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Mata Analysis

Ali F AbuRahma, Zachary T AbuRahma, Grant Scott, Elliot Adams, Abe Mata, Matthew Beasley, L Scott Dean, Elaine Davis
BACKGROUND: The incidence of carotid in-stent stenosis has been reported to vary between 1% and 30%. Most published studies have short follow-up, which may lead to underestimation of the incidence of in-stent stenosis. This study analyzed the incidence of ≥50% and ≥80% in-stent stenosis using validated duplex ultrasound criteria and its clinical implications. METHODS: This is a retrospective analysis of prospectively collected data of 450 carotid artery stenting (CAS) procedures (February 6, 2001-December 19, 2016)...
December 11, 2018: Journal of Vascular Surgery
Z Q Han, F L Cheng, C Q Zhao, Y Wang, Q Li, M L Zhu, W Zhao
Objective: To compare the clinical efficacy of different concentrations of saline irrigation in adjuncative treatment of allergic rhinitis by Meta-analysis. Method: According to the inclusion and exclusion criteria, the studies using random controlled trials were retrieved from the Pubmed, Web of science, The Cochrane Library, Embase et al. The Mata-analysis was performed by using RevMan 5.3 software. Result: In total, 1 457 patients were enrolled in 14 randomized controlled trials, including 739 in the isotonic saline group, 350 in the hypertonic saline group,Times New Roman 368 without saline irragation...
December 2018: Journal of Clinical Otorhinolaryngology, Head, and Neck Surgery
Cristiane da Mata, Patrick Finbar Allen, Gerald John McKenna, Martina Hayes, Ali Kashan
OBJECTIVE: To assess the oral-health-related quality of life (OHRQoL) in a cohort of Irish older patients and explore associations with overall health status. BACKGROUND: The impact of oral health conditions on older individuals' quality of life may be influenced by patients' general health status. MATERIALS AND METHODS: This paper reports a cross-sectional study, which analysed baseline data from patients aged over 60 years. Patients were recruited from two different environments, namely Cork University Dental Hospital and St...
December 7, 2018: Gerodontology
L L de Souza, F S C Pontes, F P Fonseca, D S da Mata Rezende, V C S Vasconcelos, H A R Pontes
The objective was to integrate the available published data on chondrosarcoma (CHS) of the jaw bones into a comprehensive analysis of its clinical and histological features, treatment, and prognostic factors. An electronic search was undertaken in October 2017. To be eligible, the publication had to provide sufficient clinical/histological data to confirm the diagnosis. One hundred and ten publications (224 cases of CHS) were identified and included. There was a slightly higher prevalence of CHS in males than in females...
December 5, 2018: International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Andrea Villa, Juan Abella, David M Alba, Sergio Almécija, Arnau Bolet, George D Koufos, Fabien Knoll, Àngel H Luján, Jorge Morales, Josep M Robles, Israel M Sánchez, Massimo Delfino
Monitor lizards (genus Varanus) inhabited Europe at least from the early Miocene to the Pleistocene. Their fossil record is limited to about 40 localities that have provided mostly isolated vertebrae. Due to the poor diagnostic value of these fossils, it was recently claimed that all the European species described prior to the 21st century are not taxonomically valid and a new species, Varanus amnhophilis, was erected on the basis of fragmentary material including cranial elements, from the late Miocene of Samos (Greece)...
2018: PloS One
César Pedroza-Roldán, Brenda Marquina-Castillo, Dulce Mata-Espinosa, Jorge Barrios-Payán, Michel de Jesús Aceves-Sánchez, Rogelio Hernández Pando, Mario Alberto Flores-Valdez
Mycobacterium tuberculosis remains as a threat to public health around the world with 1.7 million cases of TB-associated deaths during 2016. Despite the use of Bacillus Calmette-Guerin (BCG) vaccine, control of the infection has not been successful. Because of this, several efforts have been made in order to develop new vaccines capable of boosting previous immunization or attempted for replacing current BCG. We previously showed that over expression of the M. tuberculosis adenylyl cyclase encoding gene Rv2212 in BCG bacilli (BCG-Rv2212), induced an attenuated phenotype when administered in BALB/c mice...
December 2018: Tuberculosis
Arthur J Matas, Ann Fieberg, Roslyn B Mannon, Robert Leduc, Joe Grande, Bertram L Kasiske, J Michael Cecka, Robert Gaston, Lawrence Hunsicker, John Connett, Fernando Cosio, Sita Gourishankar, David Rush
The DeKAF study was developed to better understand causes of late allograft loss. Preliminary findings from the DeKAF cross-sectional cohort (with follow-up <20 months) have been published. Herein we present long-term outcomes in those subjects (mean follow-up, 6.6 ±0.7 years). Eligibility included being transplanted prior to 10/1/05; serum creatinine ≤2.0 mg/dL on 1/1/06; and subsequently developing new graft dysfunction leading to a biopsy. Mean time from transplant to biopsy was 7.5 ± 6.1 years...
December 1, 2018: American Journal of Transplantation
Fabiane Paulitsch, Milena Serenato Klepa, Adriane Ribeiro da Silva, Marta Regina Barrotto do Carmo, Rebeca Fuzinatto Dall'Agnol, Jakeline Renata Marçon Delamuta, Mariangela Hungria, Jesiane Stefania da Silva Batista
Floristic surveys performed in "Campos Gerais" (Paraná, Brazil), an ecotone of Mata Atlântica and Cerrado biomes, highlights the richness and relative abundance of the family Fabaceae and point out the diversity and endemism of Mimosa spp. Our study reports the genetic diversity of rhizobia isolated from root nodules of native/endemic Mimosa gymnas Barneby in three areas of Guartelá State Park, an important conservation unit of "Campos Gerais". Soils of the sample areas were characterized as sandy, acid, poor in nutrients and organic matter...
November 28, 2018: Molecular Biology Reports
Júnia Aparecida Laia da Mata, Michelle Gonçalves da Silva, Antonieta Keiko Kakuda Shimo
The aim of the researchers was to identify the emotional expressions manifested by pregnant women in the experience of the Art of Maternal Womb Painting. It was an exploratory research, kind before and after, and qualitative approach, developed in Brazil between October 2015 and January 2016. The data were collected from interview, intervention, filming, photography and field diary on 10 pregnant women. The analysis involved coding of facial expressions by Facial Action Coding System. The measurement of the facial behavior allowed the identification of the six universal emotions, their characteristics and the order of appearance with relation to background of each pregnant...
November 28, 2018: Health Care for Women International
Alfredo Serna, David Ramos, Enrique Garcia-Angosto, Antonio-Javier Garcia-Sanchez, Maria A Chans, Jose M Benedicto-Orovitg, Vicente Puchades-Puchades, Juan F Mata-Colodro
The aim of this study was to implement an outlier marking and analysis methodology to optimize CT examination protocols. CT Head examination data, including dose metrics along with technical parameters, were stored in an automatic dose registry system. Reference dose metrics distribution was obtained throughout a 1-year period. Outlier thresholds were calculated taking into account the specific shape of the distribution, by using a robust measure of the skewness; the medcouple parameter. Subsequently, outliers from a 4-month period were marked and Cause-and-Effect analysis was carried out by a multidisciplinary dose committee...
November 2018: Physica Medica: PM
Clara I Mata, Bertrand Fabre, Harriet T Parsons, Maarten L A T M Hertog, Geert Van Raemdonck, Geert Baggerman, Bram Van de Poel, Kathryn S Lilley, Bart M Nicolaï
Ethylene, the plant ripening hormone of climacteric fruit, is perceived by ethylene receptors which is the first step in the complex ethylene signal transduction pathway. Much progress has been made in elucidating the mechanism of this pathway, but there is still a lot to be done in the proteomic quantification of the main proteins involved, particularly during fruit ripening. This work focuses on the mass spectrometry based identification and quantification of the ethylene receptors (ETRs) and the downstream components of the pathway, CTR-like proteins (CTRs) and ETHYLENE INSENSITIVE 2 (EIN2)...
2018: Frontiers in Plant Science
Ana G Abril, Jose Luis R Rama, Lucia Feijoo-Siota, Pilar Calo-Mata, Sergio Salazar, Alvaro Peix, Encarna Velázquez, Tomás G Villa
A bacterial strain, designated BC09T , was isolated from a contaminated sample of condensed milk. Phylogenetic analyses based on 16S rRNA gene sequences placed strain BC09T into the genus Bacillus with its closest relatives being Bacillus safensis and Bacillus australimaris with 100 and 99.9 % similarity, respectively. Analysis of the gyrB gene confirmed the closeness of strain BC09T with respect to the species B. safensis since it presented 97.8 and 95.2 % similarity values, respectively, to the type strains of B...
November 21, 2018: International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology
Eduardo Parrilla, Miguel Armengot, Manuel Mata, Carmen Carda, Juilo Cortijo, David Moratal, Damián Ginestar, José L Hueso, Jaime Riera
BACKGROUND: The respiratory epithelium is frequently infected by the respiratory syncytial virus, resulting in inflammation, a reduction in cilia activity and an increase in the production of mucus. METHODS: In this study, an automatic method has been proposed to characterize the ciliary motility from cell cultures by means of a motility index using a dense optical flow algorithm. This method allows us to determine the ciliary beat frequency (CBF) together with a ciliary motility index of the cells in the cultures...
November 20, 2018: American Journal of Rhinology & Allergy
Casey R Dorr, Baolin Wu, Rory P Remmel, Amutha Muthusamy, David P Schladt, Juan E Abrahante, Weihua Guan, Roslyn B Mannon, Arthur J Matas, William S Oetting, Pamala A Jacobson, Ajay K Israni
An extreme phenotype sampling (EPS) model with targeted next-generation sequencing (NGS) identified genetic variants associated with tacrolimus (Tac) metabolism in subjects from the Deterioration of Kidney Allograft Function (DeKAF) Genomics cohort which included 1,442 European Americans (EA) and 345 African Americans (AA). This study included 48 subjects separated into 4 groups of 12 (AA high, AA low, EA high, EA low). Groups were selected by the extreme phenotype of dose-normalized Tac trough concentrations after adjusting for common genetic variants and clinical factors...
November 16, 2018: Pharmacogenomics Journal
F Couñago, S Montemuiño, M Martin, B Taboada, P Calvo-Crespo, M P Samper-Ots, P Alcántara, J Corona, J L López-Guerra, M Murcia-Mejía, M López-Mata, J Jové-Teixidó, M Chust, V Díaz-Díaz, L de Ingunza-Barón, T García-Cañibano, M L Couselo, E Del Cerro, J Moradiellos, S Amor, A Varela, M M Puertas, I J Thuissard, D Sanz-Rosa, N R de Dios
PURPOSE: To evaluate the prognostic factors associated with survival in patients treated with neoadjuvant treatment [chemoradiotherapy (CRT) or chemotherapy] followed by surgery (CRTS) in patients with stage IIIA-N2 non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). METHODS: A retrospective study was conducted of 118 patients diagnosed with stage T1-T3N2M0 NSCLC and treated with CRTS at 14 hospitals in Spain between January 2005 and December 2014. Overall survival (OS) and progression-free survival (PFS) were estimated using the Kaplan-Meier method and compared using the log-rank test...
November 14, 2018: Clinical & Translational Oncology
Jason D Stone, Adam C King, Shiho Goto, John D Mata, Joseph Hannon, James C Garrison, James Bothwell, Andrew R Jagim, Margaret T Jones, Jonathan M Oliver
PURPOSE: To provide a joint level analysis of traditional (TS) and cluster (CS) set structure during the back squat exercise. METHODS: Eight men (24±3 y; 177.3±7.9 cm; 82.7±11.0 kg; 11.9±3.5 %bodyfat; 150.3±23.0 kg one-repetition maximum [1RM]) performed the back squat exercise (80%1RM) using TS (4 x 6, 2 min inter-set rest) and CS (4 x [2 x 3], 30-sec intra-set rest, 90-sec inter-set rest), randomly. Lower limb kinematics were collected by motion capture as well as kinetic data via bilateral force platforms...
November 14, 2018: International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance
Philip F Halloran, Arthur Matas, Bertram L Kasiske, Katelynn Madill-Thomsen, Martina Mackova, Konrad S Famulski
In kidney transplant biopsies, inflammation in areas of atrophy-fibrosis (i-IFTA) is associated with increased risk of failure, presumably because inflammation is evoked by recent parenchymal injury from rejection or other insults, but some cases also have rejection. The present study explored the frequency of rejection in i-IFTA, by histology Banff 2015 and microarray-based molecular diagnostic system (MMDx). In unselected indication biopsies (108 i-IFTA, 73 uninflamed IFTA (i0-IFTA), and 53 no IFTA), i-IFTA biopsies were later, more scarred, and had more antibody-mediated rejection (ABMR) by histology (28%) and MMDx (45%)...
November 12, 2018: American Journal of Transplantation
Ibon Alkorta, Ignasi Mata, Elies Molins, Enrique Espinosa
A theoretical study of the effect of the diprotonation on the nucleic acid bases (A:U, A:T and G:C) in Watson-Crick conformation has been carried out by means of DFT computational methods in vacuum. In addition, the corresponding neutral and monoprotonated binary complexes have been considered. Most of the diprotonated species studied are stable, even though the binding energy is positive due to the overall repulsive electrostatic term. Local electrostatic attractive forces in the regions of hydrogen bonds (HBs) are responsible for equilibrium geometries, as shown by the electric field lines connecting the electrophilic and nucleophilic sites involved in the HB interactions...
November 9, 2018: Chemphyschem: a European Journal of Chemical Physics and Physical Chemistry
Camila S Bezerra, Juliana F Cargnelutti, Jéssica T Sauthier, Rudi Weiblen, Eduardo F Flores, Clebert J Alves, Inácio J Clementino, Carolina S A B Santos, Sérgio S Azevedo
The aim of this survey was to estimate the apparent herd-level and animal-level prevalences, as well as to identify risk factors and spatial clustering of vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV) positive herds in the state of Paraíba, semiarid of Brazil. The state was divided into three sampling strata: Sertão, Borborema and Zona da Mata/Agreste. For each sampling stratum, herd-level and animal-level prevalences were estimated by a two-stage sampling survey. First, a pre-established number of herds (primary sampling units) were randomly selected; second, within each herd, a pre-established number of cows aged ≥ 24 months were systematically selected (secondary sampling units)...
November 15, 2018: Preventive Veterinary Medicine
B P Abbott, R Abbott, T D Abbott, F Acernese, K Ackley, C Adams, T Adams, P Addesso, R X Adhikari, V B Adya, C Affeldt, B Agarwal, M Agathos, K Agatsuma, N Aggarwal, O D Aguiar, L Aiello, A Ain, P Ajith, B Allen, G Allen, A Allocca, M A Aloy, P A Altin, A Amato, A Ananyeva, S B Anderson, W G Anderson, S V Angelova, S Antier, S Appert, K Arai, M C Araya, J S Areeda, M Arène, N Arnaud, K G Arun, S Ascenzi, G Ashton, M Ast, S M Aston, P Astone, D V Atallah, F Aubin, P Aufmuth, C Aulbert, K AultONeal, C Austin, A Avila-Alvarez, S Babak, P Bacon, F Badaracco, M K M Bader, S Bae, P T Baker, F Baldaccini, G Ballardin, S W Ballmer, S Banagiri, J C Barayoga, S E Barclay, B C Barish, D Barker, K Barkett, S Barnum, F Barone, B Barr, L Barsotti, M Barsuglia, D Barta, J Bartlett, I Bartos, R Bassiri, A Basti, J C Batch, M Bawaj, J C Bayley, M Bazzan, B Bécsy, C Beer, M Bejger, I Belahcene, A S Bell, D Beniwal, M Bensch, B K Berger, G Bergmann, S Bernuzzi, J J Bero, C P L Berry, D Bersanetti, A Bertolini, J Betzwieser, R Bhandare, I A Bilenko, S A Bilgili, G Billingsley, C R Billman, J Birch, R Birney, O Birnholtz, S Biscans, S Biscoveanu, A Bisht, M Bitossi, M A Bizouard, J K Blackburn, J Blackman, C D Blair, D G Blair, R M Blair, S Bloemen, O Bock, N Bode, M Boer, Y Boetzel, G Bogaert, A Bohe, F Bondu, E Bonilla, R Bonnand, P Booker, B A Boom, C D Booth, R Bork, V Boschi, S Bose, K Bossie, V Bossilkov, J Bosveld, Y Bouffanais, A Bozzi, C Bradaschia, P R Brady, A Bramley, M Branchesi, J E Brau, T Briant, F Brighenti, A Brillet, M Brinkmann, V Brisson, P Brockill, A F Brooks, D D Brown, S Brunett, C C Buchanan, A Buikema, T Bulik, H J Bulten, A Buonanno, D Buskulic, C Buy, R L Byer, M Cabero, L Cadonati, G Cagnoli, C Cahillane, J Calderón Bustillo, T A Callister, E Calloni, J B Camp, M Canepa, P Canizares, K C Cannon, H Cao, J Cao, C D Capano, E Capocasa, F Carbognani, S Caride, M F Carney, G Carullo, J Casanueva Diaz, C Casentini, S Caudill, M Cavaglià, F Cavalier, R 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Millhouse, J Mills, M C Milovich-Goff, O Minazzoli, Y Minenkov, J Ming, C Mishra, S Mitra, V P Mitrofanov, G Mitselmakher, R Mittleman, D Moffa, K Mogushi, M Mohan, S R P Mohapatra, M Montani, C J Moore, D Moraru, G Moreno, S Morisaki, B Mours, C M Mow-Lowry, G Mueller, A W Muir, Arunava Mukherjee, D Mukherjee, S Mukherjee, N Mukund, A Mullavey, J Munch, E A Muñiz, M Muratore, P G Murray, A Nagar, K Napier, I Nardecchia, L Naticchioni, R K Nayak, J Neilson, G Nelemans, T J N Nelson, M Nery, A Neunzert, L Nevin, J M Newport, K Y Ng, S Ng, P Nguyen, T T Nguyen, D Nichols, A B Nielsen, S Nissanke, A Nitz, F Nocera, D Nolting, C North, L K Nuttall, M Obergaulinger, J Oberling, B D O'Brien, G D O'Dea, G H Ogin, J J Oh, S H Oh, F Ohme, H Ohta, M A Okada, M Oliver, P Oppermann, Richard J Oram, B O'Reilly, R Ormiston, L F Ortega, R O'Shaughnessy, S Ossokine, D J Ottaway, H Overmier, B J Owen, A E Pace, G Pagano, J Page, M A Page, A Pai, S A Pai, J R Palamos, O Palashov, C Palomba, A Pal-Singh, 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Heijningen, A A van Veggel, M Vardaro, V Varma, S Vass, M Vasúth, A Vecchio, G Vedovato, J Veitch, P J Veitch, K Venkateswara, G Venugopalan, D Verkindt, F Vetrano, A Viceré, A D Viets, S Vinciguerra, D J Vine, J-Y Vinet, S Vitale, T Vo, H Vocca, C Vorvick, S P Vyatchanin, A R Wade, L E Wade, M Wade, R Walet, M Walker, L Wallace, S Walsh, G Wang, H Wang, J Z Wang, W H Wang, Y F Wang, R L Ward, J Warner, M Was, J Watchi, B Weaver, L-W Wei, M Weinert, A J Weinstein, R Weiss, F Wellmann, L Wen, E K Wessel, P Weßels, J Westerweck, K Wette, J T Whelan, B F Whiting, C Whittle, D Wilken, D Williams, R D Williams, A R Williamson, J L Willis, B Willke, M H Wimmer, W Winkler, C C Wipf, H Wittel, G Woan, J Woehler, J K Wofford, W K Wong, J Worden, J L Wright, D S Wu, D M Wysocki, S Xiao, W Yam, H Yamamoto, C C Yancey, L Yang, M J Yap, M Yazback, Hang Yu, Haocun Yu, M Yvert, A Zadrożny, M Zanolin, T Zelenova, J-P Zendri, M Zevin, J Zhang, L Zhang, M Zhang, T Zhang, Y-H Zhang, C Zhao, M Zhou, Z Zhou, S J Zhu, X J Zhu, A B Zimmerman, Y Zlochower, M E Zucker, J Zweizig
On 17 August 2017, the LIGO and Virgo observatories made the first direct detection of gravitational waves from the coalescence of a neutron star binary system. The detection of this gravitational-wave signal, GW170817, offers a novel opportunity to directly probe the properties of matter at the extreme conditions found in the interior of these stars. The initial, minimal-assumption analysis of the LIGO and Virgo data placed constraints on the tidal effects of the coalescing bodies, which were then translated to constraints on neutron star radii...
October 19, 2018: Physical Review Letters
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