphery of an implant and a denser core to maintain mechanical properties. However, given the small diameter of dental implants it is very challenging to achieve gradations in porosity...
August 29, 2018: Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials
XiaoMin Wan, YuCong Zhang, JinAn Ma, Chongqing Tan, XiaoHui Zeng, LiuBao Peng
BACKGROUND: The addition of ribociclib (RIB) to letrozole (LET) significantly increases progression free survival for patients with hormone-receptor (HR)-positive, human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2)-negative advanced breast cancer (ABC). We identified the range of drug costs for which RIB could be considered cost effective from a Chinese perspective. METHODS: A discrete event simulation model was developed to model the treatment sequences among patients with ABC...
October 16, 2018: Breast: Official Journal of the European Society of Mastology
Jiasheng Wang, Ni Hui
Biocompatible materials, such as zwitterionic poly(carboxybetaine methacrylate) (polyCBMA), are of extraordinary importance in growth of bioelectronics and biosensors, because they not only greatly suppress nonspecific protein adsorption, but also have rich functional groups to facilitate the fixation of biological molecules. A novel nanocomposite was synthesized herein through modification polyCBMA onto conducting polymer polyaniline (PANI) nanowire surface. The prepared polyCBMA/PANI composite, integrating the good conductivity of PANI nanowires with the excellent antifouling capability of polyCBMA, provided a wonderful matrix for the growth of ultrasensitive and low fouling biosensor...
October 11, 2018: Bioelectrochemistry
Hwa Kyung Nam, Iva Vesela, Erica Siismets, Nan E Hatch
Bone growth is dependent upon the presence of self-renewing progenitor cell populations. While the contribution of Tissue Nonspecific Alkaline Phosphatase (TNAP) enzyme activity in promoting bone mineralization when expressed in differentiated bone forming cells is well understood, little is known regarding the role of TNAP in bone progenitor cells. We previously found diminished proliferation in the calvarial MC3T3E1 cell line upon suppression of TNAP by shRNA, and in calvarial cells and tissues of TNAP-/- mice...
October 17, 2018: Bone
Lifei Gu, Yange Wang, Guolin Yang, Akhtolkhyn Tilyek, Shaoheng Li, Boyang Yu, Chengzhi Chai, Zhengyu Cao
ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE: Ribes diacanthum Pall (RDP), a folk medicine, has been widely used in Mongolia to treat urinary system diseases. AIM OF THE STUDY: To investigate the effectiveness of RDP on unilateral ureteral obstruction (UUO)-induced renal interstitial fibrosis and the underlying mechanisms. MATERIALS AND METHODS: A total of 60 mice were randomly divided into six groups: sham group, sham plus RDP (40mg/kg) group, UUO model group, and UUO model plus RDP (10, 20 or 40mg/kg) groups...
October 17, 2018: Journal of Ethnopharmacology
Heng-Yue Xue, Jing-Ru Li, Yan-Geng Liu, Qi Gao, Xiao-Wen Wang, Jun-Wei Zhang, Masaru Tanokura, You-Lin Xue
Ultrafiltration is a separation process for purifying and concentrating macromolecular solutions. Using Baiyu yam (Dioscorea opposita Thunb) as the raw material, single-factor experiments, Box-Behnken design (BBD) and response surface methodology (RSM) were employed to investigate the effects of the ultrafiltration pH, temperature and pressure on the extraction rate of Chinese yam polysaccharide (CYP). The constructed regression model is highly significant, and the optimal ultrafiltration-assisted extraction conditions were determined to be the following: pH 6...
October 17, 2018: International Journal of Biological Macromolecules
Parisa Parsa, Azin Paydayesh, Seyed Mohammad Davachi
Hydrogels have been used in many biomedical applications such as drug delivery and tissue engineering in recent decades. To improve the physiochemical and antimicrobial properties of these hydrogels and developing their applications, hybrid systems consisting of hydrogels, biodegradable nanoparticles and antibiotics were synthesized. In this regard, nanocomposite hydrogels based on PVA, 5% chitosan nanoparticles (NC) and various contents of tetracycline were prepared using freezing-thawing cycles and characterized using Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), gel fraction, swelling, antibacterial and cell viability studies, contact angle measurements, scanning electron microscopy, hydrolytic degradation and release studies...
October 17, 2018: International Journal of Biological Macromolecules
Ela Markovsky, Sadna Budhu, Robert M Samstein, Hongyan Li, James Russell, Zhigang Zhang, Esther Drill, Chloe Bodden, Qing Chen, Simon N Powell, Taha Merghoub, Jedd D Wolchok, John Humm, Joseph O Deasy, Adriana Haimovitz-Friedman
PURPOSE: To study tumor growth delay resulting from partial irradiation in preclinical mouse models. METHODS AND MATERIALS: We investigated 67NR murine orthotopic breast tumors in both immunocompetent and nude mice. Treatment was delivered to 50% or 100% of the tumor using a 2x2 cm collimator on a micro-irradiator. Radiation response was modulated by treating with anti-CD8 and anti-ICAM antibodies. Similar experiments were performed using the less immunogenic Lewis Lung Carcinoma (LLC) mouse model...
October 17, 2018: International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics
Diana Silva, Hermínio C de Sousa, Maria Helena Gil, Luís F Santos, Guilhermina Martins Moutinho, Ana Paula Serro, Benilde Saramago
In this study we investigated the possibility of using polyelectrolytes with antibacterial properties to form layer-by-layer (LbL) coatings on contact lens materials with the objective of controlling the release of ophthalmic drugs, while minimizing bacterial growth. A silicone-based hydrogel recently proposed by our group was chosen as a drug releasing soft contact lens (SCL) material and three drugs were tested: moxifloxacin hydrochloride (MXF), chlorhexidine diacetate monohydrate (CHX), and diclofenac sodium salt (DIC)...
October 17, 2018: International Journal of Pharmaceutics
Inbal Zafir-Lavie, Shay Sherbo, Haim Goltsman, Felix Badinter, Eilam Yieni, Paula Ofek, Reem Miari, Osnat Tal, Atar Liran, Tamar Shatil, Simi Krispel, Nir Shapir, Garry A Neil, Itai Benhar, Amos Panet, Ronit Satchi Fainaro
BACKGROUND: Trastuzumab is a monoclonal antibody which demonstrates efficacy for HER2 positive breast cancer patients. Recently, an increased incidence of brain metastasis in trastuzumab-treated patients has been reported. The reason for this may be the effectiveness of systemic trastuzumab allowing patients to survive longer thus providing time for brain metastases to develop, along with the lack of penetration of systemic therapies through the blood brain barrier. In recent years, several administration routes to the brain have been evaluated...
October 17, 2018: Journal of Controlled Release: Official Journal of the Controlled Release Society
Mateusz Bartz, Edyta M Gola
Ceratopteris richardii is a model fern species widely used to analyze various developmental processes and their regulation in gametophytes. The form of mature C. richardii gametophytes depends on the activity of the marginal meristem, but knowledge on meristem formation and structure is limited. Therefore, we analyzed cellular events accompanying the development of gametophytes using cell lineage and proliferation analyses to explain the establishment and functioning of the marginal meristem. We show that: i) gametophytes are devoid of the apical initial cell or the apical cell-based meristem in the early developmental stages; ii) the cells that are predestined to form the marginal meristem divide according to a stable pattern; iii) only one transient initial cell is present in the marginal meristem, and the selection of a new functioning initial cell is related to a stable sequence of its divisions...
October 17, 2018: Developmental Biology
Manhui Zhu, Xiaojuan Liu, Ying Wang, Lili Chen, Li Wang, Xiao Qin, Jiaowen Xu, Lele Li, Yuanyuan Tu, Taohu Zhou, E Song, Aimin Sang
Endothelial dysfunction is a main feature of retinal neovascular diseases which are the leading cause of blindness in developed countries. Yes-associated protein (YAP) and signal transducer and activator of transcription factor 3 (STAT3) participate in angiogenesis via vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) signaling. Additionally, YAP can bind STAT3 in endothelial cells. In the study, dimethyloxalylglycine (DMOG) stimulated human retinal microvascular endothelial cells (HRMECs) was used as retinal endothelial hypoxia model...
October 17, 2018: Experimental Cell Research
Yao He, Hui Xu, Zichao Xiang, Hongyou Yu, Li Xu, Yongwen Guo, Ye Tian, Rui Shu, Xianrui Yang, Chaoran Xue, Mengyuan Zhao, Yiruo He, Xianglong Han, Ding Bai
During orthodontic tooth movement (OTM), periodontal ligament cells (PDLCs) receive the mechanical stimuli and transform it into myofibroblasts (Mfbs). Indeed, previous studies have demonstrated that mechanical stimuli can promote the expression of Mfb marker α-smooth muscle actin (α-SMA) in PDLCs. Transforming growth factor β1 (TGF-β1), as the target gene of yes-associated protein (YAP), has been proven to be involved in this process. Here, we sought to assess the role of YAP in Mfbs differentiation from PDLCs...
October 20, 2018: Journal of Cellular Physiology
Lei You, Huanyu Wang, Gang Yang, Fangyu Zhao, Jingcheng Zhang, Ziwen Liu, Taiping Zhang, Zhiyong Liang, Changzheng Liu, Yupei Zhao
Gemcitabine serves as a first-line chemotherapy agent for advanced pancreatic cancer. However, the molecular basis by which gemcitabine exerts its effects is not well-established, and the targeted genetic pathways remain unclear. PVT1 has been reported to be an oncogenic long noncoding RNA in tumorigenesis. Here, we showed that the expression of PVT1 is correlated with gemcitabine efficacy in pancreatic cancer therapy. Inhibition of PVT1 led to decreased cell growth in pancreatic cancer cells treated with gemcitabine...
October 20, 2018: Molecular Oncology
Nina Gabarayeva, Svetlana Polevova, Valentina Grigorjeva, Elena Severova, Olga Volkova, Stephen Blackmore
By a detailed ontogenetic study of Ambrosia trifida pollen, tracing each stage of development with TEM, we aim to understand the establishment of the pollen wall and to unravel the mechanisms underlying sporoderm development. The main steps of exine ontogeny in Ambrosia trifida, observed in the microspore periplasmic space, are as follows: spherical units, gradually transforming into columns, then to rod-like units; the appearance of the initial reticulate tectum; growth of columellae under the tectum and initial sporopollenin accumulation on them; the appearance of the endexine lamellae, first in fragments, then in long laminae; the cessation of the glycocalyx growth and its detachment from the plasma membrane, resulting in the appearance of gaps; massive accumulation of sporopollenin on the tectum, columellae, and endexine, and the appearance of the foot layer at the young post-tetrad stage, accompanied by establishment of caveae in sites of the former gaps; and final massive sporopollenin accumulation...
October 19, 2018: Protoplasma
Xing-Jian Hu, Wen-Cong-Hui Wu, Nian-Guo Dong, Jia-Wei Shi, Jun-Wei Liu, Si Chen, Chen Deng, Feng Shi
A tissue engineering model of heart valve calcification induced in a bioreactor was established to evaluate the calcification induced by abnormal mechanical stimulation and explore the underlying molecular mechanisms. Polyethylene glycol (PEG)-modified decellularized porcine aortic leaflets seeded with human valve interstitial cells (huVICs) were mounted on a Ti-Ni alloy frame to fabricate two-leaflet and threeleaflet tissue engineered valves. The two-leaflet model valves were exposed to abnormal pulsatile flow stimulation with null (group A), low (1000 mL/min, group B), medium (2000 mL/min, group C), and high velocity (3000 mL/min, group D) for 14 days...
October 2018: Current medical science
Rosa Martha Perez Gutierrez, Jose Maria Mota Flores
OBJECTIVE: To examine the effect of metanol extract of Petiveria alliacea (PM) on airway inflammation in a murine model of chronic asthma. METHODS: Two-month-old male BALB/c mice (n=6-8/group) were sensitized on days 0 and 14 by intraperitoneal injection of 20 μg ovalbumin (OVA). On day 25, the mice received an airway challenge with OVA (3%, w/v, in phosphate buffered saline). PM was administered orally by oral gavage to mice at doses of 100, 200 and 400 mg/kg body weight once daily from days 18 to 23...
October 19, 2018: Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine
Brianna F Moore, Anne P Starling, Sheryl Magzamen, Curtis S Harrod, William B Allshouse, John L Adgate, Brandy M Ringham, Deborah H Glueck, Dana Dabelea
BACKGROUND: Previous studies have modeled the association between fetal exposure to tobacco smoke and body mass index (BMI) growth trajectories, but not the timing of catch-up growth. Research on fetal exposure to maternal secondhand smoking is limited. OBJECTIVES: To explore the associations between fetal exposure to maternal active and secondhand smoking with body composition at birth and BMI growth trajectories through age 3 years. METHODS: We followed 630 mother-child pairs enrolled in the Healthy Start cohort through age 3 years...
October 19, 2018: International Journal of Obesity: Journal of the International Association for the Study of Obesity
Daniel A Charlebois, Kevin Hauser, Sylvia Marshall, Gábor Balázsi
Most organisms must cope with temperature changes. This involves genes and gene networks both as subjects and agents of cellular protection, creating difficulties in understanding. Here, we study how heating and cooling affect expression of single genes and synthetic gene circuits in Saccharomyces cerevisiae We discovered that nonoptimal temperatures induce a cell fate choice between stress resistance and growth arrest. This creates dramatic gene expression bimodality in isogenic cell populations, as arrest abolishes gene expression...
October 19, 2018: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
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