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C E McCafferty, D Abi-Hanna, M J Aghajani, G T Micali, I Lockart, K Vickery, I B Gosbell, S O Jensen
BACKGROUND AND AIM(S): Endoscopic procedures are vital to gastrointestinal disease diagnosis and management, but risk infection transmission. In Australia, endoscopes undergo monthly-to-quarterly microbiological testing, to prevent patient infection. Endoscopes are used more frequently, meaning contamination may not be detected by this surveillance before infection transmission occurs. This study aimed to evaluate the use of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) measurement, alongside standard microbiological cultures in detecting endoscope contamination before high-level disinfection...
August 6, 2018: Journal of Hospital Infection
Y Xu, D Chen, H Cheng
OBJECTIVE: Gastric cancer is a common malignancy, but there are no reliable blood markers for this disease. We tested the hypothesis of a link between serum soluble major histocompatibility complex class I-related chain A (sMICA) and clinicopathological features in gastric cancer. METHODS: A total of 196 patients who underwent gastrectomy and 120 controls (46 healthy individuals, 41 minimal gastritis, 7 gastric ulcers and 26 normal appearance of the gastric mucosa on gastroscopic examination) were enrolled...
July 30, 2018: British Journal of Biomedical Science
Lu-Jing Tang, Hong Zhao, Jin-Gan Lou, Ke-Rong Peng, Jin-Dan Yu, You-You Luo, You-Hong Fang, Fei-Bo Chen, Jie Chen
OBJECTIVE: To study the clinical features and prognosis of gastrointestinal injury caused by foreign bodies in the upper gastrointestinal tract in children. METHODS: A retrospective analysis was performed for the clinical data of 217 children who were diagnosed with foreign bodies in the upper gastrointestinal tract complicated by gastrointestinal injury by gastroscopy from January 2011 to December 2016, including clinical features, gastroscopic findings, complications, and prognosis...
July 2018: Zhongguo Dang Dai Er Ke za Zhi, Chinese Journal of Contemporary Pediatrics
Minqiang Liu, Hongyan Wu, Danling Yang, Fengxian Li, Zhichao Li, Song Wang, Renliang He
BACKGROUND: With the development of painless diagnosis and treatment, remifentanil, a synthetic opioid agonist, is increasingly used in gastroscopy for its rapid, short-term, and potent analgesic effect. However, the dosage of remifentanil used in endoscopy is unclear. Index of consciousness (IOC) is a new anesthesia depth-monitoring indicator that can be divided into index of consciousness 1 (IOC1 ) and index of consciousness 2 (IOC2 ); IOC1 is used for estimating a patient's sedation state, whereas IOC2 reflects analgesic depth...
July 18, 2018: Trials
Bing Guan, Xiao-Hong Li, Liang Wang, Min Zhou, Zhi-Wu Dong, Guo-Jun Luo, Ling-Ping Meng, Jun Hu, Wei-Yun Jin
RATIONALE: Splenosis is the heterotopic auto-transplantation of the splenic tissues. Gastric splenosis in a rare location mimics a gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST). Gastric splenosis with hemangioma has not been reported throughout the literature. PATIENT CONCERNS: We report a case of a 74-year-old schistosomiasis cirrhosis splenectomy woman diagnosed with gastric fundus mass. Preoperative computed tomography and endoscopic ultrasonography revealed findings suggestive of a GIST...
July 2018: Medicine (Baltimore)
Steen Riisgaard de Blanck, Jonas Scherman-Rydhög, Mette Siemsen, Merete Christensen, Lene Baeksgaard, Rasmus Irming Jølck, Lena Specht, Thomas Lars Andresen, Gitte Fredberg Persson
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the feasibility of a new liquid fiducial marker for use in image-guided radiotherapy for oesophageal cancer. METHODS: Liquid fiducial markers were implanted in patients with metastatic or inoperable locally advanced oesophageal or gastro-oesophageal junction cancer receiving radiotherapy. Markers were implanted using a conventional gastroscope equipped with a 22 G Wang needle. Marker visibility was evaluated on fluoroscopy, CT, MRI and cone beam CT scans...
July 9, 2018: British Journal of Radiology
Gaurav Sindwani, Aditi Suri, Rafat Shamim
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
June 2018: Indian Journal of Anaesthesia
Jing-Jing Lyu, Yan-Gang Wang, Xue-Yan Lyu
To observe the clinical efficacy of Huazhuo Jiedu formula in treating chronic erosive gastritis (CEG) patients with syndrome of accumulation of turbidity and toxicity, explore its mechanism by observing the changes in expression levels of hypoxia inducible factor (HIF-1α), vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) in serum and gastric mucosa tissues after treatment, and provide theoretical basis for the clinical application of Huazhuo Jiedu formula in treating chronic erosive gastritis. All 70 patient of CEG were randomly divided into control group and treatment group, 35 cases in each group...
June 2018: Zhongguo Zhong Yao za Zhi, Zhongguo Zhongyao Zazhi, China Journal of Chinese Materia Medica
Ji Min Lee, Kang Moon Lee, Dae Bum Kim, Se Eun Go, Sungwoo Ko, Yoongoo Kang, Solim Hong
Background/Aims: We aimed to investigate the efficacy of peracetic acid (EndoPA® Firson Co., Ltd., Cheonan, Korea) in disinfecting endoscopes. Methods: We prospectively investigated the gastroscopes (Part I) utilized in 100 gastroscopic examinations and colonoscopes (Part II) utilized in 30 colonoscopic examinations after disinfecting them with 0.2% peracetic acid (EndoPA® Firson Co., Ltd.). These instruments had been collected consecutively throughout the study period...
June 25, 2018: Korean Journal of Gastroenterology, Taehan Sohwagi Hakhoe Chi
Xinyu Li, Songhe Li, Zhiming Ma, Shutao Zhao, Xudong Wang, Dacheng Wen
RATIONALE: Gastrointestinal multiple metastases of lung cancer are extremely rare. The majority of gastrointestinal metastasis cases are diagnosed at a late stage and the prognosis is extremely poor. This report describes the clinical characteristics and outcomes of a patient with gastrointestinal multiple metastases from squamous-cell lung cancer, with special emphasis on the diagnosis and treatment of metastatic lung cancer. PATIENT CONCERNS: A 61-year-old man who presented with progressive abdominal distention was admitted to our hospital...
June 2018: Medicine (Baltimore)
Zhenguo Qiao, Xin Ling, Jianhong Zhu, Guojian Ying, Lihua Xu, Hong Zhu, Jinhai Tang
The present study was performed to evaluate the therapeutic safety and feasibility of purse-string sutures with nylon loops and metal clips under single-channel endoscopy to repair gastrointestinal wall defects that had previously developed during endoscopic full-thickness resection (EFR). A multicenter prospective cohort study of 42 patients who had developed defects of the gastrointestinal wall during EFR was conducted from April 2012 to October 2016. All lesions were endoscopically repaired with either a single-channel gastroscope (research group, n=18) or double-channel gastroscope (control group, n=24)...
May 2018: Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine
Cristiane Schmitt, Amanda Luiz Pires Maciel, Icaro Boszczowski, Thaís Pereira da Silva, Eliane Aparecida Job Neves, Giulio Fabio Rossini, Camila Rizek, Silvia Figueiredo Costa, Rogério Ferreira Lourenço, Michelle J Alfa
OBJECTIVE: Using adenosine triphosphate (ATP) tests to assess manual cleaning of gastroscopes and to determine the associated workload in a busy endoscopy unit. METHODS: Patient-used gastroscopes were sampled before and after cleaning to assess ATP levels, bioburden, and protein. Samples were collected by flushing 20 mL of sterile water through the biopsy port to the distal end. Time spent for reprocessing and performing the ATP test was recorded. RESULTS: Twenty-four samples were collected from 10 gastroscopes...
May 18, 2018: American Journal of Infection Control
Ning Wang, Lin Chen, Mingsen Li, Naizhong Jin, Bo Wei
OBJECTIVE: To investigate the risk factors of prolonged postoperative ileus (PPOI) after gastric cancer surgery. METHODS: Definition of PPOI was that gastrointestinal function did not return to normal within 96 hours after operation. Diagnostic criteria of PPOI were as follows: according with over 2 below conditions at postoperative 97-hour: (1) moderate to severe sick (mild: 1-3 points, moderate: 4-7 points, severe: 8-10 points) or vomiting occurred in past 12 hours...
May 25, 2018: Zhonghua Wei Chang Wai Ke za Zhi, Chinese Journal of Gastrointestinal Surgery
Y P Wang, L X Li
A 33 year old male patient has found in the oral cavity tumor with nausea and vomiting after 20 days ago. The patients feel pharyngeal foreign body sensation, occasional sense of suffocation, the oropharyngeal tumor disappeared and foreign body sensation disappeared after swallowing. The patients without angina, no hemoptysis, no hoarseness, no acid reflux symptoms and weight loss phenomenon. The gastroscope showed giant tumor, esophagus smooth surface, visible local gray blue blood vessels, from the entrance of esophagus has been extended to the esophagus from the upper incisors 25 cm...
May 20, 2017: Journal of Clinical Otorhinolaryngology, Head, and Neck Surgery
Yan Song, Ningning Zhao, Kui Jiang, Zhongqing Zheng, Bangmao Wang, Dalu Kong, Shu Li
RATIONALE: With the increasing survival rate of gastric cancer, more multiple primary cancers (MPC) have been reported. However, few cases involve metachronous multiple primary cancers which both occurred in the stomach. PATIENT CONCERNS: An 83-year-old Chinese male had been diagnosed with gastric cardia cancer and underwent proximal gastrectomy. The pathological result was gastric adenocarcinoma. 13 years later the patient's gastroscope result deteriorated. The biopsy of the antrum revealed dysplasia with doubtful focal cancerization...
May 2018: Medicine (Baltimore)
Fay J Sauer, Rupert M Bruckmaier, Alessandra Ramseyer, Beatriz Vidondo, Milena D Scheidegger, Vinzenz Gerber
The aims of this study were to better characterize the adrenal response to i.v. adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) in horses with and without gastric disease and to validate and simplify the ACTH stimulation test by determining the diagnostic accuracy of six consecutive sampling time points after ACTH administration for equine glandular gastric disease (EGGD) and equine squamous gastric disease (ESGD). Twenty-six endurance and eventing horses without clinical disease [Sport Horse Population (SHP)] and an independent population of 62 horses [General Population (GP)] were grouped by gastroscopic findings (no/mild vs...
June 4, 2018: Journal of Animal Science
Adarsh M Thaker, Stephen Kim, Alireza Sedarat, Rabindra R Watson, V Raman Muthusamy
BACKGROUND AND AIMS: Visual inspection of the instrument channel has been proposed as a quality assurance step during endoscope reprocessing. However, the nature and severity of findings in a broad array of endoscopes (gastroscopes, colonoscopes, duodenoscopes, and echoendoscopes) after systemic implementation of an inspection protocol remain unknown. In addition, a study using borescope inspection in upper endoscopes and colonoscopes raised concerns about persistent simethicone residue despite full reprocessing...
May 9, 2018: Gastrointestinal Endoscopy
Guimei Hu, Lihua Guo, Guoliang Ye
Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) infection has an important effect on human health as it is an established cause of gastric carcinoma. microRNAs (miRNAs/miRs) are a family of small RNAs with various functions in the control of cellular profiles. However, the effect of miR‑100 in H. pylori infection remains unknown. Healthy volunteers (n=100) and patients with H. pylori infection (n=98) were included in the present study. H. pylori infection was confirmed by urea breath tests. The levels of miR‑100 in gastroscopic biopsy samples and cultured GES‑1 cells were measured by reverse transcription‑quantitative polymerase chain reaction...
July 2018: Molecular Medicine Reports
Jerome R Lechien, Giovanni Dapri, Sven Saussez
We performed a modified combined anterograde-retrograde dilatation in a 60-year-old woman with complete pharyngo-esophageal stricture (PES). With a large endoscopic view from the upper (laryngoscope) and lower (pediatric gastroscope introduced via gastrostomy tube) parts of the PES, the approach consisted of a retrograde puncture of the complete PES by transillumination to take the guide coming from the pediatric endoscope. The guide was pulled through the mouth and the PES dilatation was made using successive boogies of various diameters through the guide...
May 9, 2018: Surgical Laparoscopy, Endoscopy & Percutaneous Techniques
Rosa Maria Jimenez-Rodriguez, Angela Araujo-Miguez, Salvador Sobrino-Rodriguez, Frederick Heller, Jose M Díaz-Pavon, Juan M Bozada Garcia, Fernando De la Portilla
BACKGROUND: Anastomotic dehiscence is a common complication of anterior resection. In this work, we evaluate the management of the pelvic cavity after low rectal resection using vacuum closure (VAC) with a gastroscope, and we establish factors that determine the success of closure and analyzed the rate of ileostomy closure after leakage was resolved. PATIENTS AND METHODS: This is a descriptive case series analysis conducted at a tertiary hospital. Twenty-two patients with low colorectal anastomosis leakage or opening of the rectal stump after anterior resection for rectal cancer were included...
August 2018: Surgical Innovation
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