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Outpatient joint

A Rajeev
The incidence of insufficiency fractures is approximately 1% in rheumatoid arthritis patients. The predisposing factors are chronic inflammation, skeletal deformities, biomechanical stresses and osteoporosis. The medications used in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis such as Glucocorticosteroids and Methotrexate also contribute to the development of osteoporosis and insufficiency fractures. A 68-year old lady who was suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and on long term Methotrexate was seen in the outpatient clinic with recurrent episodes of heel pain...
July 2018: Malaysian Orthopaedic Journal
Matthew N Fournier, Tyler J Brolin, Frederick M Azar, Raj Stephens, Thomas W Throckmorton
BACKGROUND: Outpatient total shoulder arthroplasty (TSA) is increasing in frequency, but the selection of patients who are appropriate outpatient joint candidates remains challenging. We propose an algorithm for selecting outpatient TSA candidates, with validation by a cohort of patients from an ambulatory surgery center (ASC). METHODS: We identified 61 patients who had primary anatomic and reverse TSA. The selection algorithm, which stratifies patients referable to their age and cardiopulmonary comorbidities, was used to choose patients for outpatient surgery...
August 10, 2018: Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery
Shuhei Nakanishi, Hidenori Hirukawa, Masashi Shimoda, Fuminori Tatsumi, Kenji Kohara, Atsushi Obata, Tomohiko Kimura, Seizo Okauchi, Tomoe Kinoshita, Junpei Sanada, Yoshiro Fushimi, Momoyo Nishioka, Akiko Mizoguchi, Tomoatsu Mune, Kohei Kaku, Hideaki Kaneto
AIMS/INTRODUCTION: This study examined the association between the onset of micro- and macroangiopathy in type 2 diabetes subjects (T2DM) and levels of HbA1c described in "Evidence-based Practice Guideline for the Treatment for Diabetes in Japan 2013" (KD) or those indicated in "the Japan Diabetes Society and the Japan Geriatrics Society Joint Committee on Improving Care for Elderly Patients with Diabetes" (JDS/JGS). MATERIALS AND METHODS: Eligible for this study were T2DM who visited the outpatient clinic at Kawasaki Medical School Hospital between 2000 and 2016 and received follow-up for more than two years...
August 12, 2018: Journal of Diabetes Investigation
Oyewole Christopher Durojaiye, Katharine Cartwright, Fotinie Ntziora
This study reviews the current OPAT service provision in the UK and evaluates concordance with the national OPAT practice guidelines (standards of care). We conducted a survey of acute hospital trusts and health boards in the UK regarding OPAT practices between June and September 2017. 165 (93%) of the 178 acute hospital trusts/health boards that were contacted responded to the survey. 100 (61%) indicated they had an OPAT service. Ten (10%) OPAT services did not involve an infection specialist. Bone and joint infections, and skin and soft-tissue infections were the most common conditions treated...
July 24, 2018: Diagnostic Microbiology and Infectious Disease
Glenn Haugeberg, Brigitte Michelsen, Stig Tengesdal, Inger Johanne Widding Hansen, Andreas Diamantopoulos, Arthur Kavanaugh
BACKGROUND: Over the last decade, a treat-to-target (T2T) strategy has been recommended for psoriatic arthritis (PsA) and new treatment options have become available. There is a lack of data on PsA regarding any changes that may have occurred over these past years. Thus, the main aim of this study was to look for changes in clinical disease status and treatment in a PsA outpatient clinic population monitored over the period 2008 to 2017. METHODS: Annual data collection included demographic data, laboratory (erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) and C-reactive protein (CRP)) and clinic measures of disease activity (e...
August 2, 2018: Arthritis Research & Therapy
Minhui Liu, Susan M McCurry, Basia Belza, Adrian Dobra, Diana T Buchanan, Michael V Vitiello, Michael Von Korff
OBJECTIVE: To examine independent and combined effects of pain with concurrent insomnia and depression symptoms on health care use (HCU) in older adults with osteoarthritis (OA). METHODS: Participants were Group Health Cooperative (GHC) patients with a primary diagnosis of OA (N = 2,976). We used survey data on pain (Graded Chronic Pain Scale), insomnia (Insomnia Severity Index), and depression (Patient Health Questionnaire-8), and HCU extracted from GHC electronic health records (office visits, length of stay [LOS], outpatient and inpatient costs, and hip/knee replacement) for three years after the survey...
August 1, 2018: Arthritis Care & Research
Viktoria S Wurmbach, Anette Lampert, Steffen J Schmidt, Simone Bernard, Petra A Thürmann, Hanna M Seidling, Walter E Haefeli
The difficulties of managing a complex medication regimen are often underestimated in outpatient care. A large number of drugs (polypharmacy) and complicated dosage schemes or dosage forms may overstrain patients. Indeed, wrong drug administration can impair treatment success or cause adverse drug events.Patients are often unaware of the medication administration errors. Furthermore they do not voice administration problems, often because they are not aware of the potential to optimize their drug therapy...
July 31, 2018: Bundesgesundheitsblatt, Gesundheitsforschung, Gesundheitsschutz
Hilal Telli, Serkan Telli, Murat Topal
BACKGROUND: Although sacroiliac joint dysfunction (SIJD) is generally regarded as a source of lumbar pain, its anatomical position and the absence of a diagnostic 'gold standard' lead to difficulties at examination and differential diagnosis. However, since sacroiliac (SI) joint blocks only provide information about pathologies of joint origin and since SIJD developing secondary to pathologies in structures around the joint can be missed. Provocation and palpation tests also need to be used in diagnosis...
July 2018: Pain Physician
Cheng Huang, Yanwei Zheng, Liping Zhu, Yang Li, Li Du, Minfang Tao, Biao Xu
OBJECTIVES: The aim of the study was to describe the major complaints of menopausal symptoms among middle-aged women who initiated healthcare seeking for menopausal symptoms and to understand the factors influencing women's decisions to seek perimenopausal health care in Shanghai, China. METHODS: A cross-sectional study was performed in five hospitals in Shanghai. Women aged 40 to 60 years at their first visit to the perimenopausal outpatient departments/clinics were investigated in person over a 3-month period...
July 23, 2018: Menopause: the Journal of the North American Menopause Society
Barış Polat, Ramadan Özmanevra, Deniz Aydın, Enes Sarı, Mehmet Yalçınozan
In this paper, we report a pregnant woman with a missed capitellar fracture of the elbow, who was treated successfully with open reduction and internal fixation using two headless screws. A 29-year-old 6-month pregnant woman presented to the emergency department due to a history of falling on her outstretched hand. A long-arm splint was applied without radiological evaluation due to pregnancy. She came to the orthopaedics and traumatology outpatient clinic 6 weeks after trauma and her examination after splint removal revealed pain and restriction in the elbow joint movements...
2018: Case Reports in Orthopedics
E Carlos Rodríguez-Merchán, Primitivo Gómez-Cardero
An age younger than 60 years, a body weight of 180 lb (82 kg) or more, performing heavy work, having chondrocalcinosis and having exposed bone in the patellofemoral (PF) joint are not contraindications for unicompartmental knee arthroplasty (UKA).Severe wear of the lateral facet of the PF joint with bone loss and grooving is a contraindication for UKA.Medial UKA should only be performed in cases of severe osteoarthritis (OA) as shown in pre-operative X-rays, with medial bone-on-bone contact and a medial/lateral ratio of < 20%...
June 2018: EFORT Open Reviews
Reşit Sevimli, Okan Aslantürk, Emre Ergen, Kadir Ertem
Introduction Loss of function and pain are the main complaints at the time of hospital admission for patients with a stiff elbow. In this study, we present mid-term radiological and functional results for the use of the arthroscopic release technique in patients admitted to the outpatient clinic with a stiff elbow. Methods A total of 22 patients (six females, 16 males; mean age: 36 years, range: 18 to 56 years) who underwent an arthroscopic intervention for traumatic or non-traumatic stiff elbow and arthrosis between January 2005 and November 2015 were included in the study...
May 15, 2018: Curēus
Erica J Secor, Santiago D Gutierrez-Nibeyro, Stuart C Clark-Price
OBJECTIVE To report complication rates following elective arthroscopy in horses and determine whether postoperative complication rates are higher for outpatient procedures, compared with inpatient procedures. DESIGN Retrospective cohort study. ANIMALS 357 client-owned horses that had undergone 366 elective arthroscopic procedures between January 2008 and February 2015. PROCEDURES Medical records were retrospectively reviewed. Data collected included signalment, travel time to the hospital, clinical signs, joints treated, lesions diagnosed, medications administered, anesthesia and surgery times, details of the procedure (including closure method and surgeons involved), and hospitalization status (inpatient or outpatient)...
August 1, 2018: Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association
C Huynh, D Puyraimond-Zemmour, J F Maillefert, P G Conaghan, A M Davis, K-P Gunther, G Hawker, M C Hochberg, M Kloppenburg, K Lim, L S Lohmander, N N Mahomed, L March, K Pavelka, L Punzi, E M Roos, L Sanchez-Riera, J A Singh, M E Suarez-Almazor, M Dougados, L Gossec
OBJECTIVE: To determine factors associated with orthopaedic surgeons' decision to recommend total joint replacement (TJR) in people with knee and hip osteoarthritis (OA). DESIGN: Cross-sectional study in eleven countries. For consecutive outpatients with definite hip or knee OA consulting an orthopaedic surgeon, the surgeon's indication of TJR was collected, as well as patients' characteristics including comorbidities and social situation, OA symptom duration, pain, stiffness and function (Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Osteoarthritis Index [WOMAC]), joint-specific quality of life, Osteoarthritis Research Society International (OARSI) joint space narrowing (JSN) radiographic grade (0-4), and surgeons' characteristics...
July 11, 2018: Osteoarthritis and Cartilage
Gadi Revivo, Diane K Amstutz, Christine M Gagnon, Zachary L McCormick
BACKGROUND: The relation between chronic musculoskeletal pain and joint hypermobility in a small percentage of the pediatric population is well described. However, literature discussing the treatment of chronic pain associated with joint hypermobility in pediatrics is limited. The present study examines the impact of interdisciplinary treatment on chronic pain in pediatrics with joint hypermobility syndrome. OBJECTIVE: To determine if pediatric patients with chronic pain related to joint hypermobility can be effectively treated with an intensive, interdisciplinary pain management program, as measured by changes in pain, psychosocial and physical functioning, as well as parental coping...
July 30, 2018: PM & R: the Journal of Injury, Function, and Rehabilitation
K Beinert, B Lutz, W Zieglgänsberger, M Diers
BACKGROUND: Visual analgesia refers to the phenomena where people report decreased pain intensity when they see the painful or painfully-stimulated body part. Alongside pain, sensorimotor impairment (i.e. disturbed proprioception) is also evident in chronic pain. This study aims to investigate whether real-time visual feedback offers additional pain relief and proprioceptive improvement when used in combination with recommended therapies in neck pain patients who received manual therapy with or without real-time visual feedback...
July 12, 2018: European Journal of Pain: EJP
Bettina Engel, Sylvia Schacher, Klaus Weckbecker, Annika Stausberg, Ingo Gräff
BACKGROUND: Gout or hyperuricemia are both well known and common diseases. The prevalence of gout is increasing worldwide. Thus, patients with gout are becoming more common. Although there are several published guidelines for the management of gout, actual treatment of gout is inconsistent with these guidelines in many respects. Gout is usually treated by general practitioners (GP) in Germany. The aim of our study was to show which patients present to the emergency department and to record how treatment and clinical diagnostic testing of gout patients is performed in the emergency department of a university hospital in Germany...
July 9, 2018: Zeitschrift Für Orthopädie und Unfallchirurgie
Eliana Murcia, Jairo Aguilera, Carolina Wiesner, Constanza Pardo
Objective: To characterize the current status of oncological services supply in Colombia. Methods: A descriptive analysis of oncological services for cancer care in the adult and infant population that meet the requirements for operation according to the Special Register of Health Service Providers was carried out. The case - by - provider ratio was calculated based on the cancer incidence estimated for Colombia by the National Cancer Institute. Results: Were identified 1,780 qualified oncology health services in the country related to specialties for providing care to cancer patients...
March 30, 2018: Colombia Médica: CM
Saruna Ghimire, Naveen Shrestha, Karen Callahan
BACKGROUND: Despite knowing the ill consequences of high salt intake, many hypertensive patients in Nepal continue to consume high levels of salt in their diet. Hence, this study aims to reveal the barriers to dietary salt reduction among hypertensive patients in Nepal. METHODS: A barrier analysis was conducted in the outpatient department of Sahid Gangalal National Heart Center, Nepal among 180 hypertensive patients under physician advice to reduce salt in their diet...
July 3, 2018: Journal of Nepal Health Research Council
Hazibullah Waizy, Babak Panahi, Jörn Dohle, Christina Stukenborg-Colsman
The hallux valgus deformity is untreated usually regarded as progressive deformity that does not necessarily lead to pain and suffering for the patient. Prevention primary: foot conforming footwear to avoid bruising and to avoid a forced progression of pathology. Functional stabilization of the foot by means of gymnastics or physiotherapy instructions. Secondary: orthotic and/or insoles to improve the functional stabilization. Tertiary: consistent adapted postoperative treatment, which is based on the operation procedure...
July 3, 2018: Zeitschrift Für Orthopädie und Unfallchirurgie
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