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Marzieh Sobhani, Mahdi Abbas-Mohammadi, Samad Nejad Ebrahimi, Atousa Aliahmadi
Background and Objectives: Due to the importance of finding new and more effective antifungal and antibacterial compounds against invasive vaginitis strains, this study was conducted for fast screening of plant samples. Materials and Methods: Thirty Iranian plant samples were successively extracted by n -hexane, ethyl acetate and methanol to obtain a total of 90 extracts. Each extract was prepared in six concentrations and evaluated for antifungal activity via a micro-broth dilution method...
June 2018: Iranian Journal of Microbiology
Samad Rezaee Khiabanloo, Roghieh Jebreili, Ezatollah Aalipour, Nazi Saljoughi, Arian Shahidi
INTRODUCTION: Increased demand for rejuvenation of the aging face has led to the evolution of various plastic surgery techniques. This study was conducted to evaluate the surgical efficacy and outcomes of the absorbable suture suspension system related to eyebrow, midface, mandibular, and neck lifting. MATERIALS AND METHODS: In this prospective review chart clinical study, a total of 193 patients were included in the study from January 2016 to May 2017. All participants underwent thread lifting using the Proma Happy Lift double needle and Silhouette Soft threads...
August 13, 2018: Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology
Sahar Nakhl, Ghassan Sleilaty, Salam El Samad, Youakim Saliba, Ramez Chahine, Nassim Farès
BACKGROUND: Previous studies have associated vitamin D deficiency with cardiovascular disease (CVD) markers. The underlying mechanism remains elusive. Lipid and non-lipid markers of CVD and their relationship to vitamin D deficiency have not been assessed simultaneously. OBJECTIVE: To measure the association between vitamin D deficiency and non-lipid markers of CVD after adjustment of lipid markers. METHODS: This cross-sectional study used the following biological data, which was routinely collected in a general hospital laboratory database between 2011 and 2016: 25OH vitamin D [25(OH)D], creatinine, CKD-EPI eGFR (eGFR), fasting blood glucose (FPG), glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c), uric acid, γ-glutamyl transferase (γGT), C-reactive protein (CRP), total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, triglycerides, and a surrogate for CVD...
August 10, 2018: European Journal of Clinical Nutrition
Irfan Siddiqui, Sudarshan Rajagopal, Amanda Brucker, Karen Chiswell, Bridgette Christopher, Fawaz Alenezi, Aditya Mandawat, Danny Rivera, Kristine Arges, Victor Tapson, Joseph Kisslo, Eric Velazquez, Pamela S Douglas, Zainab Samad
In pulmonary hypertension (PH), measurement of various echocardiographic parameters that assess right heart function is recommended by current clinical guidelines. Limited data exists on the combined value of clinical and echocardiographic parameters in precapillary PH in the modern era of therapy. We examined the association of clinical and echocardiographic parameters with surrogate outcomes (6-minute walk distance) and hard outcomes (hospitalization or death) in patients with precapillary PH. A cohort of patients with an established diagnosis of precapillary PH who underwent transthoracic echocardiography at the Duke Echo Lab were prospectively enrolled from 2010 to 2014...
June 15, 2018: American Journal of Cardiology
Marcos Marçal Ferreira Queiroz, Aymeric Monteillier, Sarah Berndt, Laurence Marcourt, Eryvelton de Souza Franco, Gilles Carpentier, Samad Nejad Ebrahimi, Muriel Cuendet, Vanderlan da Silva Bolzani, Maria Bernadete Souza Maia, Emerson Ferreira Queiroz, Jean-Luc Wolfender
The ethyl acetate extract of the aerial parts of Chresta martii showed significant in vitro NF-κB inhibition. Bioactivity-guided isolation was undertaken using HPLC microfractionation to localize the active compounds. Different zones of the HPLC chromatogram were linked to NF-κB inhibition. In parallel to this HPLC-based activity profiling, HPLC-PDA-ESI-MS and UHPLC-TOF-HRMS were used for the early identification of some of the compounds present in the extract and to get a complete phytochemical overview...
August 1, 2018: Journal of Natural Products
Ahmad Zamri Liyana, Geeta Appannah, Siti Yazmin Zahari Sham, Mansor Fazliana, Noor Safiza Mohamad Nor, Rashidah Ambak, Azah Abdul Samad, Nofi Yuliani Dahlan, Tahir Aris
BACKGROUND: The effectiveness of lifestyle intervention for weight loss on cardiometabolic risk factors among overweight and obese individuals in the community setting remains inconclusive. This study aimed to evaluate the effect of a 6-month weight loss lifestyle intervention on cardiometabolic risk factors among overweight and obese women and the sustainability of the changes in those markers at 12-month follow-up, comparing an intervention group with a control group. METHODS: A total of 243 participants from MyBFF@home were included in this study...
July 19, 2018: BMC Women's Health
Sharath P Madhyastha, Nidhi Gupta, Raviraja V Acharya, Abdul Samad
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
July 30, 2018: BMJ Case Reports
Sina Mashayekhi, Mojtaba Ziaee, Alireza Garjani, Parvin Sarbakhsh, Samad Ghaffari
BACKGROUND: Biomarkers possess important diagnostic and prognostic value in acute coronary syndromes (ACSs). Soluble lectin-like oxidized low-density lipoprotein receptor-1 (sLOX-1) is one of the markers involved in atherosclerotic plaque vulnerability and rupture. OBJECTIVE: This study aimed to evaluate the prognostic value of sLOX-1 through its correlation with Thrombolysis in Myocardial Infarction (TIMI) risk score and its possible association with clinical outcomes in 2 major spectrums of ACS...
July 23, 2018: Journal of Emergency Medicine
Ebrahim Shafiei, Mehrzad Bahtoei, Pema Raj, Afshin Ostovar, Daryoush Iranpour, Samad Akbarzadeh, Hooshang Shahryari, Abdorasoul Anvaripour, Rahim Tahmasebi, Thomas Netticadan, Ali Movahed
OBJECTIVES: This study assessed the efficacy of oral consumption of N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) and melatonin (ML) in reducing early reperfusion injury and acute oxidative stress in patients undergoing coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) with respect to the measurements of cardiac troponin I, lactate, malondealdehyde (MDA), and tumor necrosis factor-α (TNF-α) levels in the blood. METHODS: This study was a randomized, open-label, placebo-controlled trial. Eighty eight patients, aged between 39 to 76 years and eligible for CABG, were recruited and randomly assigned into 3 intervention groups through a simple randomization method and underwent CABG surgery...
July 2018: Medicine (Baltimore)
N Samad, A Saleem, F Yasmin, M A Shezhad
The present study evaluates the protective role of Quercetin (Quer), against immobilization stress- induced anxiety, depression and cognition alteration in mice using behavioral and biochemical parameters. 24 Adult Albino mice were distributed into 2 groups vehicle (n=12; 1 ml/kg) and Quer injected (n=12; 20 mg/kg/ml). The animals received their respective treatment for 14 days. On day 15, after the drug administration, animals were sub-divided into 4 groups (n=6); (i) unstressed + vehicle; (ii) stressed + vehicle; (iii) unstressed + Quer; (iv) stressed + Quer...
July 25, 2018: Physiological Research
Samad Jafar-Zanjani, Sandeep Inampudi, Hossein Mosallaei
As optical metasurfaces become progressively ubiquitous, the expectations from them are becoming increasingly complex. The limited number of structural parameters in the conventional metasurface building blocks, and existing phase engineering rules do not completely support the growth rate of metasurface applications. In this paper, we present digitized-binary elements, as alternative high-dimensional building blocks, to accommodate the needs of complex-tailorable-multifunctional applications. To design these complicated platforms, we demonstrate adaptive genetic algorithm (AGA), as a powerful evolutionary optimizer, capable of handling such demanding design expectations...
July 23, 2018: Scientific Reports
Marat Fudim, Mouhammad Fathallah, Linda K Shaw, Peter R Liu, Olga James, Zainab Samad, Jonathan P Piccini, Paul L Hess, Salvador Borges-Neto
OBJECTIVES: The goal of this study was to examine whether diastolic dyssynchrony, measured by using gated single-photon emission computed tomography (GSPECT) myocardial perfusion imaging (MPI) in patients with coronary artery disease (CAD), is independently associated with adverse outcomes. BACKGROUND: Systolic left ventricular dyssynchrony is known to be associated with worse clinical outcome in patients with CAD. METHODS: This study included patients who presented to Duke University for GSPECT MPI between 2003 and 2009...
July 13, 2018: JACC. Cardiovascular Imaging
Fataneh Narchin, Kambiz Larijani, Abdolhossein Rustaiyan, Samad Nejad Ebrahimi, Farzaneh Tafvizi
Purpose: A lot of plants are available which can produce nanoparticles used in medicine, life sciences, and the pharmaceutical industry. The present study aims to introduce safe biological and eco-friendly methods for synthesizing silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) by using Saturaja rechengri Jamzad extract, which can replace traditional chemical methods. In addition, the chemical nature and antimicrobial activities were identified and accordingly the anticancer effects of AgNPs was successfully reported on colon cancer cells (HT-29)...
June 2018: Advanced Pharmaceutical Bulletin
Zainab Samad, Linda K Shaw, Matthew Phelan, Donald D Glower, Mads Ersboll, John H Toptine, John H Alexander, Joseph A Kisslo, Andrew Wang, Daniel B Mark, Eric J Velazquez
BACKGROUND: We aimed to determine the association of MR severity and type with all-cause death in a large, real-world, clinical setting. METHODS: We reviewed full echocardiography studies at Duke Echocardiography Laboratory (01/01/1995-12/31/2010), classifying MR based on valve morphology, presence of coronary artery disease, and left ventricular size and function. Survival was compared among patients stratified by MR type and baseline severity. RESULTS: Of 93,007 qualifying patients, 32,137 (34...
May 18, 2018: American Heart Journal
Samad Shams Vahdati, Alireza Ala, Seyed Ali Mousavi Aghdas, Ali Adib, Mohammad Mirza-Aghazadeh-Attari, Fatemeh Aliar
Objective: Stroke is a common heterogeneous disease classified into two subtypes: ischemic and hemorrhagic. Many risk factors have been associated with stroke, and the most well-known is hypertension. Although the relation between stroke and these risk factors has been emphasized before, there is inconclusive evidence about the relation between the different risk factors and the subtypes of stroke. The present study aims to fill this gap. Materials and Methods: In the present retrospective, cross-sectional study, 827 patients with diagnosed stroke were included...
June 2018: Eurasian Journal of Medicine
Mostafa R Abukhadra, Mohamed Shaban, Mariam A Abd El Samad
Natural zeolite heulandite/polyaniline composite (Hu/PANI) was synthesized for the first time as catalyst support for nickel oxide photocatalyst (Hu/PANI@Ni2 O3 ). The structural, chemical, morphological, textural and optical properties were investigated using different techniques. The synthetic Ni2 O3 crystals showed well developed flaky habits with diameter range 200-400 nm and length range 1-4 µm. The estimated band gap energies of Hu/PANI composite and Hu/PANI@Ni2 O3 composite are 1.8 eV and 1.46 eV, respectively, which are remarkably smaller than the recorded value for pure nickel oxide...
October 30, 2018: Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety
Muhammad Ehsan Ul Haq, Abdul Samad Khan
Objectives: The objective of this study was to report causes, management options, and complications of facial fractures among children. Materials and Methods: The groups were defined on the basis of age, gender, cause of injuries, location, and type of injuries. The treatment modalities ranged from no intervention, closed reduction alone or with open reduction internal fixation (ORIF). Statistical Analysis: Descriptive statistics were generated by using SPSS software for the entire range of the variables under study...
April 2018: European Journal of Dentistry
Mehdi Bin Samad, Krishnaiah Maddeboina, Nathalia Rodrigues de Almeida, Martin Conda-Sheridan
Polyamine-based Peptide Amphiphiles (PPAs) are a new class of self-assembling amphiphilic biomaterials-related to the peptide amphiphiles (PAs). Traditional PAs possess charged amino acids as solubilizing groups (lysine, arginine), which are directly connected to a lipid segment or can contain a linker region made of neutral amino acids. Tuning the peptide sequence of PAs can yield diverse morphologies. Similarly, PPAs possess a hydrophobic segment and neutral amino acids, but also contain polyamine molecules as water solubilizing (hydrophilic) groups...
June 25, 2018: Journal of Visualized Experiments: JoVE
Wenhao Zhou, Samad Rahimnejad, Kangle Lu, Lina Wang, Wenbin Liu
Fatty liver of cultured fish often correlates closely with poor growth and low harvest yield. Some Chinese herbs can reduce hepatic fat storage. This study aimed to examine lipid-lowering effect of berberine (BBR) in blunt snout bream (Megalobrama amblycephala). Triplicate groups of fish were fed four experimental diets: low-fat diet (LFD, 5% fat), high-fat diet (HFD, 15% fat), and HFD supplemented with 50 or 100 mg BBR/kg diet (BBR50, BBR100). After 8-week feeding, growth performance, liver histology and fat deposition, and hepatic genes expression were examined...
July 8, 2018: Fish Physiology and Biochemistry
Samad Tavakoli, Mahmood Naseri, Elahe Abedi, Ahmad Imani
The effect of ice coverage comprised of Reshgak extract and Reshgak essential oil on shelf-life extension of chilled whole rainbow trout ( Oncorhynchus mykiss ) was evaluated. Chemical (peroxide value (PV), thiobarbituric acids (TBA), total volatile nitrogen base (TVB-N), and free fatty acids (FFA)), microbiological (total viable count (TVC) and psychrotrophic viable count (PVC)), and sensory evaluations (texture, color, flavor, and general acceptance) were investigated every 4 days during a 20-day storage period...
June 2018: Food Science & Nutrition
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