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Monitoring of diabetes treatment

P Singh, A Chedid, S K Deuchler, T Kohnen, M Müller, F H Koch
Purpose: There are little or no published data comparing the outcomes of ILUVIEN® (0.19 mg fluocinolone acetonide [FAc]) and OZURDEX® (0.7 mg dexamethasone [DEX]) implants in patients with diabetic macular edema (DME), and this case sought to compare their outcomes. Methods: This case was extracted from a monocentric audit involving a pool of 25 patients (33 eyes) with DME and treated with a single FAc implant between October 2013 and December 2016. This case, a 61-year-old male with a pseudophakic lens, is from a patient that had received 4 intravitreal injections of a DEX implant prior to FAc implant and then was monitored for 3 years until re-treatment with a second FAc implant...
2018: International Medical Case Reports Journal
Sicheng Li, Yi Zhang, Zhichun Sun, Ji Hu, Chen Fang
RATIONALE: Programmed cell death-1 protein (PD-1) antibody is an immune-checkpoint inhibitor that triggers anti-tumor response by enhancing immune response. Although PD-1 antibody has been reported effective in some malignant tumor, it can also induce significant immune-related adverse events (irAEs) such as autoimmune diabetes. PATIENT CONCERNS: A 67-year-old male patient with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLS) presented with polydipsia, polyuria, weakness, and weight loss after use of anti-programmed cell death-1 antibody therapy...
November 2018: Medicine (Baltimore)
Satoshi Imaizumi, Yuhei Shiga, Masahiro Ogawa, Hideto Sako, Yoshihisa Nagata, Akira Matsunaga, Tetsuro Shirotani, Fumihiro Hoshino, Eiji Yahiro, Yuko Uehara, Natsumi Morito, Hiroyuki Tanigawa, Dai Shimono, Mikio Fukushima, Hidekazu Sugihara, Kenji Norimatsu, Takaaki Kusumoto, Keijiro Saku, Shin-Ichiro Miura
There is a lack of data on how to treat hypertensive patients with diabetes when treatment with medium doses of calcium channel blocker and angiotensin II type 1 receptor blocker (ARB) is insufficient to achieve the target blood pressure (BP). A total of 121 participants with type 2 diabetes and uncontrolled essential hypertension, who were receiving medium doses of amlodipine (5 mg/day) and ARB, were enrolled. Participants were randomized to receive either a high dose of amlodipine (10 mg/day) plus a medium dose of ARB (high-AML) or a medium dose of amlodipine (5 mg/day) plus a high dose of ARB (high-ARB)...
November 8, 2018: Heart and Vessels
H Guo, Y Zhang, P Li, P Zhou, L-M Chen, S-Y Li
PURPOSE: To explore the effects of mobile health (mHealth) intervention on pregnancy weight management, blood glucose control and pregnancy outcomes. METHODS: A total of 124 patients with gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) were selected. Patients were randomly divided into two groups. The 60 patients in the control group received standard outpatient treatment, while the remaining 64 patients received a nurse's online guidance both through a mobile medical App installed on their phone and through regular offline clinical treatment in the mHealth group...
November 7, 2018: Journal of Endocrinological Investigation
Dirceu Tavares Formiga Nery, José Ranali, Darceny Zanetta Barbosa, Helvécio Marangon Júnior, Rafael Martins Afonso Pereira, Patrícia Cristine de Oliveira Afonso Pereira
Oral surgery to remove pyogenic granuloma in a high-risk patient is reported. A 47-year-old man with gastroesophageal reflux disease, diabetes mellitus II, dyslipidemia, and chronic coronary insufficiency (myocardial infarction within 2 years) with episodes of unstable angina was submitted to an excisional biopsy of hemorrhagic lesion in the lingual right mandibular gingiva. During dental treatment, the arterial blood pressure, oxygen saturation, heart rate, and electrocardiogram were monitored. Local anesthesia was performed with 0...
2018: Case Reports in Dentistry
Munmun B Marak, Biranthabail Dhanashree
Objective: The study aims to speciate clinical Candida isolates and detect their biofilm-forming ability and antifungal resistance. Methods: All the Candida spp. isolated from different clinical samples like pus, urine, blood, and body fluid were included in the study. Biofilm production was tested by the microtiter plate method. Antifungal susceptibility was studied by the disk diffusion method. Patient's demographic details such as age, sex, and clinical information were collected...
2018: International Journal of Microbiology
Jane E Yardley, Jordan L Rees, Deanna R Funk, Saeed Reza Toghi-Eshghi, Normand G Boulé, Peter A Senior
Context: Islet transplantation is effective in preventing hypoglycemia in individuals with type 1 diabetes (T1D). However, it is currently unknown whether transplanted islets regulate plasma glucose concentrations appropriately during and after exercise in human islet transplant recipients (ITx). Objective: To determine the effect of exercise on plasma glucose, insulin, and glucagon concentrations in ITx compared to individuals without diabetes (CON). Intervention: Participants completed two conditions in random order, 1) 45 minutes of aerobic exercise (60% VO2peak), and 2) 45 minutes of seated rest...
November 6, 2018: Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism
LakshmiPriya Rangaraju, Xuejuan Jiang, J Jason McAnany, Michael R Tan, Justin Wanek, Norman P Blair, Jennifer I Lim, Mahnaz Shahidi
Purpose: Diabetes is known to cause alterations in retinal microvasculature and tissue that progressively lead to visual impairment. Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is useful for assessment of total retinal thickening due to diabetic macular edema (DME). In the current study, we determined associations between visual acuity (VA) and retinal layer thickness, reflectance, and interface disruption derived from enface OCT images in subjects with and without DME. Materials and Methods: Best corrected VA was measured and high-density OCT volume scans were acquired in 149 diabetic subjects...
2018: Journal of Ophthalmology
Se Hee Min, Jung Hee Kim, Yu Mi Kang, Seung Hak Lee, Byung-Mo Oh, Kyou-Sup Han, Meihua Zhang, Hoe Suk Kim, Woo Kyung Moon, Hakmo Lee, Kyong Soo Park, Hye Seung Jung
Rodent stem cells demonstrated regenerative effects in diabetic neuropathy via improvement in nerve perfusion. As a pre-clinical step, we explored if human mobilized mononuclear cells (hMNC) would have the same effects in rats. hMNC were injected into Rt. hind-limb muscles of streptozotocin-induced diabetic nude rats, and the grafts were monitored using with MRI. After 4 weeks, the effects were compared with those in the vehicle-injected Lt. hind limbs. Nerve conduction, muscle perfusion and gene expression of sciatic nerves were assessed...
December 1, 2018: Journal of Endocrinology
Anubhav K Gupta, Chirayu Parwal, Mahesh Mangal, Swaroop Singh Gambhir, Bheem Singh Nanda, Kiranmoy Sarangi
Most fungal infections found in wounds are secondary or superadded, and are generally benign in their clinical course in healthy individuals, with the exception of mucormycosis. This is a life-threatening infection caused by fungi of the order Mucorales. Primary cutaneous disease may occur following traumatic implantation of spores, or use of contaminated bandages, or as a complication of extensive burns, diabetic acidosis and other specific immunocompromised conditions. The clinical spectrum is highly non-specific and is often triggered by seemingly innocuous trauma...
November 2, 2018: Journal of Wound Care
Lauren Elizabeth Palk
Nurses commonly encounter patients with type 1 or type 2 diabetes mellitus in their practice. Management of these conditions requires an in-depth knowledge of blood glucose monitoring. It is essential that nurses are aware of normal blood glucose levels, so that they can respond to complications caused by elevated and reduced blood glucose levels. This article aims to enhance nurses' knowledge of the acute metabolic complications of diabetes, such as diabetic ketoacidosis and hyperosmolar hyperglycaemic state, to assist in their recognition and management in clinical practice...
November 6, 2018: Nursing Standard
Ayasa Nitta, Saeko Imai, Shizuo Kajiyama, Takashi Miyawaki, Shinya Matsumoto, Neiko Ozasa, Shintaro Kajiyama, Yoshitaka Hashimoto, Muhei Tanaka, Michiaki Fukui
AIMS: - Our aim was to evaluate the acute effect of eating sweet snacks at different times of day on glycaemic parameters in young women without diabetes. METHODS: - In this randomized controlled three-treatment crossover study, 17 women [(means ± SD) age: 21.2 ± 0.8 years, BMI: 20.7 ± 2.5 kg/m2, HbA1c: 36 ± 2 mmol/mol (5.1 ± 0.2%)] wore flash (continuous) glucose monitoring systems for 7 days. Each participant consumed identical test meals on days 4, 5 and 6, but consumed sweet snacks (baked cake: 498 kcal; 53...
November 1, 2018: Diabetes & Metabolism
J Davis, M Desmond, M Berk
BACKGROUND: Despite lithium being the most efficacious treatment for bipolar disorder, its use has been decreasing at least in part due to concerns about its potential to cause significant nephrotoxicity. Whilst the ability of lithium to cause nephrogenic diabetes insipidus is well established, its ability to cause chronic kidney disease is a much more vexing issue, with various studies suggesting both positive and negative causality. Despite these differences, the weight of evidence suggests that lithium has the potential to cause end stage kidney disease, albeit over a prolonged period...
November 3, 2018: BMC Nephrology
Sanjay Kalra, Leszek Czupryniak, Gary Kilov, Roberta Lamptey, Ajay Kumar, A G Unnikrishnan, Aissa Boudiba, Mohamed Abid, Zhanay A Akanov, Ali Latheef, Mustafa Araz, Ralph Audehm, Silver Bahendeka, Naby Balde, Sandeep Chaudhary, Chaicharn Deerochanawong, Olufemi Fasanmade, Hinde Iraqi, Tint Swe Latt, Jean Claude Mbanya, Joel Rodriguez-Saldana, Ko Seung Hyun, Zafar A Latif, Maxim Lushchyk, Magdy Megallaa, Mohammed Wali Naseri, Nguyen Quang Bay, Kaushik Ramaiya, Hoosen Randeree, Syed Abbas Raza, Khalid Shaikh, Dina Shrestha, Eugene Sobngwi, Noel Somasundaram, Norlela Sukor, Rima Tan
Premixed insulins are an important tool for glycemic control in persons with diabetes. Equally important in diabetes care is the selection of the most appropriate insulin regimen for a particular individual at a specific time. Currently, the choice of insulin regimens for initiation or intensification of therapy is a subjective decision. In this article, we share insights, which will help in rational and objective selection of premixed formulations for initiation and intensification of insulin therapy. The glycemic status and its variations in a person help to identify the most appropriate insulin regimen and formulation for him or her...
November 3, 2018: Diabetes Therapy: Research, Treatment and Education of Diabetes and related Disorders
Meng Li, Huijuan Fang, Jian Hu
Apelin has been reported to be associated with multiple physiological processes in the cardiovascular system. The aim of the present study was to investigate the effects of Apelin‑13 administration on cardiac function, hyperglycemia, insulin resistance (IR), dyslipidemia, endothelial function, inflammation and glucose metabolism in type 2 diabetic Goto‑Kakizaki (GK) rats, and compare the protective effects of Apelin‑13 with metformin or atorvastatin. In the present study, type 2 diabetes was induced in male Goto‑Kakizaki (GK) rats fed with high‑fat diet (HFD)...
October 29, 2018: Molecular Medicine Reports
Sudipta Patra, Yasha Mukim, Muralidhar Varma, Chiranjay Mukhopadhyay, Vandana Kalwaje Eshwara
Background/aim: The current study was carried out to describe the clinical presentation, antimicrobial susceptibility pattern, and outcome of invasive nontyphoidal Salmonella disease (iNTS) in a tertiary care center. Materials and methods: A 5-year hospital-based retrospective study was carried out on blood culture-confirmed cases of iNTS. Medical records of patients were reviewed to obtain information on demography, clinical manifestations, comorbidities, complications, immune status, treatment, and clinical outcome...
October 31, 2018: Turkish Journal of Medical Sciences
Grazia Aleppo, Lauren G Kanapka, Nicole C Foster, Mengdi Wu, Mark A Clements, Michael R Rickels, Janet B McGill, Roy W Beck
BACKGROUND: Diabetic cheiroarthropathy is a long-term complication of diabetes that causes significant morbidity and can impair functional abilities. It has not been well studied in individuals with type 1 diabetes (T1D). The T1D Exchange registry provided an opportunity to assess the frequency of cheiroarthropathy and related characteristics. MATERIALS AND METHODS: An internet-based survey was sent to 6,199 registry participants >18 years old, with 1,911 (31%) responding (62% female, 90% non-Hispanic White, mean age 40 yrs, median diabetes duration 20 yrs, mean HbA1c 7...
November 1, 2018: Endocrine Practice
Núria Mallorquí-Bagué, María Lozano-Madrid, Estefanía Toledo, Dolores Corella, Jordi Salas-Salvadó, Aida Cuenca-Royo, Jesús Vioque, Dora Romaguera, J Alfredo Martínez, Julia Wärnberg, José López-Miranda, Ramón Estruch, Aurora Bueno-Cavanillas, Ángel Alonso-Gómez, Josep A Tur, Francisco J Tinahones, Lluís Serra-Majem, Vicente Martín, José Lapetra, Clotilde Vázquez, Xavier Pintó, Josep Vidal, Lidia Daimiel, José J Gaforio, Pilar Matía, Emilio Ros, Roser Granero, Pilar Buil-Cosiales, Rocío Barragán, Mònica Bulló, Olga Castañer, Manoli García-de-la-Hera, Aina M Yáñez, Itziar Abete, Antonio García-Ríos, Miguel Ruiz-Canela, Andrés Díaz-López, Susana Jiménez-Murcia, Miguel A Martínez-González, Rafael De la Torre, Fernando Fernández-Aranda
This study cross-sectionally examines in the elderly population: (a) the association of type 2 diabetes with executive function (EF); (b) the effect of BMI on both type 2 diabetes and EF; (c) the association between glycaemia control and EF in type 2 diabetes. 6823 older individuals with overweight/obesity and metabolic syndrome participating in the PREDIMED-PLUS study, were assessed with a battery of cognitive tests and a medical interview. ANOVA showed a significantly worse performance on EF in type 2 diabetes vs...
October 31, 2018: Scientific Reports
Enrique Cervera, Fernando De Andrés-Nogales, Félix Armadá, Luis Arias, Itziar Oyagüez, Concha Martínez
OBJECTIVE: To assess the economic impact following the inclusion of an intravitreal implant of dexamethasone for the treatment of diabetic macular oedema in a healthcare area in Spain. METHOD: A 3-year budget impact model was designed to estimate healthcare  direct costs for adult patients with diabetic macular oedema from the National  Health System perspective. The approved therapies in use  (aflibercept/ranibizumab/dexamethasone) were considered. The target  population was estimated from published diabetic macular oedema prevalence  (6...
November 1, 2018: Farmacia Hospitalaria
Wei Xue-Juan, Wu Hao, Ge Cai-Ying, Liu Xin-Ying, Jia Hong-Yan, Wang Li, Guo Xiao-Ling, Liu Wan-Ying, Gao Wen-Juan, Liang Wan-Nian
BACKGROUND: Rapid demographic and economic changes have made chronic disease the number one health issue in China, contributing to more than 80% of the country's 10.3 million annual deaths and nearly 70% of its total disease burden (Wang et al., Toward a Healthy and Harmonious Life in China: Stemming the Rising Tide of Non-Communicable Diseases, 2011; Yip and Hsiao, Lancet 384: 805-18, 2014). Diabetes is a major contributor to the chronic disease burden and is experienced by nearly 11% of the adult population of China (Yang et al...
October 29, 2018: BMC Health Services Research
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