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2017 hypertension

David K Yoo, Maurizio Zompatori, Annapina Barrile, Giorgia Rossi, Dejanira D'Amato, Gianluigi Sergiacomi, Paola Rogliani, Marco Mura
BACKGROUND: Associated pulmonary hypertension (APH) is frequently observed in fibrosing interstitial pneumonias (FIP), such as idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF). APH is associated with worse prognosis, but it remains unclear whether it is associated with greater functional impairment. Six-minute walk distance (6MWD) is widely used to assess functional capacity in pulmonary hypertension and FIP. OBJECTIVES: To investigate if APH independently contributes to exercise intolerance in FIP, irrespective of the extent of underlying fibrosis...
August 16, 2018: Respiration; International Review of Thoracic Diseases
Türkan Acar, Yesim Güzey Aras, Sıdıka Sinem Gül, Atılgan Bilgehan Acar
Background and purpose: Uric acid is a molecule that is known to act as a natural antioxidant in acute oxidative stress conditions such as acute ischemic stroke (AIS). Although there are several studies on the prognostic value of serum uric acid (UA) level, especially the AIS, its importance in ischemic stroke is still controversial. Our aim in this study is to investigate whether the serum UA level is an indicative biomarker in the large-artery atherosclerosis in the AIS etiology. Methods: Of the patients admitted to Sakarya University Training and Research Hospital Department of Neurology between January 2017 and November 2017, 91 hospitalized patients, who had AIS diagnosis and had their uric acid levels measured, were analyzed retrospectively...
July 30, 2018: Ideggyógyászati Szemle
Miklos Rohla, Maximilian Tscharre, Kurt Huber, Thomas W Weiss
BACKGROUND: In Austria only 41% of patients with treated hypertension (HTN) have their blood pressure (BP) controlled. This study investigated a strategy to improve BP control in primary care. METHODS: General practitioners (GPs) were randomized to interventional care vs. standard care and included patients with uncontrolled office BP > 140/90 mm Hg. In interventional care, antihypertensive therapy was up-titrated using a single pill combination (olmesartan, amlodipine and/or hydrochlorothiazde) in 4‑week intervals...
August 15, 2018: Wiener Klinische Wochenschrift
Abdulbari Bener, Mustafa Eliaçık, Hakan Cincik, Mustafa Öztürk, Ralph A DeFronzo, Muhammad Abdul-Ghani
Aim: The current study was aiming to investigate the relation between vitamin D, retinopathy, and hearing loss among type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) patients. Methods: Cross-sectional study carried on 638 subjects aged between 20 and 60 years who visited the Endocrinology, Ophthalmology, and ENT Outpatient Clinics of the Medipol Hospital during the period from March 2016 to May 2017. Two audiometers Grason Stadler GSI 61 and Interacoustics AC40 Clinical audiometer were used to evaluate the hearing loss...
2018: BioMed Research International
V Larouche, N Garfield, E Mitmaker
Pheochromocytomas are rare adrenal neoplasms characterized by excess secretion of catecholamines. We describe the case of a 65-year-old man, known for hypertension, with no family history of hereditary pheochromocytoma syndromes. He reported a two-year history of flushing, systolic blood pressure surges to 200 mmHg, headaches, tremors, and syncope. His initial workup revealed elevated 24h urine catecholamines and metanephrines. An adrenal MRI in March 2017 showed a large 7.6 cm heterogeneous right adrenal lesion...
2018: Case Reports in Endocrinology
Yeon-Yong Kim, Jin-Seok Lee, Hee-Jin Kang, Sang Min Park
This study determined the effects of anti-diabetic medication adherence on the long-term all-cause mortality and hospitalization for cerebrovascular disease and myocardial infarction among newly diagnosed patients. The study used retrospective cohort from the National Health Insurance Service. Study participants were 65,076 newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes mellitus patients aged ≥40 years. The medication adherence was evaluated from the proportion of days covered (PDC) between 2006 and 2007. Outcome variables were mortality, newly diagnosed cerebrovascular disease (CVD) and myocardial infarction (MI) in 2008-2017...
August 15, 2018: Scientific Reports
Baoqi Sun, Xiaoyan Shi, Tong Wang, Dongfeng Zhang
This study aimed to explore the association between dietary fiber intake and hypertension risk using 2017 American College of Cardiology/American Heart Association Blood Pressure Guidelines. Data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2007⁻2014 were used in this study. Dietary fiber data were obtained through two 24-h dietary recall interviews. Hypertension was defined as systolic blood pressure (SBP) ≥ 130 mmHg or diastolic blood pressure (DBP) ≥ 80 mmHg or treatment with hypertensive medications...
August 15, 2018: Nutrients
Min Xu, Xiaowan Wang, Zengwu Wang, Jian Li, Ruihua Feng, Yueying Cui
To analyze the equity of outpatient service utilization for hypertensive patients (HPs) under 3 kinds of social medical insurance, and to explore its influential factors.
 Methods: A total of 8 670 HPs (aged at 15 years old from 28 sub-centers) in 14 provinces were selected. Indirectly standardized method and concentration index were used to analyze the equity of outpatient utilization in HPs, and decomposition analysis was used to explore the impact factors of outpatient treatment among the whole sample population, population with urban employees' basic medical insurance (UEBMI), and population with urban residents' basic medical insurance (URBMI) and new rural cooperative medical systems (NCMS)...
June 28, 2018: Zhong Nan da Xue Xue Bao. Yi Xue Ban, Journal of Central South University. Medical Sciences
Zubaidah Nor Hanipah, Suriya Punchai, Arthur McCullough, Srinivasan Dasarathy, Stacy A Brethauer, Ali Aminian, Philip R Schauer
INTRODUCTION: Studies on bariatric patients with cirrhosis and portal hypertension are limited. The aim of this study was to review our experience in cirrhotic patients with portal hypertension who had bariatric surgery. METHOD: All cirrhotic patients with portal hypertension who underwent laparoscopic bariatric surgery, from 2007 to 2017, were retrospectively reviewed. RESULTS: Thirteen patients were included; eight (62%) were female. The median age was 54 years (interquartile range, IQR 49-60) and median BMI was 48 kg/m2 (IQR 43-55)...
August 14, 2018: Obesity Surgery
M Zhao, A X Wang, X Zhu, J J Yu, W Wang, D H Zhang, X L He, H Y He, X D Teng
Objective: To investigate the clinicopathologic and differential diagnostic features of glomus tumor of the kidney. Methods: Four cases of glomus tumor of the kidney were collected from the archives of Peking University Third Hospital, the Second Hospital of Tianjin Medical University, Ningbo Yinzhou Second Hospital and Zhejiang Provincial People's Hospital between January 2012 to June 2017; the clinical and radiologic features, histomorphology, immunohistochemistry, ultrastucture and prognosis were analyzed and the relevant literature was reviewed...
August 8, 2018: Zhonghua Bing Li Xue za Zhi Chinese Journal of Pathology
X F Yang, R You, L Zhao, X Chen, X X Guo, Y L Wang
Objective: Quality of life and the influencing factors in patients with diabetic retinopathy before and after receiving treatment of pan-retinal photocoagulation (PRP) were studied. Methods: Prospective study. A total of 55 diabetic retinopathy patients were collected at Beijing Friendship Hospital, Capital Medical University from November 2016 to August 2017 and were surveyed using Vision Function Questionaire (VFQ-25) to evaluate their quality of life before and 3 months after treatment with PRP. According to diagnostic criteria, the patients were divided into two groups: severe nonproliferative diabetic retinopathy(NPDR) and proliferative diabetic retinopathy group(PDR)...
August 11, 2018: [Zhonghua Yan Ke za Zhi] Chinese Journal of Ophthalmology
Usha K Misra, Jayantee Kalita, Mritunjai Kumar
Importance: Tuberculous meningitis is associated with high frequency of cerebral salt wasting. There is a paucity of objective information regarding the best method of treatment of this condition. Objective: To evaluate the efficacy and safety of fludrocortisone in the treatment of cerebral salt wasting in patients with tuberculous meningitis. Design, Setting, and Participants: This is a single-center, open-label, randomized clinical trial conducted from October 2015 to April 2017 in India...
August 13, 2018: JAMA Neurology
Haojian Dong, Zhiqiang Nie, Wenhui Huang, Yuan Liu, Guang Li, Yanqiu Ou, Yingling Zhou, Jianfang Luo
As reported scoring systems of renal artery stenosis (RAS) screening were not easily validated, we further proposed a simple method to predict or rule out RAS in selective patients undergoing coronary angiography (CAG). After preliminary inclusive criterion (severe hypertension or atherosclerosis, flash pulmonary edema, or unexplained renal dysfunction), 503 and 158 consecutive patients undergoing renal arteriography at the timing of CAG were separately enrolled between 2012 and 2015, and 2016 and 2017 as the development and validation cohort...
July 25, 2018: Journal of the American Society of Hypertension: JASH
Girmay Teklay, Tsega Teshale, Hagos Tasew, Teklewoini Mariye, Hagos Berihu, Teklay Zeru
OBJECTIVE: The aim of the study was to identify the risk factors for preterm birth in public hospitals of the central zone, Tigray, Ethiopia 2017/2018. RESULT: A total of 88 neonates who born preterm (cases) and 176 neonates who born term (controls) with their index mothers were included making a response rate of 100%. About 84/88 (95.5%) mothers in cases and 173/176 (98.3%) in control had antenatal care follow up. Among them, 33 (39.3%) cases and 102 (58%) controls were had antenatal care follow up four times and above...
August 13, 2018: BMC Research Notes
Giorgina Barbara Piccoli, Isabelle Annemijn Kooij, Rossella Attini, Benedetta Montersino, Federica Fassio, Martina Gerbino, Marilisa Biolcati, Gianfranca Cabiddu, Elisabetta Versino, Tullia Todros
BACKGROUND: IgA nephropathy is the most common primary glomerulonephritis in pregnancy and shares with other immunologic diseases and kidney diseases a relationship with adverse maternal outcomes, whose entity and pattern is only partially quantified. Recent studies provide new information and a systematic review regarded progression of kidney disease. The discussion of the outcomes with respect to low-risk pregnancies may help to perfect the estimation of the risks, and to identify specific research needs...
August 11, 2018: Journal of Clinical Medicine
Andreas Palm, Bengt Midgren, Jenny Theorell-Haglöw, Magnus Ekström, Mirjam Ljunggren, Christer Janson, Eva Lindberg
OBJECTIVES: Adherence to continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) in patients with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is crucial. Our aim was to identify protective and risk factors against the discontinuation of CPAP treatment in patients with OSA and to estimate the mortality risk in those who were non-adherent to CPAP therapy. METHODS: This was a registry-based cohort study from 37 centers across Sweden with OSA patients on CPAP in the Swedevox Swedish national registry between July 2010 and March 2017...
July 17, 2018: Sleep Medicine
Elham Hosseini, Mohsen Janghorbani
BACKGROUND: There is an ongoing discussion about the optimal diagnostic strategy for gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM). OBJECTIVE: To assess the magnitude of the association between GDM diagnosed with the one-step (International Association of Diabetes and Pregnancy Study Groups criteria) or two-step (Carpenter and Coustan criteria) approach and selected adverse pregnancy outcomes. SEARCH STRATEGY: Five electronic databases were searched up to October 2017 using Medical Subject Headings for each adverse outcome combined with the term "gestational diabetes...
August 12, 2018: International Journal of Gynaecology and Obstetrics
Riccardo Bertolo, Juan Garisto, Julien Dagenais, Daniel Sagalovich, Jose Agudelo, Robert Stein, Khaled Fareed, Tianming Gao, Amr Fergany, Jihad Kaouk
PURPOSE: To perform a single center evaluation comparing the perioperative, pathological and functional outcomes of robotic partial nephrectomy (RPN) for T1a renal masses < 2 cm vs T1a renal masses > 2 cm. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Propensity score 1:1 matching of queried patients was performed from the institutional RPN database (January 2007 - January 2017) by age, sex, race, BMI, Charlson's comorbidity Index, smoker status, diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, ASA score, eGFR, Chronic Kidney Disease stage and RENAL score...
July 3, 2018: Journal of Urology
Matthieu Heidet, Roland Amathieu, Etienne Audureau, Oriane Augusto, Violaine Nicolazo de Barmon, Amandine Rialland, David Schmitz, François Pierrang, Jean Marty, Charlotte Chollet-Xémard, Olivier Thirion, Line Jacob
INTRODUCTION: The management of acute upper gastrointestinal bleeding (UGIB) is challenging in patients with cirrhosis, as it is responsible for severe complications and high mortality rates. Tranexamic acid (TXA) may help control the bleeding by counterbalancing cirrhosis-related hyperfibrinolysis. Still, there is a lack of unbiased data to conclude on its efficacy. The aim of this study is to evaluate the efficacy of TXA in the early treatment of acute UGIB in patients with cirrhosis...
August 10, 2018: BMJ Open
Amihai Rottenstreich, Gabriel Levin, Geffen Kleinstern, Rani Haj Yahya, Misgav Rottenstreich, Simcha Yagel, Uriel Elchalal
INTRODUCTION: Previous reports have shown that suboptimal antenatal corticosteroids administration occurs in most cases. However, as multifetal gestations were either excluded or constituted a small proportion of the subjects in these studies, little is known about the patterns of use of antenatal corticosteroids in twin pregnancies. MATERIAL AND METHODS: We reviewed the records of women who received antenatal corticosteroids and delivered between 240/7 and 346/7 weeks of gestation during 2015-2017 at two university hospitals...
August 11, 2018: Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica
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