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Shashank R Joshi
Thyroid hormone is an important determinant of energy expenditure and contributes to appetite regulation, while hormones and cytokines from the adipose tissue act on the CNS to inform on the quantity of energy stores. A continuous interaction between the thyroid hormone and regulatory mechanisms localized in adipose tissue and brain is important for human body weight control and maintenance of optimal energy balance. Direct effects on ATP utilization are a result of thyroid hormone's actions on metabolic cycles and increased cell membrane ion permeability...
March 2018: Journal of the Association of Physicians of India
Arun Agarwal, Amit Sanghi, Manisha Agarwal, Mamta Agarwal
Autoimmune disease (AD) may well start off as a single diagnosis and over the years develop into polyautoimmunity and even multiple autoimmune syndromes (MAS) seen in the same patient, as new clinical symptoms and laboratory finding show up in the course of disease. We present a case of MAS who was initially diagnosed to have autoimmune thyroid disease (AITD) - hypothyroidism. She was then evaluated for persistent mild to moderate iron deficiency anemia, unintentional weight loss along with skin rash and diagnosed to have celiac disease and undifferentiated connective tissue disease (uCTD)...
January 2018: Journal of the Association of Physicians of India
Ashutosh Chaturvedi, Arun Kumar
Background: Syncope is a common clinical presentation in emergency department. The diagnostic workup for syncope causes significant man-hour loss and expensive investigations. Most often the battery of investigations does not lead to any conclusive diagnosis. Materials and Methods: This was a descriptive study in which included 50 consecutive patients with the diagnosis of syncope. These patients were admitted to a tertiary care hospital between Sep 2009 to Aug 2011...
January 2018: Journal of the Association of Physicians of India
Marco Raffaelli, Carmela De Crea, Luca Sessa, Serena Elisa Tempera, Amanda Belluzzi, Celestino P Lombardi, Rocco Bellantone
PURPOSE: We aimed to evaluate risk factors for local recurrence following lateral neck dissection (LND) for papillary thyroid carcinoma (PTC). METHODS: Two hundred and nine patients who underwent therapeutic primary or reoperative LND for PTC were included. RESULTS: One hundred eighty-one patients underwent primary LND at our Institution, the remaining 28 were referred for recurrence following LND outside the Institution. Comparing patients who required reoperation for recurrent lateral neck disease with those who did not recur, no significant difference was found concerning sex, tumor size, multifocal disease, extracapsular invasion, histological variant, pT stage (P = NS)...
October 19, 2018: Endocrine
Brenessa M Lindeman, Matthew A Nehs, Trevor E Angell, Erik K Alexander, Atul A Gawande, Francis D Moore, Gerard M Doherty, Nancy L Cho
PURPOSE: To investigate the impact of the nomenclature change to "noninvasive follicular thyroid neoplasm with papillary-like nuclear features" (NIFTP) on reported malignancy rates following thyroidectomy. METHODS: Retrospective cohort study of patients with thyroid nodules sampled preoperatively with fine-needle aspiration (FNA) and subsequently removed at one tertiary-care hospital from 4/2016 to 2/2017. Surgical procedure, anatomic pathology, thyroid cytopathology classification, and demographic characteristics were recorded...
October 19, 2018: Annals of Surgical Oncology
Jing-Yong Song, Shi-Ran Sun, Fang Dong, Tao Huang, Bin Wu, Jing Zhou
BRAFV600E mutation has been thought to be a valuable molecular marker that may predict a worse prognosis for papillary thyroid cancer (PTC). But whether BRAFV600E mutation is associated with lymph node metastasis (LNM) remains controversial. Different surgical strategies may bring a bias in demonsstrating the association between them. In order to delineate a risk stratification to guide a tailored initial approach to tumors that express BRAFV600E mutation, we performed this meta-analysis by using the articles in which total or near-total thyroidectomy plus bilateral central lymph node dissection was routinely performed to avoid the bias from the surgical strategy...
October 2018: Current medical science
Fung-Kei Cheng
Thyroid dysfunction, affecting people of all ages, not only damages human growth and energy metabolism but is also comorbid with other illnesses such as cardiovascular disease, kidney disease and gastrointestinal disorders. With the increasing acceptance of alternative and complementary therapies, acupuncture, a traditional Chinese medical practice, has also been employed to address this problem. Analysing 29 clinical projects that were retrieved from 29 major digital databases and include 1757 patients aged 7-79 years from China, Italy, Korea, Macedonia and Russia, this narrative review offers an overview of the efficacy, and evaluated the safe and cost-effective use of acupuncture against hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism and thyroid-relevant illnesses...
October 6, 2018: Journal of Integrative Medicine
Yoshitaka Furuto, Hirotsugu Hashimoto, Akio Namikawa, Haruki Outi, Hiroko Takahashi, Hajime Horiuti, Kazuho Honda, Yuko Shibuya
BACKGROUND: Lenvatinib is a tyrosine kinase inhibitor with novel binding ability. It is considered the standard of care for metastatic thyroid cancer; moreover, whether it is indicated for other malignant tumors has been examined. Lenvatinib increases the risk of kidney injury in some patients. In comparison with sorafenib, which is a conventional tyrosine kinase inhibitor (TKI), lenvatinib results in more side effects, including hypertension and proteinuria. We describe a case of secondary focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) that developed following treatment of metastatic thyroid cancer with lenvatinib and reviewed the mechanisms of renal impairment...
October 19, 2018: BMC Nephrology
Laurent Fradet, Rabia Temmar, Frédéric Couture, Mathieu Belzile, Pierre-Hugues Fortier, Robert Day
BACKGROUND: To date, no single molecular marker has been demonstrated as clinically useful in differentiating malignant from benign thyroid nodules when a fine needle aspiration falls in the "unknown significance" categories of the Bethesda Classification. PACE4, a member of the proprotein convertase family of enzymes, has been shown to play a major role in the pathogenesis of prostate cancer, through the formation of an oncogenic isoform named PACE4-altCT. PACE4 isoforms have also been suggested to play a role in other cancers, including thyroid cancer, but have never been investigated in a detailed manner...
October 19, 2018: Journal of Otolaryngology—Head & Neck Surgery
Yongjian He, Jie Yang, Shaowen Huang, Ruijing Liu, Huan Liu, Dongdong Zheng, Qingyi Huang, Yichao Yang, Chunhong Liu
Nonylphenol (NP) is an endocrine-disrupting chemical (EDC) that can lead to thyroid disruption. We explored NP-induced toxicity in the rat thyroid and evaluated the mitigating effects of mulberry crude extract (MCE) on NP toxicity. First, we aimed to evaluate NP-induced thyroid disruption by dosing Sprague-Dawley (SD) rats with NP (0, 30, 90, or 270 mg/kg body weight) daily for 28 days. Second, we aimed to determine whether MCE had a detoxifying effect on NP-induced thyroid disruption by dosing SD rats with NP (270 mg/kg body weight) or/and MCE (30, 60, or 120 mg/kg body weight) daily for 28 days...
October 16, 2018: General and Comparative Endocrinology
Vishruta A Dumane, Richard Bakst, Sheryl Green
During breast/chest wall and regional nodal irradiation (RNI), standard 3D conformal techniques can fail to meet the dosimetric constraints for the heart and ipsilateral lung. VMAT can improve the dosimetric sparing of the heart and lungs. However the unnecessary increase in dose to the organs in the supraclavicular region as a result of using VMAT can be avoided. In this work we investigate potential dosimetric advantages of combining 3D with VMAT to improve sparing of these organs. Ten breast cancer patients requiring radiation therapy to the breast/chest wall and RNI including the IMNs, and who did not have a viable 3D conformal plan were chosen for the study...
2018: PloS One
Paolo Marzullo, Alessandro Minocci, Chiara Mele, Rezene Fessehatsion, Mariantonella Tagliaferri, Loredana Pagano, Massimo Scacchi, Gianluca Aimaretti, Alessandro Sartorio
BACKGROUND: Regulating thermogenesis is a major task of thyroid hormones (THs), and involves TH-responsive energetic processes at the central and peripheral level. In severe obesity, little is known on the relationship between THs and resting energy expenditure (REE) before and after weight loss. METHODS: We enrolled 100 euthyroid subjects with severe obesity who were equally distributed between genders. Each was examined before and after completion of a 4-wk inpatient multidisciplinary dieting program and subjected to measurement of thyroid function, REE, fat-free mass (FFM, kg) and percent fat mass (FM)...
2018: PloS One
Craig White, Milton C Weinstein, Abbey L Fingeret, Gregory W Randolph, Akira Miyauchi, Yasuhiro Ito, Tiannan Zhan, Ayman Ali, G Scott Gazelle, Carrie C Lubitz
OBJECTIVE: To assess relative clinical and economic performance of the revised American Thyroid Association (ATA) thyroid cancer guidelines compared to current standard of care. BACKGROUND: Diagnosis of thyroid cancer in the United States has tripled whereas mortality has only marginally increased. Most patients present with small papillary carcinomas and have historically received at least a total thyroidectomy as a treatment. In 2015, the ATA released the revised guidelines recommending an option for active surveillance (AS) of small papillary thyroid carcinoma and thyroid lobectomy for larger unifocal tumors...
October 17, 2018: Annals of Surgery
Sarah J Shapiro, Dhananjaya Dendukuri, Patrick S Doyle
Hydrogel microparticles have been extensively used in the field of medical diagnostics for detecting targets ranging from proteins to nucleic acids. However, little is known about how the shape of hydrogel particles impacts the signal from a bioassay. In this article, we analyze the flux into porous hydrogel particles to develop scaling laws for the signal from a point-of-care bioassay. The signal can be increased by increasing the ratio of the surface area of the hydrogel particle to the 2-D projected imaging area used for analysis...
October 19, 2018: Analytical Chemistry
Blandine Tramunt, Philippe Imbert, Solange Grunenwald, Franck Boutault, Philippe Caron
CONTEXT: Sight-threatening Graves' orbitopathy affects 3 to 5% of patients with Graves' orbitopathy. OBJECTIVES: To describe the management of patients with sight-threatening Graves' orbitopathy seen in a multidisciplinary thyroid-eye outpatient clinic dedicated to Graves' orbitopathy (GO). PATIENTS AND METHODS: We enrolled all patients with sight-threatening GO (dysthyroid optic neuropathy and corneal ulcer as defined in the EUGOGO statement) seen and treated in our GO multidisciplinary thyroid-eye outpatient clinic over the last two decades...
October 19, 2018: Clinical Endocrinology
P Muggeo, E Calore, N Decembrino, S Frenos, F De Leonardis, A Colombini, F Petruzziello, K Perruccio, M Berger, R Burnelli, G A Zanazzo, N Santoro, S Cesaro
BACKGROUND: Invasive mucormycosis is a rare but frequently fatal fungal disease. The acute and rapidly progressive evolution causes unfavourable outcome in 22-59% of patients and its treatment represents a clinical challenge, especially in immunocompromised patients. Current data in pediatric oncological patients are limited. OBJECTIVES: The infection Working Group of the Italian Association of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology (AIEOP) analyzed the episodes of invasive mucormycosis occurred between 2009 and 2016...
October 18, 2018: Mycoses
Sarah Bin Abdulqader, Ziyad Al-Ajlan, Abdulrahman Albakr, Wisam Issawi, Mohammed Al-Bar, Pablo F Recinos, Saad Alsaleh, Abdulrazag Ajlan
PURPOSE: Optic pathway gliomas (OPGs) are low-grade neoplasms that primarily affect children. The management of OPGs remains controversial. Reports on the use of the endoscopic endonasal approach (EEA) in OPGs are extremely limited, and no such reports exist on its utility for pediatric OPGs. Here, we report our results and experience with OPGs treated with the EEA. METHODS: We retrospectively reviewed the medical records of OPG patients who were treated surgically via the EEA at our institutions from 2015 to 2017...
October 18, 2018: Child's Nervous System: ChNS: Official Journal of the International Society for Pediatric Neurosurgery
Marwa S Al-Naimi, Nawar R Hussien, Huda A Rasheed, Hayder M Al-Kuraishy, Ali I Al-Gareeb
Primary hypothyroidism is associated with oxidative stress and insufficient antioxidant capacity. This study was conducted to evaluate the effects of levothyroxine replacement therapy on paraoxonase 1 (PON-1) serum levels in a patients with primary hypothyroidism. Thirty-one patients with primary hypothyroidism compared to 20 healthy controls were recruited from. A venous blood sample were taken after an overnight fasting for biochemical parameters, before and after starting levothyroxine therapy (100 μ g/day) for 3 months duration...
July 2018: Journal of Advanced Pharmaceutical Technology & Research
Muhammad Umair Jahngir, Raghav Govindarajan
The association of symmetrical distal sensorimotor polyneuropathy with anti-myelin-associated glycoprotein antibodies (MAG) has been well established. Although autonomic symptoms are uncommon with anti-MAG antibody neuropathy (MAN). We are presenting an unusual case, who developed acute onset urinary retention, orthostatic hypotension, bradycardia and was found to have MAN. She was a 68-year-old lady, presented with progressive ascending numbness, weakness of her extremities and balance problems. On neurological examination, she had generalized muscle weakness, reduced perception to all modalities of sensation with marked impairment of vibration and position sense in the lower limbs...
August 6, 2018: Curēus
Radu Hristu, Lucian G Eftimie, Stefan G Stanciu, Denis E Tranca, Bogdan Paun, Maria Sajin, George A Stanciu
Quantitative second harmonic generation microscopy was used to investigate collagen organization in the fibrillar capsules of human benign and malignant thyroid nodules. We demonstrate that the combination of texture analysis and second harmonic generation images of collagen can be used to differentiate between capsules surrounding the thyroid follicular adenoma and papillary carcinoma nodules. Our findings indicate that second harmonic generation microscopy can provide quantitative information about the collagenous capsule surrounding both the thyroid and thyroid nodules, which may complement traditional histopathological examination...
August 1, 2018: Biomedical Optics Express
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