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Cosmetic skin

Robert D Rehnke, Rachel M Groening, Eric R Van Buskirk, John M Clarke
BACKGROUND: It has been two centuries since Petrus Camper identified superficial fascia and over 175 years since Sir Astley Cooper wrote his book on the anatomy of the breast. In the 1990s, Ted Lockwood taught us the importance of the superficial fascia layers in body contouring procedures he pioneered. These descriptions, however, fail to explain the three-dimensional fascial system in the breast. The authors set out to discover and describe a theory of superficial fascia structures responsible for breast shape...
November 2018: Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Jae Yeon Lee, Young-Rak Cho, Ju Hyoung Park, Eun-Kyung Ahn, Wonsik Jeong, Hyoung Seok Shin, Mi-Sun Kim, Seung Hwan Yang, Joa Sub Oh
Kummerowia striata ( K. striata ) is used as a traditional medicine for inflammation-related therapy. To determine whether it has beneficial anti-melanogenic and anti-oxidant activities, we investigated the biological activities of the ethanol extract of Kummerowia striata (EKS) using a variety of in vitro and cell culture model systems. The anti-melanogenic activity was assessed in B16F10 melanoma cells in terms of melanin synthesis and in vitro tyrosinase inhibitory activity. The anti-oxidant assays were performed using 2,2-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl (DPPH) and 2,2'-azino-bis (3-ethylbenzothiazoline-6-sulfonic acid) diammonium salt (ABTS)...
2019: Toxicology Reports
Simona Portaro, Antonino Naro, Claudio Guarneri, Giuseppe Di Toro, Alfredo Manuli, Rocco Salvatore Calabrò
RATIONALE: Myotonic dystrophy type 1 (DM1) is an autosomal dominant disease caused by a cytosine, guanine, thymine (CTG) trinucleotide repeat expansion in the non-coding region of dystrophia myotonica protein kinase gene, causing a multisystem involvement. To date, few studies have been performed to evaluate skin features in DM1 patients, but none reported on the possible association between the disease and tongue hemangiomas. PATIENTS CONCERNS: We report a case of a 63-year-old woman affected by DM1 and presenting, at the intraoral examination, several swelling and buish lesions occurring on buccal and palatal mucosa, and in the anterior two-thirds and margins of the tongue...
November 2018: Medicine (Baltimore)
Simona Pergolizzi, Valeria D'Angelo, Marialuisa Aragona, Paola Dugo, Francesco Cacciola, Gioele Capillo, Giacomo Dugo, Eugenia Rita Lauriano
Since a long time caffeine has been used in pharmaceutical and cosmetic preparations due to its favorable effects on the skin. The aim of this study was to evaluate the topical anti-inflammatory activity (carrageenan-induced paw oedema) of an ointment prepared using a methanolic extract from green beans of C. robusta via histology. Results showed that the treatment with the ointment reduced the paw oedema within 3 and 5 h post-carrageenan administration. The immunohistochemical evaluations of αSMA, Langerin and S100 gave further support to the morphological analysis...
December 3, 2018: Natural Product Research
Shinya Ichimura, Masahito Fukuchi, Kento Takahara, Masato Nakaya, Keisuke Yoshida, Yoichi Mochizuki, Koji Fujii
OBJECTIVE: One burr hole surgery is a common treatment modality for initial chronic subdural hematoma and stereotactic hematoma surgery, but severe skin depression is often a postoperative complication. We report the autologous bone dust technique, which uses autogenous bone dust generated during burr hole creation to prevent cosmetic deformity. PATIENTS AND METHODS: The autologous bone dust technique was performed for 51 sides on which burr hole surgery was conducted mainly for chronic subdural hematoma and stereotactic hematoma removal...
November 26, 2018: Clinical Neurology and Neurosurgery
Yao-Chin Wang, Bilegjin Ganzorig, Chieh-Chen Wu, Usman Iqbal, Hafash-Arshed-Ali Khan, Wan-Shan Hsieh, Wen-Shan Jian, Yu-Chuan Jack Li
BACKGROUND: The development of telecommunication has strongly affected comprehensive scientific disciplines, including medical sciences. OBJECTIVE: This study aims to assess the patient satisfaction of the teleconsultation system used for the consultation of dermatological follow-up care. METHODS: The study was performed cross sectional patient satisfaction survey method conducted between February and April 2017 to determine patient satisfaction using MedX teleconsultation system...
December 2018: Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine
Anke Wilm, Jochen Kühnl, Johannes Kirchmair
Drugs, cosmetics, preservatives, fragrances, pesticides, metals, and other chemicals can cause skin sensitization. The ability to predict the skin sensitization potential and potency of substances is therefore of enormous importance to a host of different industries, to customers' and workers' safety. Animal experiments have been the preferred testing method for most risk assessment and regulatory purposes but considerable efforts to replace them with non-animal models and in silico models are ongoing. This review provides a comprehensive overview of the computational approaches and models that have been developed for skin sensitization prediction over the last 10 years...
November 29, 2018: Critical Reviews in Toxicology
Alexandra Vlajkovic, Dominik C Meyer, Marius Von Knoch, Samuel L Schmid, Tobias Götschi, Florian Grubhofer
BACKGROUND: The anterior deltopectoral approach is the standard approach for performing the open Latarjet procedure. Through the use of a more medial and vertical skin incision, the scar can be cosmetically covered by the bra strap in women. We call this incision the bra strap incision. The intention of this study was (1) to elaborate if the bra strap incision is considered beneficial by female patients, (2) to find reproducible landmarks to indicate how the bra strap incision has to be oriented, and (3) to evaluate preliminary clinical results of patients in whom the bra strap incision was used...
November 29, 2018: Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery and Research
Małgorzata Miastkowska, Elwira Lasoń, Elżbieta Sikora, Katarzyna Wolińska-Kennard
The application of nanoemulsions as a novel delivery system for lipophilic materials, such as essential oils, flavors, and fragrances is one of the growing technologies used in cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and food industries. Their characteristic properties, like small droplet size with high interfacial area, transparent or semi-transparent appearance, low viscosity, and high kinetic stability, make them a perfect vehicle for fragrances, in the perfume industry. They could be a great alternative to water-based perfumes, without alcohol, and solve problems related to the oxidation and low bioavailability of fragrances with other non-alcoholic vehicles of perfumes like pomades or gels...
November 27, 2018: Nanomaterials
Dale S Feldman, Scott Osborne
There is a need for a strategy to reduce scarring in meshed skin graft healing leading to a better cosmetic result without a significant increase in cost. The strategy in this paper is to increase the closure rate of a meshed skin graft to reduce scarring, which should also decrease the infection rate. Specifically, we used fibrin glue to attach all parts of the graft to the wound bed and added in an angiogenic growth factor and made the fibrin porous to further help the growth of blood vessels from the wound bed into the graft...
November 26, 2018: Journal of Functional Biomaterials
Hélio Amante Miot, Gerson de Oliveira Penna, Andréa Machado Coelho Ramos, Maria Lúcia Fernandes Penna, Sílvia Maria Schmidt, Flávio Barbosa Luz, Maria Auxiliadora Jeunon Sousa, Sérgio Luiz Lira Palma, José Antonio Sanches Junior
BACKGROUND: Dermatological diseases are among the primary causes of the demand for basic health care. Studies on the frequency of dermatoses are important for the proper management of health planning. OBJECTIVES: To evaluate the nosological and behavioral profiles of dermatological consultations in Brazil. METHODS: The Brazilian Society of Dermatology invited all of its members to complete an online form on patients who sought consultations from March 21-26, 2018...
November 2018: Anais Brasileiros de Dermatologia
Takeshi Yamauchi, Kenshi Yamasaki, Kenichiro Tsuchiyama, Setsuya Aiba
The skin composes physiological and chemical barrier and renews skin component cells throughout the human life. Melanocytes locate in the basal layer of the epidermis and produce melanin to protect the skin from ultraviolet. Melanin plays key roles in determining human skin and hair color. Melanocyte dysfunction observed in albinism and vitiligo not only causes cosmetic problems but also increases risk of skin cancer. As rejuvenate therapy, embryonic stem (ES) cells and induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells have been reported to generate melanocytes...
2018: Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology
Abhinav Dewan, Kundan Singh Chufal, Ajay Kumar Dewan, Anjali Pahuja, Krati Mehrotra, Rajpal Singh, Rahul Lal Chaudhary, T Suresh, Maninder Mishra, Abirama V Sundari, Sravya Bommera, Raman Narang, Preeti Pathak, Swarupa Mitra, S K Sharma, Munish Gairola
AIM: To study feasibility of simultaneous integrated boost by intensity modulated radiotherapy (SIB-IMRT) in patients undergoing breast conserving surgery and its impact on cosmesis and dosimetry. PATIENTS AND METHODS: Between January 2014 and June 2017, all breast cancer patients fulfilling inclusion and exclusion criteria were enrolled in a prospective study conducted at a tertiary cancer centre in North India. All patients received adjuvant radiotherapy by simultaneous integrated boost technique following breast conserving surgery...
November 24, 2018: Journal of the Egyptian National Cancer Institute
Jill Waibel, Jason Pozner, Christopher Robb, Elizabeth Tanzi
BACKGROUND: Laser skin resurfacing has continued to evolve over the past two decades. One of the most recent advances included a hybrid fractional laser resurfacing system that can sequentially utilize two wavelengths in its delivery, non-ablative coagulation with 1470 nm, and ablative vaporization with 2940 nm. The 1470 nm laser wavelength is absorbed by water, which is ideal for creating controlled zones of coagulation to chosen depths into the dermis up to 700 micrometers. The 2940 nm laser wavelength has a large water absorption coefficient, which results in precise ablation as desired in the epidermis up to 110 micrometers...
November 1, 2018: Journal of Drugs in Dermatology: JDD
J-M Amici
The incidence of basal cell carcinoma (BCC) is increasing as the population is aging and doubles every ten years. Surgery is the first-line treatment of BCC. Dermatological surgery is an oncological skin surgery whose first objective is to obtain a complete resection of the tumor. Its aim is also to reconstruct the defect using the optimal repair technique for the best cosmetic and scarring outcome and without functional impairment. The dermatological approach with the "oncological reading" of cutaneous tumors constitutes the essential preliminary time to the diagnosis of BCC and the identification of its limits...
November 2018: Annales de Dermatologie et de Vénéréologie
Marina Pozzolini, Enrico Millo, Caterina Oliveri, Serena Mirata, Annalisa Salis, Gianluca Damonte, Maria Arkel, Sonia Scarfì
Recently, the bioactive properties of marine collagen and marine collagen hydrolysates have been demonstrated. Although there is some literature assessing the general chemical features and biocompatibility of collagen extracts from marine sponges, no data are available on the biological effects of sponge collagen hydrolysates for biomedical and/or cosmetic purposes. Here, we studied the in vitro toxicity, antioxidant, wound-healing, and photoprotective properties of four HPLC-purified fractions of trypsin-digested collagen extracts-marine collagen hydrolysates (MCHs)-from the marine sponge C...
November 23, 2018: Marine Drugs
Emna Ketata, Haitham Elleuch, Aref Neifar, Wafa Mihoubi, Wajdi Ayadi, Naziha Marrakchi, Farhat Rezgui, Ali Gargouri
Melanin is a natural polymer pigment which provides skin photoprotection against ultraviolet radiation. An excessive synthesis of melanin leads to hyperpigmentation disorders. Tyrosinase catalyzes the rate limiting steps on melanogenesis. Therefore, tyrosinase inhibitors have potential applications in medicine and cosmetic fields. We carried out herein the screening of a family of cyclic Morita-Baylis-Hillman adducts (MBH) to find out their effects on tyrosinase activity and on melanogenesis in murine melanoma B16F10 cell line...
November 19, 2018: Bioorganic Chemistry
Yoon Jae Lee, Jin Geun Kwon, Hyun Ho Han
OBJECTIVE: An auricular pseudocyst is a fluid filled cavity, characterized by a lack of epithelium, in the intra-cartilaginous space. Clinically, it presents as a painless lump on the upper anterior surface of the ear. Various treatment methods have been discussed in the literature, including aspiration, incision and drainage, or steroid injection. However, these approaches are associated with a high rate of recurrence and results are often esthetically unsatisfactory; therefore, a need for improved treatment approaches remains...
November 20, 2018: Auris, Nasus, Larynx
Ji Hye Kim, Jae-Eun Lee, Kyoung Heon Kim, Nam Joo Kang
Marine algae are considered to be an abundant sources of bioactive compounds with cosmeceutical potential. Recently, a great deal of interest has focused on the health-promoting effects of marine bioactive compounds. Carbohydrates are the major and abundant constituent of marine algae and have been utilized in cosmetic formulations, as moisturizing and thickening agents for example. In addition, marine carbohydrates have been suggested as promising bioactive biomaterials for their various properties beneficial to skin, including antioxidant, anti-melanogenic and skin anti-aging properties...
November 21, 2018: Marine Drugs
Zoe Diana Draelos
Cosmeceuticals are cosmetics that promise to deliver physiologically relevant benefits without the incorporation of prescription drugs. To entice consumers to purchase these premium priced products, a story must be told of how the cosmeceutical delivers on these appearance improvement promises. The backbone of any cosmeceutical skin care regimen is facial cleansing and moisturizing. This article reviews the novel ingredients and technologies used to achieve these benefits examining what is real and what is not...
January 2019: Dermatologic Clinics
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