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Reflective writing

Elizabeth Simpson
Rationale and key points Choking, or foreign body airway obstruction, is a common, yet treatable, cause of accidental death. This article aims to provide an overview of the skills required when faced with this emergency in adults, including how to recognise this emergency, the immediate management and treatment required, and the necessary aftercare. » Choking usually occurs when a person is eating or drinking. » An obstruction may classified as mild or severe. » For a severe obstruction in a conscious person, it may be necessary to administer back blows and/or abdominal thrusts to remove the obstruction from the airway...
September 14, 2016: Nursing Standard
Daniel J Fairbanks, Scott Abbott
Gregor Mendel's classic paper, Versuche über Pflanzen-Hybriden (Experiments on Plant Hybrids), was published in 1866, hence 2016 is its sesquicentennial. Mendel completed his experiments in 1863 and shortly thereafter began compiling the results and writing his paper, which he presented in meetings of the Natural Science Society in Brünn in February and March of 1865. Mendel owned a personal copy of Darwin's Origin of Species, a German translation published in 1863, and it contains his marginalia. Its publication date indicates that Mendel's study of Darwin's book could have had no influence while he was conducting his experiments but its publication date coincided with the period of time when he was preparing his paper, making it possible that Darwin's writings influenced Mendel's interpretations and theory...
October 2016: Genetics
Joanne Jacobson
This piece returns to the writer's memoir essays about her mother's chronic lung disease to examine the relationship between the act of caregiving and the act of writing. In arguing for important differences between the clinical, healing imperatives of narrative medicine and the primacy for the writer of self-reflection, personal need and career, the essay demonstrates how writing remains in many ways at odds with the obligations and the hopes of caregiving. At the same time, the essay argues that writing her mother's stories of illness holds the potential for both honor and mutuality-and can, in fact, constitute a form of caregiving...
October 5, 2016: Journal of Medical Humanities
Lucie Cerna, Petra Maresova
BACKGROUND: The incidence of diabetes is rising across the world. This global problem significantly affects the economic and social development in the 21st century. If the disease is diagnosed in time, the number of complications as well as the costs of therapy will be lower. Modern technologies permeate all spheres of medicine, and diabetes treatment is no exception. Therefore, the aim of this article is to analyze patients' attitudes to the use of modern technologies in the treatment of diabetes (type 1 diabetes mellitus [T1DM] and type 2 diabetes mellitus [T2DM])...
2016: Patient Preference and Adherence
Kathleen T Unroe, Susan E Hickman, Alexia M Torke
A basic tenet of palliative care is discerning patient treatment preferences and then honoring these preferences, reflected by the inclusion of "Care Consistency with Documented Care Preferences" as one of ten Measuring What Matters (MWM) quality indicators. MWM indicators are intended to serve as a foundation for quality measurement in health care settings. However, there are a number of logistic and practical issues to be considered in the application of this quality indicator to clinical practice. In this brief methodologic report, we describe how care consistency with documented care preferences has been measured in research on patients near the end of life...
September 24, 2016: Journal of Pain and Symptom Management
Jasna K Schwind, Elizabeth McCay, Kateryna Metersky, Jennifer Martin
BACKGROUND: Interprofessional education and practice have been gaining recognition during the past decade. However, little has been written on person-centered care (PCC) within interprofessional practice and how it could be taught to interprofessional learners. METHOD: A key element of PCC is therapeutic communication. Consequently, a group of interprofessional faculty innovated a graduate-level elective course on advanced therapeutic communication where interprofessional learners together explore PCC within interprofessional care...
October 1, 2016: Journal of Nursing Education
Karin M Högberg, Lars Sandman, Maria Nyström, Dick Stockelberg, Anders Broström
PURPOSE: To examine how written communication between patients with hematological diseases and a nurse within a web-based communication service can be caring. DESIGN: The study is based on qualitative deductive content analysis of 109 written messages between 10 patients and a responding nurse. The evaluated nursing intervention is a web-based communication service where patients could request support from a responding nurse during 2 months of use. A structured theoretical matrix based on Swanson's theory of caring including compassion, competence, and upholding trust is used for the analysis...
September 22, 2016: Journal of Holistic Nursing: Official Journal of the American Holistic Nurses' Association
Anita V Kusnoor, Linda A Stelljes
BACKGROUND: Interprofessional education (IPE) aims to improve patient outcomes. Interprofessional shadowing improves students' knowledge of different roles and attitudes toward other professionals. AIM: This study evaluates (1) how pre-clinical medical students describe the roles of the healthcare professionals they shadowed, and (2) whether shadowing can be used to introduce medical students to the benefits of interprofessional collaboration, and if so, in what ways...
September 20, 2016: Medical Teacher
Cormac Norton
Rationale and key points This article assists nurses to use the acronym PRICE (protection, rest, ice, compression and elevation) to guide the treatment of patients with uncomplicated soft tissue injuries to their upper or lower limbs. » Treatment of soft tissue injuries to limbs is important to reduce complications following injury, alleviate pain and ensure normal limb function is restored promptly. » Nurses should have an understanding of the rationale and evidence base supporting PRICE treatment of soft tissue injuries...
August 24, 2016: Nursing Standard
Paul E Kopperman, Jeanne Abrams
While the vocation of Cotton Mather (1663-1728) was his ministry in Boston, he made important contributions to medicine, most famously in helping to introduce variolation to New England in 1721-22 and in writing The Angel of Bethesda (1724), the first medical treatise produced in Colonial North America. This article, however, focuses on an earlier initiative, Mather's efforts to quell the epidemic of measles that struck Boston in 1713, killing among many others his wife and three children. Historians have devoted little attention to this episode or to measles in general, even though the disease was highly mortal during the colonial period...
September 15, 2016: Journal of Medical Biography
Stephen Hamilton
Stephen Hamilton, Nurse Education Consultant, Business Services Organisation. In this piece, he outlines the nature of the process of reflection to allay concerns that registered nurses may have about the process, as well as dispel any myths surrounding the purpose of reflection.
September 8, 2016: British Journal of Nursing: BJN
Sandeep B Bavdekar
The Discussion section is an important part of the research manuscript that allows the authors to showcase the study. It is used to interpret the results for readers, describe the virtues and limitations of the study, discuss the theoretical and practical implications of the research work done and provide important "take home" message. The Discussion section of a paper intends to convey what the findings of the study mean and hence has been likened to the closing arguments put forth by counselors in a court case...
November 2015: Journal of the Association of Physicians of India
Brenna M Munro
Tracing a series of intertextually linked short stories from the 1990s to the present by women writers from Nigeria and its diaspora-Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Unoma Azuah, Chinelo Okparanta, and Lola Shoneyin-I suggest that although the figure of the African lesbian appears "new" in the context of heightened contemporary attention to the issue of homosexuality, this figure has a literary history. Ghanaian Ama Ata Aidoo's novel Our Sister Killjoy: Or, Reflections From A Black-Eyed Squint (1977) inaugurates this formation, in which the imagining of female same-sex desire is entangled with articulating the experience of migration under the shadow of imperial histories...
September 7, 2016: Journal of Lesbian Studies
Hung-Chang Liao, Ya-Huei Wang
BACKGROUND: To facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration and to make connections between patients' diseases and their social/cultural contexts, the study examined whether the use of heterogeneous cluster grouping in reflective writing for medical humanities literature acquisition could have positive effects on medical university students in terms of empathy, critical thinking, and reflective writing. METHODS: A 15-week quasi-experimental design was conducted to investigate the learning outcomes...
2016: BMC Medical Education
Ingrid Tonni, Luca Mora, Richard G Oliver
The aim of this study was to analyze the effects of a portfolio learning strategy designed to develop students' reflection abilities in a postgraduate orthodontic program in the UK. Nine first-year postgraduate orthodontic students and seven mentors participated in the one-year program, which included a reflective portfolio, mentorship, and discussion. After the program, the students' and mentors' perceptions were collected using focus groups and individual interviews, respectively. The data were analyzed using thematic analysis...
September 2016: Journal of Dental Education
Curt Tribble Md
In an era of rapid, cheap, and efficient electronic communication, the practice-and art-of letter writing has faded. There are many reasons for us as physicians and surgeons to resist this evolution. And, there are many opportunities to employ letter writing to the benefit of ourselves, our patients, and our colleagues. A true Doctor of Humane Letters is an honorary degree, generally awarded for significant contributions to society.  However, given that humane can be defined as showing compassion, understanding, mercy, and tolerance, we can all strive to be worthy of such a distinction...
2016: Heart Surgery Forum
Nella Bieszk, Shannon L Reynolds, Wenhui Wei, Cralen Davis, Pravin Kamble, Claudia Uribe
BACKGROUND: Clinical inertia, which has been defined as the recognition of a problem with a patient's management but failing to act, is a concern in type 2 diabetes (T2D) because it places the patient at risk of diabetes-related complications. Despite managed care organizations making significant investment in this area, little is known about the impact of educational programs aimed at aligning patients and their physicians with diabetes guidelines and thus overcoming clinical inertia...
September 2016: Journal of Managed Care & Specialty Pharmacy
Faezeh Jahanpour, Parviz Azodi, Farzan Azodi, Ali Akbar Khansir
BACKGROUND: Clinical training is an integral part of nursing education; however, some studies have shown that it is not always efficient. OBJECTIVES: This study aimed to find out the factors that can impede nursing students' clinical learning. MATERIALS AND METHODS: In this qualitative study, data were collected via reflective journal writing. Purposeful sampling was used, and 12 senior nursing students were recruited to the study. The data were analyzed using a content analysis method...
June 2016: Nursing and Midwifery Studies
Nella Bieszk, Shannon L Reynolds, Wenhui Wei, Cralen Davis, Pravin Kamble, Claudia Uribe
BACKGROUND: Clinical inertia, which has been defined as the recognition of a problem with a patient's management but failing to act, is a concern in type 2 diabetes (T2D) because it places the patient at risk of diabetes-related complications. Despite managed care organizations making significant investment in this area, little is known about the impact of educational programs aimed at aligning patients and their physicians with diabetes guidelines and thus overcoming clinical inertia...
September 2016: Journal of Managed Care & Specialty Pharmacy
Jeffrey M Dick
New integrative approaches are needed to harness the potential of rapidly growing datasets of protein expression and microbial community composition in colorectal cancer. Chemical and thermodynamic models offer theoretical tools to describe populations of biomacromolecules and their relative potential for formation in different microenvironmental conditions. The average oxidation state of carbon (Z C) can be calculated as an elemental ratio from the chemical formulas of proteins, and water demand per residue ([Formula: see text]) is computed by writing the overall formation reactions of proteins from basis species...
2016: PeerJ
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