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Heart weight body weight coefficient

Li Xiao, Huimin He, Lele Ma, Miaomiao Da, Sinan Cheng, Yan Duan, Qian Wang, Huayi Wu, Xigui Song, Wei Duan, Zhenjun Tian, Yingchun Hou
BACKGROUND AND AIMS: Myocardial infarction (MI) is accompanied by increased collagen deposition, cell necrosis and angiogenesis in cardiac tissue, which results in reduced ventricular compliance. Both microRNA-29a (miR-29a) and microRNA-101a (miR-101a) target the mRNAs encoding collagens and other proteins involved in fibrosis. METHODS: We assessed the effects of intermittent aerobic exercise on the expression of cardiac miR-29a and miR-101a and following effects on the TGFβ, fos, Smad2/3, COL1A1 and COL3A1 in MI model of rats...
January 2017: Archives of Medical Research
Cubby L Gardner, Fang Liu, Paul Fontelo, Michael C Flanagan, Albert Hoang, Harry B Burke
BACKGROUND: The inability of patients to accurately and completely recount their clinical status between clinic visits reduces the clinician's ability to properly manage their patients. One way to improve this situation is to collect objective patient information while the patients are at home and display the collected multi-day clinical information in parallel on a single screen, highlighting threshold violations for each channel, and allowing the viewer to drill down to any analog signal on the same screen, while maintaining the overall physiological context of the patient...
April 14, 2017: BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making
Falko Skrabal, Georg P Pichler, Mathias Penatzer, Johannes Steinbichl, Anna-Katharina Hanserl, Alfred Leis, Herbert Loibner
Simultaneous with a 12 channel ECG, body composition was analysed by segmental multi-frequency impedance analysis in 101 healthy subjects and in 118 patients with chronic heart failure (CHF, n= 40), chronic renal failure with haemodialysis (HD, n= 20), and miscellaneous internal diseases (n= 58). Whole body DXA and sodium bromide dilution were used as reference methods for total body water (TBW), extracellular fluid (ECF), appendicular muscle mass (AppMM) and fat mass (FM). Empirical prediction equations were developed in a randomized evaluation sample and then evaluated in unknowns...
March 31, 2017: Medical Engineering & Physics
Allison P Mooney, Dianne I Mawby, Joshua M Price, Jacqueline C Whittemore
OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this study was to assess the effects of age, body condition score (BCS) and muscle condition score (MCS) on indirect radial and coccygeal Doppler systolic arterial blood pressure (SAP) measurements in dogs. METHODS: Sixty-two privately-owned dogs were enrolled between June and July 2016. The BCS and MCS were determined by two investigators. Blood pressure was measured per published guidelines and using headphones, and the order of measurement site was randomized...
2017: PeerJ
Rosemary J Korda, Wei Du, Cathy Day, Karen Page, Peter S Macdonald, Emily Banks
BACKGROUND: Hospitalisation for heart failure is common and post-discharge outcomes, including readmission and mortality, are often poor and are poorly understood. The purpose of this study was to examine patient- and hospital-level variation in the risk of 30-day unplanned readmission and mortality following discharge from hospital with a diagnosis of heart failure. METHODS: Prospective cohort study using data from the Sax Institute's 45 and Up Study, linking baseline survey (Jan 2006-April 2009) to hospital and mortality data (to Dec 2011)...
March 21, 2017: BMC Health Services Research
Daniel Brugger, Wilhelm M Windisch
Background: Subclinical zinc deficiency (SZD) represents the common zinc malnutrition phenotype. However, its association with oxidative stress is not well understood. The heart muscle may be a promising target for studying early changes in redox metabolism.Objective: We investigated the effects of short-term SZD on cardiac redox metabolism in weaned piglets.Methods: Forty-eight weaned German Large White × Landrace × Piétrain piglets (50% castrated males and 50% females; body weight of 8.5 kg) were fed diets with different zinc concentrations for 8 d...
April 2017: Journal of Nutrition
Nobuyuki Matsuura, Taiki Okamura, Satoko Ide, Tatsuya Ichinohe
Remifentanil is reported to reduce oral tissue blood flow. We performed a retrospective investigation using logistic regression analysis of anesthesia records to investigate whether the use of remifentanil infusion in a balanced anesthesia technique was useful as a primary technique to reduce blood loss during orthognathic surgery. Subjects were 80 patients who underwent Le Fort I osteotomy and sagittal split ramus osteotomy of the mandible. The variables included gender, age, weight, type of maintenance anesthetic, type and dose or infusion rate of opioid, mean systolic blood pressure (SBP-mean), coefficient of variation of systolic blood pressure (CVSBP) during surgery, mean heart rate (HR-mean), duration of surgery, total blood loss, volume of infusion used, amount of local anesthetic used, body temperature, and urine output...
2017: Anesthesia Progress
Philip-Helge Arnemann, Michael Hessler, Tim Kampmeier, Andrea Morelli, Hugo Karel Van Aken, Martin Westphal, Sebastian Rehberg, Christian Ertmer
BACKGROUND: Life-threatening diseases of critically ill patients are known to derange microcirculation. Automatic analysis of microcirculation would provide a bedside diagnostic tool for microcirculatory disorders and allow immediate therapeutic decisions based upon microcirculation analysis. METHODS: After induction of general anaesthesia and instrumentation for haemodynamic monitoring, haemorrhagic shock was induced in ten female sheep by stepwise blood withdrawal of 3 × 10 mL per kilogram body weight...
December 2016: Intensive Care Medicine Experimental
Aline Nishizawa, Claudia Kimie Suemoto, Daniela Souza Farias, Fernanda Marinho Campos, Karen Cristina Souza da Silva, Anderson Cuelho, Renata Elaine Paraízo Leite, Renata Eloah de Lucena Ferretti-Rebustini, Lea Tenenholz Grinberg, José Marcelo Farfel, Wilson Jacob-Filho, Carlos Augusto Pasqualucci
INTRODUCTION: Adiposity has been associated with atherosclerosis in clinical studies. However, few autopsy studies have investigated this association, and they had only examined the coronary artery disease. Moreover, most studies had small sample sizes and were limited to middle-aged or young adults. Our aim is to investigate the association between adiposity and systemic atherosclerosis in an autopsy study. METHODS AND ANALYSIS: A sample of 240 deceased with 30 years or more will be evaluated...
2016: Open Heart
Ragna Elise Støre Govatsmark, Sylvi Sneeggen, Hanne Karlsaune, Stig Arild Slørdahl, Kaare Harald Bønaa
BACKGROUND: Disease-specific registers may be used for measuring and improving healthcare and patient outcomes, and for disease surveillance and research, provided they contain valid and reliable data. The aim of this study was to assess the interrater reliability of all variables in a national myocardial infarction register. METHODS: We randomly selected 280 patients who had been enrolled from 14 hospitals to the Norwegian Myocardial Infarction Register during the year 2013...
2016: Clinical Epidemiology
D B Oss, M I Marcondes, F S Machado, T R Tomich, M L Chizzotti, M M Campos, L G R Pereira
The objective of this study was to assess the oxygen pulse and heart rate (O2P-HR) technique using the respiration chamber (RC) and comparative slaughter (CS) methods for measuring the heat production (HP) of crossbred (Holstein × Gyr) yearling bulls. Twenty-four bulls were used. Six bulls were slaughtered at the beginning of the experiment as a reference group to estimate the initial empty body weight (BW) and energy content of the remaining animals. The remaining bulls were assigned to a completely randomized design with 3 levels of dry matter intake, with 6 replicates...
November 2016: Journal of Dairy Science
Delphine Sarafian, Yves Schutz, Jean-Pierre Montani, Abdul G Dulloo, Jennifer L Miles-Chan
Low-intensity physical activity is increasingly promoted as an alternative to sedentary behavior. However, much research to date has focused on moderate- to vigorous-intensity physical activity, and in particular dynamic work, with the effect of low-intensity isometric exercise (<4 METs) on substrate utilization yet to be explored. Here we investigate the effects of such exercise on respiratory quotient (RQ) and determine the extent of intra- and inter-individual variability in response. Energy expenditure, RQ, and substrate oxidation were measured by ventilated-hood indirect calorimetry at rest and in response to standardized, intermittent, low-level isometric leg-press exercises at 5 loads (+5, +10, +15, +20, +25 kg) in 26 healthy, young adults...
September 2016: Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism, Physiologie Appliquée, Nutrition et Métabolisme
Jennifer M Renaud, Kathy Yip, Jean Guimond, Mikaël Trottier, Philippe Pibarot, Eric Turcotte, Conor Maguire, Lucille Lalonde, Karen Gulenchyn, Troy Farncombe, Gerald Wisenberg, Jonathan Moody, Benjamin Lee, Steven C Port, Timothy G Turkington, Rob S Beanlands, Robert A deKemp
Three-dimensional (3D) mode imaging is the current standard for PET/CT systems. Dynamic imaging for quantification of myocardial blood flow with short-lived tracers, such as (82)Rb-chloride, requires accuracy to be maintained over a wide range of isotope activities and scanner counting rates. We proposed new performance standard measurements to characterize the dynamic range of PET systems for accurate quantitative imaging. METHODS: (82)Rb or (13)N-ammonia (1,100-3,000 MBq) was injected into the heart wall insert of an anthropomorphic torso phantom...
January 2017: Journal of Nuclear Medicine: Official Publication, Society of Nuclear Medicine
J M Gentile-Solomon, J A Abbott
INTRODUCTION: We sought to define reference intervals for echocardiographic dimensions of the canine right heart. Secondarily, we intended to describe measurement variability of these dimensions. ANIMALS: Forty-five healthy adult pet dogs of diverse somatotype. MATERIALS AND METHODS: To obtain normative data used to define reference intervals, dogs underwent one echocardiographic examination by the same operator. Raw data were subject to logarithmic (log10) transformation and allometric relationships between body weight and echocardiographic variables were determined; reference intervals intended to include 95% of the population were defined...
September 2016: Journal of Veterinary Cardiology: the Official Journal of the European Society of Veterinary Cardiology
Yingxiao Hua, Fu Wang, Tao Zhang, Huijie Zhang, Wei Chen, Wei Shen, Camilo Fernandez, Emily Harville, Lydia Bazzano, Jiang He, Shengxu Li
Low birth weight is associated with cardiovascular disease and its risk factors in adulthood. However, information is limited regarding its impact on heart rate (HR), an established risk factor for cardiovascular disease. This study assessed the hypothesis that birth weight is associated with HR at rest at different ages. The study sample consisted of 6,282 black and white participants enrolled in the Bogalusa Heart Study, aged 4 to 52 years with a mean age of 19.4 years. HR data at rest were available in 2,344 children (4 to 11 years old), 1,622 adolescents (12 to 19 years old), and 2,316 adults (20 to 52 years old)...
September 15, 2016: American Journal of Cardiology
Brian Quinn, Zak Dauer, Neeta Pandit-Taskar, Heiko Schoder, Lawrence T Dauer
BACKGROUND: Whole body fluorine-18 fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography/computed tomography (PET/CT) is the standard of care in oncologic diagnosis and staging, and patient radiation dose must be well understood to balance exam benefits with the risk from radiation exposure. Although reference PET/CT patient doses are available, the potential for widely varying total dose prompts evaluation of clinic-specific patient dose. The aims of this study were to use exam-specific information to characterize the radiation dosimetry of PET/CT exams that used two different CT techniques for adult oncology patients and evaluate the practicality of employing an exam-specific approach to dose estimation...
2016: BMC Medical Imaging
I Kvachadze, A Tsibadze, G Sanadiradze, D Mzhavanadze, G Chichinadze
The aim of the study was to evaluate the vegetative regulatory action in healthy, untrained and trained individuals in different geomagnetic conditions. The study involved 94 healthy untrained young men aged 18-22 years - I group (control), and 60 trained volunteers aged 18-25 years - II group, who during the period of the study and for at least three years prior have been following active regular physical exercise regimen(weight lifting), but were not professional athletes. In order to evaluate the heart rate variability the following statistical indicators were studied: arithmetic mean, the arithmetic mean of the error variance, dispersion, the arithmetic mean deviation, coefficient of skewness, kurtosis, standard deviation of the mean...
April 2016: Georgian Medical News
Xiuyuan He, Feng Lin, Yongtao Li, Yuxia Chen, Jing Li, Linlin Guo, Xuelei Han, Huan Song
Effects of lead acetate (LA) on the growth and development of major organs in female mice were studied. Female mice were divided randomly into four treatment groups and one control group. In treatment groups, mice were injected with different concentrations of LA solution every 2 days; whereas control-group mice received equal volumes of sterile normal saline. Body weight (BW) and symptoms were recorded every 2 days. After LA exposure, mice were executed by cervical dislocation and main organs (heart, liver, spleen, lung, kidney) collected for evaluation of morphologic and histologic changes...
January 2017: Biological Trace Element Research
Sunday O Onagbiye, Sarah J Moss, Melainie Cameron
To determine the compliance, barriers, and effects of participation in a 4-week exercise intervention aimed at reducing risk factors for noncommunicable diseases among community-dwelling adults from a low-resourced area of South Africa. An exercise program and associated pre-posttest were performed by 76 participants (men, n = 26 and women, n = 50) aged 35 to 65 years. Baseline and end tests included height, weight, hip and waist circumference, heart rate, blood pressure, glucose, cholesterol, quality of life, and cardiorespiratory fitness measurements...
April 2016: International Quarterly of Community Health Education
Sule Paksu, Muhammet Sukru Paksu, Sadriye Ozdemir, Arzu Karli, Mehmet Acikgoz, Ugur Sezgin, Naci Murat
BACKGROUND: This study investigated the correlation between spot-check transcutaneous hemoglobin (Hb) and simultaneously measured venous Hb in children. METHODS: Two hundred and seventeen children weighing 10-30 kg in whom complete blood count had been obtained for any reason were enrolled in this study. Demographic characteristics and vital signs were recorded. Prior to taking blood samples, transcutaneous Hb, heart rate, oxygen saturation, and perfusion index were measured using a probe connected to the subject's thumb...
November 2016: Pediatrics International: Official Journal of the Japan Pediatric Society
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