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Neck masses in children

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OBJECTIVECarotid body tumors (CBTs), extraadrenal paragangliomas, are extremely rare neoplasms in children that often require multimodal surgical treatment, including preoperative anesthesia workup, embolization, and resection. With only a few cases reported in the pediatric literature, treatment paradigms and surgical morbidity are loosely defined, especially when carotid artery infiltration is noted. Here, the authors report two cases of pediatric CBT and provide the results of a systematic review of the literature...
December 1, 2018: Journal of Neurosurgery. Pediatrics
Monika Obara-Moszynska, Justyna Rajewska-Tabor, Szymon Rozmiarek, Katarzyna Karmelita-Katulska, Anna Kociemba, Barbara Rabska-Pietrzak, Magdalena Janus, Andrzej Siniawski, Bartlomiej Mrozinski, Agnieszka Graczyk-Szuster, Marek Niedziela, Malgorzata Pyda
Cardiovascular defects occur in 50% of patients with Turner syndrome (TS). The aim of the study was to estimate the usefulness of cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (CMR) and magnetic resonance angiography (angio-MR) as diagnostics in children and adolescents with TS. Forty-one females with TS, aged 13.9 ± 2.2 years, were studied. CMR was performed in 39 patients and angio-MR in 36. Echocardiography was performed in all patients. The most frequent anomalies diagnosed on CMR and angio-MR were as follows: elongation of the ascending aorta (AA) and aortic arch, present in 16 patients (45...
2018: Frontiers in Endocrinology
Ya Xu, Ting Zhou, Wendong Yu, Neda Zarrin-Khameh
Alveolar soft part sarcoma is a rare highly malignant neoplasm of the soft tissue and usually occurs in the lower extremities of children and young adults. We report two cases of alveolar soft part sarcoma: a 24-year-old Latino man with a 10-cm neck mass and a 56-year-old Latino woman with a recurring thigh mass. Fine-needle aspiration and a core biopsy were performed on both, which was followed by tumor resection on the man. The smears displayed numerous loosely cohesive or single large cells with abundant granular cytoplasm, round nuclei, vesicular chromatin, and occasional prominent nucleoli...
November 20, 2018: Diagnostic Cytopathology
James Blackburn, Dinesh Giri, Barbara Ciolka, Nicole Gossan, Mohammad Didi, George Kokai, Alison Waghorn, Matthew Jones, Senthil Senniappan
Activating mutations in thyrotropin receptor ( TSHR ) have been previously described in the context of nonautoimmune hyperthyroidism and thyroid adenomas. We describe, for the first time, a mutation in TSHR contributing to follicular thyroid carcinoma (FTC) in an adolescent. A 12-year-old girl presented with a right-sided neck swelling, increasing in size over the previous four weeks. Clinical examination revealed a firm, nontender thyroid nodule. Ultrasound scan of the thyroid showed a heterogeneous highly vascular mass...
2018: Case Reports in Genetics
Eloy Méndez-Gallegos, Graciela Caire-Juvera, Humberto Astiazarán-García, Rosa O Méndez-Estrada
The objective of this study was to compare current measurements of bone mineral density (BMD) of the lumbar spine (LS), femoral neck (FN), and total femur (TF) regions with initial values recorded 12 years ago in women from Northwest Mexico, and evaluate their correlation with dietary, anthropometric, and reproductive variables. BMD was assessed by Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry. Participants were grouped as follows: Nulliparous (G1); women who were mothers 12 years ago (G2); and women who were nulliparous 12 years ago, but are now mothers (G3)...
November 5, 2018: Nutrients
Lourdes Quintanilla-Dieck, Edward B Penn
Congenital neck masses can be a developmental anomaly of cystic, solid, or vascular origin. They can also constitute neoplasms, including malignancies, although this is rare in the pediatric population. The history and examination can help quickly narrow the differential diagnosis. Imaging also plays an essential role in defining the characteristics and likely cause of neck masses. The most common neck masses in young children are thyroglossal duct cysts, branchial cleft anomalies, and dermoid cysts. Also important to consider in the differential diagnosis are solid tumors, such as teratomas, or vascular lesions, such as hemangiomas...
December 2018: Clinics in Perinatology
Marla C Levine, Alexander Arroyo, Antonios Likourezos, Peter Homel, Eitan Dickman
OBJECTIVE: Most soft tissue neck masses represent benign inflammatory or infectious processes; however, in some cases the diagnosis is not clear and a broader differential must be considered. The aim of this study was to compare point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) to radiology department imaging (RDI) in the diagnosis of soft tissue neck masses. METHODS: This prospective pilot study involved a convenience sample of patients ranging in age from 1 month to 18 years of age presenting to the Pediatric Emergency Department (PED) with a soft tissue neck mass...
October 23, 2018: American Journal of Emergency Medicine
Andrea Kelly, Justine Shults, Sogol Mostoufi-Moab, Shana E McCormack, Virginia A Stallings, Joan I Schall, Heidi J Kalkwarf, Joan M Lappe, Vicente Gilsanz, Sharon E Oberfield, John A Shepherd, Karen K Winer, Mary B Leonard, Babette S Zemel
Annual gains in BMC and areal bone mineral density (aBMD) in children vary with age, pubertal status, height-velocity, and lean body mass accrual (LBM velocity). Evaluating bone accrual in children with bone health-threatening conditions requires consideration of these determinants. The objective of this study was to develop prediction equations for calculating BMC/aBMD velocity SD scores (velocity-Z) and to evaluate bone accrual in youth with health conditions. Bone and body compositions via DXA were obtained for up to six annual intervals in healthy youth (n = 2014) enrolled in the Bone Mineral Density in Childhood Study (BMDCS) ...
October 29, 2018: Journal of Bone and Mineral Research: the Official Journal of the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research
Madan Mohan Maddali, Haifa Mohammed Ali Al-Zaabi, Is'haq Said Salim Al-Aamri, Nishant Ram Arora, Sathiya Murthi Panchatcharam
Background: The primary objective of this study was to identify pre-anesthetic airway assessment parameters that would predict Cormack and Lehane grade III and IV laryngoscopy views in pediatric patients undergoing cardiac catheterization procedures. The secondary end points were to identify factors that would contribute to difficult laryngoscope views in this subset of patients. Settings and Design: Prospective observational study performed at a single tertiary cardiac care center...
October 2018: Annals of Cardiac Anaesthesia
Allan F Simpao, Vladislav Obsekov, Jorge A Gálvez, Rebecca S Isserman, Mohamed A Rehman, Erin S Schwartz
BACKGROUND: General anesthesia and sedation are used routinely for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) studies in children to optimize image quality. Airway devices such as supraglottic airways (SGAs) can alter the appearance of cervical soft tissue regions on an MRI and increase the risk of misdiagnosis. This phenomenon has not been well described in vivo. AIMS: We conducted this retrospective study to determine how often SGAs affected the appearance of neck masses in children who received multiple anesthetics for MRIs with and without an SGA...
October 9, 2018: Paediatric Anaesthesia
Jung Gi Roh, Jong Seo Yoon, Kyu Jung Park, Jung Sub Lim, Hae Sang Lee, Jin Soon Hwang
PURPOSE: Many studies have reported that patients with type 1 diabetes have reduced bone mineral density (BMD). We assessed bone status in prepubertal children with type 1 diabetes mellitus (type 1 DM) at initial diagnosis and investigated factors associated with BMD. METHODS: Prepubertal children (n=29) with newly diagnosed type 1 diabetes from 2006 to 2014 were included. Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry measured regional and whole-body composition at initial diagnosis...
September 2018: Annals of Pediatric Endocrinology & Metabolism
Carlos A S Alves, Luiz Rodrigo Augustemak de Lima, Michele Caroline de Souza, Diego Augusto Santos Silva
To verify the association between anthropometric indicators and body fat percentage (F %) estimated by dual X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) and air displacement plethysmography (ADP) in children and adolescents diagnosed with HIV. This cross-sectional study was carried out with 62 children and adolescents with HIV (8 to 15 years). F % was estimated by DXA and ADP. Anthropometric indicators were skinfolds (abdominal, triceps, subscapular, calf); perimeter relaxed arm (PRA), waist circumference (WC), perimeter neck (PN); body mass index (BMI); waist-to-height ratio (WHR); conicity index and body adiposity index...
October 4, 2018: Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism, Physiologie Appliquée, Nutrition et Métabolisme
Eric L Wu, Meghan E Garstka, Sang-Wook Kang, Emad Kandil
Introduction: Thyroid, parathyroid, and thymus surgeries are traditionally performed via a cervical approach. However, robot-assisted procedures can provide a safe alternative for neck surgeries. We report our experiences with robotic transaxillary and retroauricular approaches in pediatric patients. Case Presentation: We conducted a retrospective review of pediatric patients who underwent robot-assisted neck surgery by a single surgeon between April 2010 and May 2017...
July 2018: JSLS: Journal of the Society of Laparoendoscopic Surgeons
Józef Mierzwiński, Iwona Wrukowska, Justyna Tyra, Dariusz Paczkowski, Tomasz Szcześniak, Karolina Haber
Schwannomas arising from the vagus nerve are extremely rare in children, with only 15 cases reported in the world literature. We describe a pediatric case of cervical vagal nerve schwannoma successfully treated with cranial nerve-sparing surgery. Our patient presented extensive mass in the right side of the neck with ipsilateral Horner's syndrome. Her first sign, anisocoria, was diagnosed at the age of 1.5 y, making her the youngest vagal schwannoma case ever reported. Using an ultrasonic surgical aspirator and nerve monitoring, a multidisciplinary team successfully removed the mass with no recurrence after 2 years of follow-up...
November 2018: International Journal of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology
Mehmet Tolga Kafadar, Ekrem Özyuvalı, Abdullayev Mirsaleh Miryaguboğlu, Tuğba Çaviş, Aydın İnan
Surrenal masses can be encountered with many different clinical manifestations and a diverse spectrum of etiologies in clinical practice. Recent advances in imaging and laboratory studies as well as their increasingly widespread use and easy accessibility have currently made it possible to diagnose a greater number of surrenal masses than ever. The basic approach principles vary for incidentally detected masses, benign/malignant masses, and hormonoactive masses. Lymphangiomas are benign congenital malformations of lymphatic channels that primarily affect the neck and head region...
August 28, 2018: Turkish Journal of Surgery
Arian Pourmehdi Lahiji, Tatianie Jackson, Hossein Nejadnik, Rie von Eyben, Daniel Rubin, Sheri L Spunt, Andrew Quon, Heike Daldrup-Link
PURPOSE: To evaluate whether the extent of restricted diffusion and 2-deoxy-2-[18 F] fluoro-D-glucose ([18 F]FDG) uptake of pediatric rhabdomyosarcomas (RMS) on positron emission tomography (PET)/magnetic resonance (MR) images provides prognostic information. PROCEDURE: In a retrospective, IRB-approved study, we evaluated [18 F]FDG PET/CT and diffusion-weighted (DW) MR imaging studies of 21 children and adolescents (age 1-20 years) with RMS of the head and neck...
September 5, 2018: Molecular Imaging and Biology: MIB: the Official Publication of the Academy of Molecular Imaging
J L Wang, X Y Ren, X Ni, J Tai, C X Gong
Objective: To analyze the clinical characteristics and prognosis of thyroid cancer in children. Methods: Clinical data of 164 children (60 boys, 104 girls) with space-occupying lesions of the thyroid who were hospitalized in Beijing Children's Hospital Affiliated to Capital Medical University from July 2006 to December 2017 were collected. Sixty-two children with thyroid cancer were reviewed respectively and followed up by telephone. Results: From July 2006 to December 2017, children with thyroid cancer accounted for 37...
August 2, 2018: Zhonghua Er Ke za Zhi. Chinese Journal of Pediatrics
María José Arias Téllez, Borja Martinez-Tellez, Johana Soto, Guillermo Sánchez-Delgado
The objective of this systematic review was doing a search of the validity of neck perimeter as a marker of adiposity in children and adolescents as well as in adults. A systematic search for articles published before June 30, 2017 was conducted using the PubMed and Web of Science databases. Original studies, in Spanish or English, were searched to analyze the association between neck circumference and any other marker of adiposity. MeSH (Medical Subject Heading) categories were used in PubMed. The search criteria used were: (("neck circumference" or "neck diameter") AND ("Body Composition" [Mesh] OR "Anthropometry" [Mesh]))...
April 5, 2018: Nutrición Hospitalaria: Organo Oficial de la Sociedad Española de Nutrición Parenteral y Enteral
Zhigang Li, Xiaoqiang Han, Cheng Ji, Xinfeng Han
Cervical spinal injuries of children in motor vehicle crashes have high morbidity and mortality rates. Cervical vertebrae change rapidly in both size and shape during growth. To accurately assess the risk of spinal injury for children of different ages, it is necessary to understand how the spatial geometric features of vertebrae change with the child's age and neck size. In this study, an innovative semi-automated method was developed that can extract and align geometric points from computed tomography scans to accurately represent complex three-dimensional vertebral geometry...
June 19, 2018: Annals of Biomedical Engineering
J Ma, C Ming, F Lou, M L Wang, K Lin, W J Zeng, Z C Li, X F Liu, T S Zhang
Objective: To discuss the misdiagnosis of pyriform sinus fistula and to better understand this kind of illness. Methods: The analysis was based on twenty-eight patients with congenital pyriform sinus fistula aged from 11 months to 14 years, with the median age of 5 years, and who were surgically treated from January 2013 to January 2017 in Kunming Children's Hospital.Twenty patients were misdiagnosed in other hospital.After the routine examination of neck ultrasound and enhanced CT, internal fistula was found by self-retaining laryngoscope, traced by methylene blue, and excised by high ligation...
May 7, 2018: Zhonghua Er Bi Yan Hou Tou Jing Wai Ke za Zhi, Chinese Journal of Otorhinolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery
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