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Vittoria Murro, Dario Pasquale Mucciolo, Andrea Sodi, Ilaria Passerini, Dario Giorgio, Gianni Virgili, Stanislao Rizzo
PURPOSE: To evaluate the clinical phenotype of autosomal recessive NR2E3-related retinal dystrophy. METHODS: We retrospectively studied 11 patients carrying out at least 2 NR2E3 mutations; they had undergone comprehensive ophthalmological examination, fundus photography, optical coherence tomography, electrophysiological testing, and visual field at the Regional Reference Center for Hereditary Retinal Degenerations of the Eye Clinic in Florence. RESULTS: Five females and six males with a diagnosis of NR2E3-related retinal dystrophy were included in the study...
October 15, 2018: Graefe's Archive for Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology
Sara Redaelli, Monica Ceccon, Marina Zappa, Geeta G Sharma, Cristina Mastini, Mario Mauri, Marion Nigoghossian, Luca Massimino, Nicoletta Cordani, Francesca Farina, Rocco Piazza, Carlo Gambacorti-Passerini, Luca Mologni
Targeted therapy changed the standard of care in ALK-dependent tumors. However, resistance remains a major challenge. Lorlatinib is a third generation ALK inhibitor that inhibits most ALK mutants resistant to current ALK inhibitors. In this study, we utilize lorlatinib-resistant anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL), non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), and neuroblastoma cell lines in vitro and in vivo to investigate the acquisition of resistance and its underlying mechanisms. ALCL cells acquired compound ALK mutations G1202R/G1269A and C1156F/L1198F in vitro at high drug concentrations...
October 15, 2018: Cancer Research
Alberto Scalia, Alberto Varzi, Andrea Lamberti, Timo Jacob, Stefano Passerini
A dye-sensitized solar module (DSSM) and a high voltage all-solid-state electrochemical double layer capacitor (EDLC) are, for the first time, implemented in a compact Harvesting-Storage (HS) device. Conductive glass is employed as current collecting substrate for both DSSM and EDLC, leading to a robust and portable final structure. The photovoltaic section is constituted by a 4 series cells W-type module, while in the storage section an EDLC employing an ionic liquid-based polymeric electrolyte (a mixture of polyethylene oxide and N-butyl-N-methylpyrrolidinium bis(trifluoromethanesulfonyl)imide, PEO-Pyr14 TFSI) and activated carbon electrodes is used...
2018: Frontiers in Chemistry
Beatrice Albertini, Serena Bertoni, Beatrice Perissutti, Nadia Passerini
In recent years there has been a growing interest in solid lipid-based systems, particularly in solid lipid microparticles (SLMs); however, only very few studies deeply investigated the dissolution behaviour of orally delivered-SLMs. The present study provides new insights about the release performance in different gastrointestinal fluids of SLMs containing a freely water soluble drug (caffeine, as BCS class I drug). Three different formulations of SLMs were prepared by spray congealing using lipid excipients belonging to three chemical classes: fatty acids, triglycerides and waxes...
September 26, 2018: Colloids and Surfaces. B, Biointerfaces
Rüdiger Hehlmann, Jorge E Cortes, Teresa Zyczynski, Carlo Gambacorti-Passerini, Stuart L Goldberg, Michael J Mauro, Mauricette Michallet, Bengt Simonsson, Loretta A Williams, Srikanth Gajavelli, Irene DeGutis, Ginny P Sen, Ron L Paquette
SIMPLICITY (NCT01244750) is an observational study exploring tyrosine kinase inhibitor (TKI) use and management patterns in patients with chronic phase-chronic myeloid leukemia (CP-CML) in the US and Europe in routine clinical practice. Herein we describe interruptions, discontinuations and switching of TKI therapy during the initial two years of treatment among 1,121 patients prospectively enrolled between October 01, 2010 and March 07, 2017. Patient characteristics were broadly similar between the imatinib (n=370), dasatinib (n=376) and nilotinib (n=375) cohorts...
October 5, 2018: American Journal of Hematology
Andrea Sodi, Ilaria Passerini, Daniela Bacherini, Luca Boni, Simona Palchetti, Vittoria Murro, Orsola Caporossi, Dario Pasquale Mucciolo, Fabrizio Franco, Lorenzo Vannozzi, Francesca Torricelli, Elisabetta Pelo, Stanislao Rizzo, Gianni Virgili
BACKGROUND: The complement system has been implicated in the pathogenesis of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and the CFH Y402H polymorphism has been suggested as a major risk factor for AMD. Recent evidences supported the role of inflammation in the pathogenesis of some retinal dystrophies. Aim of this study was to evaluate the prevalence of CFHY402H polymorphism in a group of Italian patients affected by atrophic AMD, Stargardt disease (STGD), or retinitis pigmentosa(RP). MATERIALS AND METHODS: Our case-control association study included 116 patients with atrophic AMD, 77 with RP, 86 with STGD, and 100 healthy controls...
October 4, 2018: Ophthalmic Genetics
Yu Zhu, Wenhai Lin, Xin Wang, Wei Zhang, Li Chen, Zhigang Xie
In this work, we decorated the surface of MSNs by a one-pot Passerini reaction using near-infrared fluorescence BODIPY and poly(ethylene glycol) with an aldehyde group (PEG-CHO) for the first time. Doxorubicin (Dox) was loaded to demonstrate the reduction response. The formed MSNs neatly integrate chemotherapy, photothermal therapy and near-infrared fluorescence (NIRF) imaging.
October 28, 2018: Chemical Communications: Chem Comm
Linda H Münger, Mar Garcia-Aloy, Rosa Vázquez-Fresno, Doreen Gille, Albert Remus R Rosana, Anna Passerini, María-Trinidad Soria-Florido, Grégory Pimentel, Tanvir Sajed, David S Wishart, Cristina Andres Lacueva, Guy Vergères, Giulia Praticò
Dairy and egg products constitute an important part of Western diets as they represent an excellent source of high-quality proteins, vitamins, minerals and fats. Dairy and egg products are highly diverse and their associations with a range of nutritional and health outcomes are therefore heterogeneous. Such associations are also often weak or debated due to the difficulty in establishing correct assessments of dietary intake. Therefore, in order to better characterize associations between the consumption of these foods and health outcomes, it is important to identify reliable biomarkers of their intake...
2018: Genes & Nutrition
Bingsheng Qin, Sangsik Jeong, Huang Zhang, Ulderico Ulissi, Diogo Vieira Carvalho, Alberto Varzi, Stefano Passerini
Aluminum, a cost-effective and abundant metal capable of alloying with Li up to ~1000 mAh/g, is a very appealing anode material for high energy density lithium ion batteries (LIBs). However, despite the repeated efforts in the past three decades, reports presenting stable cycling performance are extremely rare. In this letter, we report our recent findings on the highly reversible (de-)lithiation of micro-sized Al anode (m-Al) enabled by the use of bis(fluorosulfonyl)imide (FSI)-based electrolytes. Using this kind of electrolytes, m-Al can deliver a specific capacity over 900 mAh/g and superior Coulombic efficiency (96...
October 1, 2018: ChemSusChem
Ana Borrego-Sánchez, Esperanza Carazo, Beatrice Albertini, Nadia Passerini, Beatrice Perissutti, Pilar Cerezo, César Viseras, A Hernández-Laguna, Carola Aguzzi, C Ignacio Sainz-Díaz
Praziquantel is an antiparasitic drug used for decades. Currently, the praziquantel commercial preparation is a racemic mixture, in which only the levo-enantiomer possesses anthelmintic activity. The knowledge of its properties in the solid state and other chemical-physical properties is necessary for improving its efficacy and applications. Drug solid dispersions were prepared with calcium carbonate at 1:5 drug to excipient weight ratio by solvent evaporation method. Then, the modification of the crystal structure of the racemic polymorph of praziquantel in presence of calcium carbonate has been studied by means of several analytical techniques (DSC, TGA, XRD, SEM, FTIR, Raman spectroscopy and chiral liquid chromatography)...
November 2018: European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics
Jin Han, Huang Zhang, Alberto Varzi, Stefano Passerini
The highly concentrated "Water-in-Salt" electrolyte (WiSE) containing sodium acetate and potassium acetate demonstrates peculiar performance (specific capacity of 37 mAh g-1 at 5th cycle and average discharge voltage of 0.82 V) in aqueous sodium-ion batteries (SIBs) based on Na2MnFe(CN)6 and NaTi2(PO4)3. The fluorine-free electrolyte offers wide electrochemical stability window and compatibility with Al current collector. The electrolyte, current collector and the electrode materials based on abundant elements make the proposed battery chemistry safe, low-cost and environmental friendly...
September 17, 2018: ChemSusChem
Serena Bertoni, Beatrice Albertini, Luisa Stella Dolci, Nadia Passerini
Oral local delivery of therapeutic biologics is generally limited due to the multiple obstacles of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, mainly represented by acidic stomach pH and digestive enzymes. In the present study, spray congealing was used to prepare solid lipid microparticles (SLMs) loaded with β-galactosidase (lactase), an enzyme used for the treatment of lactose intolerance, to achieve a local drug delivery to the small intestine. Lactase was characterized in terms of activity at different pH, kinetic parameters and proteolytic degradation by digestive enzymes...
August 31, 2018: European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics
Sara M El Kheir, Lamia Cherrat, Ahoefa A Awussi, Nancy E Ramia, Samir Taha, Abdur Rahman, Delphine Passerini, Françoise Leroi, Jeremy Petit, Cécile Mangavel, Anne-Marie Revol-Junelles, Frédéric Borges
This article describes a method for high-throughput competition assays using a bioluminescent strain of L. monocytogenes . This method is based on the use of the luminescent indicator strain L. monocytogenes EGDe lux. The luminescence of this strain is correlated to growth, which make it suitable to monitor the growth of L. monocytogenes in mixed cultures. To this aim, luminescence kinetics were converted into a single numerical value, called the Luminescence Disturbance Indicator (LDI), which takes into account growth inhibition phenomena resulting in latency increase, decrease in the luminescence rate, or reduction of the maximum luminescence...
2018: Frontiers in Microbiology
Dario Pasquale Mucciolo, Andrea Sodi, Ilaria Passerini, Vittoria Murro, Francesca Cipollini, Isabella Borg, Elisabetta Pelo, Elisa Contini, Gianni Virgili, Stanislao Rizzo
PURPOSE: to report phenotypic and genotypic features in a group of autosomal recessive retinitis pigmentosa (arRP) patients associated with EYS mutations. METHODS: we retrospectively reviewed the clinical records and the molecular genetic data of arRP patients carrying mutations in the EYS gene. All the patients underwent a comprehensive opthalmological examination. Additional investigation included color fundus photography, fundus autofluorescence, Goldmann visual field, OCT scans and full-field standard electroretinography...
October 2018: Ophthalmic Genetics
Matteo Passerini, Monica Schiavini, Carlo F Magni, Simona Landonio, Fosca Niero, Simone Passerini, Alessandro L Croci, Matteo Bolis, Valentina Scalzi, Guido Gubertini, Elena D Ricci, Massimo Galli, Giuliano Rizzardini
OBJECTIVES: Hepatitis C virus (HCV) is the major cause of cryoglobulinemia. Direct-acting antivirals (DAAs) have markedly changed the therapeutic outcomes in the treatment of patients with HCV. We evaluate the efficacy, safety, immunological, and clinical response of different DAA regimens in HCV-cryoglobulinemia. PATIENTS AND METHODS: Ninety-three cryoglobulinemic patients, divided into symptomatic [symptomatic cryoglobulinemic patients (SCP; n=35)] and asymptomatic [nonsymptomatic cryoglobulinemic patients (NSCP; n=60)], underwent DAAs...
October 2018: European Journal of Gastroenterology & Hepatology
Ronak Afshari, Ahmad Shaabani
The emergence of neoteric synthetic routes for materials functionalization is an interesting phenomenon in materials chemistry. In particular, the union of materials chemistry with multicomponent reactions (MCRs) opens a new avenue leading to the realm of highly innovative functionalized architectures with unique features. MCRs have recently been recognized as considerable part of the synthetic chemist's toolbox due to their great efficiency, inherent molecular diversity, atom and pot economy along with operational simplicity...
September 10, 2018: ACS Combinatorial Science
Diana E Ramírez-Ornelas, Rebeca Sola-Llano, Jorge Bañuelos, Iñigo López Arbeloa, José A Martínez-Álvarez, Héctor M Mora-Montes, Bernardo Franco, Eduardo Peña-Cabrera
A series of complex boronic acids were prepared through multicomponent reactions (MCRs). Both Passerini and Ugi MCRs were carried out in which one component was an arylboronic acid. The resulting highly functionalized boronic acids participated efficiently in the Liebeskind-Srogl cross-coupling reaction with meso -methylthioBODIPY derivatives to yield complex borondipyrromethene (BODIPY) dyes in good yields. The joined spectroscopic and computational study points out the deep impact of the arylated chromophoric position on the photophysical signatures...
July 31, 2018: ACS Omega
Danil P Zarezin, Olga I Shmatova, Valentine G Nenajdenko
An efficient three-step synthesis of a novel family of enantiomerically pure isocyanides derived from β3-isocyanopropionic acids was elaborated. Easily available N-formylated α-amino acids were used as starting materials towards this aim. The 3-step sequence (Arndt-Eistert reaction-Wolff rearrangement-dehydration) resulted in target isonitriles in good yields (up to 97%). As a result a new family of isocyanides bearing a fragment of β3-amino acids with different functional groups (amides, esters and short peptides) was obtained...
August 22, 2018: Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry
Mariana Panayotova-Pencheva, Vassilena Dakova, Anetka Trifonova
A nematode species from the Protostrongylidae family, unknown in the parasite fauna of Bulgaria until now, was found in the bronchi of a European brown hare (Lepus europaeus Pallas, 1778 L.) from a southwestern region of the country. At first the systematic identification of the found specimens was attributed to two possibilities-Protostrongylus terminalis Passerini (1884) Schulz, Orlow & Kutass, 1933 and Protostrongylus cuniculorum (Joyeux & Gaud, 1946) Schulz & Kadenazii, 1949. The autonomy of these two species was discussed based on data available in the literature...
November 2018: Parasitology Research
Taous Saraoui, Françoise Leroi, Frédérique Chevalier, Jean-Michel Cappelier, Delphine Passerini, Marie-France Pilet
Listeria monocytogenes is a Gram-positive pathogen occurring in many refrigerated ready-to-eat foods. It is responsible for foodborne listeriosis, a rare but severe disease with a high mortality rate (20-30%). Lactococcus piscium CNCM I-4031 has the capacity to prevent the growth of L. monocytogenes in contaminated peeled and cooked shrimp and in a chemically defined medium using a cell-to-cell contact-dependent mechanism. To characterize this inhibition further, the effect of L. piscium was tested on a collection of 42 L...
2018: Frontiers in Microbiology
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