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Randall W Velliquette, Judith Aeschlimann, Julie Kirkegaard, Gayane Shakarian, Christine Lomas-Francis, Connie M Westhoff
BACKGROUND: Anti-CD47 (Hu5F9-G4) is a human monoclonal immunoglobulin G (IgG)4 antibody that is in clinical trials to treat hematologic or solid malignancies. CD47, a glycoprotein expressed on all cells, binds to signal-regulatory protein α on macrophages and regulates phagocytosis. Blocking CD47 is thought to enhance phagocytosis and promote antitumor responses. Here, we evaluate drug interference in pretransfusion testing, determine mitigation strategies, and compare interference with anti-CD38 (Daratumumab)...
December 5, 2018: Transfusion
Deborah K VanderVeen, Raymond T Kraker, Stacy L Pineles, Amy K Hutchinson, Lorri B Wilson, Jennifer A Galvin, Scott R Lambert
OBJECTIVE: To review the published evidence to evaluate the ability of orthokeratology (Ortho-K) treatment to reduce myopic progression in children and adolescents compared with the use of spectacles or daytime contact lenses for standard refractive correction. METHODS: Literature searches of the PubMed database, the Cochrane Library, and the databases of clinical trials were last conducted on May 23, 2017 with no date restrictions but limited to articles published in English...
November 23, 2018: Ophthalmology
Chourouk Ibrahim, Salah Hammami, Nadia Chérif, Selma Mejri, Pierre Pothier, Abdennaceur Hassen
The efficiency of rotating biodisks and natural oxidizing lagoon procedures is investigated at a Tunisian semi-industrial pilot plant, El Menzeh I, where the wastewater is mainly provided by three different neighbouring hospital clinics. Throughout 2011, 102 wastewater samples were collected from the two mentioned wastewater treatment procedures. Results showed that the Sapovirus (SaV) frequency was approximately 29.4% using the real-time reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) technique, and about 16...
November 26, 2018: International Journal of Environmental Health Research
Colin P Murphy, Anthony Sanchez, Liam A Peebles, Matthew T Provencher
The decision to incorporate ortho-biologics into a clinical practice will ultimately depend on physicians' preferences and the resources available to their practice. It is important to emphasize that different biologics are used for different pathologies/injuries and in different settings, such as the operating room or in the office. Physicians thinking about using biologics in their practices should consider the time commitment required to learn and use the technique, insurance coverage, and informed consent...
January 2019: Clinics in Sports Medicine
Ruijuan Liu, Fang Zhou, He He, Jingyao Wei, Xin Tian, Li Ding
Corynoline (CRL), an isoquinoline alkaloid, is the major constituent derived from Corydalis bungeana Herba, which is a well-known Chinese herbal medicine widely used in many prescriptions. The purpose of this study was to comprehensively investigate the metabolism and bioactivation of CRL, and identify the CYP450 isoforms involved in reactive ortho -benzoquinone metabolites formation and evaluate its hepatotoxicity in mice. Here, high resolution and triple quadrupole mass spectrometry were used for studying the metabolism of CRL...
2018: Frontiers in Pharmacology
Renata Smulik-Izydorczyk, Michał Rostkowski, Angelika Gerbich, Dominika Jarmoc, Jan Adamus, Agnieszka Leszczyńska, Radosław Michalski, Andrzej Marcinek, Karol Kramkowski, Adam Sikora
The recent interest in the clinical applications of Piloty's acid derivatives as HNO donors for the treatment of cardiovascular system dysfunction has led us to the examination of factors controlling HNO release from selected ortho-substituted N-hydroxysulfonamides. Here we present the kinetic and quantum mechanical studies on the mechanism of HNO release from selected ortho-substituted N-hydroxysulfonamides and in vivo examination of the antiaggregatory properties of N-hydroxy-(2-bromobenzene)sulfonamide complex with sodium salt of β-cyclodextrin sulfobutyl ethers-ethyl ethers as compared with Angeli's salt...
November 15, 2018: Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics
Moaza Ghuloom Mohammad, Shazia Naser-Ud Din, Amar Hassan Khamis, Athanasios E Athanasiou
Objectives: The aims of this investigation in a group of Emiratis were ( 1 ) To study overall and anterior tooth size ratios in Class I normal occlusion, ( 2 ) To estimate overall and anterior tooth size ratios in different malocclusion groups, ( 3 ) To compare overall and anterior tooth size ratios in Class I normal occlusion with the Bolton standards, and ( 4 ) To determine the distribution of overall and anterior tooth size ratios ± 2 SD from Bolton mean values in all occlusion groups...
2018: Open Dentistry Journal
Sean W L Ho, Lynn Thwin, Ernest B K Kwek
BACKGROUND: Occult hip fractures in the elderly are challenging to diagnose and often result in surgical delays which may worsen outcomes. However, the minimally displaced nature of these fractures may conversely lead to better outcomes. The aim of this study was to determine if surgically treated occult hip fractures have better short to mid term functional outcomes when compared to non-occult fractures. The secondary aim was to determine if there are any differences in clinical characteristics of patients who present with occult hip fractures...
October 15, 2018: Injury
I Gusti Aju Wahju Ardani, Bintiana Susanti, Irwadi Djaharu'ddin
Background: Two types of orthodontic elastics exist based on their material, latex and nonlatex, each of which has different properties in clinical use. Some of the differences include their initial force and force degradation over time. This study was conducted to compare the force changes in both materials. Aim: To evaluate the force degradation of latex and nonlatex elastics under moderate stretching over time. Methods: Medium-force orthodontic latex and nonlatex elastics from American Orthodontics (AO) and Ortho Technology (OT) of lumen size 1/4 inches and 3/16 inches (total sample 110 elastics) were submerged in artificial saliva (pH 6...
2018: Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dentistry
Zhouyue Li, Yin Hu, Dongmei Cui, Wen Long, Mingguang He, Xiao Yang
PURPOSE: To investigate changes in subfoveal choroidal thickness (SFChT) during orthokeratology (Ortho-K) lens wear and after its cessation and the association of short-term change in SFChT with the long-term eye elongation in Ortho-K subjects. DESIGN: A prospective clinical trial. METHODS: Fifty myopic children aged between 9 and 14 years were enrolled. Twenty-nine subjects continuously wore Ortho-K lens for 12 months and discontinued for 1 month...
October 4, 2018: Acta Ophthalmologica
Massimo De Paschale, Maria Teresa Manco, Annalisa Cianflone, Luisa Belvisi, Debora Cagnin, Teresa Cerulli, Alessia Paganini, Carlo Agrappi, Paola Mirri, Pierangelo Clerici
BACKGROUND: Simultaneous detection of HIV 1 and 2 antibodies and HIV-1 p-24 antigen in the 4th generation tests is particularly effective for the identification of early acute HIV infections while maintaining accurate detection of long-established infections. OBJECTIVES: The aim of this study was to evaluate the new 4th generation VITROS HIV Combo test from Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics by comparing its results with those obtained using a 3rd generation HIV 1/2 antibody test (VITROS Anti HIV 1 + 2 from Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics) and a 4th generation test (LIAISON XL HIV Ab/Ag, DiaSorin) currently used in the Microbiology Unit of Legnano Hospital...
September 17, 2018: Journal of Clinical Virology: the Official Publication of the Pan American Society for Clinical Virology
Karl-Friedrich Krey, Anja Ratzmann, Philine Henriette Metelmann, Marcel Hartmann, Sebastian Ruge, Bernd Kordaß
OBJECTIVE: In most cases, according to our treatment concept, a presurgical orthodontic treatment (POT) is performed on patients with cleft lip and palate (CLP). The aim of this case report is to demonstrate a completely digital workflow for the production of a palate plate. MATERIALS AND METHODS: For the assessment of the maxillary arch, a digital impression of the jaw was made on two patients with an intraoral scanner (Cerec Omnicam Ortho). After reconstruction of a virtual model from the scan data, appropriate areas of the jaw could be blocked out and a plate constructed...
2018: International Journal of Computerized Dentistry
Seyed Amir Mousavi, Abbasali Khademi, Parisa Soltani, Shirin Shahnaseri, Marzie Poorghorban
Background: Adequate seal of the root canal is necessary to prevent recontamination and ensure the long-term clinical success. The aim of this study was to evaluate the sealing ability of ProRoot mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA), Biodentine, and Ortho MTA as the root canal obturation materials using the fluid infiltration method. Materials and Methods: In this invitro study a total of 66 extracted human mandibular premolars were randomly divided into five groups according to the material used for the root canal obturation...
September 2018: Dental Research Journal
Shu Yang, Jinping Hu, Yan Li, Zhigang Zhao
1. Bicyclol is a new synthetic anti-hepatitic drug and primarily metabolized by CYP3A. The aim of this study was to evaluate the pharmacokinetic interactions between bicyclol and co-administered drugs including metformin, pioglitazone, atorvastatin, fenofibrate, Cyclosporin A (CsA) and tacrolimus in rat and human liver microsomes (RLMs/HLMs) in vitro and in rats in vivo. 2. The depletion rate of bicyclol in RLMs was significantly inhibited by 44.8% and 35.5% after preincubation with pioglitazone and fenofibrate while the metabolite formation rate of bicyclol in HLMs was inhibited by 26...
September 14, 2018: Xenobiotica; the Fate of Foreign Compounds in Biological Systems
Sahitya Sanivarapu, Pavan Kumar Addanki, Rajababu Palaparty, Chaitanya Adurty
Periodontally accelerated osteogenic orthodontics (PAOO) is a clinical procedure that incorporates selective corticotomy, particulate grafting, and application of optimal orthodontic forces. It reduces treatment time, increases stability of teeth, and prevents relapse of orthodontic tooth movement (OTM). The present case report highlights the technique and principles of PAOO for rapid OTM.
September 2018: Journal of Indian Society of Periodontology
Jiang Jun, Bian Zhiwen, Wang Feifu, Lian Lili, Lu Fan
OBJECTIVES: To investigate the level of compliance with orthokeratology (ortho-k) guidelines and the main behaviors of poor compliance to guide clinical care. METHODS: A questionnaire was sent to ortho-k patients in the Eye Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University (EHWMU) in Mainland China who were prescribed ortho-k lenses after January 2013 and have worn ortho-k lenses for more than 1 year to determine the compliance rate for eight wear and care behaviors. Follow-up visit compliance was then investigated among these patients using a retrospective survey...
September 2018: Eye & Contact Lens
Francesco Castagnini, Barbara Bordini, Susanna Stea, Pierina Paola Calderoni, Claudio Masetti, Luca Busanelli
PURPOSE: Highly porous cups were developed to improve osseointegration and reduce the rate of aseptic loosening. Highly porous titanium cups could mix the reliability of titanium metal with an enhanced porosity, improving the bony ingrowth. The aim of this report was to assess the survival rates and reasons for revision of a highly porous titanium cup, Fixa Ti-Por (Adler Ortho, Milan, Italy), fabricated using an additive manufacturing. METHODS: The Registry of Prosthetic Orthopedic Implants (RIPO), the Emilia-Romagna region arthroplasty registry, was enquired about cementless cups, implanted since July 2007...
August 23, 2018: International Orthopaedics
Lokesh Kumar Sharma, Deep Dutta, Neera Sharma, Bhaskar Thakur
BACKGROUND: No data is available evaluating the difference in serum versus plasma sample assay of commonly tested parameters in the emergency department, where the sample processing time can be significantly reduced if plasma is used for analysis instead of conventionally used serum. Hence, this study aimed to evaluate the differences in serum versus plasma sample estimation of commonly evaluated biochemical parameters using dry chemistry technology. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Paired blood samples were collected from a single venipuncture of 405 patients admitted to the emergency department...
July 2018: Journal of Laboratory Physicians
Chandrasekhar Challa, Jaice Ravindran, Mohini Mohan Konai, Sunil Varughese, Jubi Jacob, B S Dileep Kumar, Jayanta Haldar, Ravi S Lankalapalli
Easily accessible 3,3'-diindolylmethanes (DIMs) were utilized to generate a focused library of indolo[2,3- b ]quinolines ( 2 ), chromeno[2,3- b ]indoles ( 3 ), and 3-alkenyl-oxindoles ( 4 ) under 2,3-Dichloro-5,6-dicyano-1,4-benzoquinone (DDQ)-mediated oxidative conditions. DIMs with ortho-NHTosyl (NHTs) phenyl group afforded indolo[2,3- b ]quinolines ( 2 ), whereas DIMs with ortho-hydroxy phenyl groups yielded chromeno[2,3- b ]indoles ( 3 ) and 3-alkenyl-oxindoles ( 4 ). The mild conditions and excellent yields of the products make this method a good choice to access a diverse library of bioactive molecules from a common starting material...
August 31, 2017: ACS Omega
Steven R Feldman, Shipra Rastogi, Jay Lin
INTRODUCTION: Clinical trials have shown brodalumab to have better efficacy than ustekinumab for the treatment of moderate-to-severe psoriasis. An estimation of the cost-effectiveness of brodalumab vs. ustekinumab is warranted and may be useful for treatment decision-making processes, especially in the context of the cost considerations of the current US healthcare system. Therefore, we compared the cost-effectiveness of brodalumab with ustekinumab for treatment of moderate-to-severe psoriasis in biologic-naïve and biologic-experienced patients in the USA...
July 13, 2018: Dermatology and Therapy
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