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Maria Noonan, Owen Doody, Andrew O'Regan, Julie Jomeen, Rose Galvin
BACKGROUND: Identification of perinatal mental health problems and effective care for women who experience them are important considering the potentially serious impact that they may have on the wellbeing of the woman, her baby, family and wider society. General practitioners (GPs) play a central role in identifying and supporting women and this study aimed to explore GPs' experiences of caring for women with perinatal mental health problems in primary care. The results of this study may provide guidance to inform policy, practice, research and development of curriculum and continuous professional development resources...
December 13, 2018: BMC Family Practice
Amanda C Ginter, M Elise Radina
The purpose of this qualitative study was to examine the experiences of mothers of breast cancer patients. The theory of health-related family quality of life informed data collection and data analysis. Thirty women were interviewed about their perceptions of family quality of life following their daughters' diagnoses. Themes included historical perspectives on cancer, familial role changes, determining how to best support daughters, mothers' support systems, mothers' coping mechanisms, and positive outcomes of daughters' breast cancer...
December 13, 2018: Journal of Family Nursing
Mondher Toumi, Szymon Jarosławski, Christos Chouhaid, Bruno Fallissard, P Auquier
The goal of the treatment of a disease has moved from treating organs and diseases through symptoms, biological parameters and imaging towards treating a human being as a whole. The treatments should deliver benefits that patients can personally perceive. However, the patient's perspective does not always match the one of those surrounding them. Illustratively, patients' symptom assessments are more predictable for daily health status, whereas clinicians' symptom measurements are more related to clinical outcomes...
2019: Recent Results in Cancer Research
Nicole R Fowler, Mara A Schonberg, Greg A Sachs, Peter H Schwartz, Sujuan Gao, Kathleen A Lane, Lev Inger, Alexia M Torke
BACKGROUND: Alzheimer's disease and related dementias (ADRD) impact a woman's life expectancy and her ability to participate in medical decision-making about breast cancer screening, necessitating the involvement of family caregivers. Making decisions about mammography screening for women with ADRD is stressful. There are no data that suggest that breast cancer screening helps women with ADRD live longer or better. Decision aids may improve the quality of decision-making about mammography for ADRD patients and may inform family caregivers about the risks, benefits, and need for decision-making around mammography screening...
December 12, 2018: Trials
Jerry Johnson, Tara Hayden, Lynne Allen Taylor, Arthur Gilbert, Cedric Hughes Jones, Marshall Paul Hughes Mitchell, Brenda Curtis
BACKGROUND: As the spiritual family for many African Americans, the church presents an opportunity to improve communication about palliative care and hospice (PCH). However, sustainable change in church-based, practices related to PCH requires a compreshensive, multilevel approach. OBJECTIVES: Our primary goal was to encourage churches to embrace palliative care and hospice as acceptable alternatives for end-of-life care by creating venues to improve communications about PCH...
December 12, 2018: Journal of Palliative Care
Juliette Hontebeyrie
Alcohol consumption by pregnant women and its related dangers have been a major concern for public authorities for almost twenty years. Students finishing their training in nursing or social work are only slightly over twenty themselves. The job they are soon going to practice, as a graduate nurse, social worker, financial and family counsellor, or a specialized teacher, can lead them to come into contact with pregnant alcohol-drinking women.Based on a survey conducted in a training center for these two types of students, this study aims to understand the knowledge and representations these students have on the issue of “alcohol and pregnancy” within their future field of work...
September 2018: Recherche en Soins Infirmiers
Judith Fullerton, Michelle M Butler, Cheryl Aman, Tobi Reid, Melanie Dowler
Introduction: The International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) represents 132 midwifery associations in 113 countries. The ICM disseminates the Essential Competencies for Basic Midwifery Practice (EC) that describes the global scope of midwifery practice. The basic (core) and expanded (additional or optional) role of midwives in providing abortion-related care services was first described in 2010. A literature review about three items that are particularly critical to access to abortion services was conducted...
2018: International Journal of Women's Health
Moazzam Ali, Madeline Farron, Syed Khurram Azmat, Waqas Hameed
Background: The purpose of health care vouchers or coupons is to receive a health service in exchange which is fully or partially subsidized, such as any treatment offered for communicable disease; for immunization; antenatal care-/postnatal care-related maternal health services; a family planning (FP) service; or to get a health commodity like a medicine. Vouchers are targeted for a group of people who can benefit the most such as on the basis of poverty ranking, marginalized or living in rural areas...
2018: Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare
Penelope J Slater, Rachel M Edwards, Ashraf A Badat
Purpose: Challenges experienced by staff in the Oncology Services Group at Queensland Children's Hospital led to issues with staff retention, well-being, and stress on team culture. Therefore, a customized program was developed through a needs analysis to improve the well-being and resilience of oncology staff, enabling them to cope with stressors and critical incidents inherent in their everyday work and to flourish. The program included education, on-site counselors, mindfulness sessions, debriefing, well-being resources, and improved engagement, support, and communication...
2018: Journal of Healthcare Leadership
Ekaterine Pestvenidze, Babill Stray-Pedersen
Purpose: While induced abortion practices are common in Georgia, the sociodemographic subgroups of women predominantly affected by abortion and their leading motives have not yet been explored. The study aims to understand differentials in women undergoing abortion according to background characteristics and get insight into their reasons for availing of abortion services. Materials and methods: We analyzed the data on 2,054 abortions from the Georgian Reproductive Health Survey 2010...
2018: International Journal of Women's Health
Tina M Mason, Cindy S Tofthagen
Grieving is a normal reaction to loss; however, not everyone is able to recover from grief and adjust to a life after the loss. "Complicated grief" (CG) is a term used to describe intense and prolonged bereavement after the loss of a loved one that interferes with normal activities accompanied by destructive thoughts and behaviors. In practice and research, the concept of CG varies in definition and instruments used to measure. This concept analysis examines relevant research related to CG experienced by caregivers to provide a clear, comprehensive definition...
December 10, 2018: ANS. Advances in Nursing Science
Javier Riancho, Francisco J Gil-Bea, Ana Santurtun, Adolfo López de Munaín
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, the most common neurodegenerative disease affecting motor neurons, lacks an effective treatment. A small fraction of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis cases have a familial origin, related to mutations in causative genes, while the vast majority of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis cases are considered to be sporadic, resulting from the interaction between genes and environmental factors in predisposed individuals. During the past few years, dozens of drugs have been postulated as promising strategies for the disease after showing some beneficial effects in preclinical cellular and murine models...
February 2019: Neural Regeneration Research
Ashleigh C N Gibb, Megan A Crosby, Caraline McDiarmid, Denisa Urban, Jennifer Y K Lam, Paul W Wales, Megan Brockel, Mehul Raval, Martin Offringa, Erik D Skarsgard, Tomas Wester, Kenneth Wong, David de Beer, Gregg Nelson, Mary E Brindle
INTRODUCTION: Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) guidelines integrate evidence-based practices into multimodal care pathways designed to optimise patient recovery following surgery. The objective of this project is to create an ERAS protocol for neonatal abdominal surgery. The protocol will identify and attempt to bridge the gaps between current practices and best evidence. Our study is the first paediatric ERAS protocol endorsed by the International ERAS Society. METHODS: A research team consisting of international clinical and family stakeholders as well as methodological experts have iteratively defined the scope of the protocol in addition to individual topic areas...
December 9, 2018: BMJ Open
Fallon Cluxton-Keller, Melony Williams, Jennifer Buteau, Craig L Donnelly, Patricia Stolte, Maggie Monroe-Cassel, Martha L Bruce
BACKGROUND: The Federal Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting Program is a national child abuse prevention strategy that serves families at risk for child maltreatment throughout the United States. Significant portions of the clients are young mothers who screen positive for clinically significant perinatal depressive symptoms and experience relational discord that worsens their symptoms. Although home visitors refer those who screen positive for depression to community-based treatment, they infrequently obtain treatment because of multiple barriers...
December 10, 2018: JMIR Mental Health
Francine Bono-Neri, Cara Romano, Anne Isedeh
Cystic fibrosis (CF) is an autosomal recessive genetic disorder resulting from a mutation in the gene which encodes a cellular transmembrane protein channel known as the CF transmembrane conductance regulator. Located systemically on the surface of numerous cells, these altered channels yield multisystem dysfunction. Typical manifestations seen are chronic, progressive, obstructive lung disease, pancreatic insufficiency, CF-related diabetes mellitus, malabsorption and malnutrition, liver disease, and infertility...
October 24, 2018: Journal of Pediatric Health Care
Susana Navalpotro-Pascual, Ángeles Blanco-Blanco, Juan Carlos Torre-Puente
AIM: To gain a deeper knowledge of the phenomenon of cardiopulmonary resuscitation by capturing the meanings that professionals attach to the behaviour of reanimation and its relationship with Social Cognitive Theory. METHOD: Qualitative research from a phenomenological approach focussing on field work with a focus group of professionals from Madrid (doctors, nurses and technicians), as well as a previous study. After the transcription of the data, it was coded, categories were formed and it was grouped into dimensions, interpreting the data according to the Social Cognitive Theory...
December 7, 2018: Enfermería Clínica
Antonio Iudici, Giulia Favaretto, Gian Piero Turchi
BACKGROUND: This research deals with the way people create discourses around disability, which shape the community's concept of disability. OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this article is to find out how the community configures "disability", in particular by understanding the ideas, needs and strategies that the community uses towards people with disabilities. Specifically, different roles have been involved, such as professionals, volunteers, family members and citizens...
November 29, 2018: Disability and Health Journal
Nazish Imran, Atif Rahman, Nakhshab Chaudhry, Aftab Asif
Background: We aimed to explore inner city school teachers' perceptions of problems faced in schools, it causes and role of schools and teachers in promoting child social and emotional well-being, using qualitative approach. Methods: Following ethical approval and informed consent, In-depth interviews were conducted in 2017 with twenty teachers belonging to four private schools in inner city area of Provincial capital, Lahore, Pakistan. Inclusion criteria were at least 12 years of formal education and minimum of 5 years' experience in teaching profession...
October 2018: Iranian Journal of Public Health
Rebecca Waller, Luke W Hyde, Kelly L Klump, S Alexandra Burt
OBJECTIVE: Callous-unemotional (CU) traits increase risk for children to develop severe childhood aggression and conduct disorder. CU traits are typically described as highly heritable, and debate continues about whether the parenting environment matters in their etiology. Strong genetically informed designs are needed to test for the presence of environmental links between parenting practices and CU traits. Our objective was to determine whether parental harshness and parental warmth were related to children's aggression or CU traits when accounting for genetically mediated effects...
December 2018: Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Sylvana M Côté, Marilyn N Ahun, Catherine M Herba, Mara Brendgen, Marie-Claude Geoffroy, Massimiliano Orri, Xuecheng Liu, Frank Vitaro, Maria Melchior, Michel Boivin, Richard E Tremblay
OBJECTIVE: Exposure to maternal depression during early childhood is a well-documented risk factor for offspring's internalizing problems, but the long-term risk and the psychosocial mechanisms underlying the association remain largely unknown. We examined whether maternal depression during early childhood was associated with offspring internalizing problems in adolescence, and the extent to which negative parenting, peer victimization, and poor friendship quality during middle childhood mediated this association...
December 2018: Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
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