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Work load assessment

Amine Ezzariai, David Riboul, Marlène Z Lacroix, Maialen Barret, Loubna El Fels, Georges Merlina, Alain Bousquet-Melou, Dominique Patureau, Eric Pinelli, Mohamed Hafidi
In this work a fast analytical method for the determination of macrolides, tetracyclines and fluoroquinolones in a compost originating from a mixture of sewage sludge, palm waste and grass was developed by ultra-high performance liquid chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry (U-HPLC/MS). Antibiotics were extracted from compost by using the accelerated solvent extraction (ASE). The chromatographic separation was carried out on a T3 Cortecs C18 column using a mobile phase gradient mixture of water acidified with 1% of formic acid and acetonitrile...
August 7, 2018: Chemosphere
Ali Nawaz, Witoon Purahong, Robert Lehmann, Martina Herrmann, Kai Uwe Totsche, Kirsten Küsel, Tesfaye Wubet, François Buscot
Although fungi play important roles in biogeochemical cycling in aquatic ecosystems and have received a great deal of attention, much remains unknown about the living fractions of fungal communities in aquifers of the terrestrial subsurface in terms of diversity, community dynamics, functional roles, the impact of environmental factors and presence of fungal pathogens. Here we address this gap in knowledge by using RNA-based high throughput pair-end illumina sequencing analysis of fungal internal transcribed spacer (ITS) gene markers, to target the living fractions of groundwater fungal communities from fractured alternating carbonate-/siliciclastic-rock aquifers of the Hainich Critical Zone Exploratory...
July 28, 2018: Water Research
Jing Wang, Dalong Ni, Zhiwei Shen, Yan Ren, Yanyan Liu, Wenpei Fan, Yue Wu, Guishan Zhang, Hua Zhang, Renhua Wu, Xiaoyuan Feng, Wenbo Bu, Zhenwei Yao
Magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) allows the assessment of metabolic contents and biochemical information in vivo. It provides essential compositional information in the diagnosis and monitoring of central nervous system (CNS) diseases, especially brain tumors. Conventional MRS is usually confined to endogenous metabolites that may lack specificity for certain disease such as differentiating glioma from other tumor and non-tumorous lesions. Therefore, exogenous MRS contrast agents (CAs) that may improve the sensitivity and specificity of MRS are highly desirable for its clinical use...
August 17, 2018: Advanced Healthcare Materials
Alexander R Green, Claudia Rosu, Tiffany Kenison, Chijioke Nze
Background: Patients with limited English proficiency (LEP) are a growing population in the United States at risk for disparities in quality and safety of care. Medical student competency to care for patients with LEP is impacted by a hidden curriculum (HC) that undermines the learning experience; yet to date, there is no way to measure it. Thus, we designed an instrument to assess this HC. Methods: Based on findings from previous qualitative work and input from medical students and experts in LEP and psychometrics, we developed a 23-item survey with four domains...
January 2018: Education for Health: Change in Training & Practice
Aikaterini-Rafailia Tsiapla, Varvara Karagkiozaki, Veroniki Bakola, Foteini Pappa, Panagiota Gkertsiou, Eleni Pavlidou, Stergios Logothetidis
There is, as a matter of fact, an ever increasing number of patients requiring total hip replacement (Pabinger, C.; Geissler, A. Osteoarthritis Cartilage 2014, 22, 734-741). Implant-associated acute inflammations after an invasive orthopedic surgery are one of the major causes of implant failure. In addition, there are instability, aseptic loosening, infection, metallosis and fracture (Melvin, J. S.; Karthikeyan, T.; Cope, R.; Fehring, T. K. J. Arthroplasty 2014, 29, 1285-1288). In this work, a drug-delivery nanoplatform system consisting of polymeric celluloce acetate (CA) scaffolds loaded with dexamethasone was fabricated through electrospinning...
2018: Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology
Jinfeng Tang, Lezhang Wei, Minhua Su, Hongguo Zhang, Xiangyang Chang, Yu Liu, Nana Wang, Enzong Xiao, Christian Ekberg, Britt-Marie Steenari, Tangfu Xiao
Rapid economic development accelerates the generation of municipal solid waste (MSW), and thereby calls for an effective and reliable waste management strategy. In the present work, we systematically investigated the status of MSW management in a mega-city of China (Guangzhou). The data were collected from literatures, government statistics and field sampling work. It can be found that a combination of waste sorting by individual residents and a necessary quantity of sanitation workers is one of the most feasible strategies to achieve a sustainable waste management...
August 16, 2018: Waste Management & Research
Inês Pereira, Flávia Sousa, Patrick Kennedy, Bruno Sarmento
Bioengineered functionalized nanoparticles have extensively been proposed in recent years to efficiently deliver anti-cancer drugs to the tumour site, by targeting the cancer cells and improving the therapeutic efficiency of active molecules. In this work, polymeric poly (lactic-co- glycolic)-polyethyleneglycol (PLGA-PEG) nanoparticles were produced by nanoprecipitation and loaded with paclitaxel, following surface-functionalized with a monoclonal antibody targeting the carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) of intestinal epithelial cells...
August 12, 2018: International Journal of Pharmaceutics
Jose Gutierrez, Desiree Byrd, Michael T Yin, Susan Morgello
Background: Human immunodeficiency virus-positive (HIV+) individuals have higher rates of cognitive impairment and cerebrovascular disease compared with uninfected populations. We hypothesize that cerebrovascular disease, specifically brain large artery disease, may play a role in HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders (HAND). Methods: Participants (N = 94) in the Manhattan HIV Brain Bank study were followed on average 32 ± 33 months with repeated neuropsychological examinations until death...
August 11, 2018: Clinical Infectious Diseases: An Official Publication of the Infectious Diseases Society of America
Emily Turner, Megan Erwin, Marzieh Atigh, Uwe Christians, Justin M Saul, Saami K Yazdani
Purpose: Drug coated balloons (DCB) are continually improving due to advances in coating techniques and more effective excipients. Paclitaxel, the current drug choice of DCB, is a microtubule-stabilizing chemotherapeutic agent that inhibits smooth muscle cell proliferation. Excipients work to promote coating stability and facilitate paclitaxel transfer and retention at the target lesion, although current excipients lack sustained, long-term paclitaxel retention. Keratose, a naturally derived protein, has exhibited unique properties allowing for tuned release of various therapeutic agents...
2018: Frontiers in Pharmacology
Chia-Yen Yang, Chong-Kai Huang
Working memory is the cognitive process of receiving, processing, and communicating information. Early evaluation and training may help to prevent a marked decline in working-memory ability. The aim of this study was to establish an n-back task system for objectively evaluating the working-memory ability based on the θ power, the γ power, and the degree of θ-γ synchronization. Our experiments were divided into four memory loads (1-back to 4-back) and further divided into digital and matrix stimulation modes...
August 1, 2018: Journal of Integrative Neuroscience
Martin Frank, Dorothee Marx, Vedran Nedelkovski, Julia-Theresa Fischer, Dieter H Pahr, Philipp J Thurner
Trabecular bone is located inside flat bones as well as in the epi- and metaphysis of long bones and plays a key role with respect to load transfer. Disorders, such as osteoporosis, weaken the structural integrity and may also cause changes in the mechanical properties of individual trabeculae, such as Young's modulus. Knowledge of mechanical tissue properties are necessary to assess risk of bone fracture with finite element analysis (FEA). However, such parameters are most often obtained from experiments on air-dried specimens which do not reflect the physiological conditions...
August 1, 2018: Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials
Lenka Pešáková, Jana Hlávková, Marie Nakládalová, Pavel Urban, Petr Gaďourek, Tomáš Tichý, Alena Boriková, Andrea Laštovková, Daniela Pelclová
OBJECTIVE: As a part of regular revision of the List of Occupational Diseases in the Czech Republic, efforts have been made to add a new item so that lumbar spine disease caused by overload may be recognized as occupational one, with adherence to the valid national rules, that is, clinical criteria are met and objective assessment confirms working conditions under which, according to recent scientific knowledge, such an occupational disease develops. The aim is to provide information on the use of a proposed method for working condition assessment in a real setting, based on the initial experiences gained from a pilot study carried out to validate the method...
June 2018: Central European Journal of Public Health
Shivani Verma, Puneet Utreja
BACKGROUND: Transdermal drug delivery is an attractive approach for both local and systemic therapeutics of various diseases. Transdermal drug delivery systems show various advantages like reduction of local irritation, prevention of first pass hepatic metabolism, and bioavailability enhancement of bioactive molecules over conventional drug delivery systems. OBJECTIVES: The main objective of the present research work was to develop and characterize (in-vitro and ex-vivo) econazole nitrate loaded transethosomes and their comparison with marketed cream of econazole nitrate [Ecoderm, Brown and Burk Pharmaceutical (Pvt...
August 13, 2018: Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology
Hui-Fang Chen, Kuan-Yu Jin
Conventional differential item functioning (DIF) approaches such as logistic regression (LR) often assume unidimensionality of a scale and match participants in the reference and focal groups based on total scores. However, many educational and psychological assessments are multidimensional by design, and a matching variable using total scores that does not reflect the test structure may not be good practice in multidimensional items for DIF detection. We propose the use of all subscores of a scale in LR and compare its performance with alternative matching methods, including the use of total score and individual subscores...
2018: Frontiers in Psychology
Christopher M Myers, Jeong-Su Kim, Megan Musilli, Kevin McCully, John P Florian
Purpose: This study examined the effects of repeated long-duration water immersions (WI)s at 1.35 atmospheres absolute (ATA) on neuromuscular endurance performance. We hypothesized that, following 5 days of consecutive, resting, long-duration WIs, neuromuscular endurance performance would decrease. Methods: Fifteen well-trained, male subjects completed five consecutive 6-h resting WIs with 18-h surface intervals during the dive week while breathing compressed air at 1.35 ATA. Skeletal muscle endurance performance was assessed before and after each WI, and 24 and 72 h after the final WI...
2018: Frontiers in Physiology
Michael A Hunter, Gregory Lieberman, Brian A Coffman, Michael C Trumbo, Mikaela L Armenta, Charles S H Robinson, Matthew A Bezdek, Anthony J O'Sickey, Aaron P Jones, Victoria Romero, Seth Elkin-Frankston, Sean Gaurino, Leonard Eusebi, Eric H Schumacher, Katie Witkiewitz, Vincent P Clark
Mindfulness-based training (MBT) and transcranial electrical stimulation (TES) methods such as direct current stimulation (tDCS) have demonstrated promise for the augmentation of cognitive abilities. The current study investigated the potential compatibility of concurrent "electrical" MBT and tDCS (or eMBT) by testing its combined effects on behavioral and neurophysiological indices of working memory (WM) and attentional resource allocation. Thirty-four healthy participants were randomly assigned to either a MBT task with tDCS group (eMBT) or an active control training task with sham tDCS (Control) group...
July 2018: Heliyon
Emily S Barrett, Wendy Vitek, Omar Mbowe, Sally W Thurston, Richard S Legro, Ruben Alvero, Valerie Baker, G Wright Bates, Peter Casson, Christos Coutifaris, Esther Eisenberg, Karl Hansen, Stephen Krawetz, Randal Robinson, Mitchell Rosen, Rebecca Usadi, Heping Zhang, Nanette Santoro, Michael Diamond
STUDY QUESTION: Among infertile women undergoing ovarian stimulation, is allostatic load (AL), a measure of chronic physiological stress, associated with subsequent fertility and pregnancy outcomes? SUMMARY ANSWER: AL at baseline was not associated with conception, spontaneous abortion or live birth, however, it was significantly associated with increased odds of pre-eclampsia and preterm birth among women who had a live birth in the study. WHAT IS KNOWN ALREADY: Several studies have linked AL during pregnancy to adverse outcomes including preterm birth and pre-eclampsia, hypothesizing that it may contribute to well-documented disparities in pregnancy and birth outcomes...
August 1, 2018: Human Reproduction
Steven J Keteyian, Dennis J Kerrigan, Barry Lewis, Jonathan K Ehrman, Clinton A Brawner
BACKGROUND: In patients with coronary heart disease, the exercise workload (i.e., metabolic equivalents of task, METs) at which patients exercise train upon entry and completion of cardiac rehabilitation (CR) are independently related to prognosis. Unknown is the association between exercise training workloads in CR and clinical outcomes in patients with heart failure (HF). METHODS: Patients with HF who participated in an early outpatient CR program were used in this retrospective analysis...
July 10, 2018: American Heart Journal
Gaëtan Mertens, Angelos-Miltiadis Krypotos, Arlaine van Logtestijn, Elze Landkroon, Suzanne C van Veen, Iris M Engelhard
There is strong evidence that executing eye-movement (EM) tasks that load working memory (WM) while thinking of an emotional memory reduces the emotionality and vividness of this memory. According to WM theory, EM tasks that load WM more should be more effective to devalue emotional memories. In this study, we compared three EM tasks: dot tracking, letter identification, and a combination of dot tracking and letter identification. First, participants completed a reaction time (RT) task to assess the WM load of the three EM tasks relative to a control task (viewing a black screen)...
August 6, 2018: Memory
Lindsay D Nelson, Mark D Kramer, Christopher J Patrick, Michael A McCrea
OBJECTIVES: Concussions cause diverse symptoms that are often measured through a single symptom severity score. Researchers have postulated distinct dimensions of concussion symptoms, raising the possibility that total scores may not accurately represent their multidimensional nature. This study examined to what degree concussion symptoms, assessed by the Sport Concussion Assessment Tool 3 (SCAT3), reflect a unidimensional versus multidimensional construct to inform how the SCAT3 should be scored and advance efforts to identify distinct phenotypes of concussion...
August 6, 2018: Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society: JINS
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