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Eilon Ram, Leonid Sternik, Alexander Lipey, Sagit Ben Zekry, Ronny Ben-Avi, Yaron Moshkovitz, Ehud Raanani
BACKGROUND: Unicuspid and bicuspid aortic valve (BAV) are congenital cardiac anomalies associated with valvular dysfunction and aortopathies occurring at a young age. OBJECTIVES: To evaluate our experience with aortic valve repair (AVr) in patients with bicuspid or unicuspid aortic valves. METHODS: Eighty patients with BAV or unicuspid aortic valve (UAV) underwent AVr. Mean patient age was 42 ± 14 years and 94% were male. Surgical technique included: aortic root replacement with or without cusp repair in 43 patients (53%), replacement of the ascending aorta at the height of the sino-tubular junction with or without cusp repair in 15 patients (19%), and isolated cusp repair in 22 patients (28%)...
July 2018: Israel Medical Association Journal: IMAJ
Chung-Wah Cheng, Li Zhang, Chen Zhao, Linda Ld Zhong, Li-Jie Shi, Liang Dai, Rui Zheng, Jing Chen, Ge Li, Jing-Bo Zhai, Wai Kun, Ai-Ping Lu, Hong-Cai Shang, Zhao-Xiang Bian
BACKGROUND: Syndrome is one of the most important concepts in Chinese medicine (CM) theory. However, it was not well accounted in most of randomized controlled trials (RCTs). OBJECTIVE: To determine whether CM syndrome differentiation affects the treatment results, functional constipation (FC) was selected as a target disease, and MaZiRenWan (, MZRW), a classic CM formula commonly used for constipation with excessive heat syndrome, was selected for study. METHODS: It is an 18-week prospective double-blinded, doubledummy RCT, including 2-week run-in, 8-week treatment and 8-week post treatment follow-up...
August 14, 2018: Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine
Salim Heddam, Michael J Watts, Larbi Houichi, Lakhdar Djemili, Abderrazek Sebbar
Over the last few years, the uses of artificial intelligence techniques (AI) for modeling daily reference evapotranspiration (ET0 ) have become more popular and a considerable amount of models were successfully applied to the problem. Therefore, in the present paper, we propose a new evolving connectionist (ECoS) approaches for modeling daily reference evapotranspiration (ET0 ) in the Mediterranean region of Algeria. Three ECoS models, namely, (i) the off-line dynamic evolving neural-fuzzy inference system called DEFNIS_OF, (ii) the on-line dynamic evolving neural-fuzzy inference system called DEFNIS_ON, and (iii) the evolving fuzzy neural network called (EFuNN), were statistically compared using the root mean square error (RMSE), the mean absolute error (MAE), the coefficient of correlation (R), and the Nash-Sutcliffe efficiency (NSE) indexes...
August 14, 2018: Environmental Monitoring and Assessment
Francesco Chiappelli, Nicole Balenton, Allen Khakshooy
Novel developments in bioinformation, bioinformatics and biostatistics, including artificial intelligence (AI), play a timely and critical role in translational care. Case in point, the extent to which viral immune surveillance is regulated by immune cells and soluble factors, and by non-immune factors informs the administration of health care. The events by which health is regained following viral infection is an allostatic process, which can be modeled using Hilbert's and Volterra's mathematical biology criteria, and biostatistical methodologies such as linear multiple regression...
2018: Bioinformation
Yan-Qiang Cao, Xi-Rui Zhao, Jun Chen, Wei Zhang, Min Li, Lin Zhu, Xue-Jin Zhang, Di Wu, Ai-Dong Li
In this work, TiN film deposited by plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition (PEALD) is adopted to modify the commercial anatase TiO2 powders. A series of analyses indicate that the surface modification of 20, 50 and 100 cycles of TiN by PEALD does not change the morphology, crystal size, lattice parameters, and surface area of TiO2 nano powders, but forms an ultrathin amorphous layer of nitrogen doped TiO2 (TiOx Ny ) on the powder surfaces. This ultrathin TiOx Ny can facilitate the absorption of TiO2 in visible light spectrum...
August 14, 2018: Scientific Reports
Ruirui Li, Wenjuan Zhang, Siqian Yang, Mengke Zhu, Shasha Kan, Jiao Chen, Xiaoyan Ai, Yingwei Ai
External-soil spray seeding (ESSS), a technique of spraying artificial soil materials onto bare slopes for vegetation cover construction, has been widely used to restore rock-cut slopes. However, studies on the effect of the practical application of this technique on different topographic aspects have been rarely performed. In this study, two topographic aspects, namely, north-facing versus south-facing, were investigated under two railway lines, and two local natural slopes (north-facing versus south-facing) were selected as references...
August 14, 2018: Scientific Reports
Thuy-Ai T Nguyen, Sara A Grimm, Pierre R Bushel, Jianying Li, Yuanyuan Li, Brian D Bennett, Christopher A Lavender, James M Ward, David C Fargo, Carl W Anderson, Leping Li, Michael A Resnick, Daniel Menendez
p53 transcriptional networks are well-characterized in many organisms. However, a global understanding of requirements for in vivo p53 interactions with DNA and relationships with transcription across human biological systems in response to various p53 activating situations remains limited. Using a common analysis pipeline, we analyzed 41 data sets from genome-wide ChIP-seq studies of which 16 have associated gene expression data, including our recent primary data with normal human lymphocytes. The resulting extensive analysis, accessible at p53 BAER hub via the UCSC browser, provides a robust platform to characterize p53 binding throughout the human genome including direct influence on gene expression and underlying mechanisms...
August 10, 2018: Nucleic Acids Research
Joon S Kang, Antonia L Zhang, Mohammad Faheem, Charles Jian Zhang, Ni Ai, John D Buynak, William J Welsh, Peter Oelschlaeger
The global rise of metallo-β-lactamases (MBLs) is problematic due to their ability to inactivate most β-lactam antibiotics. MBL inhibitors that could be co-administered with and restore the efficacy of β-lactams are highly sought after. In this study, we employ virtual screening of candidate MBL inhibitors without thiols or carboxylates to avoid off-target effects using the Avalanche software package, followed by experimental validation of the selected compounds. As target enzymes we chose the clinically relevant B1 MBLs NDM-1, IMP-1, and VIM-2...
August 14, 2018: Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling
Jianfeng Ning, Shaoying Ai, Lihua Cui
Dicyandiamide (DCD) and thiosulfates are two type of nitrification inhibitors (NIs) that have been widely used in agriculture to improve nitrogen (N) fertilizer use efficiency and mitigate negative effect of N on environment. Little information is available concerning the comparison of the efficacy of DCD and thiosulfate on N transformations in soil. The aim of this study was to compare the effects of DCD and thiosulfate (K2S2O3) on changes of NH4+-N, nitrification inhibition and N recovery in a latosolic red soil...
2018: PloS One
Ai-Ling Tian, Hany M Elsheikha, Dong-Hui Zhou, Yao-Dong Wu, Mu-Xin Chen, Meng Wang, Dan Chen, Xi-Chen Zhang, Xing-Quan Zhu
The development of a method to rapidly diagnose Neospora caninum infection is highly desirable. Recombinase polymerase amplification (RPA), combined with lateral flow (LF) strips, is a novel approach to rapidly amplify and visualize DNA. We have developed a prototype LF-RPA assay, using primers and a probe that targeted a specific sequence in the N. caninum NC-5 gene. The N. caninum-specific LF-RPA assay was first tested on purified DNA from oocysts and amplified N. caninum DNA to detectable levels in 10 min, at a constant temperature and without the need for an expensive thermocycler...
July 15, 2018: Veterinary Parasitology
Lina Zhang, Feng Dai, Alexandria Brackett, Yuhang Ai, Lingzhong Meng
PURPOSE: The association between conflicts of interest (COI) and study results or article conclusions in goal-directed hemodynamic therapy (GDHT) research is unknown. METHODS: Randomized controlled trials comparing GDHT with usual care were identified. COI were classified as industry sponsorship, author conflict, device loaner, none, or not reported. The association between COI and study results (complications and mortality) was assessed using both stratified meta-analysis and mixed effects meta-regression...
August 13, 2018: Intensive Care Medicine
Roger K C Ngan
Hormone therapy, rather than chemotherapy, is recommended for hormone-receptor positive (HR+), human epidermal receptor 2 negative (HER2-) advanced or metastatic breast cancer (A/MBC) according to the European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO), American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) and National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) guidelines, unless in visceral crisis in which chemotherapy is indicated. Hormonal monotherapy of selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM) or selective estrogen receptor down-regulator (SERD), aromatase inhibitor (AI), or their combination as doublets, used to be the mainstay options as first-line (1L) therapy for most patients...
July 2018: Annals of Translational Medicine
Suat Moi Puah, Jin Ai Mary Anne Tan, Ching Hoong Chew, Kek Heng Chua
Staphylococcus aureus is able to form multilayer biofilms embedded within a glycocalyx or slime layer. Biofilm formation poses food contamination risks and can subsequently increase the risk of food poisoning. Identification of food-related S. aureus strains will provide additional data on staphylococcal food poisoning involved in biofilm formation. A total of 52 S. aureus strains isolated from sushi and sashimi was investigated to study their ability for biofilm formation using crystal violet staining. The presence of accessory gene regulator (agr) groups and 15 adhesion genes was screened and their associations in biofilm formation were studied...
August 13, 2018: Journal of Food Science
Kaori Shigeta, Ai Fujita, Tetsuya Nakazato, Hiroaki Tao
We have developed a method for the determination of Cr(VI) and Cr(III) in industrial wastewater by liquid chromatography-inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (LC-ICP-MS) combined with a chelating pretreatment with 2,6-pyridinedicarboxylic acid (PDCA). The PDCA unified the chemical forms of the Cr(III) species in water samples by the formation of a stable Cr(III)-PDCA complex, which was then separated by a LC column. The chromatographic mobile phase at neutral pH and the column of a mixed-bed of anion and cation exchangers successfully separated not only the chromium species without any redox conversion, but also chloride, which interfered with ICP-MS detection...
2018: Analytical Sciences: the International Journal of the Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry
Ai Hamasaki, Nobuhiko Akazawa, Toru Yoshikawa, Kanae Myoenzono, Kaname Tagawa, Seiji Maeda
Cerebral hemodynamics plays an important role in cognitive performance, and as such, age-related cognitive dysfunction and cerebral hypoperfusion increase the risk of dementia. However, age-related changes in cerebral oxygenation and cognitive function remain unclear. The aim of this study was to investigate age-related declines in cerebral oxygenation and executive function cross-sectionally. Ninety-eight healthy Japanese adults (age range: 23-79 years; 40 males, 58 females) participated in the present study using local advertisements...
2018: Tohoku Journal of Experimental Medicine
Benjamin C K Tee, Jianyong Ouyang
Flexible/stretchable electronic devices and systems are attracting great attention because they can have important applications in many areas, such as artificial intelligent (AI) robotics, brain-machine interfaces, medical devices, structural and environmental monitoring, and healthcare. In addition to the electronic performance, the electronic devices and systems should be mechanically flexible or even stretchable. Traditional electronic materials including metals and semiconductors usually have poor mechanical flexibility and very limited elasticity...
August 13, 2018: Advanced Materials
Ai Matsubara, Takenori Miyashita, Ryuhei Inamoto, Hirofumi Sakaguchi, Toru Kamitani, Nozomu Mori, Hiroshi Hoshikawa
OBJECTIVES: Tricellulin is a tight junction (TJ)-forming protein that participates in the sealing function of tricellular TJs. Tricellulin-knockout (Tric-/-) mice show progressive hearing loss with degeneration of hair cells in the cochlea without physiological or physical disorders. In the present study, we investigated the tricellulin expression and its deletion effects in the endolymphatic sac (ES) using Tric-/- mice. MATERIALS AND METHODS: The ES epithelia from wild-type (WT) mice were laser-microdissected, and RT-PCR was performed...
August 3, 2018: Journal of International Advanced Otology
J S Stevenson, J A Sauls, L G D Mendonça, B E Voelz
We hypothesized (1) that neither duration of the Ovsynch program nor dose frequency of PGF2α would change the proportion of cows with complete luteolysis (progesterone <0.4 ng/mL 72 h after PGF2α ) and (2) that the additional GnRH treatment administered as part of a presynchronization program would not alter the proportion of anovulatory cows starting the timed artificial insemination (AI) program compared with an alternative shorter presynch program including only 1 GnRH treatment. Lactating Holstein cows (n = 406) were milked 3 times daily and enrolled in a 2 × 2 × 2 factorial experiment consisting of 8 treatments before the first postpartum AI...
August 9, 2018: Journal of Dairy Science
Ling Chen, Ming Li, Youhong Ai, Xueping Dang, Jianlin Huang, Huaixia Chen
This work describes, for the first time, an acryloyled β-cyclodextrin hybrid monolith column was synthesized, under aqueous-phase conditions, and used for solid-phase microextraction of carbendazim and carbaryl. The monolithic column was characterized using scanning electron microscopy, nitrogen adsorption-desorption, thermogravimetric analysis and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, and used as the adsorbent for solid phase microextraction (SPME) of carbendazim and carbaryl. After optimization of the SPME conditions, a simple and sensitive SPME-HPLC method was developed for the determination of carbendazim and carbaryl in leafy vegetables...
December 15, 2018: Food Chemistry
Tianqing Li, Zongyong Ai, Weizhi Ji
A growing body of literature has shown that stem cells are very effective for the treatment of degenerative diseases in rodents but these exciting results have not translated to clinical practice. The difference results from the divergence in genetic, metabolic, and physiological phenotypes between rodents and humans. The high degree of similarity between non-human primates (NHPs) and humans provides the most accurate models for preclinical studies of stem cell therapy. Using a NHP model to understand the following key issues, which cannot be addressed in humans or rodents, will be helpful for extending stem cell applications in the basic science and the clinic...
August 9, 2018: Science China. Life Sciences
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