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Uğur Topal, Ahmet Gökhan Sarıtaş, Abdullah Ülkü, Atılgan Tolga Akçam, Figen Doran
INTRODUCTION: Coley, in 1892, reported 14 cases of a hydrocele in women. He described this "affection" as being "too rare an anomaly to deserve consideration. The rarity of this finding continues to be described in more current literature of 400 cases. CASE PRESENTATION: 42-year-old woman presented to the clinic with a palpable mass in her left inguinal region. On physical examination, a soft-consistency, mobile mass of about 4 cm in size was seen in the left inguinal region...
October 10, 2018: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
Shu-Yan Liu, Jing-Yao Song, Bin Fan, Ying Wang, Yi-Ran Pan, Lin Che, Ying-Jian Sun, Guang-Yu Li
Retinal degeneration is a major cause of severe vision loss and irreversible blindness and is characterized by progressive damage to retinal photoreceptor cells. Resveratrol (RSV) serves as an activator of the histone deacetylase, Sirt1, and has been shown to exert anti-oxidative properties. In this study, we mimicked retinal degeneration by subjecting photoreceptors (661W cells) to glucose deprivation (GD) or light exposure. Under these conditions, we investigated the mechanisms underlying GD- or light exposure-induced cell death and the protective effect of RSV...
October 17, 2018: Free Radical Biology & Medicine
Kazutaka Sugimoto, Sadahiro Nomura, Satoshi Shirao, Takao Inoue, Hideyuki Ishihara, Reo Kawano, Akiko Kawano, Fumiaki Oka, Eiichi Suehiro, Hirokazu Sadahiro, Mizuya Shinoyama, Takayuki Oku, Yuichi Maruta, Yuya Hirayama, Koichiro Hiyoshi, Miwa Kiyohira, Hiroshi Yoneda, Koki Okazaki, Jens P Dreier, Michiyasu Suzuki
OBJECTIVE: Traditionally, angiographic vasospasm (aVS) has been thought to cause delayed cerebral ischemia (DCI) after aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage (aSAH). However, successful treatment of aVS alone does not result in improved neurological outcome. Therefore, there may be other potential causes of poor neurological outcome including spreading depolarization (SD). A recent study showed beneficial effects of cilostazol on DCI and neurological outcome. The present prospective clinical trial and experimental study focused on effects of cilostazol on SDs...
October 20, 2018: Annals of Neurology
Eunae You, Yun-Hyun Huh, Jieun Lee, Panseon Ko, Jangho Jeong, Seula Keum, Jaegu Kim, Ahreum Kwon, Woo Keun Song, Sangmyung Rhee
Alterations in mechanical properties in the extracellular matrix are modulated by myofibroblasts and are required for progressive fibrotic diseases. Recently, we reported that fibroblasts depleted of SPIN90 showed enhanced differentiation into myofibroblasts via increased acetylation of microtubules in the soft matrix; the mechanisms of the underlying signaling network, however, remain unclear. In this study, we determine the effect of depletion of SPIN90 on FAK/ROCK signaling modules. Transcriptome analysis of Spin90 KO mouse embryonic fibroblasts (MEF) and fibroblasts activated by TGF-β revealed that Postn is the most significantly upregulated gene...
October 20, 2018: Journal of Cellular Physiology
R K Anadure, C S Narayanan, V Hande
Neurotoxicity from elapid bite may masquerade as early morning neuroparalytic syndrome (EMNS). We are reporting a series of two cases who presented as EMNS with absent brain stem reflexes, mimicking brain death. The first case was being considered for potential organ retrieval when the diagnosis was revised, and he recovered completely with Anti-snake venom (ASV). The second patient developed severe anaphylaxis to ASV, which made continuation of the empirical therapy in a comatose patient very tricky. She gradually tolerated a low dose ASV infusion under steroid and adrenaline cover, with reversal of paralysis and coma...
January 2018: Journal of the Association of Physicians of India
Amira A H Ali, Beryl Schwarz-Herzke, Shakila Mir, Benita Sahlender, Marion Victor, Boris Görg, Martin Schmuck, Katharina Dach, Ellen Fritsche, Andreas Kremer, Charlotte von Gall
We demonstrate the impact of a disrupted molecular clock in Bmal1-deficient (Bmal1-/- ) mice on migration of neural progenitor cells (NPCs). Proliferation of NPCs in rostral migratory stream (RMS) was reduced in Bmal1-/- mice, consistent with our earlier studies on adult neurogenesis in hippocampus. However, a significantly higher number of NPCs from Bmal1-/- mice reached the olfactory bulb as compared to wild-type littermates (Bmal1+/+ mice), indicating a higher migration velocity in Bmal1-/- mice. In isolated NPCs from Bmal1-/- mice, not only migration velocity and expression pattern of genes involved in detoxification of reactive oxygen species were affected, but also RNA oxidation of catalase was increased and catalase protein levels were decreased...
October 19, 2018: Brain Structure & Function
Xiao-Feng Li, Shu-Yan Li, Chang-Ming Dai, Jian-Chang Li, Da-Rui Huang, Jun-Ying Wang
AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) signaling activation can inhibit Ultra-violet (UV) radiation (UVR)-induced retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) cell injuries. LB-100 is a novel inhibitor of protein phosphatase 2A (PP2A), the AMPKα1 phosphatase. Here, our results demonstrated that LB-100 significantly inhibited UVR-induced viability reduction, cell death and apoptosis in established ARPE-19 cells and primary murine RPE cells. LB-100 activated AMPK, nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate (NADPH) and Nrf2 (NF-E2-related factor 2) signalings, inhibiting UVR-induced oxidative injuries and DNA damage in RPE cells...
October 16, 2018: Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications
Harmanpreet Sidhu, George O'Connor, Jason Kruse
Trace organic chemicals (TOrCs) in land applied biosolids can cause phytotoxicities and contaminate human and animal food chains. Information on phytotoxicity and phytoaccumulation of environmentally relevant concentrations of two antibiotic TOrCs, ciprofloxacin (CIP) and azithromycin (AZ), from biosolids-amended soils is limited. Greenhouse studies were conducted to assess the plant toxicity and accumulation of a range of environmentally relevant concentrations of biosolids-borne CIP and AZ in biosolids-amended soils...
January 15, 2019: Science of the Total Environment
Sytze Buwalda, Benjamin Nottelet, Audrey Bethry, Robbert Jan Kok, Niels Sijbrandi, Jean Coudane
HYPOTHESIS: The presence of pendant thioether groups on poly(ethylene glycol)-poly(N(2-hydroxypropyl) methacrylamide) (PEG-P(HPMA)) block copolymers allows for platinum-mediated coordinative micellar core-crosslinking, resulting in enhanced micellar stability and stimulus-responsive drug delivery. EXPERIMENTS: A new PEG-P(HPMA) based block copolymer with pendant 4-(methylthio)benzoyl (MTB) groups along the P(HPMA) block was synthesized by free radical polymerization of a novel HPMA-MTB monomer using a PEG based macro-initiator...
October 3, 2018: Journal of Colloid and Interface Science
Kyle C Strickland, Liping Yuan, Bradley J Quade, Marisa R Nucci, Brooke E Howitt
Adenomyomatous polyps (APs) of the uterus (also termed polypoid adenomyomas and pedunculated adenomyomas) are exophytic proliferations composed of myomatous stroma admixed with endometrial glands. APs can be diagnostically challenging, mimicking polypoid neoplasms such as atypical polypoid adenomyoma and adenosarcoma. The purpose of this study was to describe the clinicopathologic, morphologic, and molecular features of APs, as well as to raise awareness of this entity as a potential source of diagnostic confusion...
October 16, 2018: Human Pathology
Jiwon Koh, Kook Lae Lee, Myong Seok Lee, Hye Sung Ahn, Mee Soo Chang
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
October 16, 2018: Gastrointestinal Endoscopy
Lindsay T Michalovicz, Alicia R Locker, Kimberly A Kelly, Julie V Miller, Zachary Barnes, Mary Ann Fletcher, Diane B Miller, Nancy G Klimas, Mariana Morris, Stephen M Lasley, James P O'Callaghan
Gulf War Illness (GWI) is a chronic multi-symptom disorder experienced by as many as a third of the veterans of the 1991 Gulf War; the constellation of "sickness behavior" symptoms observed in ill veterans is suggestive of a neuroimmune involvement. Various chemical exposures and conditions in theater have been implicated in the etiology of the illness. Previously, we found that GW-related organophosphates (OPs), such as the sarin surrogate, DFP, and chlorpyrifos, cause neuroinflammation. The combination of these exposures with exogenous corticosterone (CORT), mimicking high physiological stress, exacerbates the observed neuroinflammation...
October 16, 2018: Neurotoxicology
Pandurangan Harikrishnan, Hairul Islam, Arumugam Sivasamy
Currently there is an increased demand for synthetic bone substitute materials (SBSMs) due to avoidance of donor-site surgery and morbidity. Attempts are done to create SBSM mimicking the bone microarchitecture for enhanced healing. In this study, the authors nanoengineered polycaprolactone (PCL) and nanohydroxyapatite (nHAp) composite scaffold by electrospinning. The nHAp is synthesized via hydrothermal process followed by microwave irradiation. In vitro biocompatibility evaluation with MG63 osteoblastic cell line showed enhanced cell proliferation in the PCL-nHAp scaffold than plain PCL by MTT assay and fluorescence microscopy...
October 18, 2018: Journal of Craniofacial Surgery
Muayad Kadhim, Nariman Abol Oyoun, Richard B Womer, John P Dormans
INTRODUCTION: Pelvic sarcomas may present with vague symptoms. The aim of this study was to examine the characteristics and clinical presentations of different types of pelvic sarcoma in children. METHODS: This is a retrospective cohort study of patients up to 21 years of age with the diagnosis of pelvic sarcoma between January 2000 and June 2013. Data on demographics, tumor type and location, and clinical presentation were collected from the medical records. RESULTS: A total of 59 patients [37 males (62...
2018: SICOT-J
Adem Yildirim, Dennis Shi, Shambojit Roy, Nicholas T Blum, Rajarshi Chattaraj, Jennifer N Cha, Andrew P Goodwin
While thermal ablation of various solid tumors has been demonstrated using high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU), the therapeutic outcomes of this technique are still unsatisfactory because of common recurrence of thermally ablated cancers and treatment side effects due to the high ultrasound intensity and acoustic pressure requirements. More precise ablation of tumors can be achieved by generating cavitating bubbles in the tissue using shorter pulses with higher acoustic pressures, which induce mechanical damage rather than thermal...
October 19, 2018: ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
Yafei Tian, Tingting Yang, Shuntai Yu, Cuiyun Liu, Min He, Changlong Hu
Recent studies showed that both prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) and transient receptor potential melastatin 7 (TRPM7) play important roles in migration and proliferation of human glioblastoma cells. In this study, we tested the association between PGE2 and TRPM7. We found that PGE2 increased TRPM7 currents in HEK293 and human glioblastoma A172 cells. The PGE2 EP3 receptor antagonist L-798106 abrogated the PGE2 stimulatory effect, while EP3 agonist 17-phenyl trinor prostaglandin E2 (17-pt-PGE2) mimicked the effect of PEG2 on TRPM7...
October 19, 2018: Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine
Damien J McHugh, Penny L Hubbard Cristinacce, Josephine H Naish, Geoffrey J M Parker
PURPOSE: To determine the feasibility of extracting sufficiently precise estimates of cell radius, R, and intracellular volume fraction, fi , from DW-MRI data in order to distinguish between specific microstructural changes tissue may undergo, specifically focusing on cell death in tumors. METHODS: Simulations with optimized and non-optimized clinical acquisitions were performed for a range of microstructures, using a two-compartment model. The ability to distinguish between (i) cell shrinkage with cell density constant, mimicking apoptosis, and (ii) cell size constant with cell density decreasing, mimicking loss of cells, was evaluated based on the precision of simulated parameter estimates...
October 19, 2018: Magnetic Resonance in Medicine: Official Journal of the Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine
Shunsuke Kudo, Mayuko Soma, Keiji Tanaka, Jun Hashimoto
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
October 2018: Acute Medicine & Surgery
Marie-Laure Bonnefond, Romane Florent, Sophie Lenoir, Bernard Lambert, Edwige Abeilard, Florence Giffard, Marie-Hélène Louis, Nicolas Elie, Mélanie Briand, Denis Vivien, Laurent Poulain, Pascal Gauduchon, Monique N'Diaye
The anti-apoptotic proteins Bcl-xL and Mcl-1 have been identified to play a pivotal role in apoptosis resistance in ovarian cancer and constitute key targets for innovative therapeutic strategies. Although BH3-mimetics (i.e. ABT-737) potently inhibit Bcl-xL activity, targeting Mcl-1 remains a hurdle to the success of these strategies. Calcium signaling is profoundly remodeled during carcinogenesis and was reported to activate the signaling pathway controlling Mcl-1 expression. In this context, we investigated the effect of carboxyamidotriazole (CAI), a calcium channel inhibitor used in clinical trials, on Mcl-1 expression...
September 21, 2018: Oncotarget
Elliot Sean Rinzler, Grace S Phillips
Primary gastrointestinal lymphoma, though rare, is the most common gastrointestinal malignancy in children. Signs and symptoms are nonspecific, and include abdominal pain, nausea, emesis, and a palpable abdominal mass. Imaging is therefore typically required to differentiate gastrointestinal lymphoma from other abdominal conditions. We present a pediatric case of primary gastrointestinal lymphoma involving the distal bowel that was initially misdiagnosed as an intra-abdominal abscess. This case highlights the imaging findings of primary gastrointestinal lymphoma, potential pitfalls in imaging diagnosis, and the role of accurate imaging diagnosis in expediting patient management to reduce associated morbidity and mortality...
January 2019: Radiology Case Reports
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