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Thurayya Arayssi, Manale Harfouche, Andrea Darzi, Samar Al Emadi, Khaled A Alnaqbi, Humeira Badsha, Farida Al Balushi, Carole Dib, Bassel Elzorkany, Hussein Halabi, Mohammed Hammoudeh, Wissam Hazer, Basel Masri, Mira Merashli, Mohammed Omair, Nelly Salloum, Imad Uthman, Sumeja Zahirovic, Nelly Ziade, Raveendhara R Bannuru, Timothy McAlindon, Mohamed A Nomier, Jasvinder A Singh, Robin Christensen, Peter Tugwell, Holger Schünemann, Elie A Akl
Clinical practice guidelines can assist rheumatologists in the proper prescription of newer treatment for rheumatoid arthritis (RA). The objective of this paper is to report on the recommendations for the management of patients with RA in the Eastern Mediterranean region. We adapted the 2015 American College of Rheumatology guidelines in two separate waves. We used the adolopment methodology, and followed the 18 steps of the "Guidelines 2.0" comprehensive checklist for guideline development. For each question, we updated the original guidelines' evidence synthesis, and we developed an Evidence Profile (EP) and an Evidence to Decision (EtD) table...
August 10, 2018: Clinical Rheumatology
Ladislav Mandaric, Eleni Kalogianni, Nikolaos Skoulikidis, Mira Petrovic, Sergi Sabater
The contamination patterns and fate of pharmaceutically active compounds (PhACs) were investigated in the Evrotas River (Southern Greece). This is a temporary river with differing levels of water stress and water quality impairment in a number of its reaches. Three sampling campaigns were conducted in order to capture different levels of water stress and water quality. Four sampling sites located on the main channel of the Evrotas River were sampled in July 2015 (moderate stream flow), and June and September 2016 (low stream flow)...
July 23, 2018: Science of the Total Environment
Rasha T Hamza, Marwa F Mira, Amira I Hamed, Treiz Ezzat, Mahmoud T Sallam
Most girls with Turner syndrome (TS) suffer from incomplete sexual development, premature ovarian failure, and infertility due to abnormal ovarian folliculogenesis. Serum anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) levels reflect the ovarian reserve in females, even in childhood. Thus, we aimed to assess serum AMH levels in girls with TS and its relation to karyotype, spontaneous puberty, and growth hormone (GH) therapy. Fifty TS were compared to 50 age- and sex-matched controls. All subjects were subjected to history, anthropometric assessment, Tanner pubertal staging and measurement of serum follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), luteinizing hormone (LH), estradiol (E2), and AMH...
August 8, 2018: American Journal of Medical Genetics. Part A
Mira B Cladder-Micus, Anne E M Speckens, Janna N Vrijsen, A Rogier T Donders, Eni S Becker, Jan Spijker
BACKGROUND: Chronic and treatment-resistant depressions pose serious problems in mental health care. Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) is an effective treatment for remitted and currently depressed patients. It is, however, unknown whether MBCT is effective for chronic, treatment-resistant depressed patients. METHOD: A pragmatic, multicenter, randomized-controlled trial was conducted comparing treatment-as-usual (TAU) with MBCT + TAU in 106 chronically depressed outpatients who previously received pharmacotherapy (≥4 weeks) and psychological treatment (≥10 sessions)...
August 8, 2018: Depression and Anxiety
Begoña Miras-Moreno, Maria Angeles Pedreño, Paul D Fraser, Ana Belén Sabater-Jara, Lorena Almagro
Diflufenican increased 493-fold the level of phytoene. Diflufenican-induced inhibition of phytoene desaturase gene expression in carrot cells resulted in an increased production of phytoene. This work analyzes the effect of diflufenican, an inhibitor of phytoene desaturase, on the gene expression profiles of the biosynthetic pathway of carotenoids related with the production of these compounds in carrot cell cultures. The results showed that the presence of 10 µM diflufenican in the culture medium increased phytoene levels, which was 493-fold higher than in control cells after 7 days of treatment but did not alter cell growth in carrot cell cultures...
August 6, 2018: Planta
Marine Paul, Wulfran Bougouin, Florence Dumas, Guillaume Geri, Benoit Champigneulle, Lucie Guillemet, Omar Ben Hadj Salem, Stéphane Legriel, Jean-Daniel Chiche, Julien Charpentier, Jean-Paul Mira, Claudio Sandroni, Alain Cariou
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
August 3, 2018: Resuscitation
Geison Cambri, Marcelo Távora Mira
Genetics plays a crucial role in controlling susceptibility to infectious diseases by modulating the interplay between humans and pathogens. This is particularly evident in leprosy, since the etiological agent, Mycobacterium leprae , displays semiclonal characteristics not compatible with the wide spectrum of disease phenotypes. Over the past decades, genetic studies have unraveled several gene variants as risk factors for leprosy per se , disease clinical forms and the occurrence of leprosy reactions. As expected, several of these genes are immune-related; yet, hypothesis-free approaches have led to genes not classically linked to immune response...
2018: Frontiers in Immunology
Lama Bou-Karroum, Maram B Hakoum, Mira Z Hammoud, Assem M Khamis, Mounir Al-Gibbawi, Sanaa Badour, Divina Justina Hasbani, Luciane Cruz Lopes, Hebah M El-Rayess, Fadi El-Jardali, Gordon Guyatt, Elie A Akl
BACKGROUND: Systematic reviews are increasingly used to inform health policy-making. The conflicts of interest (COI) of the authors of systematic reviews may bias their results and influence their conclusions. This may in turn lead to misguided public policies and systems level decisions. In order to mitigate the adverse impact of COI, scientific journals require authors to disclose their COIs. The objective of this study was to assess the frequency and different types of COI that authors of systematic reviews on health policy and systems research (HSPR) report...
February 12, 2018: International Journal of Health Policy and Management
Isabel Miras, Nieves Ramírez, Pablo Sánchez, Carlos Hernández, Domingo Acosta
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
August 1, 2018: Endocrinología, Diabetes y Nutrición
Sten Olsson, Mira Harrison-Woolrych
Applying the WHO definition of pharmacovigilance, the International Society of Pharmacovigilance, (ISoP) is concerned with all aspects of medicine safety. The safety of patients exposed to medicines depends on a wide variety of factors, where the understanding of each factor is associated with its own professional competence and skillset. For pharmacovigilance systems to work efficiently, a broad understanding of the necessary contribution of each of the different scientific competence areas and professional skills is required...
August 2, 2018: International Journal of Clinical Pharmacy
Haralampos N Miras, Laia Vilà-Nadal, Leroy Cronin
Correction for 'Polyoxometalate based open-frameworks (POM-OFs)' by Haralampos N. Miras et al., Chem. Soc. Rev., 2014, 43, 5679-5699.
August 1, 2018: Chemical Society Reviews
Maksym Byshkin, Alex Stivala, Antonietta Mira, Garry Robins, Alessandro Lomi
A major line of contemporary research on complex networks is based on the development of statistical models that specify the local motifs associated with macro-structural properties observed in actual networks. This statistical approach becomes increasingly problematic as network size increases. In the context of current research on efficient estimation of models for large network data sets, we propose a fast algorithm for maximum likelihood estimation (MLE) that affords a significant increase in the size of networks amenable to direct empirical analysis...
July 31, 2018: Scientific Reports
Tharick A Pascoal, Monica Shin, Min Su Kang, Mira Chamoun, Daniel Chartrand, Sulantha Mathotaarachchi, Idriss Bennacef, Joseph Therriault, Kok Pin Ng, Robert Hopewell, Reda Bouhachi, Hung-Hsin Hsiao, Andrea L Benedet, Jean-Paul Soucy, Gassan Massarweh, Serge Gauthier, Pedro Rosa-Neto
BACKGROUND: Imaging agents capable of quantifying the brain's tau aggregates will allow a more precise staging of Alzheimer's disease (AD). The aim of the present study was to examine the in vitro properties as well as the in vivo kinetics, using gold standard methods, of the novel positron emission tomography (PET) tau imaging agent [18 F]MK-6240. METHODS: In vitro properties of [18 F]MK-6240 were estimated with autoradiography in postmortem brain tissues of 14 subjects (seven AD patients and seven age-matched controls)...
July 31, 2018: Alzheimer's Research & Therapy
Myriam Cielo Pérez, Nanor Minoyan, Valéry Ridde, Marie-Pierre Sylvestre, Mira Johri
BACKGROUND: Cluster randomised trials (CRTs) are a key instrument to evaluate public health interventions. Fidelity assessment examines study processes to gauge whether an intervention was delivered as initially planned. Evaluation of implementation fidelity (IF) is required to establish whether the measured effects of a trial are due to the intervention itself and may be particularly important for CRTs of complex interventions conducted in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). However, current CRT reporting guidelines offer no guidance on IF assessment...
July 31, 2018: Trials
Anu Viitala, Marita Saukkonen, Juho T Lehto, Mira Palonen, Päivi Åstedt-Kurki
The purposes of this study were to describe the coping processes and support needs of patients with incurable cancer. The study was conducted as a qualitative study. The research data were gathered by conducting thematic interviews with outpatients with incurable cancer (n = 16) and analyzed by means of inductive content analysis. The results of the study indicate that the lives of patients were temporarily interrupted by the incurable illness. A sympathetic family was perceived as strength, and after the initial shock, the patients began to rebuild their lives...
April 2018: Journal of Hospice and Palliative Nursing: JHPN
Dominique J Monlezun, Mira John, Isabelle Dortonne, India Gaines, Katherine P Carsky, David Chernobylsky, Peter Ferrin, Anil Paramesh, Rubin Zhang, Colleen McDermott, Geoffrey Parker, Michael Darden, Joseph F Buell
BACKGROUND: Immunosuppression is a known risk for post-transplant infections. Little data exist on the risk contributions of specific agents for various infections. METHODS: A triply robust propensity score-adjusted analysis was performed in a renal transplant cohort between February 2006 and January 2014. The study was performed to identify the incidence and the risk factors for developing a post-transplant infection. After initial bivariate analysis, a triply robust propensity score-adjusted multivariate logistic regression was performed...
July 27, 2018: Surgery
Georgios K Dimitriadis, Raghu Adya, Bee K Tan, Terence A Jones, Vinod S Menon, Manjunath Ramanjaneya, Gregory Kaltsas, Alexander D Miras, Harpal S Randeva
The role of brown adipose tissue (BAT) in pathological states of energy homeostasis and impaired adipocyte function, such as obesity has been a major area of research interest in recent years. Herein, we sought to determine the direct effects of adipokines, visfatin and leptin on BAT thermogenesis. The effects of mouse recombinant visfatin, nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) and leptin with or without FK866 were studied on differentiated T37i cells. Treated cells were analyzed for key genes and proteins regulating BAT [UCP-1, PRD1-BF1-RIZ1 homologous domain-containing 16 (PRDM-16), PPARgamma-coactivator-1alpha (PGC-1α) and receptor-interacting protein 140 (RIP-140)] using quantitative PCR and western blot analysis...
July 27, 2018: Cytokine
Sang-Ho Moon, Eun-Kyung Kim, Mirae Oh, Se Young Jang, Yujiao Tang, Hye-Jin Seong, Yeong Sik Yun, Sanguk Chung
Objective: This study compared fatty acid compositions and antioxidant activities of high-preference cuts (loin, tenderloin, and rib) and low-preference cuts (brisket, topside, and shank) of Hanwoo (Bos taurus coreanae) cows to obtain potentially useful information for promoting the consumption of various low-preference cuts. Methods: Individual 500 g samples of fresh beef were collected from each of the six cuts from 10 Hanwoo cows (quality grade 1) and immediately freeze-dried...
July 26, 2018: Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences
Tijana Milićević, Dubravka Relić, Mira Aničić Urošević, Gordana Vuković, Sandra Škrivanj, Roeland Samson, Aleksandar Popović
An integrated approach to the investigation of potentially toxic elements (PTEs) was applied to the soil and grapevine leaf samples collected from vineyard environment through the grapevine season. To investigate mobile and bioavailable concentrations of PTEs, six single extraction procedures and pseudo-total digestion were applied to the samples. The element concentrations in the samples were measured using inductively coupled plasma-optical emission spectrometry (ICP-OES) and inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry (ICP-MS)...
July 26, 2018: Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety
Mira Alt, Jessica Falk, Anna Maria Eis-Hübinger, Barbara Kropff, Christian Sinzger, Adalbert Krawczyk
Infections with the herpes simplex virus (HSV) and the human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) can lead to life-threatening diseases, particularly in immunosuppressed patients. Furthermore, HSV infections at birth (herpes neonatorum) can result in a disseminated disease associated with a fatal multiorgan failure. Congenital HCMV infections can result in miscarriage, serious birth defects or developmental disabilities. Antibody-based interventions with hyperimmunoglobulins showed encouraging results in clinical studies, but clearly need to be improved...
July 26, 2018: Journal of Immunological Methods
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