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Intra Operative Monitoring

Ahmet Selim Ozkan, Muharrem Ucar, Sedat Akbas
OBJECTIVES: To investigate the relationships between secondhand smoke (SHS) exposure and oxygenation during one-lung ventilation (OLV) in lobectomy surgery and between SHS exposure and postoperative analgesic consumption. DESIGN: Prospective study. SETTING: University, Faculty of Medicine, operating room. PARTICIPANTS: Sixty adult patients with American Society of Anesthesiologists score II to III, aged 18 to 65 years, with a body mass index (BMI) <35 kg/m2 scheduled for lobectomy surgery by open thoracotomy...
July 2, 2018: Journal of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Anesthesia
Seung-Hyun Jeong, Ji-Hun Jang, Seong-Ho Ham, Seung-Jeong Yang, Hea-Young Cho, Yong-Bok Lee
The purpose of this study was to develop a method for simultaneous analysis of schizandrin, ephedrine, paeoniflorin, and cinnamic acid as constituents of Socheongryong-tang tablet in human plasma using UPLC-MS/MS. These four components were separated using water containing 0.01% formic acid and methanol as a mobile phase by gradient elution at a flow rate of 0.3 mL/min with a HALO-C18 column (2.1 mm × 100 mm, 2.7 μm particle size). Quantitation was performed on a triple quadrupole mass spectrometer employing electrospray ionization technique operated in multiple reaction monitoring mode...
July 31, 2018: Journal of Chromatography. B, Analytical Technologies in the Biomedical and Life Sciences
Mariana F Lima, Luiz Antonio Mondadori, Aline Y Chibana, Daniel B Gilio, Eduardo Henrique Giroud Joaquim, Frederic Michard
Hemodynamic and depth of anesthesia (DOA) monitoring are used in many high-risk surgical patients without well-defined indications and objectives. We implemented monitoring guidelines to rationalize hemodynamic and anesthesia management during major cancer surgery. In early 2014, we developed guidelines with specific targets (Mean arterial pressure > 65 mmHg, stroke volume variation < 12%, cardiac index > 2.5 l min-1  m-2 , central venous oxygen saturation > 70%, 40 < bispectral index < 60) for open abdominal cancer surgeries > 2 h...
August 3, 2018: Journal of Clinical Monitoring and Computing
Xiaoli Han, Jinhua He, Qinyue Chen, Yali Sun, Xiulei Zhang, Zhengyi Gu, Xianyi Sha
Artemitin, a significant flavonol compound existing in Laggera pterodonta (DC.) Benth., Artemisia rupestris L, etc, is pyramidally focused by researchers owing to its pharmacological activities (such as antioxidative, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral). In this work, a highly sensitive and specific high-performance liquid chromatography -electrospray ionization-tandem mass spectrometry (HPLC-ESI-MS/MS) assay combined with protein precipitation has been established and validated for determining Artemitin concentration in rat plasma...
August 2, 2018: Biomedical Chromatography: BMC
Janet Hill, Paul Magill, Alastair Dorman, Rosemary Hogg, Andrew Eggleton, Gary Benson, Margaret McFarland, Lynn Murphy, Evie Gardner, Leeann Bryce, Una Martin, Catherine Adams, Jennifer Bell, Christina Campbell, Ashley Agus, Glenn Phair, Dennis Molloy, Brian Mockford, Seamus O'Hagan, David Beverland
BACKGROUND: While it is has been proven that tranexamic acid (TXA) reduces blood loss in primary total hip and knee arthroplasty (THA and TKA), there is little published evidence on the use of TXA beyond 3 h post-operatively. Most blood loss occurs after wound closure and the primary aim of this study is to determine if the use of oral TXA post-operatively for up to 24 h will reduce calculated blood loss at 48 h beyond an intra-operative intravenous bolus alone following primary THA and TKA...
July 31, 2018: Trials
Cunying Huang, Huihui Wan, Jing Zhang, Hongmin Zhong, Juan Li, YuMing Sun, Qing Wang, Hua Zhang
An assay method to quantify ondansetron (OND), granisetron (GRA) and tropisetron (TRO) in goat plasma has been successfully developed and validated. This method procedure for the analysis of OND, GRA and TRO was involved of extracting samples with hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography (HILIC) solid phase extraction (SPE) and determination by liquid chromatography coupled to tandem mass spectroscopy. An SPE method for the simultaneous extraction of OND, GRA and TRO with high efficiency and selectivity was developed...
July 11, 2018: Journal of Chromatography. B, Analytical Technologies in the Biomedical and Life Sciences
Minqiang Liu, Hongyan Wu, Danling Yang, Fengxian Li, Zhichao Li, Song Wang, Renliang He
BACKGROUND: With the development of painless diagnosis and treatment, remifentanil, a synthetic opioid agonist, is increasingly used in gastroscopy for its rapid, short-term, and potent analgesic effect. However, the dosage of remifentanil used in endoscopy is unclear. Index of consciousness (IOC) is a new anesthesia depth-monitoring indicator that can be divided into index of consciousness 1 (IOC1 ) and index of consciousness 2 (IOC2 ); IOC1 is used for estimating a patient's sedation state, whereas IOC2 reflects analgesic depth...
July 18, 2018: Trials
Maíra I Rudolph, Pauline Y Ng, Hao Deng, Flora T Scheffenbichler, Stephanie D Grabitz, Jonathan P Wanderer, Timothy T Houle, Matthias Eikermann
BACKGROUND: Residual neuromuscular block (rNMB) after surgery is not difficult to identify if proper neuromuscular monitoring is used, but many clinicians do not use quantitative neuromuscular monitoring. OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to develop a REsidual neuromuscular block Prediction Score (REPS) to predict postoperative rNMB and compare the predictive accuracy of the prediction score with train-of-four count (TOFC) measurement at the end of a surgical case...
July 16, 2018: European Journal of Anaesthesiology
Mahshid Ghasemi, Faranak Behnaz, Habibollah Hajian
Background: Shivering during a surgery is common. Recently, Alpha-D-agonist dexmedetomidine has been used to control and prevent shivering during and after surgery. However, the anti-shivering effects of this drug in people are unknown with substance abuse. The purpose of this study was to investigate the anti-shivering effect of this drug in addicted individuals. Methods: After obtaining the required criteria, the criteria were randomized in 2 groups, dexmedetomidine and normal saline (each group n = 30), and were matched in age and sex...
April 2018: Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine
Pengfei Zhao, Zhaokun Wang, Kunjie Li, Xingjie Guo, Longshan Zhao
This manuscript describes, for the first time, the multi-residue analysis of 18 chiral pesticides at enantiomeric levels in both environmental liquid (river water, influent and effluent wastewater) and solid matrices (agricultural soil, forestal soil and river sediment) based on magnetic solid-phase extraction (MSPE) and chiral liquid chromatography coupled with tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS). Magnetic amino modified multiwalled carbon nanotubes (m-MWCNTs-NH2 ) were prepared and firstly applied to adsorb pesticides from complex matrices...
July 6, 2018: Journal of Chromatography. A
Chun Long Liu, Ya Peng Li, Xue Qiang Wang, Zhi Jie Zhang
BACKGROUND The objectives of the present study were to examine the intra- and inter-operator reliability of the MyotonPRO device in quantifying the stiffness of the Achilles tendon and the device's ability to examine the modulation in stiffness of the Achilles tendon during ankle joint flexion. MATERIAL AND METHODS Twenty asymptomatic participants (10 males and 10 females; mean age: 25.0±3.1 years) were recruited for this study. The stiffness of the Achilles tendon was quantified using the MyotonPRO device...
July 14, 2018: Medical Science Monitor: International Medical Journal of Experimental and Clinical Research
Paul Jasiukaitis, Russ Lyon
This report presents a method for tracking Motor Evoked Potential (MEP) amplitudes over the course of a case using a moving least squares linear regression (LSMAs). During a case, newly obtained MEP amplitudes are compared to those predicted by a just previous linear regression (least squares moving average or LSMA). When detected by this comparison, a set criterion amplitude loss will then trigger linear regression of ensuing MEP amplitudes on an expanding step function which tracks the persistence of the amplitude loss for the remainder of the case...
July 13, 2018: Journal of Clinical Monitoring and Computing
Charles Klassen, Chad Edward Eckert, Jordan Wong, Jacques P Guyette, Jason Harris, Suzanne Thompson, Leonard J Wudel, Harald C Ott
OBJECTIVE: A novel ex vivo model is described to advance the understanding of prolonged air leaks, one of the most common post-operative complications following thoracic resection procedures. METHODS: As an alternative to in vivo testing, an ex vivo model simulating the various physiologic environments experienced by an isolated lung during the perioperative period was designed and built. Isolated porcine lungs were perfused and ventilated during open chest and closed chest simulations, mimicking intra- and post-operative ventilation conditions...
March 26, 2018: IEEE Transactions on Bio-medical Engineering
Martin Kertys, Anna Urbanova, Juraj Mokry
Phosphodiesterases are known as a super-family of 11 isoenzymes, which can exert various functions based on their organ distribution. In this work, a rapid and sensitive ultra-high performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry method was developed for quantification of tadalafil (phosphodiesterase five inhibitor), roflumilast (RF) (phosphodiesterase four inhibitor) and its active metabolite, RF N-oxide in guinea pig plasma. Chromatographic separation was carried out on UPLC BEH C18 column (2.1 mm × 50 mm, 1...
July 10, 2018: Journal of Chromatographic Science
Kaushic A Theerth, Kamath Sriganesh, K R Reddy, Dhritiman Chakrabarti, G S Rao
BACKGROUND: Scalp block or local anesthetic infiltration for craniotomy blunts hemodynamic response to noxious stimuli, reduces opioid requirement and decreases post-operative pain. Analgesia Nociception Index (ANI) provides objective information about the magnitude of pain (rated from 0 to 100 with 0 indicating extreme nociception and 100 indicating absence of nociception) and adequacy of intra-operative analgesia. This study compared intra-operative fentanyl consumption guided by ANI and postoperative pain in patients who receive scalp block with those who receive incision-site local anesthetic infiltration for craniotomy...
July 9, 2018: Minerva Anestesiologica
Sakkarapalayam M Mahalingam, Fernando Dip, Marco Castillo, Mayank Roy, Steven D Wexner, Raul J Rosenthal, Philip S Low
Ureters can be accidentally severed during pelvic surgeries, significantly prolonging the times in the operating room to allow for complete repair of damaged ureters and leading to significant morbidities associated with consequent ureter obstruction and possible kidney dysfunction. In an effort to prevent these complications, light-emitting stents and urine-excreted dyes have been introduced to illuminate the ureter during surgery. However, problems with mechanical insertion, ureter spasm, image contrast, and localized injection have limited interest in their clinical applications...
July 18, 2018: Molecular Pharmaceutics
Kaushik Barua, Sunil Rajan, Jerry Paul, Pulak Tosh, Anju Padmalayan, Lakshmi Kumar
Background: Addition of glucose in the intraoperative fluid is a routine practice in infants. Under general anesthesia, due to neuroendocrine stress response, this could result in overt hyperglycemia. Aims: The aim of this study was to find whether the addition of 2% dextrose to Ringer's lactate (RL) caused hyperglycemia compared to no addition of dextrose to RL. Settings and Designs: This prospective randomized study was conducted in 100 infants undergoing facial cleft surgery at a tertiary care institution...
April 2018: Anesthesia, Essays and Researches
Hongjian Miao, Yue Huang, Chao Ma, Jingguang Li, Yunfeng Zhao, Yongning Wu
> Background : A multitude of biomonitoring analytical methods are applied in urinary detection, but few are applicable to phthalate metabolites in human serum, and those that are invariably involve complex operation. Objective : To develop a novel method for the determination of phthalate monoesters in human serum using solid-phase extraction (SPE) and ultra-HPLC (UHPLC)-tandem mass spectrometry for multiple human serum sample determination. Method : Analytes in serum samples were extracted and purified with a novel SPE cartridge named Prime HLB and then directly injected and analyzed without eluent redissolution...
June 28, 2018: Journal of AOAC International
Shaobo Yang, Kuiran Dong, Shan Zheng
RATIONALE: Takayasu arteritis (TA) is a chronic granulomatous inflammation affecting the aorta and its main branches. The clinical symptoms are mainly due to arterial claudication and end-organ ischaemia. Abdominal pain is an uncommon manifestation of TA. PATIENT CONCERNS: We present a rare case of TA in a 13-year-old boy who first presented with abdominal pain. An emergency aortic stent implantation and aneurysm embolization were performed, and the intra-operative diagnosis was aortic pseudoaneurysm...
June 2018: Medicine (Baltimore)
S Harrison Farber, Gautam Nayar, Rupen Desai, Elizabeth W Reiser, Sarah A Byrd, Deborah Chi, Cary Idler, Robert E Isaacs
PURPOSE: Radiation exposure is a necessary component of minimally invasive spine procedures to augment limited visualization of anatomy. The surgeon's exposure to ionizing radiation is not easily recognizable without a digital dosimeter-something few surgeons have access to. The aim of this study was to identify an easy alternative method that uses the available radiation dose data from the C-arm to accurately predict physician exposure. METHODS: The senior surgeon wore a digital dosimeter during all minimally invasive spine fusion procedures performed over a 12-month period...
June 8, 2018: European Spine Journal
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