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Matej Par, Zrinka Tarle, Reinhard Hickel, Nicoleta Ilie
The real-time polymerization of light-curable experimental resin composites filled with amorphous calcium phosphate (ACP) was monitored. Experimental composites were based on a 2,2-bis[4-(2-ethoxy-3-methacryloyloxy propoxy)phenyl]propane (Bis-EMA)/triethyleneglycol dimethacrylate (TEGDMA)/2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate (HEMA) resin photoactivated by a camphorquinone/tertiary amine system. Four ACP composites were prepared, containing 40 wt% ACP and 0/10 wt% reinforcing fillers (barium glass and silica). Additionally, two control composites were prepared which contained only reinforcing fillers (40-50 wt%)...
August 16, 2018: European Journal of Oral Sciences
Ema Tanovic, Luise Pruessner, Jutta Joormann
Individual differences in responding to uncertainty have been proposed as a key mechanism of how anxiety disorders develop and are maintained. However, most empirical work has compared responding to uncertain versus certain threat dichotomously. This is a significant limitation because uncertainty in daily life occurs along a continuum of probability, ranging from very low to high chances of negative outcomes. The current study investigated (1) how varying levels of uncertainty impact attention and anticipatory emotion, and (2) how these effects are moderated by individual differences in risk factors for anxiety disorders, particularly intolerance of uncertainty (IU) and worry...
August 15, 2018: Cognitive, Affective & Behavioral Neuroscience
Min-Er Xie, Fang Dong, Tao Cheng, Ema Hideo
Hematopoietic stem cells (HSC) maintain homeostatic hematopoiesis via their multi-lineage differentiation and self-renewal potentials. HSC can be enriched and purified by flow cytometry relying on their cell surface markers and functional characteristics, however, these methods can not meet the need for deep analysis of HSC biological property and function because of the poor purity. Recent studies have successfully purified and tracked HSC using specifically expressed genes, which can enhance the purification efficiency of HSC, thus provide a better tool for the in-vivo study of HSC...
August 2018: Zhongguo Shi Yan Xue Ye Xue za Zhi
B Joel Tjarks, Amy M Kerkvliet, Ali D Jassim
Sebaceous carcinoma in situ is a poorly understood and ill-defined entity. In situ sebaceous carcinoma exhibits a similar location pattern to its invasive counterpart in that most commonly has a periorbital distribution. Review of the literature found only seven cases of extraocular sebaceous carcinoma in situ. We present a unique and challenging case of sebaceous carcinoma in situ masquerading both clinically and histologically as Paget's disease of the breast. A 61-year-old female presented to her dermatologist complaining of a 6 mm erythematous waxy papule on her medial right breast...
August 2018: South Dakota Medicine: the Journal of the South Dakota State Medical Association
Masaki Ema, Yong Xu, Sebastian Gehrke, Gerd K Wagner
Bacterial glycosyltransferases are potential targets for the development of novel antibiotics and anti-virulence agents. Most existing glycosyltransferase inhibitors are substrate analogues with limited potential for drug development. The identification of alternative inhibitor chemotypes is therefore of great interest for medicinal chemistry, drug discovery and chemical glycobiology. We describe the application of a biochemical glycosyltransferase assay to screen a small compound library containing three distinct chemical scaffolds (nucleosides, steroids and 5-methyl pyrazol-3-ones) against the retaining α-1,4-galactosyltransferase LgtC from Neisseria meningitidis ...
January 1, 2018: MedChemComm
Peter Doshi
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
August 14, 2018: BMJ: British Medical Journal
X L Xu, J G Liu, M Sun, L Yu, Q Y Liu, Q M Bai, L J Wu, J Wang
Objective: To investigate the clinicopathologic and genetic features, pathologic diagnosis and differential diagnosis of angiofibroma of soft tissue(AFST). Methods: The clinicopathologic characteristics of 24 cases diagnosed at Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center from 2011 to 2017 were analyzed; immunohistochemical staining and interphase fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) were performed, and the literatures were also reviewed. Results: There were 15 male and 9 female (male∶female=1.7∶1.0) patients with age of onset ranging from 8 to 68 years (mean, 45 years)...
August 8, 2018: Zhonghua Bing Li Xue za Zhi Chinese Journal of Pathology
Y H Zhang, X R Zhang, J Yu, H L Li
Objective: To investigate the clinicopathologic features, immunohistochemical phenotypes and biological behavior of pseudosarcomatous myofibroblastic proliferation (PMP) of the urinary bladder which may be misdiagnosed as a malignant neoplasm and undergo extensive treatment. Methods: Six cases of PMP of the urinary bladder were collected from 2001 to 2016 at Beijing Tiantan Hospital, Capital Medical University. The clinicopathologic features and immunophenotypic profile were studied by histopathological and immunohistochemical investigations with clinical follow-up...
August 8, 2018: Zhonghua Bing Li Xue za Zhi Chinese Journal of Pathology
Azar Mehrabadi, Pauline Reynier, Robert W Platt, Kristian B Filion
PURPOSE: Our aim was to describe trends in the prescription of domperidone for insufficient lactation in England, the characteristics of women prescribed it postpartum, and the impact of a 2014 European Medicines Agency (EMA) recommendation to restrict its use due to a potential increased risk of sudden cardiac death associated with its use. METHODS: We conducted a population-based cohort study with interrupted time series analysis using data from the Clinical Practice Research Datalink linked to Hospital Episode Statistics...
August 14, 2018: Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety
Jinhyuk Kim, David Marcusson-Clavertz, Fumiharu Togo, Hyuntae Park
There is growing interest in within-person associations of objectively measured physical and physiological variables with psychological states in daily life. Here we provide a practical guide with SAS code of multilevel modeling for analyzing physical activity data obtained by accelerometer and self-report data from intensive and repeated measures using ecological momentary assessments (EMA). We review previous applications of EMA in research and clinical settings and the analytical tools that are useful for EMA research...
2018: Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine
Robert Goodspeed, Xiang Yan, Jean Hardy, V G Vinod Vydiswaran, Veronica J Berrocal, Philippa Clarke, Daniel M Romero, Iris N Gomez-Lopez, Tiffany Veinot
BACKGROUND: Mobile devices are increasingly used to collect location-based information from individuals about their physical activities, dietary intake, environmental exposures, and mental well-being. Such research, which typically uses wearable devices or mobile phones to track location, benefits from the growing availability of fine-grained data regarding human mobility. However, little is known about the comparative geospatial accuracy of such devices. OBJECTIVE: In this study, we compared the data quality of location information collected from two mobile devices that determine location in different ways-a global positioning system (GPS) watch and a mobile phone with Google's Location History feature enabled...
August 13, 2018: JMIR MHealth and UHealth
Jeremy R Glissen Brown, Prashant Singh
Coeliac disease (CD) develops in genetically susceptible individuals who, in response to unclear environmental triggers, develop an immune response triggered by gluten ingestion. It is now recognised as a global disease affecting about 0.7% of the world's population. The clinical presentation ranges from malabsorption to asymptomatic individuals diagnosed by screening high-risk groups. Diagnosis requires the demonstration of small intestinal villous atrophy in the presence of circulating coeliac auto-antibodies and/or an unequivocal response to a gluten-free diet (GFD)...
August 13, 2018: Paediatrics and International Child Health
Caroline R Juneau, Jason M Franasiak, Linnea R Goodman, Diego Marin, Katherine Scott, Scott J Morin, Shelby A Neal, Jeffrey E Juneau, Richard T Scott
OBJECTIVE: To study the prevalence of celiac disease in the infertile population undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF) and assess outcomes. DESIGN: Prospective cohort study. SETTING: A single infertility center from January 2016 to March 2017. PATIENT(S): Women 18-45 years of age participating in IVF. INTERVENTION(S): Patients had serum tissue transglutaminase (tTG) and endomysial (EMA) IgA testing to screen for celiac disease and completed a 10-question "yes or no" survey to assess their medical history, previous testing, dietary habits, and pertinent symptoms...
August 2018: Fertility and Sterility
Kasper Edwards, Jörgen Winkel
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
November 2018: Applied Ergonomics
Shinsuke Aida, Junko Aida, Miho Naoi, Mai Kato, Yukio Tsuura, Ichiro Natsume, Kaiyo Takubo
We estimated the telomere lengths of neoplastic and non-neoplastic mesothelial cells and examined their correlation with asbestos exposure and the expression of markers of mesothelial malignancy. Cell blocks of pleural effusion obtained from 35 cases of non-neoplastic disease (NN), 12 cases of malignant mesothelioma (MM) and 12 cases of carcinomatous effusion due to lung adenocarcinoma (LA) were examined. Fifteen of the 35 NN cases had pleural plaques (NNpp+) suggestive of asbestos exposure, and the other 20 cases had no pleural plaques (NNpp-)...
August 10, 2018: Pathology International
Nina Hanke, Sebastian Frechen, Daniel Moj, Hannah Britz, Thomas Eissing, Thomas Wendl, Thorsten Lehr
According to current FDA and EMA guidance documents, physiologically-based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) modeling is a powerful tool to explore and quantitatively predict drug-drug interactions (DDIs) and may offer an alternative to dedicated clinical trials. This study provides whole-body PBPK models of rifampicin, itraconazole, clarithromycin, midazolam, alfentanil and digoxin within the Open Systems Pharmacology (OSP) Suite. All models were built independently, coupled using reported interaction parameters, and mutually evaluated to verify their predictive performance by simulating published clinical DDI studies...
August 8, 2018: CPT: Pharmacometrics & Systems Pharmacology
Dilip K Das
Some of the limitations of fine needle aspiration (FNA) in the cytodiagnosis of lymphoma include problems encountered in differentiating reactive hyperplasia from low-grade non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL), lower cytodiagnostic accuracy for NHL with a follicular (nodular) pattern and nodular sclerosis type of classical Hodgkin lymphoma (HL), and overlapping morphological features between T-cell-rich B-cell lymphoma (TCRBCL), anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL), and HL. Immunocytochemistry may be of help in such situations...
July 2018: Journal of Cytology
Alex Hodkinson, Kristina Charlotte Dietz, Carol Lefebvre, Su Golder, Mark Jones, Peter Doshi, Carl Heneghan, Tom Jefferson, Isabelle Boutron, Lesley Stewart
BACKGROUND: Clinical study reports (CSRs) are produced for marketing authorisation applications. They often contain considerably more information about, and data from, clinical trials than corresponding journal publications. Use of data from CSRs might help circumvent reporting bias, but many researchers appear to be unaware of their existence or potential value. Our survey aimed to gain insight into the level of familiarity, understanding and use of CSRs, and to raise awareness of their potential within the systematic review community...
August 8, 2018: Systematic Reviews
Nicholas Wee Chong Koh, Wan Yi Seow, York Tien Lee, Joyce Ching Mei Lam, Derrick Wen Quan Lian
We report the first case of an ovarian pericytoma with t(7;12). An 11-year-old child presented with abdominal pain and distension. A suprapubic mass was detected on examination and radiological investigations revealed a 16.5 cm solid-cystic ovarian mass. Histologically, the tumor was composed of spindle cells with S100-protein, Bcl-2, and CD10 reactivity on immunohistochemistry. Alpha fetoprotein, calretinin, alpha-inhibin, WT1, smooth muscle actin, caldesmon, desmin, cytokeratins, chromogranin, synaptophysin, EMA, Sox10, CD117, CD31, CD34, and CD68 were all negative...
August 6, 2018: International Journal of Gynecological Pathology
Makiko Kuwagata, Yuko Sakai, Sho Tanaka, Hiromasa Takashima, Ryuichi Katagiri, Toshiki Matsuoka, Kenichi Noritake, Mika Senuma, Tatsuya Shimizu, Hitoshi Hojo, Kanata Ibi, Satoshi Kudo, Takafumi Ohta, Masayuki Ube, Yoji Miwa, Shimpei Kajita, Tohru Uesugi, Kaoru Yabe, Taishi Tateishi, Nao Nakano, Terumasa Taniguchi, Akihito Yamashita, Takayuki Hirano, Yuka Kirihata, Yumi Sakai, Shino Nishizawa, Michio Fujiwara, Hiroshi Mineshima, Masao Horimoto, Makoto Ema
Historical control data from prenatal developmental toxicity studies in rats have been used to evaluate whether toxicology outcomes were induced by exposure to a chemical or were within the range of spontaneous variation. These data are also important for monitoring animal characteristics. As a follow-up to historical control data from 1998 to 2010, this study analyzed control data from prenatal developmental studies performed in rats from 2011 to 2015. Data were collected from studies performed by 24 Japanese laboratories, including 15 pharmaceutical and chemical companies and nine contract research organizations, in Sprague-Dawley and two- substrains of Wistar Hannover rats...
August 7, 2018: Congenital Anomalies
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