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Compensation and injury

Anne Hudon, Debbie Ehrmann Feldman, Matthew Hunt
Health care services provided by workers' compensation systems aim to facilitate recovery for injured workers. However, some features of these systems pose barriers to high quality care and challenge health care professionals in their everyday work. We used interpretive description methodology to explore ethical tensions experienced by physical therapists caring for patients with musculoskeletal injuries compensated by Workers' Compensation Boards. We conducted in-depth interviews with 40 physical therapists and leaders in the physical therapy and workers' compensation fields from three Canadian provinces and analyzed transcripts using concurrent and constant comparative techniques...
October 10, 2018: Qualitative Health Research
Marlone Cunha-Silva, Daniel Mazo, Raquel Arrelaro, Nayana Vaz, Marcello Rabello, Tirzah Lopes, Bárbara Corrêa, Ana Beatriz Torino, Maria Cintra, Sonia Lorena, Tiago Sevá-Pereira, Jazon Almeida
INTRODUCTION: Direct-acting antivirals are new drugs for chronic hepatitis C treatment. They are usually safe and well tolerated, but can sometimes cause serious adverse effects and there is no consensus on how to treat or prevent them. We described a case of hand-foot syndrome due to hepatitis C virus interferon-free therapy. METHODS: We report the case of a 49-year-old man with compensated liver cirrhosis due to chronic hepatitis C genotype 1, treatment-naïve, who started viral treatment with sofosbuvir, simeprevir and ribavirin for 12 weeks...
May 2018: Revista da Associação Médica Brasileira
Komeil Dashti Rostami, Aynollah Naderi, Abbey Thomas
CONTEXT: Hamstring and quadriceps activity adaptations are well known in individuals with anterior cruciate ligament deficiency (ACLD) and reconstructed (ACLR) to potentially compensate for knee joint instability. However, few studies have explored hip muscles activity patterns after ACL injury. OBJECTIVE: to examine the activation characteristics of gluteus medius (GMED) and adductor longus (AL) in ACLR and ACLD subjects compared to controls. DESIGN: case-control study...
October 9, 2018: Journal of Sport Rehabilitation
Maria J Perugorria, Paula Olaizola, Jesus M Banales
The liver owns an extraordinary regenerative capacity to compensate functional mass loss after acute cytotoxic injury or surgical resection. Hepatic mass restoration following hepatocellular or cholangiocellular injury is commonly mediated by the proliferation and replenishment of the existing differentiated hepatocytes and biliary epithelial cells (BECs or cholangiocytes), respectively. However, during chronic hepatocellular damage, the long-term cell renewal capacity of differentiated hepatocytes becomes compromised...
October 8, 2018: Hepatology: Official Journal of the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases
Clare Dyer
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
October 3, 2018: BMJ: British Medical Journal
Guillherme Nobre Cavalcanti Lucas, Ana Carla Carneiro Leitão, Renan Lima Alencar, Rosa Malena Fagundes Xavier, Elizabeth De Francesco Daher, Geraldo Bezerra da Silva Junior
Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are commonly used medications associated with nephrotoxicity, especially when used chronically. Factors such as advanced age and comorbidities, which in themselves already lead to a decrease in glomerular filtration rate, increase the risk of NSAID-related nephrotoxicity. The main mechanism of NSAID action is cyclooxygenase (COX) enzyme inhibition, interfering on arachidonic acid conversion into E2 prostaglandins E2, prostacyclins and thromboxanes. Within the kidneys, prostaglandins act as vasodilators, increasing renal perfusion...
September 21, 2018: Jornal Brasileiro de Nefrologia: ʹorgão Oficial de Sociedades Brasileira e Latino-Americana de Nefrologia
Sawana C A Borges, Fernanda G S Oliveira, Rafael Guerra, Tina Gunhold-de Oliveira, Mario B Pesendorfer, Bruna M Bezerra, Antonio S Souto, Nicola Schiel
To reduce the vulnerability of their small body size, common marmosets live in large and cohesive social groups. Thus, we hypothesized that in order to compensate for small body size and predation risk, individuals of common marmosets will stay gathered rather than scattered when foraging for eggs and/or nestling birds. Furthermore, in order to avoid costly injuries and eventual predation risks, for both sides, the majority of interactions among common marmosets and small birds will not involve direct physical contact...
October 2, 2018: Folia Primatologica; International Journal of Primatology
Yingrou Tan, Jackson Liang Yao Li, Chi Ching Goh, Bernett Teck Kwong Lee, Immanuel Weng Han Kwok, Wei Jie Ng, Maximilien Evrard, Michael Poidinger, Hong Liang Tey, Lai Guan Ng
Image cytometry is the process of converting image data to flow cytometry-style plots, and it usually requires computer-aided surface creation to extract out statistics for cells or structures. One way of dealing with structures stained with multiple markers in three-dimensional images, is carrying out multiple rounds of channel co-localization and image masking before surface creation, which is cumbersome and laborious. We propose the application of the hue-saturation-brightness color space to streamline this process, which produces complete surfaces, and allows the user to have a global view of the data before flexibly defining cell subsets...
2018: Communications biology
Franchino Porciuncula, Anna Virginia Roto, Deepak Kumar, Irene Davis, Serge Roy, Conor J Walsh, Louis N Awad
Recent technologic advancements have enabled the creation of portable, low-cost, and unobtrusive sensors with tremendous potential to alter the clinical practice of rehabilitation. The application of wearable sensors to track movement has emerged as a promising paradigm to enhance the care provided to patients with neurologic or musculoskeletal conditions. These sensors enable quantification of motor behavior across disparate patient populations and emerging research shows their potential for identifying motor biomarkers, differentiating between restitution and compensation motor recovery mechanisms, remote monitoring, telerehabilitation, and robotics...
September 2018: PM & R: the Journal of Injury, Function, and Rehabilitation
Sungjin Ko, Jacquelyn O Russell, Jianmin Tian, Ce Gao, Makoto Kobayashi, Rilu Feng, Xiaodong Yuan, Chen Shao, Huiguo Ding, Minakshi Poddar, Sucha Singh, Joseph Locker, Hong-Lei Weng, Satdarshan P Monga, Donghun Shin
BACKGROUND & AIMS: Upon liver injury in which hepatocyte proliferation is compromised, liver progenitor cells (LPCs), derived from biliary epithelial cells (BECs), differentiate into hepatocytes. Little is known about mechanisms of LPC differentiation. We used zebrafish and mouse models of liver injury to study the mechanisms. METHODS: We used transgenic zebrafish, Tg(fabp10a:CFP-NTR), to study the effects of compounds that alter epigenetic factors on BEC-mediated liver regeneration...
September 26, 2018: Gastroenterology
Yasuo Itami, Teruhisa Mihata, Michelle H McGarry, Charles C Lin, Nilay A Patel, Adam Kantor, Masashi Neo, Thay Q Lee
BACKGROUND: Scapular dyskinesis among throwers is thought to affect kinetic chain function and increase the load demands on the shoulder and/or elbow. However, the biomechanical relationship between scapular orientation and elbow valgus load, which is associated with ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) injury, has not been determined. PURPOSE: To evaluate the effect of increased scapular internal rotation (IR) and glenohumeral external rotation (GHER) on elbow valgus load in a static simulation of the late cocking phase of throwing...
September 28, 2018: American Journal of Sports Medicine
David Powell, Seth Seabury
Medical care represents an important component of workers' compensation benefits with the potential to improve health and post-injury labor outcomes, but little is known about the relationship between medical care spending and the labor outcomes of injured workers. We exploit the 2003--2004 California workers' compensation reforms which reduced medical spending disproportionately for workers incurring low back injuries. We link administrative claims data to earnings records for injured workers and their uninjured coworkers...
October 2018: American Economic Review
Lisa N Sharwood, Holger Mueller, Rebecca Q Ivers, Bharat Vaikuntam, Tim Driscoll, James W Middleton
This study aimed to describe the epidemiological characteristics, the occupational context, and the cost of hospitalised work-related traumatic spinal injuries, across New South Wales, Australia. A record-linkage study of hospitalised cases of work-related spinal injury (ICD10-AM code U73.0 or workers compensation) was conducted. Study period 2013⁻2016. Eight hundred and twenty-four individuals sustained work-related spinal injuries; 86.2% of whom were males and had a mean age of 46.6 years. Falls led to 50% of the injuries; predominantly falls from building/structures, ladders or between levels...
September 27, 2018: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
Jennifer L Marcum, Anne McHugh, Michael Foley, Darrin Adams, David Bonauto
OBJECTIVE: Assess the effect of chronic comorbidities on hours and earnings recovery following a carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) claim. METHODS: The hours and earnings profiles of Washington State workers' compensation claimants with CTS and controls, upper extremity fractures (UEF) claimants, were collected by linking to unemployment insurance data during 2007 to 2014. Chronic comorbidity status was determined from workers' compensation bills. RESULTS: More (43%) CTS claimants had diagnosed chronic comorbidities than UEF (24%)...
September 24, 2018: Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
Jackson Prestwood, David Chang, Patrick McGann, Alice E Barsoumian
Acinetobacter baumannii is naturally resistant to several classes of antibiotics and readily develops further resistance mechanisms under antibiotic pressure. For patients infected with extremely drug-resistant organisms, effective antibiotic treatments are intravenous and often require inpatient hospitalization for monitoring and dose adjustment. A 31-year-old active duty service member, stationed in Southeast Asia, sustained thermal burns from an electrical arc injury to over 40% of his total body surface area...
September 25, 2018: Military Medicine
Constantin M Zohner, Alexander Rockinger, Susanne S Renner
Climate warming is leading to earlier budburst and therefore an increased risk of spring frost injury to young leaves. But to what extent are second-cohort leaves, which trees put out after leaf-killing frosts, able to compensate incurred losses? To investigate whether second-cohort leaves behave differently from first-cohort leaves, we exposed saplings of beech (Fagus sylvatica), oak (Quercus robur), and honeysuckle (Lonicera xylosteum) to experimental treatments mimicking either a warm spring or a warm spring with a leaf-killing frost...
September 21, 2018: New Phytologist
Obaid U Khurram, Matthew J Fogarty, Sabhya Rana, Pangdra Vang, Gary C Sieck, Carlos B Mantilla
Mid-cervical spinal cord contusion injury results in tissue damage, disruption of spinal pathways, and motor neuron loss. Unilateral C4 contusion results in loss of 40-50% of phrenic motor neurons ipsilateral to the injury (~25% of the total phrenic motor neuron pool). Over time after unilateral C4 contusion injury, diaphragm muscle (DIAm) electromyogram (EMG) activity increases both contralateral and ipsilateral to the side of injury in rats, suggesting compensation due to increased activation of the surviving motor neurons...
September 20, 2018: Journal of Applied Physiology
Florian Giesche, Tobias Engeroff, Jan Wilke, Daniel Niederer, Lutz Vogt, Winfried Banzer
INTRODUCTION: Current evidence suggests that the loss of mechanoreceptors after anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears might be compensated by increased cortical motor planning. This occupation of cerebral resources may limit the potential to quickly adapt movements to unforeseen external stimuli in the athletic environment. To date, studies investigating such neural alterations during movement focused on simple, anticipated tasks with low ecological validity. This trial, therefore, aims to investigate the cortical and biomechanical processes associated with more sport-related and injury-related movements in ACL-reconstructed individuals...
September 19, 2018: BMJ Open
Kali Turner, Peter Rabinowitz, Naomi Anderson, Martin Cohen, Marguerite Pappaioanou
OBJECTIVE: To characterize occupational injuries of aquaculture workers in Washington State. METHODS: We reviewed accepted Washington State workers' compensation claims from January 1, 2006 to December 31, 2014. Trends in employment, worker demographics (including age, sex, and body mass index), claim rate, and injury characteristics were summarized for accepted claims in the Washington State risk classes that include aquaculture workers. RESULTS: During the nine-year study period, there were 1,180 accepted claims, 836 (65...
2018: Journal of Agromedicine
Charles Maynard, Karin Nelson, Stephan D Fihn
OBJECTIVES: Military service is associated with an increased risk of disability and death after discharge. This study determined the relationships among characteristics, disability ratings, and 1-year mortality risks of veterans receiving compensation for service-connected health conditions (ie, conditions related to illnesses or injuries incurred or aggravated during military service). METHODS: This study included 4 010 720 living veterans who had ≥1 service-connected health condition and were receiving disability compensation on October 1, 2016...
September 17, 2018: Public Health Reports
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