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occupational disability

Line Krane, Stein Knardahl, Morten Birkeland Nielsen
This study determines whether dispositional optimism moderates the relationship between role conflict and the risk of disability retirement. The study was based on a combination of self-report survey questionnaire data on role conflict and dispositional optimism with official register data on disability benefits from the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration. The sample comprised 14,501 Norwegian employees from various occupations and industries. Role conflict was significantly related to higher risk (HR 1...
August 11, 2018: Industrial Health
Enes Yiğit, Deniz Tuna Edizer, Yusuf Muhammed Durna, Mengühan Araz Altay, Özgür Yiğit
OBJECTIVES: To evaluate the satisfaction with life among mothers of pediatric cochlear implant candidates regarding implant surgery and sociodemographic factors. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Mothers of 160 pediatric patients with profound sensorineural hearing loss who underwent unilateral cochlear implant surgery were included. A questionnaire form with items on sociodemographic-familial characteristics and Satisfaction with Life Scale (SWLS) was employed via face-to-face interview method before and 12 months after the implant surgery...
August 3, 2018: Journal of International Advanced Otology
Matthew S Briggs, Katherine K Rethman, Matthew T Lopez
Background and Purpose: Differentiating between cervical nerve root and peripheral nerve injuries can be challenging. A phenomenon known as double crush syndrome may increase the susceptibility to injury and symptoms at other locations along the course of the nerve. The purpose of this case report is to describe the physical therapy differential diagnosis and management of a cyclist with upper extremity pain, weakness, and paresthesia. Case Description: The subject was referred to physical therapy with a diagnosis of cervical disc disease...
April 2018: International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy
Yann Morère, Guy Bourhis, Kévin Cosnuau, Georges Guilmois, Emilie Rumilly, Emmanuelle Blangy
The powered wheelchair (PW) has become an essential mobility assistive technology for people with motor disabilities. A critical step involved in maximizing the end-user experience is evaluating individual functional abilities to identify driving difficulties PW users experience during their daily activities. There are certain limitations, however, associated with on-road driving assessments, such as the practical concern of safety. And while extracting quantitative parameters such as joystick control or trajectory tracking from real wheelchairs is feasible, it requires modifications to the PW hardware architecture and, in some cases, to the physical test environment...
August 7, 2018: Assistive Technology: the Official Journal of RESNA
M C Sozbilen, A E Dastan, H Gunay, L Kucuk
Angle grinders are powerful tools used for cutting, shaving and polishing metal, stone, concrete and many hard surfaces in the work and hobby context. The aim of this study was to evaluate the acute hand injuries caused by angle grinders and to identify risk factors. Out of 742 acute hand and forearm injuries presenting in our emergency department between March 2016 and March 2017, 82 cases of injury due to angle grinder were included in the study. The age, gender, occupation, experience and education level of the injured patients were recorded...
August 2, 2018: Hand Surgery and Rehabilitation
Georgina L Clutterbuck, Megan L Auld, Leanne M Johnston
BACKGROUND: Modified sport interventions run by physiotherapists have shown potential as cost-effective, engaging, and effective interventions to improve gross motor skills and support transition to real-world sports participation for children with cerebral palsy. At present, this population demonstrates decreased participation in physical activities and sport compared to peers due to barriers ranging from body function to accessibility challenges. Sport provides culturally relevant opportunities for social integration, community participation and physical activity and has been shown to improve the fitness, self-esteem, confidence and quality of life of children with disabilities...
August 2, 2018: BMC Pediatrics
Joseph Lunyera, Bruce Kirenga, John W Stanifer, Samuel Kasozi, Thys van der Molen, Wenceslaus Katagira, Moses R Kamya, Robert Kalyesubula
BACKGROUND: Hypertension accounts for more than 212 million global disability-adjusted life-years, and more than 15 million in sub-Saharan Africa. Identifying factors underlying the escalating burden of hypertension in sub-Saharan Africa may inform delivery of targeted public health interventions. METHODS: As part of the cross-sectional nationally representative Uganda National Asthma Survey conducted in 2016, we measured blood pressure (BP) in the general population across five regions of Uganda...
2018: PloS One
B S Chavan, Subhash Das, Rohit Garg, Sonia Puri, Aravind Ba Banavaram
BACKGROUND: Mental illness results in a plethora of distressing issues, has tremendous socio-economic impact and causes socio-occupational dysfunction in the individual as well as the caregivers. There is a felt need to explore the disability caused by mental illness and the associated socio-economic impact at the population level in a developing nation like India. AIMS: To elucidate the disability and socio-economic impact associated with mental illness at the individual and household levels for the state of Punjab in India...
August 1, 2018: International Journal of Social Psychiatry
Arival Cardoso de Brito, Maraya de Jesus Semblano Bittencourt
Chromoblastomycosis is a chronic, granulomatous, suppurative mycosis of the skin and subcutaneous tissue caused by traumatic inoculation of dematiaceous fungi of the family Herpotrichiellaceae. The species Fonsecaea pedrosoi and Cladophialophora carrionii are prevalent in regions where the disease is endemic. Chromoblastomycosis lesions are polymorphous: verrucous, nodular, tumoral, plaque-like, and atrophic. It is an occupational disease that predominates in tropical and subtropical regions, but there have been several reports of cases in temperate regions...
July 2018: Anais Brasileiros de Dermatologia
Silvia Baldacci, Francesca Gorini, Michele Santoro, Anna Pierini, Fabrizio Minichilli, Fabrizio Bianchi
INTRODUCTION: Congenital anomalies (CAs) represent one of the main cause of foetal death, infant mortality and morbidity, and long-term disability. CAs have been object of systematic registration activity for a long-time in many geographical areas in Europe and worldwide. CAs are often associated with disabilities of different types and severity, including the developed Countries worldwide. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), each year approximately 3,2 million of children worldwide are born with a CA and approximately 300,000 newborns with a diagnosis of birth defect die within the first 28 days of life...
May 2018: Epidemiologia e Prevenzione
Elodie Manzato Sadki, David Grabli, Emmanuel Flamand Roze, Michel Baulac, Julie Bourmaleau, Sandrine Lefebvre
Introduction / Context: The transition of young patients from pediatric to adult departments is a critical period with high risks of interruption of the care circuits, thus justifying the implementation of transition programs. This period is also difficult for caregivers, more particularly the main family caregiver. This study addresses the impact of this transition upon the family caregivers of young adults suffering from chronic neurological diseases. OBJECTIVES: To identify the main family caregivers, their profile, and to evaluate their implication and feelings in terms of burden at the time of the transition...
July 12, 2018: Recherche en Soins Infirmiers
Lode Godderis, Emma Boonen, Ana L Cabrera Martimbianco, Ellen Delvaux, Ivan D Ivanov, Marie-Claire Lambrechts, Carolina O C Latorraca, Nancy Leppink, Frank Pega, Annette M Prüss-Ustün, Rachel Riera, Yuka Ujita, Daniela V Pachito
BACKGROUND: The World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Labour Organization (ILO) are developing a joint methodology for estimating the national and global work-related burden of disease and injury (WHO/ILO joint methodology), with contributions from a large network of experts. In this paper, we present the protocol for two systematic reviews of parameters for estimating the number of deaths and disability-adjusted life years from alcohol consumption and alcohol use disorder attributable to exposure to long working hours, to inform the development of the WHO/ILO joint methodology...
July 25, 2018: Environment International
Fabio Porru, Alex Burdorf, Suzan J W Robroek
Background: Mental health problems are a risk factor for loss of paid employment. This study investigates (i) the relation between depressive symptoms and different involuntary pathways of labour force exit and (ii) explores gender and geographical differences in this relation. Methods: The study population consisted of 5263 individuals in paid employment aged between 50 years and the country-specific retirement age from 11 European countries participating in the longitudinal Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe (SHARE)...
July 23, 2018: European Journal of Public Health
Sharareh R NiakanKalhori, Ali Behzadi, Hamidreza Maharlou, Shadi Rahimzadeh, Alireza Khajavi, Gholamreza Pouryaghoub, Ramin Mehrdad, Omid Aminian, Alireza Jeddian, Shohreh Naderimagham
Background: The present study describes the burden of occupational diseases in Iran based on the results of the Global Burden of Disease study conducted in 2010 (GBD 2010). This study aimed to determine the burden of occupational diseases in Iran based on the results of GBD 2010. It is a cross-sectional study. Methods: Disability-adjusted life years (DALYs) of occupational diseases were calculated based on the prevalence rates obtained through model estimation, as well as GBD 2010 disability weights and mortality rates obtained from different data registry systems of Iran...
2018: International Journal of Preventive Medicine
Surbhi Gupta, Andrea Caskey, Neelkamal Soares, Marilyn Augustyn
Sam is a 6-year-old boy with a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) who recently relocated and has an appointment with you, his new pediatric clinician, to establish care. He was previously followed by a psychiatrist for 2 years for additional diagnoses of insomnia, bipolar disorder, anxiety, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and intellectual disability. He has tried and (apparently) failed multiple psychotropic trials including stimulants, nonstimulants, mood stabilizers, atypical antipsychotics, and nonbenzodiazepine hypnotics...
July 2018: Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics: JDBP
Greesh Kumar Singh, Sanjay Srivastava, Mukesh Kumar, Shellyka Ratnakar
BACKGROUND: Masonry workers engaged in occupational work-activities have high risk of shoulder injury that often develops to functional loss and disability. Rehabilitative exercises (REs) have potential for slowing this development. OBJECTIVE: The objective is to study the effects of three selected REs on integrated electromyography activations of the external rotator muscles and trapezius muscles of masonry workers. METHODS: Ten subjects, masonry workers having shoulder pain, have volunteered for this study...
2018: Work: a Journal of Prevention, Assessment, and Rehabilitation
Katherine N Thompson, Henry Jackson, Marialuisa Cavelti, Jennifer Betts, Louise McCutcheon, Martina Jovev, Andrew M Chanen
Studies among adult patients have found that subthreshold borderline personality disorder (BPD) features are associated with elevated psychosocial morbidity compared with patients with no BPD features. However, the clinical significance of subthreshold features of BPD has not been investigated among real-world patients during the clinical emergence of the disorder, which is usually between puberty and emerging adulthood. This study aimed to replicate and extend previous research by comparing outpatient youth aged 15-25 years with subthreshold BPD features with youth with no BPD features...
July 23, 2018: Journal of Personality Disorders
Konrad Oppelt, Doreen Hähnlein, Jürgen Boschert, Maike Küffer, Paul Alfred Grützner, Matthias Münzberg, Michael Kreinest
PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: We evaluated the neurologic, psychological and vegetative outcome, the health status and changes of the personal and occupational status of patients after traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). Correlations between outcome parameters and basic demographic factors and initial clinical status parameters of the patients were assessed. RESEARCH DESIGN: Monocentric, retrospective follow-up analysis. METHODS AND PROCEDURES: We evaluated the neurologic, psychological and vegetative outcome and health status of patients, who survived TBI with a mean follow-up time of 54 months...
July 19, 2018: Brain Injury: [BI]
Peter W Johnson, Monica Zigman, Jennifer Ibbotson, Jack T Dennerlein, Jeong Ho Kim
Full-time vehicle and heavy equipment operators often have a high prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders, especially low back pain (LBP). In occupations requiring vehicles or heavy equipment operation, exposure to whole body vibration (WBV) has been consistently associated with LBP. LBP is the most common cause of work-related disability and continues to be the leading cause of morbidity and lost productivity in the US workforce. Using a parallel randomized controlled trial design, over a 12-month period, this study evaluated two different seating interventions designed to reduce WBV exposures...
July 17, 2018: Annals of Work Exposures and Health
T J Craig
This study is aimed at the importance of social care in rehabilitation. A brief overview of the social care theme is used as the methodology. There is a tension in mental health care between biological and psychological treatments that focus on deficits at the individual level (symptoms, disabilities) and social interventions that try to address local inequalities and barriers in order to improve access for service users to ordinary housing, employment and leisure opportunities. The history of mental health care tells us that social care is often underfunded and too easily dismissed as not the business of health care...
July 17, 2018: Epidemiology and Psychiatric Sciences
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