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2017 hypertension

Lun Wang, Jinfa Wang, Tao Jiang
BACKGROUND: Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy (LSG) has been proved to be the most effective treatment strategy for the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) with a body mass index ≥ 30 kg/m2 achieving high remission rates. However, there are few clinical studies on the treatment of T2DM patients with a body mass index less than 30 kg/m2 by LSG. This study aims to study the effect of LSG on type 2 diabetes mellitus(T2DM) in patients with a body mass index (BMI) less than 30 kg/m2 ...
December 8, 2018: Obesity Surgery
Zhuo Xu, Hui-Ping Gu, Yang Gu, Wei Sun, Kun Yu, Xi-Wen Zhang, Xiang-Qing Kong
Objective: To study the coronary microvascular function in older patients with heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF) using an invasive pressure-temperature sensor guidewire. Methods: Patients undergoing echocardiography and cardiac catheterization examinations for exertional dyspnea and a positive stress test were retrospectively enrolled from January 2014 to November 2017, and were allocated into the control group or HFpEF group. The HFpEF group was secondary divided into two groups according to the age of 65...
November 2018: Journal of Geriatric Cardiology: JGC
Ming Liu, Yangjing Yao, Tianxiang Zhu, Yong Xie, Siqi Zhang, Yunfei Sun, Lili Xia, Ziyu Wu, Qing Huang, Zhuyuan Fang
Emerging evidence supports a causal role for the immunoglobulin-M (IgM) as a protector of atherosclerosis. Since arterial stiffness is an index of subclinical atherosclerosis, we propose that IgM may play an important role in arterial stiffness. As the level of IgM differs between sexes, we investigate the sex-specific association of serum IgM with arterial stiffness in a Chinese population. The study subjects were recruited from Danyang in 2017. Using the Omron VP-1000 system, we measured brachial ankle pulse wave velocity (baPWV)...
December 10, 2018: Hypertension Research: Official Journal of the Japanese Society of Hypertension
Suqiao Yang, Jianfeng Wang, Tuguang Kuang, Juanni Gong, Zhanhong Ma, Ying H Shen, Lirong Liang, Yuanhua Yang, Kewu Huang
OBJECTIVES: Managing hemoptysis in chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension can be challenging due to the difficulties in maintaining coagulation homeostasis in affected patients. In this study, we evaluated the efficacy and safety of bronchial artery embolization in treating hemoptysis in chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension patients. DESIGN: Pilot, prospective cohort study. SETTING: A large respiratory medical institute. PATIENTS: From January 1, 2012, to December 31, 2017, hospitalized chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension patients were eligible for inclusion...
December 6, 2018: Critical Care Medicine
Ahmed L Fathala, Faisal Mohammed Alabdulkarim, Mohamed Shoukri, Muhannad Alanazi
BACKGROUND: Currently, there are no data on the prevalence of breast arterial calcification (BAC) in Saudi women. Furthermore, there are no data on the relationship between BAC and coronary artery calcium score (CACS) as a coronary artery disease (CAD) risk factor in Saudi women who undergo mammography. OBJECTIVE: Examine the role of BAC as a potential female-specific risk factor for CAD in Saudi women in order to investigate the relationship between BAC and CACS in women who undergo a screening mammography, and study the relationship between BAC and CAD risk factors, including age, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, chronic kidney disease (CKD), dyslipidemia, and family history of CAD...
November 2018: Annals of Saudi Medicine
Andrew W Stamm, Sydney Akapame, Sharon Durfy, Chris C Du, Paul M Kozlowski
OBJECTIVE: To assess the impact of presenting symptom or incidental finding on symptomatic and radiographic outcomes after robotic-assisted pyeloplasty (RAP). METHODS: We retrospectively reviewed the records of 143 patients at our institution who received pyeloplasty from 2001-2017. Patients without both pre and postoperative radiographic data were excluded. Patients were grouped by primary presenting symptom into either pain at presentation (pain) or non-pain primary presenting symptom, including incidental findings (non-pain)...
December 5, 2018: Urology
Yi Zhou, Evan J Ryer, Robert P Garvin, Anh Pham, Jeremy L Irvan, Ksenia Orlova, James R Elmore
OBJECTIVE: Mesenteric angioplasty and stenting (MAS) has surpassed open revascularization as the treatment of choice for mesenteric ischemia. Despite the lower perioperative mortality associated with MAS, the need for reintervention is not infrequent. The purpose of this study was to review the outcomes of patients treated for mesenteric artery in-stent restenosis (MAISR). METHODS: Clinical data from a single center between 2004 and 2017 were retrospectively analyzed...
October 24, 2018: Journal of Vascular Surgery
Jeonggyu Kang, Yoosoo Chang, Seolhye Kim, Ki-Chul Sung, Hocheol Shin, Seungho Ryu
BACKGROUND AND AIMS: The relationship between blood pressure (BP) levels given in the new hypertension guidelines by the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association (ACC/AHA) and subclinical coronary atherosclerosis in low-risk young adults is unknown. We evaluated the association between the new BP categories and coronary artery calcium (CAC) in low-risk, young and middle-aged adults. METHODS: We performed a cross-sectional study of 96,166 Koreans who underwent a health examination including cardiac tomography estimation of CAC scores in 2012-2017...
December 1, 2018: Atherosclerosis
Martín Rosas-Peralta, Gladys Marcela Jiménez-Genchi
In Mexico around 22.3 million adult Mexicans have hypertension. An estimated 65 million adult Americans, or nearly one in four of the adult population of the United States, have hypertension. However, with the new classification from 2017 ACC/AHA guidelines which considered ≥130/80 mmHg as the new cutoff point to diagnosis of hypertension, the number of patients is at least twice, in other words around 40 million adult Mexicans potentially have hypertension. Although this new classification is directed to be more efficient in the changes of life style and nondrug strategies to stage one hypertension the real word evidence suggest that we need to be more careful in the selection of patients to be introduced in a drug therapy strategy...
December 4, 2018: Archives of Medical Research
John R Spratt, Rade Tomic, Roland Z Brown, Kyle Rudser, Gabriel Loor, Marshall Hertz, Sara Shumway, Rosemary F Kelly
BACKGROUND: Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) is a progressive and fatal disease. Lung transplantation is the only therapy associated with prolonged survival. The ideal transplant procedure for IPF is unclear. Outcomes after single transplantation (SLTx) versus bilateral lung transplantation (BLTx) in IPF patients after introduction of the Lung Allocation Score were examined. METHODS: Records of patients undergoing lung transplantation for IPF at our institution between May 2005 and March 2017 were reviewed to examine the effect of transplant laterality...
February 2019: Journal of Surgical Research
Md Mujibur Rahman, S K Jakaria Been Sayed, Md Moniruzzaman, A K M Humayon Kabir, Md Uzzal Mallik, Md Rockyb Hasan, Abu Bakar Siddik Zaber, Md Arman Hossain, Nazim Uddin, Md Mehedi Hassan, Fazle Rabbi Chowdhury
From April to September 2017, Bangladesh experienced a huge outbreak of acute Chikungunya virus infection in Dhaka. This series describes the clinical and laboratory features of a large number of cases (690; 399 confirmed and 291 probable) suffered during that period. This observational study was carried out at Dhaka Medical College Hospital, Bangladesh. The median age of the patients at presentation was 38 years (IQR 30-50) with a male (57.3%) predominance. Hypertension and diabetes were the most common comorbidities...
December 10, 2018: American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
Maria Mavrouli, Georgia Vrioni, Violetta Kapsimali, Costantinos Tsiamis, Spyridon Mavroulis, Danai Pervanidou, Charalambos Billinis, Christos Hadjichristodoulou, Athanassios Tsakris
Greece experienced the largest European West Nile virus (WNV) outbreak in 2010 since the 1996 Romania epidemic. West Nile virus reemerged in southern Greece during 2017, after a 2-year hiatus of recorded human cases, and herein laboratory findings, clinical features, and geographic distribution of WNV cases are presented. Clinical specimens from patients with clinically suspected WNV infection were sent from local hospitals to the Microbiology Department of Medical School, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, and were tested for the presence of specific anti-WNV antibodies and WNV RNA...
December 10, 2018: American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
Theodore G Papaioannou, Evangelos Oikonomou, George Lazaros, Evangelia Christoforatou, Georgia Vogiatzi, Sotiris Tsalamandris, Christos Chasikidis, Aimilios Kalambogias, Timoleon Mavratzas, Eythymia Stofa, Vasiliki-Chara Mystakidi, George Latsios, Spyridon Deftereos, Dimitris Tousoulis
BACKGROUND: The 2017 ACC/AHA blood pressure (BP) guidelines generated controversies due to the new proposed BP cut-off values defining hypertension. We aimed to assess aortic stiffness of subjects who are reclassified as stage 1 hypertensive according to the new guidelines and compare them with the subjects of "elevated BP" category. PATIENTS AND METHODS: Data from the "Corinthia" study, an observational, cross-sectional survey of 2,043 participants were analyzed...
December 10, 2018: VASA. Zeitschrift Für Gefässkrankheiten
Selma Sijercic, Alisa Krdzalic, Harun Avdagic, Goran Krdzalic
Introduction: Cardiovascular complications in patients with subarachnoid hemorrhage are considered to be a neurally mediated process rather than a manifestation of coronary artery disease. Aim: The aim of study is to show the incidence and type cardiac complications after traumatic and spontaneous SAH. Patients and methods: The study had prospective character in which included 104 patients, with diagnosed subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH), in the period from 2014 to 2017...
November 2018: Medical Archives
Changhoon Yoo, Joong-Won Park, Yoon Jun Kim, Do Young Kim, Su Jong Yu, Tae Seop Lim, Su Jin Lee, Baek-Yeol Ryoo, Ho Yeong Lim
Background The pivotal RESORCE trial showed that regorafenib was effective as second-line therapy for patients with advanced HCC who progressed on first-line sorafenib. Real-world data are needed to assess clinical outcomes and adverse events in the setting of daily practice. Methods Between April 2017 and August 2017, the Named Patient Program (NPP) was activated to provide controlled, pre-approval access of regorafenib in Korea. This analysis is a multicenter retrospective study of patients who received regorafenib under the NPP...
December 7, 2018: Investigational New Drugs
Hailemariam Berhe Kahsay, Fikre Enquselassie Gashe, Wubegzier Mekonnen Ayele
BACKGROUND: Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy are a global public health concern both in developed and developing countries. However, evidences regarding the risk factors of hypertensive disorders of pregnancy are limited particularly in Ethiopia. The aim of the study was to assess risk factors associated with hypertensive disorders of pregnancy among mothers in public hospitals of Tigray. METHODS: The study was conducted in seven public hospitals of Tigray region, Ethiopia from June 2017 to November 2017...
December 6, 2018: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth
G F Yan, X D Cai, C B Zhou, X Y Hong, Y Wang, C M Zhang, Z H Yang, Y C Zhang, Y Cui, Y Q Cui, Y B Cheng, S Y Qian, P F Zhang, Y P Jin, X D Zhu, H Gao, Z P Li, X L Lu, H J Miao, Q Y Zhang, Y M Li, W G Yang, C Y Liu, B Li, Y Li, Z J Bo, J P Chu, X Wang, G P Lu
Objective: To survey the conduction and evaluate the effectiveness of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) therapy in pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) in China mainland. Methods: In a questionnaire-based survey, we retrospectively reviewed the application of ECMO in children's hospital and general hospital in China mainland to summarize and analyze the categories of diseases and prognosis of children treated with ECMO therapy. Results: By December 31, 2017, a total of 23 hospitals using ECMO, including 22 tertiary referral hospitals and 1 secondary hospital, among which 16 were children's hospitals and 7 were general hospitals...
December 2, 2018: Zhonghua Er Ke za Zhi. Chinese Journal of Pediatrics
Nada Ahmed, Mohamed Ismail Nounou, Alaa Abouelfetouh, Amal El-Kamel
OBJECTIVES: Nutraceuticals are advertised and sold with the label claim of being natural and safe herbal products. Due to the absence of clear regulations and guidelines for safety assessments of these products, nutraceuticals are commonly adulterated in order to increase sales. The objective of the current study was to design a comprehensive evaluation system to assess the safety, efficacy, authenticity according to label claim and pharmaceutical quality, of herbal slimming products in between 2015 and 2017...
December 5, 2018: Medical Principles and Practice: International Journal of the Kuwait University, Health Science Centre
Maria Solange Moreira de Lima, Rodrigo Assis Neves Dantas, Neyse Patrícia do Nascimento Mendes, Louise Constância de Melo Alves, Tamara Taynah Medeiros da Silva, Andréa Gomes da Rocha Brito, Daniele Vieira Dantas
OBJECTIVE: To outline the clinical-epidemiological profile of patients submitted to Percutaneous Coronary Intervention in a Reference Hospital in Urgent Cardiology Clinic of the state of Rio Grande do Norte. METHOD: This is a descriptive, exploratory, prospective study with a quantitative approach developed in a Brazilian University Hospital with patients submitted to Percutaneous Coronary Intervention. Data collection occurred between April and October 2017. RESULTS: The sample consisted of 222 patients, of whom 58...
November 2018: Revista Brasileira de Enfermagem
Toshihiko Ishimitsu
The Japanese Society of Hypertension (JSH) has announced the winners of the 9th Hypertension Research Award at the 41st Annual Scientific Meeting held on 14-16 September 2018 in Asahikawa, Hokkaido, Japan. This award was established in 2010 to recognize significant contributions of researchers to the advancement of researches in hypertension and related studies. Among the first or main authors of the articles published in Hypertension Research, official journal of JSH, from April 2017 (Vol. 40, No. 4) to March 2018 (Vol...
December 2018: Hypertension Research: Official Journal of the Japanese Society of Hypertension
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