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Sex differences AND pain

Jason J Ong, Sandra Walker, Andrew Grulich, Jennifer Hoy, Tim Rh Read, Catriona Bradshaw, Marcus Chen, Suzanne M Garland, Richard Hillman, David J Templeton, Jane Hocking, Beng Eu, Bian Kiem Tee, Eric P F Chow, Christopher K Fairley
INTRODUCTION: Men who have sex with men (MSM) living with HIV have a high risk of anal cancer, which is often detected at late stages, when morbidity and mortality are high. The objective of this study was to describe the feasibility and challenges to incorporating regular digital anorectal examination (DARE) into routine HIV care for MSM living with HIV, from the perspective of patients, physicians and the health service. METHODS: In 2014, we recruited 327 MSM living with HIV, aged 35 and above from one major sexual health centre (n = 187), two high HIV caseload general practices (n = 118) and one tertiary hospital (n = 22) in Melbourne, Australia...
December 2018: Journal of the International AIDS Society
Eldad Kaljic, Dijana Avdic, Emira Svraka, Mirsad Muftic, Muris Pecar, Amra Macak-Hadziomerovic, Namik Trtak
Introduction: Lumbar pain syndrome is one of the most common conditions in clinical practice, more common than 290 other pathological conditions, which affect up to 84% of adults in a certain period of their life. The origin of the lower back pain can be classified as mechanical, neuropathic and secondary due to another illness. Patient education and information, muscle strengthening exercises, maintenance of routine daily physical activity and pain therapy are the basis of acute non-specific pain syndrome therapy...
October 2018: Medical Archives
Leslie K Lee, Andrew T Reisner, William D Binder, Atif Zaheer, Martin L Gunn, Ken F Linnau, Chad M Miller, Maurice S Herring, Angela C Tramontano, Avinash Kambadakone, Onofrio A Catalano, Mukesh Harisinghani, Elkan F Halpern, Karen Donelan, G Scott Gazelle, Pari V Pandharipande
OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this study is to determine both the frequency of repeat CT performed within 1 month after a patient visits the emergency department (ED) and undergoes CT evaluation for abdominal pain and the frequency of worsened or new CT-based diagnoses. SUBJECTS AND METHODS: Secondary analysis was performed on data collected during a prospective multicenter study. The parent study included patients who underwent CT in the ED for abdominal pain between 2012 and 2014, and these patients constituted the study group of the present analysis...
December 4, 2018: AJR. American Journal of Roentgenology
Christine M Ulbricht, Jacob N Hunnicutt, Giovanni Gambassi, Anne L Hume, Kate L Lapane
CONTEXT: Despite many nursing home residents experiencing pain, research about the multidimensional nature of non-malignant pain in these residents is scant. OBJECTIVES: To identify and describe pain symptom subgroups and to evaluate whether subgroups differed by sex. METHODS: Using Minimum Data Set 3.0 data (2011-2012), we identified newly admitted nursing home residents reporting pain (n=119,379). A latent class analysis included 13 indicators: markers for pain (i...
November 30, 2018: Journal of Pain and Symptom Management
Ann Alriksson-Schmidt, Annika Lundkvist Josenby, Barbro Lindquist, Lena Westbom
PURPOSE: To increase knowledge about pain and general health in adults with myelomeningocele, a health condition with several risk factors for pain such as musculoskeletal deformities, shunt dysfunctions, bowel problems, and urinary tract infections/stones. METHODS: Descriptive correlational pilot study (N= 51, 53% males). Chi-square tests were used to test associations among presence, impact, severity, and pain site in relation to sex and age. ANOVA was used to analyze associations between sex, age, and general health (today)...
November 18, 2018: Journal of Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine
Scott C Brimley, Faysal A Yafi, Jacob Greenberg, Wayne J G Hellstrom, Hoang Minh Tue Nguyen, Georgios Hatzichristodoulou
INTRODUCTION: Peyronie's disease (PD) is a fibrotic disorder that leads to plaque formation in ∼3-9% of adult men. Connective tissue buildup results in plaque formation, penile curvature and shortening, and in some cases, pain. In the active phase of PD, penile pain is a common symptom, often accompanied by progression in curvature. Treatment options for PD include oral drugs, topical cream, intralesional injections, traction, and shock wave therapy. This article reviews the different treatment options for active-phase PD...
November 29, 2018: Sexual Medicine Reviews
Rizwan Arshad, Fumin Pan, Sandra Reitmaier, Hendrik Schmidt
Lumbar lordosis (LL) and the range of motion (RoM) are important physiological measurements when initiating any diagnosis and treatment plan for patients with low back pain. Numerous studies reported differences in LL and the RoM due to age and sex. However, these findings remain contradictory. A systematic review and meta-analysis were performed to synthesize mean values and the differences in LL and the RoM because of age and sex. The quality assessment tool for quantitative studies was applied to assess the methodological quality of the studies included...
November 17, 2018: Journal of Biomechanics
In-Seok Song, Jimi Choi, Un-Bong Baik, Jae-Jun Ryu, Jong-Woo Lim, Young-Jun Choi, Ui-Lyong Lee
The investigators hypothesized there would be differences between the sexes in recovery pattern following bimaxillary orthognathic surgery as measured by patient responses at 5 weeks postprocedure. A total of 378 participants underwent bimaxillary orthognathic surgery with or without adjunctive procedures. Participants received questionnaires 5 weeks postsurgery when they visited the outpatient clinic. The questionnaires include variances in surgical factors by sex, and postoperative symptoms which were most difficult to tolerate experiences by sex, respectively...
November 10, 2018: Journal of Cranio-maxillo-facial Surgery
Guangping Huang, Leyi Cai, Xufeng Jia, Yong Ji, Yu Zhou, Xiaping Mou, Qingmao Zhu, Fayou He, Zhaoyao Zhang
BACKGROUND: The aim of the study was to introduce a novel percutaneous technique for the treatment of pelvic ring injuries using a percutaneous anterior pelvic bridge (PAPB) with K-wire. METHODS: From December 2010 to November 2016, a prospective study of 86 patients with anterior pelvic ring fracture (42 utilizing PAPB with K-wire and 44 utilizing PAPB). Patient data was retrieved from electronic charts. Radiological results were assessed based on the Matta criteria system to evaluate the quality of the reduction and time to union...
November 28, 2018: International Journal of Surgery
Ilhan Ocakcioglu, Mustafa Kupeli
PURPOSE: A primary spontaneous pneumothorax is a condition that occurs predominantly in young and thin male individuals who do not have any history of underlying lung disease. Various techniques such as pleural abrasion and pleurectomy are used to reduce the recurrence rate, but there exists no consensus among surgeons on which surgical technique offers the lowest risk of recurrence.We aimed to compare the efficiency and recurrence risk of pleural abrasion and pleurectomy methods in patients with primary spontaneous pneumothorax undergoing a wedge resection for the bulleous part of the paranchyme...
November 28, 2018: Surgical Laparoscopy, Endoscopy & Percutaneous Techniques
James P Fisher, Charlotte Stuart, James Steele, Paulo Gentil, Jürgen Giessing
Objectives: Muscles dominant in type I muscle fibres, such as the lumbar extensors, are often trained using lighter loads and higher repetition ranges. However, literature suggests that similar strength adaptations can be attained by the use of both heavier- (HL) and lighter-load (LL) resistance training across a number of appendicular muscle groups. Furthermore, LL resistance exercise to momentary failure might result in greater discomfort. Design: The aims of the present study were to compare strength adaptations, as well as perceptual responses of effort (RPE-E) and discomfort (RPE-D), to isolated lumbar extension (ILEX) exercise using HL (80% of maximum voluntary contraction; MVC) and LL (50% MVC) in healthy males and females...
2018: PeerJ
Nicholas Steel, John A Ford, John N Newton, Adrian C J Davis, Theo Vos, Mohsen Naghavi, Scott Glenn, Andrew Hughes, Alice M Dalton, Diane Stockton, Ciaran Humphreys, Mary Dallat, Jürgen Schmidt, Julian Flowers, Sebastian Fox, Ibrahim Abubakar, Robert W Aldridge, Allan Baker, Carol Brayne, Traolach Brugha, Simon Capewell, Josip Car, Cyrus Cooper, Majid Ezzati, Justine Fitzpatrick, Felix Greaves, Roderick Hay, Simon Hay, Frank Kee, Heidi J Larson, Ronan A Lyons, Azeem Majeed, Martin McKee, Salman Rawaf, Harry Rutter, Sonia Saxena, Aziz Sheikh, Liam Smeeth, Russell M Viner, Stein Emil Vollset, Hywel C Williams, Charles Wolfe, Anthony Woolf, Christopher J L Murray
BACKGROUND: Previous studies have reported national and regional Global Burden of Disease (GBD) estimates for the UK. Because of substantial variation in health within the UK, action to improve it requires comparable estimates of disease burden and risks at country and local levels. The slowdown in the rate of improvement in life expectancy requires further investigation. We use GBD 2016 data on mortality, causes of death, and disability to analyse the burden of disease in the countries of the UK and within local authorities in England by deprivation quintile...
November 3, 2018: Lancet
(no author information available yet)
OBJECTIVEAtlantoaxial instability is an important cause of pain and neurological dysfunction in patients with Down syndrome (DS), frequently requiring instrumented fusion of the upper cervical spine. This study provides a quantitative analysis of C2 morphology in DS patients compared with their peers without DS to identify differences that must be considered for the safe placement of instrumentation.METHODSA retrospective chart review identified age-matched patients with and without DS with a CT scan of the cervical spine...
November 1, 2018: Journal of Neurosurgery. Spine
(no author information available yet)
OBJECTIVELocal epidural steroid application may be associated with decreased pain and narcotic use in the immediate postoperative period following lumbar discectomy. However, local steroid delivery following lumbar fusion procedures has not been well characterized. This study aims to characterize the effect of local intraoperative depomedrol application on perioperative and postoperative outcomes following a single-level minimally invasive transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion (MIS TLIF).METHODSA prospective, randomized, single-blinded study was performed...
November 1, 2018: Journal of Neurosurgery. Spine
(no author information available yet)
BACKGROUND: The Global Burden of Diseases, Injuries, and Risk Factors Study 2017 (GBD 2017) includes a comprehensive assessment of incidence, prevalence, and years lived with disability (YLDs) for 354 causes in 195 countries and territories from 1990 to 2017. Previous GBD studies have shown how the decline of mortality rates from 1990 to 2016 has led to an increase in life expectancy, an ageing global population, and an expansion of the non-fatal burden of disease and injury. These studies have also shown how a substantial portion of the world's population experiences non-fatal health loss with considerable heterogeneity among different causes, locations, ages, and sexes...
November 10, 2018: Lancet
Lucia Liao, Lilia Reyes
OBJECTIVES: The aim of this study was to determine if a racial disparity exists in the administration of an analgesic, time to receiving analgesic, and type of analgesic administered to children with long-bone fractures. Prior studies have reported the existence of racial disparity but were mostly in adult and urban populations. METHODS: This is a retrospective chart review of 727 pediatric patients (aged 2-17 years) with International Classification of Diseases, Ninth Revision (or 10th revision) codes for long-one fractures in an emergency department that cares for a suburban and rural population between January 2013 and January 2016...
November 26, 2018: Pediatric Emergency Care
Jamie Ann Elchert, Emad Mansoor, Mohannad Abou-Saleh, Gregory S Cooper
OBJECTIVE: Prior studies on the epidemiology of Whipple's disease are limited by small sample size and case series design. We sought to characterize the epidemiology of Whipple's disease in the USA utilizing a large population-based database. METHODS: We queried a commercial database (Explorys Inc, Cleveland, OH), an aggregate of electronic health record data from 26 major integrated healthcare systems in the USA. We identified a cohort of patients with a diagnosis of Whipple's disease based on systemized nomenclature of medical terminology (SNOMED CT) codes...
November 28, 2018: Digestive Diseases and Sciences
Tessa Cheng, Will Small, Huiru Dong, Ekaterina Nosova, Kanna Hayashi, Kora DeBeck
BACKGROUND: Nonmedical prescription opioid use (NMPOU) is a serious public health problem in North America. At a population-level, previous research has identified differences in the prevalence and correlates of NMPOU among younger versus older age groups; however, less is known about age-related differences in NMPOU among people who use illegal drugs. METHODS: Data were collected between 2013 and 2015 from two linked prospective cohort studies in Vancouver, Canada: the At-Risk Youth Study (ARYS) and the Vancouver Injection Drug Users Study (VIDUS)...
November 27, 2018: Substance Abuse Treatment, Prevention, and Policy
Bong-Seong Ko, Kyu-Jung Cho, Jae-Woo Park
Study Design: Retrospective cohort study. Purpose: To evaluate the incidence and risk factors for early adjacent vertebral fractures following balloon kyphoplasty (KP). Overview of Literature: KP is a safe and effective treatment for pain alleviation in patients with osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures (OVCF). However, some studies have reported that the risk of newly developed fractures increases at the adjacent vertebra after KP...
November 29, 2018: Asian Spine Journal
Luís E P Tírico, Julie C McCauley, Pamela A Pulido, Marco K Demange, William D Bugbee
BACKGROUND: The association between patient satisfaction and patient-reported outcomes after cartilage repair is not well understood. PURPOSE: To investigate the association of patient satisfaction with pain, function, activity level, and quality of life after fresh osteochondral allograft (OCA) transplantation in the knee. STUDY DESIGN: Case-control study; Level of evidence, 3. METHODS: This study comprised 371 patients (396 knees) who underwent primary OCA transplantation for osteochondral lesions in the knee between 1997 and 2015...
November 27, 2018: American Journal of Sports Medicine
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