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Power Lifting

Christopher G Ballmann, Marquis J McCullum, Rebecca R Rogers, Mallory M Marshall, Tyler D Williams
Ballmann, CG, McCullum, MJ, Rogers, RR, Marshall, MM , and Williams, TD. Effects of preferred vs. nonpreferred music on resistance exercise performance. J Strength Cond Res XX(X): 000-000, 2018-The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of listening to preferred vs. nonpreferred music on resistance exercise performance. Twelve resistance-trained college-aged males (age = 20.5 ± 1.24 years, height = 183.9 ± 6.8 cm, and body mass = 97.0 ± 18.2 kg) were recruited for this study. In a within-groups counterbalanced study design, participants either listened to preferred or nonpreferred music during a bench press exercise test...
December 7, 2018: Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research
S M Mizanoor Rahman, Ryojun Ikeura
In the first step, a 1-DOF power-assist robotic system (PARS) is developed for lifting lightweight objects. Dynamics for human-robot co-manipulation of objects is derived that considers human cognition (weight perception). Then, admittance control with position feedback and velocity controller is derived using weight perception-based dynamics. Human subjects lift an object with the PARS, and HRI (human-robot interaction) and system characteristics are analyzed. A comprehensive scheme is developed to evaluate the HRI and performance...
2018: Robotics and Biomimetics
Á Vicente-Retortillo, G M Martínez, N Renno, C E Newman, I Ordonez-Etxeberria, M T Lemmon, M I Richardson, R Hueso, A Sánchez-Lavega
In situ measurements by the Curiosity rover provide a unique opportunity for studying the effects of dust on assets placed at the surface of Mars. Here we use in situ measurements of solar UV radiation to quantify the seasonal and interannual variability of dust accumulation on the sensor on the rover deck. We show that the amount of dust accumulated on the sensor follows a seasonal cycle, with net dust removal during the perihelion season until Ls ~ 300°, and net dust deposition until the end of the aphelion season (Ls ~ 300°-180°)...
December 4, 2018: Scientific Reports
E S Strotmeyer, M E Winger, J A Cauley, R M Boudreau, D Cusick, R F Collins, D Chalhoub, B Buehring, E Orwoll, T B Harris, P Caserotti
OBJECTIVE: To determine normative values for weight-bearing, countermovement leg extension ("jump") tests in the oldest men and characteristics of those not completing vs. completing tests. DESIGN: 2014-16 cross-sectional exam. SETTING: Six U.S. sites from the Osteoporotic Fractures in Men (MrOS) Study. PARTICIPANTS: Community-dwelling men (N=1,841) aged 84.5±4.2 (range: 77-101) years. INTERVENTIONS: N/A...
2018: Journal of Nutrition, Health & Aging
Deborah McGott, Michael D Kempe, Stephen Glynn, Nick Bosco, Teresa M Barnes, Nancy M Haegel, Colin A Wolden, Matthew O Reese
Controlled delamination of thin-film photovoltaics (PV) post-growth can reveal interfaces that are critical to device performance, yet are poorly understood due to their inaccessibility within the device stack. In this work, we demonstrate a technique to lift off thin-film solar cells from their glass substrates in a clean, reproducible manner by first laminating a polymeric backsheet to the device, then thermally shocking the system at low temperatures (T ≤ -30˚C). To enable clean delamination of diverse thin-film architectures, a theoretical framework is developed and key process control parameters are identified...
November 29, 2018: ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
Peter Windes, Xiaozhou Fan, Matt Bender, Danesh K Tafti, Rolf Müller
The aerodynamic mechanisms of bat flight have been studied using a numerical approach. Kinematic data acquired using a high resolution motion capture system was employed to simulate the unsteady air flow around a bat's wings. A flapping bat wing contains many degrees of freedom, which make 3D motion tracking challenging. In order to overcome this challenge, an optical motion capture system of 21 cameras was used to reduce wing self-occlusion. Over the course of a meter-long flight, 108 discrete marker points on the bat's wings (Pratt's roundleaf bat, Hipposideros pratti) were tracked...
2018: PloS One
Idoia Castellanos-Rubio, Rahul Munshi, Yueling Qin, David B Eason, Iñaki Orue, Maite Insausti, Arnd Pralle
The two major limitations for nanoparticle based magnetic hyperthermia in theranostics are the delivery of a sufficient number of magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs) with high heating power to specific target cells and the residence time of the MNPs at the target location. Ferromagnetic or Ferrimagnetic single domain nanoparticles (F-MNPs), with a permanent magnetic dipole, produce larger magnetic and thermal responses than superparamagnetic nanoparticles (SP-MNPs) but also agglomerate more. MNP agglomeration degrades their heating potential due to dipolar interaction effects and interferes with specific targeting...
November 29, 2018: Nanoscale
Lisa H Jaycox, Lynsay Ayer, Pamela Vona, Chris Hehman, Bradley D Stein, Ammarah Mahmud, Melissa Woolley, Erika Meza, Elizabeth Thornton, Brinda Venkatesh
Implementation issues often interfere with delivery of evidence-based interventions for students exposed to trauma. To improve uptake of evidence-based techniques for such students, a partnership of interventionist scientists, research and development experts, and students created a self-paced, confidential, online curriculum. This article describes the program and results of an open trial in 5 schools that serve primarily ethnic minority youth in urban settings. Fifty-one middle and high school students completed surveys before and after the program, as well as within the program, to assess emotional and behavioral symptoms (depressive, anxiety, posttraumatic stress disorder [PTSD] symptoms and behavior) and purported mechanisms of action (coping, cognitions, emotional self-efficacy)...
November 15, 2018: Psychological Services
Alejandro Martínez-Cava, Ricardo Morán-Navarro, Luis Sánchez-Medina, Juan José González-Badillo, Jesús G Pallarés
This study aimed to compare the load-velocity and load-power relationships of three common variations of the squat exercise. 52 strength-trained males performed a progressive loading test up to the one-repetition maximum (1RM) in the full (F-SQ), parallel (P-SQ) and half (H-SQ) squat, conducted in random order on separate days. Bar velocity and vertical force were measured by means of a linear velocity transducer time-synchronized with a force platform. The relative load that maximized power output (Pmax) was analyzed using three outcome measures: mean concentric (MP), mean propulsive (MPP) and peak power (PP), while also including or excluding body mass in force calculations...
November 14, 2018: Journal of Sports Sciences
Richa Agrawal, Chunlei Wang
Given the rapid miniaturization of technology, it is of interest to produce viable on-chip micro-electrochemical energy storage systems. In this study, interdigitated asymmetric microsupercapacitors were fabricated using photolithography, lift-off and electrodeposition methods. Manganese oxide (MnOx ) and reduced graphene oxide (rGO) comprised the pseudocapacitive and the double layer component, respectively. Symmetric MnOx //MnOx , rGO//rGO as well as asymmetric rGO//MnOx microsupercapacitors with three different MnOx thicknesses were constructed and characterized in aqueous media...
August 12, 2018: Micromachines
Aina Soler-Jofra, Ru Wang, Robbert Kleerebezem, Mark C M van Loosdrecht, Julio Pérez
A lab-scale partial nitritation granular sludge air-lift reactor was operated in continuous mode treating low strength synthetic medium (influent ca. 50 mg-N-NH4 + /L). Granules were initially stratified with AOB in the external shell and NOB in the inner core at 20 °C. Once temperature was decreased progressively from 20 °C to 15 °C, nitrate production was initially observed during several weeks. However, by maintaining relatively high ammonium concentrations in the liquid (ca. 28 mg-N-NH4 + /L), effluent nitrate concentrations in the reactor decreased in time and process performance was recovered...
October 26, 2018: Water Research
Stefan Krause, Silvana Weber
Stories are a powerful means to change recipients' views on themselves by being transported into the story world and by identifying with story characters. Previous studies showed that recipients temporarily change in line with a story and its characters (assimilation). Conversely, assimilation might be less likely when recipients are less identified with story protagonists or less transported into a story by comparing themselves with a story character. This may lead to changes, which are opposite to a story and its characters (contrast)...
2018: Frontiers in Psychology
Masaki Andoh, Satoshi Mikami, Shuichi Tsuda, Tadayoshi Yoshida, Norihiro Matsuda, Kimiaki Saito
As part of the investigation of the distribution of ambient dose equivalent rates around the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant (FDNPP), car-borne surveys using Kyoto University RAdiation MApping (KURAMA) systems have been conducted over a wide area in eastern Japan since 2011. The enormous volume of measurement data collected until 2016, including those until 2012 which were reported in the previous paper, was analyzed, and dependencies of the decreasing trend of the dose rates in regions within 80 km of the FDNPP on land-use categories, evacuation order areas and magnitude of the dose rates were examined...
October 19, 2018: Journal of Environmental Radioactivity
Oleg E Shklyaev, Henry Shum, Anna C Balazs
Mechanical and electrical pumps are conventionally used to drive fluid flow in microfluidic devices; these pumps require external power supplies, thus limiting the portability of the devices. Harnessing catalytic reactions in solution allows pumping to be shifted into the chemical realm and alleviates the need for extraneous equipment. Chemical "pumps" involve surface-bound catalytic patches that decompose dissolved reagents into the products of the reaction. The catalytic reactions thereby produce chemical gradients that in turn generate pronounced flow fields...
October 16, 2018: Accounts of Chemical Research
Mario Inacio, Rob Creath, Mark W Rogers
BACKGROUND: Age-related neuromuscular changes in the hip abductor-adductor muscles lead to reduced performance, especially in the rate of force development and power production. These alterations may impair weight transfer control and lateral balance recovery through protective stepping. This study compared the effects of eight weeks of low-dose hip abductor-adductor power and strength training on the performance of isometric maximal voluntary contractions, and lateral balance recovery at different initial weight-bearing conditions in older individuals...
October 13, 2018: Clinical Biomechanics
David A Greene, Benjamin J Varley, Timothy B Hartwig, Phillip Chapman, Michael Rigney
Greene, DA, Varley, BJ, Hartwig, TB, Chapman, P, and Rigney, M. A low-carbohydrate ketogenic diet reduces body mass without compromising performance in powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting athletes. J Strength Cond Res 32(12): 3382-3391, 2018-Weight class athletes use weight-making strategies to compete in specific weight categories with an optimum power-to-weight ratio. There is evidence that low carbohydrate diets might offer specific advantages for weight reduction without the negative impact on strength and power previously hypothesized to accompany carbohydrate restriction...
December 2018: Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research
Francesco Milano, Livia Giotta, Daniela Chirizzi, Simos Papazoglou, Christina Kryou, Annarita De Bartolomeo, Vincenzo De Leo, Maria Rachele Guascito, Ioanna Zergioti
The design of new materials as active layers is important for electrochemical sensor and biosensor development. Among the techniques for the modification and functionalization of electrodes, the laser induced forward transfer (LIFT) has emerged as a powerful physisorption method for the deposition of various materials (even labile materials like enzymes) that results in intimate and stable contact with target surface. In this work, Pt, Au, and glassy carbon screen printed electrodes (SPEs) treated by LIFT with phosphate buffer have been characterized by scanning electron microscopy and atomic force microscopy to reveal a flattening effect of all surfaces...
October 16, 2018: Biosensors
Megan A K Peters, Ling-Qi Zhang, Ladan Shams
The material-weight illusion (MWI) is one example in a class of weight perception illusions that seem to defy principled explanation. In this illusion, when an observer lifts two objects of the same size and mass, but that appear to be made of different materials, the denser-looking (e.g., metal-look) object is perceived as lighter than the less-dense-looking (e.g., polystyrene-look) object. Like the size-weight illusion (SWI), this perceptual illusion occurs in the opposite direction of predictions from an optimal Bayesian inference process, which predicts that the denser-looking object should be perceived as heavier , not lighter...
2018: PeerJ
Rivers Ingersoll, David Lentink
Both hummingbirds and insects flap their wings to hover. Some insects, like fruit flies, improve efficiency by lifting their body weight equally over the upstroke and downstroke, while utilizing elastic recoil during stroke reversal. It is unclear whether hummingbirds converged on a similar elastic storage solution, because of asymmetries in their lift generation and specialized flight muscle apparatus. The muscles are activated a quarter of a stroke earlier than in larger birds, and contract superfast, which cannot be explained by previous stroke-averaged analyses...
October 15, 2018: Journal of Experimental Biology
Alan E R Cannell
An engineering examination of allometric and analogical data on the flight of giant Permian insects (Protodonata, Meganeura or griffinflies) indicates that previous estimates of the body mass of these insects are too low and that the largest of these insects (wingspan of 70 cm or more) would have had a mass of 100-150 g, several times greater than previously thought. Here, the power needed to generate lift and fly at the speeds typical of modern large dragonflies is examined together with the metabolic rate and subsequent heat generated by the thoracic muscles...
October 11, 2018: Journal of Experimental Biology
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