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Stabilization training

Ryan T Ash, Paul G Fahey, Jiyoung Park, Huda Y Zoghbi, Stelios M Smirnakis
MECP2 duplication syndrome is an X-linked form of syndromic autism caused by genomic duplication of the region encoding methyl-CpG-binding protein 2 (MECP2). Mice overexpressing MECP2 demonstrate social impairment, behavioral inflexibility, and altered patterns of learning and memory. Previous work showed abnormally increased stability of dendritic spines formed during motor training in the apical tuft of primary motor cortex (area M1) corticospinal neurons in the MECP2 duplication mouse model. In the current study, we measure the structural plasticity of axonal boutons in layer 5 pyramidal neuron projections to layer 1 of area M1 during motor training...
May 2018: ENeuro
Traci L Parry, Joseph W Starnes, Sara K O'Neal, James R Bain, Michael J Muehlbauer, Aubree Honcoop, Amro Ilaiwy, Peter Christopher, Cam Patterson, Monte S Willis
Introduction: The effects of exercise on the heart and its resistance to disease are well-documented. Recent studies have identified that exercise-induced resistance to arrhythmia is due to the preservation of mitochondrial membrane potential. Objectives: To identify novel metabolic changes that occur parallel to these mitochondrial alterations, we performed non-targeted metabolomics analysis on hearts from sedentary and exercise-trained rats challenged with isolated heart ischemia-reperfusion injury (I/R)...
January 2018: Metabolomics: Official Journal of the Metabolomic Society
Xinyang Wang, Xinshu Zhao, Jing Chou, Jiaying Yu, Tongshu Yang, Liyan Liu, Fengmin Zhang
BACKGROUND: This study investigated the use of serum amino acids and organic acids profiles as the novel metabolites for screening breast cancer (BC) patients. METHODS: A total of 116 subjects as training set were divided into the following three groups: BC patients (n= 34), benign (BE) patients (n= 38) and controls (n= 44). The amino acids profiles from three groups were measured using liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry and organic acids profiles in three groups were studied by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry...
July 25, 2018: Cancer Biomarkers: Section A of Disease Markers
J Alberto Neder, Alcides Rocha, Maria Clara N Alencar, Flavio Arbex, Danilo C Berton, Mayron Faria, Priscila A Sperandio, Luiz E Nery, Denis E O'Donnell
Heart failure with reduced ejection fraction (HF) and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) frequently coexist, particularly in the elderly. Given their rising prevalence and the contemporary trend to longer life expectancy, overlapping HF-COPD will become a major cause of morbidity and mortality in the next decade. Areas covered: Drawing on current clinical and physiological constructs, the consequences of negative cardiopulmonary interactions on the interpretation of pulmonary function and cardiopulmonary exercise tests in HF-COPD are discussed...
August 13, 2018: Expert Review of Cardiovascular Therapy
Tatsuya Suzuki, Seiji Yamato
Piperamides, which are secondary metabolites in the genus Piper, have potent insecticidal activity, and have thus inspired the development of novel insecticides. In this study, piperovatine, a piperamide from Piper piscatorum (Piperaceae), was investigated using a two-electrode voltage clamp to clarify its detailed mode of action against voltage-gated sodium channels, a classic target. In Xenopus oocytes expressing voltage-gated sodium channels from German cockroach (Blattella germanica), piperovatine induced inward currents depending on repetitive openings...
August 8, 2018: Neurotoxicology
Stephanie A Martinez, Nhuquynh D Nguyen, Eric Bailey, Denis Doyle-Green, Henry A Hauser, John P Handrakis, Steven Knezevic, Casey Marett, Jennifer Weinman, Angelica F Romero, Tiffany M Santiago, Ajax H Yang, Lok Yung, Pierre K Asselin, Joseph P Weir, Stephen D Kornfeld, William A Bauman, Ann M Spungen, Noam Y Harel
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Spared fibers after spinal cord injury (SCI) tend to consist predominantly of subcortical circuits that are not under volitional (cortical) control. We aim to improve function after SCI by using targeted physical exercises designed to simultaneously stimulate cortical and spared subcortical neural circuits. METHODS: Participants with chronic motor-incomplete SCI enrolled in a single-center, prospective interventional crossover study. Participants underwent 48 sessions each of weight-supported robotic-assisted treadmill training and a novel combination of balance and fine hand exercises, in randomized order, with a 6-week washout period...
2018: PloS One
Ellen N Sutter, Anna E Mattlage, Marghuretta D Bland, Kendra M Cherry-Allen, Elinor Harrison, Swati M Surkar, Jeffrey M Gidday, Ling Chen, Tamara Hershey, Jin-Moo Lee, Catherine E Lang
Remote limb ischemic conditioning (RLIC) is a clinically feasible method of promoting tissue protection against subsequent ischemic insult. Recent findings from our lab demonstrated that RLIC robustly enhances motor learning in young, healthy humans. The next step is to determine which individuals would receive maximum benefit from RLIC before applying these findings to clinical rehabilitation populations such as stroke. Numerous factors, such as age, sex, body mass index (BMI), and cardiovascular comorbidities may influence the response...
August 7, 2018: Translational Stroke Research
A López-Valenciano, F Ayala, M De Ste Croix, D Barbado, F J Vera-Garcia
PURPOSE: To analyse the relationship between several parameters of neuromuscular performance with unilateral dynamic balance measured through the Y-Balance test, as well as to determine the possible sex-related differences. METHODS: The Y-Balance test, isokinetic (concentric and eccentric) knee flexion and extension strength, isometric hip abduction and adduction strength, lower extremity joint range of motion (ROM) (hip, knee and ankle) and core stability were assessed in male (n = 88) and female (n = 44) professional football players...
August 7, 2018: Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy: Official Journal of the ESSKA
Li Sun, Yingying Su, Xiangxiang Liu, Mu Xu, Xiaoxiang Chen, Yefei Zhu, Zhirui Guo, Tingting Bai, Lin Dong, Chenchen Wei, Xiaoxiao Cai, Bangshun He, Yuqin Pan, Huiling Sun, Shukui Wang
Background: Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is one of the most aggressive cancers, with limited new diagnostic and therapeutic measures. This study aimed to investigate the utility of specific serum and exosome lncRNAs as biomarkers for early diagnosis of HCC. Methods : The relative expression levels of eight selected lncRNAs in serum were evaluated by quantitative reverse transcription-PCR (qRT-PCR) in the training and validation sets of HCC patients and matched healthy controls. Additionally, the stability, specificity and diagnostic efficiency of these lncRNAs were evaluated to determine their potential as biomarkers...
2018: Journal of Cancer
Adam Hutter
Emergency responders play a critical role in response and recovery from a radiological incident; supporting life and safety operations, incident stabilization and radiological clean-up. Many of these responders do not routinely perform duties in radiation environments and therefore rely on critical national assets and trained radiation professionals for operational guidance to help them navigate the complex world of radiation safety and protection during an emergency. The Annual Meeting of the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP) was held in Bethesda, Maryland, 6-7 March 2017, on the topic of "Assessment of National Efforts in Emergency Preparedness for Nuclear Terrorism: Is There a Need for Realignment to Close Remaining Gaps?" As a keynote speaker at the Annual Members' Dinner on 5 March 2017, Dr...
February 2018: Health Physics
Nissim Ackshota, Alysa Nash, Ian Bussey, Mark Shasti, Luke Brown, Vijay Vishwanath, Zanaib Malik, Kelley E Banagan, Eugene Y Koh, Steven C Ludwig, Daniel E Gelb
BACKGROUND CONTEXT: The incidence of pyogenic vertebral osteomyelitis (PVO) continues to increase in the United States, highlighting the need to recognize unique challenges presented by these cases and develop effective methods of surgical management. To date, no prior research has focused on the outcomes of PVO requiring two or more contiguous corpectomies. PURPOSE: To describe our experience in the operative management of PVO in 56 consecutive patients who underwent multilevel corpectomies (≥2 vertebral bodies) via a combined approach...
August 3, 2018: Spine Journal: Official Journal of the North American Spine Society
Douglas M Bowley, D Lamb, P Rumbold, P Hunt, J Kayani, A M Sukhera
INTRODUCTION: The WHO Constitution enshrines '… the highest attainable standard of health as a fundamental right of every human being .' Strengthening delivery of health services confers benefits to individuals, families and communities, and can improve national and regional stability and security. In attempting to build international healthcare capability, UK Defence Medical Services (DMS) assets can contribute to the development of healthcare within overseas nations in a process that is known as Defence Healthcare Engagement (DHE)...
August 4, 2018: Journal of the Royal Army Medical Corps
Stanley J Winser, Micheal C Schubert, Anne Y Y Chan, Priya Kannan, Susan L Whitney
Balance problems and frequent falls are common among clients with Cerebellar Ataxia (CA). CA is not a disease by itself but a collection of symptoms due to the involvement of cerebellum or its pathways. Presently the treatment for balance problems for CA is not standardized. Interventions available to improve balance are not specific to symptoms presentation. Functionally the cerebellum is divided into the spinocerebellum, vestibulocerebellum and corticocerebellum. Each functional zone has a distinct role in maintaining balance...
August 2018: Medical Hypotheses
Chantal Milleret, Emmanuel Bui Quoc
Infantile strabismus impairs the perception of all attributes of the visual scene. High spatial frequency components are no longer visible, leading to amblyopia. Binocularity is altered, leading to the loss of stereopsis. Spatial perception is impaired as well as detection of vertical orientation, the fastest movements, directions of movement, the highest contrasts and colors. Infantile strabismus also affects other vision-dependent processes such as control of postural stability. But presently, rehabilitative therapies for infantile strabismus by ophthalmologists, orthoptists and optometrists are restricted to preventing or curing amblyopia of the deviated eye, aligning the eyes and, whenever possible, preserving or restoring binocular vision during the critical period of development, i...
2018: Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience
Ilaria Carpinella, Antonio Nardone, Gianluca Bonora, Thomas Bowman, Davide Cattaneo, Marco Rabuffetti, Maurizio Ferrarin
Abnormalities of body-weight transfer occur during several motor tasks in people with Parkinson's disease (PwPD). In this study, a novel robotic paradigm for assessment and training of dynamic balance was developed and applied to twelve healthy subjects (HS) and ten PwPD to verify its feasibility and to assess the capability of PwPD to counteract postural perturbations through body-weight shifts. At variance with other robotic paradigms, subjects had to react as fast as possible to the perturbation, bringing the platform back to the horizontal and keeping it until the end of the task...
August 2, 2018: IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering
Zheng Yang, Fan Gao, Songnian Fu, Xiang Li, Lei Deng, Zhixue He, Ming Tang, Deming Liu
We propose a novel radial basis function neural network (RBF-NN)-based nonlinear equalizer (NLE) for the intensity modulation/direct detection (IM/DD) transmission. After optimizing input characteristics of the RBF-NN, we experimentally demonstrate C-band 4×50  Gb/s four-level pulse-amplitude modulation (PAM-4) transmission over 80 km standard single-mode fiber (SSMF), using 18 GHz direct-modulated lasers and dispersion compensation fiber. We demonstrate that the RBF-NN-based NLE outperforms the commonly used Volterra filter equalizer and recently proposed multilayer perceptron (MLP)-based NLE by about 4...
August 1, 2018: Optics Letters
Zhen Ni, Naresh Malla, Xiangnan Zhong
The adaptive dynamic programming controller usually needs a long training period because the data usage efficiency is relatively low by discarding the samples once used. Prioritized experience replay (ER) promotes important experiences and is more efficient in learning the control process. This paper proposes integrating an efficient learning capability of prioritized ER design into heuristic dynamic programming (HDP). First, a one time-step backward state-action pair is used to design the ER tuple and, thus, avoids the model network...
July 30, 2018: IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics
Allison J Lee, Stephanie R Goodman, Shawn E Banks, Meiko Lin, Ruth Landau
Background: Teaching trainees the knowledge and skills to perform general anesthesia (GA) for cesarean delivery (CD) requires innovative strategies, as they may never manage such cases in training. We used a multistage design process to create a criterion-referenced multiple-choice test as an assessment tool to evaluate CA1's knowledge related to this scenario. Methods: Three faculty created 33 questions, categorized as: (1) physiologic changes of pregnancy (PCP), (2) pharmacology (PHA), (3) anesthetic implications of pregnancy (AIP), and (4) crisis resource management principles (CRM)...
April 2018: Journal of Education in Perioperative Medicine: JEPM
Samah Attia El Shemy
BACKGROUND: Weakness of trunk muscles is a common disorder in children with cerebral palsy (CP). They encounter decreased levels of endurance that can lead to diminished capacity of movement. OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the effect of core stability training on the endurance of trunk muscles and gait parameters in children with hemiplegic CP. METHODS: Thirty children with hemiplegic CP aged 10 to 12 years were randomly assigned to two groups of equal number; control group (A) and study group (B)...
July 20, 2018: Journal of Back and Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation
Eun-Kyung Kim, Seong-Gil Kim
BACKGROUND: Oscillatory stimulation provides strong sensory stimulation, which can activate muscle spindles, strengthening proprioceptive sense and, therefore, helping to strengthen the muscles involved in posture stability. OBJECTIVE: This study aimed to investigate the difference in average distribution of plantar pressure resulting from changes in the forward head position (FHP) angle caused by controlling muscle activity in the neck and shoulders through Bodyblade...
July 20, 2018: Journal of Back and Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation
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