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Junting Pan, Weidong Wang, Dongqin Li, Zaifa Shu, Xiaoli Ye, Pinpin Chang, Yuhua Wang
BACKGROUND: Nitric oxide (NO) functions as a critical signaling molecule in the low-temperature stress responses in plants, including polarized pollen tube growth in Camellia sinensis. Despite this, the potential mechanisms underlying the participation of NO in pollen tube responses to low temperature remain unclear. Here, we investigate alterations to gene expression in C. sinensis pollen tubes exposed to low-temperature stress and NO using RNA-Seq technology, in order to find the potential candidate genes related to the regulation of pollen tube elongation by NO under low-temperature stress...
October 18, 2016: BMC Genomics
Nicolas Dea, Raphaële Charest-Morin, Daniel M Sciubba, Justin E Bird, Alexander C Disch, Addisu Mesfin, Áron Lazáry, Charles G Fisher, Christopher Ames
STUDY DESIGN: Systematic literature review. OBJECTIVE: To investigate if evidence-based principles of oncologic resection for primary spinal tumors are correlated with an acceptable morbidity and mortality profile and satisfactory health-related quality of life (HRQOL) measures. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA: Respecting oncologic principles for primary spinal tumor surgery is correlated with lower recurrence rates. These interventions are, however, often highly morbid...
October 15, 2016: Spine
Charles G Fisher, Laurence D Rhines, Chetan Bettegowda, Niccole M Germscheid, Ilya Laufer, Nicolas Dea, Mark H Bilsky, Jorrit-Jan Verlaan, Jeremy J Reynolds, Daniel M Sciubba, Richard Williams, Tamir Ailon, Yoshiya J Yamada, Peter Pal Varga, Stefano Boriani, Ziya L Gokaslan, Arjun Sahgal
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October 15, 2016: Spine
Amanehalsadat Pouriyeh, Nematollah Khorasani, Farhad Hosseinzadeh Lotfi, Parvin Farshchi
Unplanned growth of cities is a matter of concern these days. Lack of attention to proper patterns of urban development has left so many harmful effects on human health and the environment. One of the most effective methods that can be used to measure the efficiency of urban development is data envelopment analysis (DEA). The present study is an attempt to evaluate the performance and efficiency of development of Yazd City using the DEA over the years 1983-2013. In this regard, the ecological factors, affecting the growth of the city of Yazd in the study period, were identified initially...
November 2016: Environmental Monitoring and Assessment
Yun-Feng Duan, Xian-Wang Kong, Andreas Schramm, Rodrigo Labouriau, Jørgen Eriksen, Søren O Petersen
: Grassland cultivation can mobilize large pools of N in the soil, with a potential for N leaching and N2O emissions. Spraying with the nitrification inhibitor 3,4-dimethylpyrazole phosphate (DMPP) before cultivation was simulated with soil columns where residue distribution corresponded to ploughing or rotovation, to study effects of soil-residue contact on N transformations. DMPP was sprayed on above-ground parts of ryegrass and white clover before incorporation. During a 42-day incubation, soil mineral N dynamics, potential ammonia oxidation (PAO) and denitrifying enzyme activity (DEA), nitrifier and denitrifier populations, and N2O emissions were investigated...
October 14, 2016: Applied and Environmental Microbiology
A G Monte da Silva, B deA Roza Aguiar, L D Chiavegato
BACKGROUND: Liver transplantation is indicated at the end stage of chronic liver failure, and severity of disease will determine the precocity of this happening. At this stage, the presence of chronic dyspnea is one of several manifestations of progression of the disease, which leads the patient to inactivity. A rehabilitation program can positively influence the evolution of liver transplant recipients. The objective of this study was to establish an association between the perception of dyspnea and the severity of liver disease in patients at a single center of a Brazilian liver pre-transplantation clinic...
September 2016: Transplantation Proceedings
Cornelius Gropp, Nils Trapp, François Diederich
Four enantiopure 1,3-diethynylallenes (DEAs) with OH termini were attached to the rim of a resorcin[4]arene cavitand. The system undergoes conformational switching between a cage form, closed by a circular H-bonding array, and an open form, with the tertiary alcohol groups reaching outwards. The cage form is predominant in apolar solvents, and the open conformation in small, polar solvents. Both states were confirmed in solution and in X-ray co-crystal structures. ECD spectra of the alleno-acetylenic cages (AACs) are highly conformation sensitive, the longest wavelength Cotton effect at 304 nm switches from Δϵ=+191 m(-1)  cm(-1) for open (P)4 -AAC⊂acetonitrile to Δϵ=-691 m(-1)  cm(-1) (ΔΔϵ=882 m(-1)  cm(-1) ) for closed (P)4 -AAC⊂cyclohexane...
October 14, 2016: Angewandte Chemie
Dea Seidenfaden, Ulla Knorr, Mia Greisen Soendergaard, Henrik Enghusen Poulsen, Anders Fink-Jensen, Martin Balslev Jorgensen, Anders Jorgensen
BACKGROUND: Childhood adversity is a well-established risk factor for the development of schizophrenia. In particular, there is evidence that childhood adversity increases the occurrence of positive symptoms, possibly through glucocorticoid influences on dopaminergic neurotransmission. AIMS: To compare levels of childhood trauma in schizophrenia patients vs. healthy control persons, and to study the association between childhood adversity and the symptomatology of adulthood schizophrenia, as well as subjective and biological markers of psychological stress...
September 24, 2016: Comprehensive Psychiatry
Corrie E Chumpitazi, Chris A Rees, Elizabeth A Camp, M Brooke Bernhardt
BACKGROUND: The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) changed hydrocodone-containing products (HCPs) from Schedule III to II status on October 6, 2014, making codeine-containing products (CCPs) the only non-Schedule II oral opioid agents. OBJECTIVES: We sought to describe prescribing patterns of oral opioid agents in the pediatric emergency department before and after the 2014 DEA rescheduling of HCPs. METHODS: We performed a cross-sectional study evaluating prescribing patterns in the pediatric emergency department at an urban, academic, quaternary care children's hospital system for 6 months before and 6 months after the DEA rescheduling of HCPs...
October 7, 2016: Journal of Emergency Medicine
Alexandre Poulin, Cansaran Saygili Demir, Samuel Rosset, Tatiana V Petrova, Herbert Shea
We demonstrate the use of dielectric elastomer actuators (DEAs) for mechanical stimulation of cells in vitro. The development of living tissues is regulated by their mechanical environment through the modification of fundamental cellular functions such as proliferation, differentiation and gene expression. Mechanical cues have been linked to numerous pathological conditions, and progress in cellular mechanobiology could lead to better diagnosis and treatments of diseases such as atherosclerosis and cancers...
September 21, 2016: Lab on a Chip
Natália M Monezi, Antonio C Borin, Paulo S Santos, Rômulo A Ando
The distinct thermochromism observed in solutions containing N,N-dimethylaniline (DMA) and N,N-diethylaniline (DEA) and SO2 was investigated by resonance Raman spectroscopy in a wide range of temperatures. The results indicate in addition to the charge transfer (CT) complexes DMA-SO2 and DEA-SO2, the presence of collision complexes involving the CT complexes and excess DMA and DEA molecules. The latter in fact is the chromophore responsible for the long wavelength absorption originating the color. The Raman signature of the collision complex was attributed to the distinct enhancement of a band at 1140cm(-1) assigned to νs(SO2), in contrast to the same mode in the 1:1 complex at 1115cm(-1)...
September 26, 2016: Spectrochimica Acta. Part A, Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy
Alexander Ryabchun, Matthias Kollosche, Michael Wegener, Oksana Sakhno
Volume diffraction gratings (VDGs) are inscribed selectively by diffusive introduction of benzophenone and subsequent UV-holographic structuring into an electroactive dielectric elastomer actuator (DEA), to afford a continuous voltage-controlled grating shift of 17%. The internal stress coupling of DEA and optical domain allows for a new generation of true monolithic tunable elastomer optics with voltage controlled properties.
October 7, 2016: Advanced Materials
Toshiaki Sasao
This paper analyzes the cost and efficiency of waste disposal associated with the Great East Japan Earthquake. The following two analyses were performed: (1) a popular parametric approach, which is an ordinary least squares (OLS) method to estimate the factors that affect the disposal costs; (2) a non-parametric approach, which is a two-stage data envelopment analysis (DEA) to analyze the efficiency of each municipality and clarify the best performance of the disaster waste management. Our results indicate that a higher recycling rate of disaster waste and a larger amount of tsunami sediments decrease the average disposal costs...
October 3, 2016: Waste Management
Julia Dolinina, Kristinn Sverrisson, Anna Rippe, Carl M Öberg, Bengt Rippe
There is increasing evidence that the permeability of the glomerular filtration barrier (GFB) is partly regulated by a balance between the bioavailability of nitric oxide (NO) and that of reactive oxygen species (ROS). It has been postulated that normal or moderately elevated NO levels protect the GFB from permeability increases, while ROS, through reducing the bioavailability of NO, have the opposite effect. We tested the tentative antagonism between NO and ROS on glomerular permeability in anaesthetized Wistar rats, in which the left ureter was cannulated for urine collection, while simultaneously blood access was achieved...
September 28, 2016: American Journal of Physiology. Renal Physiology
Gavin Deas, Christopher Kelly, Andreas V Hadjinicolaou, Clare Holt, Mark Agius, Rashid Zaman
INTRODUCTION: There are now many existing studies which assess the treatments available for 'at risk mental states', as patients who are believed to be in the prodromal phase of psychotic illness are referred to. However, concerns regarding side effects of possible treatments remain. We here conduct a meta-analysis of the studies available up to July 2016. The aim of this study is to decide what would be the best treatment for 'at high risk patients'. RESULTS: 18 studies were selected for inclusion; 12 showed significance, 5 did not and one tended towards significance...
September 2016: Psychiatria Danubina
XuePing Chen, JunNa Yang, XiE Zhu, Xia Liang, YanRu Lei, ChiQuan He
To investigate the impact of an exotic Frankia nodulated tree (Alnus trabeculosa) on soil nitrogen content, soil microbial composition, and the abundance of N turnover-related functional microorganism community, we compared the community structure and abundance of key functional genes (nifH, bacterial/archaeal amoA, and nosZ) in the rhizosphere and nonrhizosphere of monoculture of Phragmites australis and A.trabeculosa-P.australis mixed communities by MiSeq Illumina sequencing and real-time PCR, respectively...
September 22, 2016: Environmental Science and Pollution Research International
Jenniffer I Arenas-García, Dea Herrera-Ruiz, Hugo Morales-Rojas, Herbert Höpfl
The thermal behavior, phase stability, indicative stability and intrinsic dissolution rates of a series of cocrystals and cocrystal hydrates derived from the pharmaceutically active ingredient acetazolamide (ACZ) and 2-aminobenzamide (2ABAM), 2,3-dihydroxybenzoic acid (23DHBA), 2-hydroxybenzamide (2HBAM), 4-hydroxybenzoic acid (4HBA), nicotinamide (NAM) and picolinamide (PAM) as cocrystal formers have been evaluated. Upon heating in an inert atmosphere most of the cocrystals tested demonstrated first the elimination of the crystal former, followed by ACZ degradation...
September 17, 2016: European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Irene Cuadrado, Borja Castejon, Ana M Martin, Marta Saura, Paula Reventun-Torralba, Jose Luis Zamorano, Carlos Zaragoza
Inhibition of Extracellular Matrix degradation by nitric oxide (NO) induces cardiac protection against coronary ischemia/reperfusion (IR). Glycosylation of Extracellular Matrix Metalloproteinase Inducer (EMMPRIN) stimulates enzymatic activation of matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) in the heart, although the mechanisms leading to EMMPRIN glycosylation are poorly understood. We sought to determine if NO may induce cardiac protection by preventing glycosylation of EMMPRIN in a mouse model of IR. Here we found that Caveolin-3 binds to low glycosylated EMMPRIN (LG-EMMPRIN) in cardiac cells and in the hearts of healthy mice, whereas IR disrupted the complex in nitric oxide synthase 2 (NOS2) knockout (KO) mice...
2016: PloS One
C Maazouzi, C Coureau, C Piscart, M Saplairoles, N Baran, P Marmonier
We studied the individual and joint acute toxicity of S-metolachlor (SMOC) and deethylatrazine (DEA - a metabolite of atrazine) on different non-target freshwater crustaceans. We used animals from different ecological groups: two amphipods from surface running water (Gammarus pulex and Gammarus cf. orinos), an isopod from surface stagnant water (Asellus aquaticus) and an amphipod living in groundwater (Niphargus rhenorhodanensis). Organisms were exposed to different levels of SMOC and DEA, alone or in binary mixture...
December 2016: Chemosphere
L Mu, L Fang, H Wang, L Chen, Y Yang, X J Qu, C Y Wang, Y Yuan, S B Wang, Y N Wang
Worldwide, water scarcity threatens delivery of water to urban centers. Increasing water use efficiency (WUE) is often recommended to reduce water demand, especially in water-scarce areas. In this paper, agricultural water use efficiency (AWUE) is examined using the super-efficient data envelopment analysis (DEA) approach in Xi'an in Northwest China at a temporal and spatial level. The grey systems analysis technique was then adopted to identify the factors that influenced the efficiency differentials under the shortage of water resources...
September 2016: Water Science and Technology: a Journal of the International Association on Water Pollution Research
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