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High Blood Pressure Classification

M A Cherniavskiĭ, A G Edemskiĭ, Iu A Kudaev, A M Cherniavskiĭ
Analysed herein are the results of pulmonary endarterectomy (PEA) performed in a total of 169 patients presenting with chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension (CTEPH) at the National Medical Research Centre named after Academician E.N. Meshalkin over the period from 2004 to 2014. Pulmonary endarterectomy was carried out according to the standard technique in the conditions of assisted circulation with the use of hypothermia and circulatory arrest. The duration of follow up of patients after surgical treatment amounted to 10 years...
2018: Angiologii︠a︡ i Sosudistai︠a︡ Khirurgii︠a︡, Angiology and Vascular Surgery
Jakob Grauslund, Nis Andersen, Jens Andresen, Per Flesner, Per Haamann, Steffen Heegaard, Michael Larsen, Caroline Schmidt Laugesen, Katja Schielke, Jesper Skov, Toke Bek
PURPOSE: Diabetic retinopathy (DR) is among the leading causes of visual loss in the working-age population. It is generally accepted that screening of DR is cost-effective and can detect DR before it becomes sight-threatening to allow timely treatment. METHODS: A group of retinal specialists was formed by the Danish Ophthalmological Society with the aim to formulate contemporary evidence-based guidelines for screening of DR in order to implement these in the Danish screening system...
October 11, 2018: Acta Ophthalmologica
Stella Stabouli, Thomaitsa Nika, Konstantinos Kollios, Christina Antza, Ioannis Doundoulakis, Vasilios Kotsis
OBJECTIVE: We assessed the performance of the simplified American Academy Pediatrics (AAP) 2017 guideline table and a simplified table based on the Fourth Report blood pressure (BP) reference tables for high BP screening compared with the European Society Hypertension 2016 guideline diagnostic thresholds. METHODS: We obtained data from a cross-sectional, school-based screening study in north Greece during 2013-2016. BP was measured by mercury sphygmomanometer. The simple tables' performance for high BP was assessed by receiver operator characteristic curve analysis, area under the curve (AUC), sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value (PPV), and negative predictive value (NPV)...
October 10, 2018: Journal of Hypertension
Procolo Di Bonito, Giuliana Valerio, Lucia Pacifico, Claudio Chiesa, Cecilia Invitti, Anita Morandi, Maria Rosaria Licenziati, Melania Manco, Emanuele Miraglia Del Giudice, Marco Giorgio Baroni, Sandro Loche, Gianluca Tornese, Francesca Franco, Claudio Maffeis, Giovanni de Simone
OBJECTIVES: The aim of this study was to compare the impact of the European Society of Hypertension Guidelines 2016 (ESHG2016) and the American Academy of Pediatrics Guidelines 2017 (AAPG2017) on the screening of hypertension and classification of abnormal left ventricular geometry (ALVG) in overweight/obese youth. METHODS: This study included 6137 overweight/obese youth; 437 had echocardiographic assessment. Hypertension was defined using either ESHG2016 or AAPG2017...
October 6, 2018: Journal of Hypertension
Zhonghai Wei, Jian Bai, Qing Dai, Han Wu, Shuaihua Qiao, Biao Xu, Lian Wang
BACKGROUND: Shock index(SI) is a conventional predictive marker for haemodynamic state. Its breakpoint varies by different conditions according to previous studies. The current study was performed to evaluate the capability of SI in prediction of cardiogenic shock(CS) developed during primary percutaneous coronary intervention (pPCI). METHODS: Total 870 patients of ST segment elevation myocardial infarction(STEMI) who were haemodynamic stable before pPCI were involved in the study...
October 1, 2018: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders
Javier Gómez Sánchez, José Rubio López, Beatriz Pérez Cabrera, Benito Mirón Pozo
The congenital dilation of the bile duct is an infrequent pathology in western countries and is associated with the female sex. It is usually diagnosed clinically with complementary tests and evaluated at an early age and also appears frequently in adults. These dilatations are grouped into five types according to Todani's classification, including type Ic (Figure 1). The treatment of choice for dilatations of the biliary duct Todani type I is the complete excision of the biliary tract due to the susceptibility of malignant degeneration...
October 4, 2018: Revista Española de Enfermedades Digestivas
Andrew Y Powers, Mauricio B Pinto, Ashley M Aldridge, Oliver Y Tang, Jia-Shu Chen, Rebecca L Berube, Cody Doberstein, Jordan M Fox, Joseph A Carnevale, Wael F Asaad
PURPOSE: Traumatic subdural hemorrhage (SDH) is associated with high mortality, yet many patients are not managed surgically. We sought to understand what factors might be associated with SDH enlargement to contribute to the triage of these conservatively managed patients. MATERIALS AND METHODS: A consecutive series of 117 patients admitted to our institution's level 1 trauma center for SDH between January 1, 2010 and December 31, 2010 were evaluated. Volumetric measurement of SDHs was performed on initial and follow-up head computed tomography (CT) scans with recording of initial midline shift and classification by location...
September 14, 2018: Journal of Critical Care
Seon Hee Park, Jung-Yun Lee, Eun Ji Nam, Sunghoon Kim, Sang Wun Kim, Young Tae Kim
BACKGROUND: Although there has been marked development in surgical techniques, there is no easy and fast method of predicting complications in minimally invasive surgeries. We evaluated whether the modified surgical Apgar score (MSAS) could predict perioperative complications in patients undergoing robotic-assisted radical hysterectomy. METHODS: All patients with cervical cancer undergoing robotic-assisted radical hysterectomy at our institution between January 2011 and May 2017 were included...
September 21, 2018: BMC Cancer
Miriam S Udler, Jaegil Kim, Marcin von Grotthuss, Sílvia Bonàs-Guarch, Joanne B Cole, Joshua Chiou, Michael Boehnke, Markku Laakso, Gil Atzmon, Benjamin Glaser, Josep M Mercader, Kyle Gaulton, Jason Flannick, Gad Getz, Jose C Florez
BACKGROUND: Type 2 diabetes (T2D) is a heterogeneous disease for which (1) disease-causing pathways are incompletely understood and (2) subclassification may improve patient management. Unlike other biomarkers, germline genetic markers do not change with disease progression or treatment. In this paper, we test whether a germline genetic approach informed by physiology can be used to deconstruct T2D heterogeneity. First, we aimed to categorize genetic loci into groups representing likely disease mechanistic pathways...
September 2018: PLoS Medicine
N Eugene, C M Oliver, M G Bassett, T E Poulton, A Kuryba, C Johnston, I D Anderson, S R Moonesinghe, M P Grocott, D M Murray, D A Cromwell, K Walker
BACKGROUND: Among patients undergoing emergency laparotomy, 30-day postoperative mortality is around 10-15%. The risk of death among these patients, however, varies greatly because of their clinical characteristics. We developed a risk prediction model for 30-day postoperative mortality to enable better comparison of outcomes between hospitals. METHODS: We analysed data from the National Emergency Laparotomy Audit (NELA) on patients having an emergency laparotomy between December 2013 and November 2015...
October 2018: British Journal of Anaesthesia
Xiaoniu Liang, Ying Shan, Ding Ding, Qianhua Zhao, Qihao Guo, Li Zheng, Wei Deng, Jianfeng Luo, Lap A Tse, Zhen Hong
Background: To explore the association between blood pressure and cognition in older participants in the Shanghai Aging Study. Methods: Data were drawn from 3,327 participants at the baseline of Shanghai Aging Study. History of hypertension was inquired and confirmed from participants' medical records. Systolic blood pressure (SBP) and diastolic blood pressure (DBP) were measured by research nurses in the early morning. Participants were diagnosed with "cognitive normal," "mild cognitive impairment (MCI)," or "dementia" by neurologists using DSM-IV and Petersen criteria...
2018: Frontiers in Neurology
Giuliano Tocci, Vivianne Presta, Ilaria Figliuzzi, Francesca Miceli, Barbara Citoni, Roberta Coluccia, Anna Paini, Massimo Salvetti, Andrea Ferrucci, Maria Lorenza Muiesan, Massimo Volpe
Background: United States (US) guidelines on high blood pressure (BP) have recently proposed a new BP stratification. Objective: To evaluate the redistribution of adult outpatients according to 2003 and 2017 US hypertension guidelines. Methods: We extracted data referred to individuals aged between 40-70 years with valid BP assessment from a national, cross-sectional database. The following systolic/diastolic BP strata were considered: a) 2003 guidelines: 0=normal (<120/180 mmHg); 1=prehypertension (≥120 and ≤139/≥80 and ≤89 mmHg); 2=stage 1 (≥140 and ≤159/≥90 and ≤99 mmHg); 3=stage 2 (≥160/≥100 mmHg); b) 2017 ACC/AHA guidelines: 0=normal (<120/80 mmHg); 1=elevated (≥120 and ≤129/<80 mmHg); 2=stage 1 (≥130 and ≤139/≥80 and ≤89 mmHg); 3=stage 2 (≥140/≥90 mmHg)...
September 5, 2018: American Journal of Hypertension
Mícheál de Barra, Claire L Scott, Neil W Scott, Marie Johnston, Marijn de Bruin, Nancy Nkansah, Christine M Bond, Catriona I Matheson, Pamela Rackow, A Jess Williams, Margaret C Watson
BACKGROUND: This review focuses on non-dispensing services from pharmacists, i.e. pharmacists in community, primary or ambulatory-care settings, to non-hospitalised patients, and is an update of a previously-published Cochrane Review. OBJECTIVES: To examine the effect of pharmacists' non-dispensing services on non-hospitalised patient outcomes. SEARCH METHODS: We searched CENTRAL, MEDLINE, Embase, two other databases and two trial registers in March 2015, together with reference checking and contact with study authors to identify additional studies...
September 4, 2018: Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews
Jorinde Aw Polderman, Violet Farhang-Razi, Susan Van Dieren, Peter Kranke, J Hans DeVries, Markus W Hollmann, Benedikt Preckel, Jeroen Hermanides
BACKGROUND: In the perioperative period, dexamethasone is widely and effectively used for prophylaxis of postoperative nausea and vomiting (PONV), for pain management, and to facilitate early discharge after ambulatory surgery.Long-term treatment with steroids has many side effects, such as adrenal insufficiency, increased infection risk, hyperglycaemia, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, and development of diabetes mellitus. However, whether a single steroid load during surgery has negative effects during the postoperative period has not yet been studied...
August 28, 2018: Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews
Lara Nasreddine, Hani Tamim, Aurelie Mailhac, Fadia S AlBuhairan
BACKGROUND: Obese children and adolescents may vary with respect to their health profile, an observation that has been highlighted by the characterization of metabolically healthy obesity (MHO). The objectives of this study were to examine the prevalence of MHO amongst obese adolescents in Saudi-Arabia, and investigate the anthropometric, socio-demographic, and lifestyle predictors of MHO in this age group. METHODS: A national cross-sectional school-based survey (Jeeluna) was conducted in Saudi-Arabia in 2011-2012 (n = 1047 obese adolescents)...
August 23, 2018: BMC Pediatrics
Anmol Gupta, Amit Sachdeva, Narender Mahajan, Aakriti Gupta, Neha Sareen, Ravindra Mohan Pandey, Lakshmy Ramakrishnan, Hem Chandra Sati, Brij Sharma, Neetu Sharma, Umesh Kapil
Introduction: Recently, an increasing trend in the prevalence of pediatric metabolic syndrome (PMS) among school-age children has been documented in different parts of India. There is lack of data on the prevalence of PMS and its associated risk factors among school-age children living in district Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. Hence, to fill in the gap in the existing knowledge, the present study was conducted. Methodology: A cross-sectional study was conducted during 2015-2016...
May 2018: Indian Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism
Danielle Bury, Camilo L M Morais, Maria Paraskevaidi, Katherine M Ashton, Timothy P Dawson, Francis L Martin
Much effort is currently being placed into developing new blood tests for cancer diagnosis in the hope of moving cancer diagnosis earlier and by less invasive means than current techniques, e.g., biopsy. Current methods are expected to diagnose and begin treatment of cancer within 62 days of patient presentation, though due to high volume and pressures within the NHS in the UK any technique that can reduce time to diagnosis would allow reduction in the time to treat for patients. The use of vibrational spectroscopy, notably infrared (IR) spectroscopy, has been under investigation for many years with varying success...
August 1, 2018: Spectrochimica Acta. Part A, Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy
Priscila R Oliveira, Marcos C Leonhardt, Vladimir C Carvalho, Kodi E Kojima, Jorge S Silva, Flavia Rossi, Ana Lucia L Lima
BACKGROUND: Diaphyseal fractures of femur and tibia are prominent due to its high incidence and high economic and social impact. Intramedullary nailing (IN) is the surgical procedure of choice. Surgical site infection (SSI) related to this procedure is considered a difficult to treat complication. AIMS: Determine the incidence of SSI after IN of femoral and tibial diaphyseal fractures and evaluate possible risk factors. METHODS: Prospective observational cohort study...
October 2018: Injury
Leonid Goubergrits, Ulrich Kertzscher, Michael Lommel
Anatomic pathologies such as stenosed or regurgitating heart valves and artificial organs such as heart assist devices or heart valve prostheses are associated with non-physiological flow. This regime is associated with regions of spatially high-velocity gradients, high-velocity and/or pressure fluctuations as well as neighbouring regions with stagnant flow associated with high residence time. These hemodynamic conditions cause destruction and/or activation of blood components and their accumulation in regions with high residence time...
August 3, 2018: International Journal of Artificial Organs
Ahmad Khosravi, Mohammad Hassan Emamian, Hassan Hashemi, Akbar Fotouhi
OBJECTIVES: The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of pre-hypertension and its sub-classification on the development of diabetes. METHODS: In this cohort study, 2,941 people 40 to 64 years old without hypertension or diabetes were followed from 2009 through 2014. According to the Joint National Committee on Prevention, Detection, Evaluation, and Treatment of High Blood Pressure (JNC)-7 criteria, we classified participants into normal and pre-hypertension groups...
2018: Epidemiology and Health
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