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Abigail R Barker, Kelsey A Huntzberry, Timothy D McBride, Leah M Kemper, Keith J Mueller
Purpose. In this brief, cumulative county-level enrollment in Health Insurance Marketplaces (HIMs) through March 2016 is presented for state HIMs operated as Federally Facilitated Marketplaces (FFMs) and for those operated as Federally Supported State-Based Marketplaces (FS-SBMs). Enrollment rates in metropolitan and non-metropolitan areas of each state, defined as the percentage of “potential market” participants selecting plans, are presented. Monitoring annual enrollment rates provides a gauge of how well state outreach and enrollment efforts are proceeding and helps identify states with strong non-metropolitan enrollment as models for other states to emulate...
2017: Rural Policy Brief
Nicole Fisher
Nicole Fisher, MPP, PhD, is the founder and chief executive officer at HHR Strategies, a health care and human rights focused advising firm. Additionally, she is a senior policy advisor and expert on health economics, technology, and reform, specifically as they affect vulnerable populations. Nicole runs a health innovation and policy page at Forbes, highlighting and advising companies, ideas, and people that are changing the health landscape. She also is currently pursuing her PhD at the University of North Carolina in the Health Policy and Management Department...
February 2017: Surgery
J A Hubbart, E Kellner, L W Hooper, S Zeiger
A nested-scale experimental watershed study was implemented to quantify loading and persistence of chloride in an urbanizing, mixed-land-use watershed. A Midwest USA (Missouri) watershed was partitioned into five sub-basins with contrasting dominant land use. Streamwater was tested for chloride concentration four days per week from October 2009 through May 2014 at each site. Monitoring sites included co-located gauging and climate stations recording variables at 30-minute intervals. Results indicate significant (p<0...
January 10, 2017: Science of the Total Environment
Jennifer Lloyd, Ehsan Jahanpour, Brian Angell, Craig Ward, Andy Hunter, Cherri Baysinger, George Turabelidze
Reporting causes of death accurately is essential to public health and hospital-based programs; however, some U.S. studies have identified substantial inaccuracies in cause of death reporting. Using CDC's national inpatient hospital death rates as a benchmark, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) analyzed inpatient death rates reported by hospitals with high inpatient death rates in St. Louis and Kansas City metro areas. Among the selected hospitals with high inpatient death rates, 45...
January 13, 2017: MMWR. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report
Kamyar Nasseh, Yochai Eisenberg, Marko Vujicic
OBJECTIVE: To examine geographic access to dental providers for the general population and children with public insurance in Missouri and Wisconsin. METHODS: Using a newly constructed dentist office database from the American Dental Association master file and other sources, we use the two-step floating area catchment area method to calculate population to provider ratios at the census block group level. These ratios are used to determine potential geographic dentist shortage areas...
January 11, 2017: Journal of Public Health Dentistry
Rachelle E Beattie, Wyatt Henke, Conor Davis, M Abdul Mottaleb, James H Campbell, L Rex McAliley
The Tri-State Mining District of Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma was the site of large-scale mining operations primarily for lead and zinc until the mid-1950s. Although mining across the area has ceased, high concentrations of heavy metals remain in the region's soil and water systems. The town of Picher, Ottawa County, OK, lies within this district and was included in the Tar Creek Superfund Site by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in 1980 due to extensive contamination. To elucidate the extent of heavy-metal contamination, a soil-chemistry survey of the town of Picher was conducted...
December 31, 2016: Chemosphere
Francisco X Aguilar, Zhen Cai, Brett Butler
Individual behavior is influenced by factors intrinsic to the decision-maker but also associated with other individuals and their ownerships with such relationship intensified by geographic proximity. The land management literature is scarce in the spatially integrated analysis of biophysical and socio-economic data. Localized land management decisions are likely driven by spatially-explicit but often unobserved resource conditions, influenced by an individual's own characteristics, proximal lands and fellow owners...
2017: PloS One
B O Fragomeni, D A L Lourenco, S Tsuruta, H L Bradford, K A Gray, Y Huang, I Misztal
The purposes of this study were to analyze the impact of seasonal losses due to heat stress in pigs from different breeds raised in different environments and to evaluate the accuracy improvement from adding genomic information to genetic evaluations. Data were available for 2 different swine populations: purebred Duroc animals raised in Texas and North Carolina and commercial crosses of Duroc and F females (Landrace × Large White) raised in Missouri and North Carolina; pedigrees provided links for animals from different states...
December 2016: Journal of Animal Science
Renzhi Cao, Badri Adhikari, Debswapna Bhattacharya, Miao Sun, Jie Hou, Jianlin Cheng
MOTIVATION: Protein model quality assessment (QA) plays a very important role in protein structure prediction. It can be divided into two groups of methods: single model and consensus QA method. The consensus QA methods may fail when there is a large portion of low quality models in the model pool. RESULTS: In this paper, we develop a novel single-model quality assessment method QAcon utilizing structural features, physicochemical properties, and residue contact predictions...
December 28, 2016: Bioinformatics
Louis C Markovitz, Nicholas J Drysdale, B Ann Bettencourt
OBJECTIVE: Despite the efficacy of clinical treatments (e.g., adjuvant hormonal therapy) for breast cancer survivors (BCS), nonadherence rates remains high, increasing the risk of recurrence and mortality. The current study tested a theoretical model of medical nonadherence that proposes depression to be the most proximal predictor of medical nonadherence among BCS. METHODS: BCS were recruited from radiation clinics in Missouri. Survey data were collected 12 months after the end of primary treatment...
December 29, 2016: Psycho-oncology
Ryan R Holmes, Megan L Hart, John T Kevern
Permeable reactive barriers (PRBs) are a well-known technique for groundwater remediation using industrialized reactive media such as zero-valent iron and activated carbon. Permeable reactive concrete (PRC) is an alternative reactive medium composed of relatively inexpensive materials such as cement and aggregate. A variety of multimodal, simultaneous processes drive remediation of metals from contaminated groundwater within PRC systems due to the complex heterogeneous matrix formed during cement hydration...
January 2017: Journal of Contaminant Hydrology
Brendan P Lucey, Kwasi G Mawuenyega, Bruce W Patterson, Donald L Elbert, Vitaliy Ovod, Tom Kasten, John C Morris, Randall J Bateman
Importance: Recent studies found that the concentration of amyloid-β (Aβ) fluctuates with the sleep-wake cycle. Although the amplitude of this day/night pattern attenuates with age and amyloid deposition, to our knowledge, the association of Aβ kinetics (ie, production, turnover, and clearance) with this oscillation has not been studied. Objective: To determine the association between Aβ kinetics, age, amyloid levels, and the Aβ day/night pattern in humans...
December 19, 2016: JAMA Neurology
Ozlem Korucuoglu, Kenneth J Sher, Phillip K Wood, John Scott Saults, Lee Altamirano, Akira Miyake, Bruce D Bartholow
AIMS: To compare the acute effects of alcohol on set-shifting task performance (relative to sober baseline performance) during ascending and descending limb breath alcohol concentration (BrAC), as well as possible moderation of these effects by baseline individual differences. DESIGN: Shifting performance was tested during an initial baseline and a subsequent drinking session, during which participants were assigned randomly to one of three beverage conditions (alcohol, placebo or control) and one of two BrAC limb conditions [ascending and descending (A/D) or descending-only (D-only)]...
November 6, 2016: Addiction
Kyriacos Mouyis, Sophia Metaxa, Constantinos Missouris
A 78-year-old man was admitted to the authors' hospital with a short history of shortness of breath and pyrexia. He had long-standing moderate mitral regurgitation and stable coronary artery disease. Blood cultures grew Abiotrophia defectiva coccobaccili. Transesophageal echocardiography confirmed the diagnosis of mitral valve endocarditis that necessitated treatment with intravenous benzylpenicillin and gentamicin for six weeks. At nine days after admission the patient developed several episodes of self-limiting monomorphic ventricular tachycardia, without ischemic cardiac pain, associated with hemodynamic compromise requiring treatment with intravenous amiodarone and inotropic support in the Intensive Care Unit...
January 2016: Journal of Heart Valve Disease
Latetia V Moore, Frances E Thompson, Zewditu Demissie
BACKGROUND: National- and state-level self-reported frequency of fruit and vegetable (F/V) consumption is available for high school students from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System (YRBSS). YRBSS monitors priority health-risk behaviors among a nationally representative sample of US high school students and representative samples of students in states and selected large urban school districts. However, YRBSS measures intake in times per day and not the cup equivalents that national goals use, which limits interpretation...
December 14, 2016: Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
Angela L Myers, Mary Anne Jackson, Lixin Zhang, Douglas S Swanson, Janet R Gilsdorf
During 5 months in 2014, three Amish children in Missouri, USA, were diagnosed with invasive Haemophilus influenzae type b infection. Two were rural neighbors infected with a genetically similar rare strain, sequence type 45. One child had recently traveled, raising the possibility of maintenance of this strain among unvaccinated carriers in Amish communities.
January 2017: Emerging Infectious Diseases
Q E Phelps, R N Hupfeld, G W Whitledge
This study inferred that the majority of shovelnose sturgeon Scaphirhynchus platorynchus captured in the upper Mississippi River probably originated from locations outside the upper Mississippi River (Missouri River, middle Mississippi River); whereas, lake sturgeon Acipenser fulvescens exhibit infrequent movement outside of the upper Mississippi River, but may move throughout these interconnected large rivers at various life stages. By using pectoral fin-ray microchemistry (a non-lethal alternative to using otoliths), it is suggest that interjurisdictional cooperation will probably be needed to ensure sustainability of the S...
December 15, 2016: Journal of Fish Biology
Marco Pagani, Thomas G Johnson, Matteo Vittuari
The expected decline in availability of fossil fuels over the next several decades, either because of resource depletion or because of limits on carbon emissions, is leading to a keen interest in finding more sustainable energy sources. For this reason, it is useful to assess the energy footprint of alternative agricultural systems for crops and animal production and to identify potential transition scenarios to systems largely based on renewable energy. The present work aims to assess for the first time a comparative analysis of energy inputs in rice production systems in Southern Europe (Piemonte, Italy) and in North America (Missouri, USA)...
March 1, 2017: Journal of Environmental Management
R Keller Kopf, Casey Shaw, Paul Humphries
Small body size is generally correlated with r-selected life-history traits, including early maturation, short generation times, and rapid growth rates, that result in high population turnover and a reduced risk of extinction. Unlike other classes of vertebrates, however, small freshwater fishes appear to have an equal or greater risk of extinction than large fishes. We explored whether particular traits explain the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List conservation status of small-bodied freshwater fishes from 4 temperate river basins: Murray-Darling, Australia; Danube, Europe; Mississippi-Missouri, North America; and the Rio Grande, North America...
December 15, 2016: Conservation Biology: the Journal of the Society for Conservation Biology
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