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Cihan Gündoğan, Aytül Hande Yardimci, Burçak Yilmaz Güneş, Tevfik Fikret Çermik
A 68-year-old woman with colon carcinoma was referred to F-FDG PET/CT imaging for staging. In addition to primary tumor involvement, PET/CT demonstrated focal FDG uptake in the right temporal lobe suggestive of primary brain tumor or metastasis. To delineate the lesion, a brain MRI scan showed sigmoid sinus thrombosis and vasogenic edema in the right temporal lobe. The patient presented a history of right-sided headache that began 1 week before the PET/CT. Neurological examination and MRI findings were concluded as subacute venous infarct due to sigmoid sinus thrombosis and that is a potential cause for false-positive FDG uptake on PET/CT...
December 3, 2018: Clinical Nuclear Medicine
Verena Moosbrugger-Martinz, Robert Gruber, Katharina Ladstätter, Marion Bellutti, Stefan Blunder, Matthias Schmuth, Sandrine Dubrac
Atopic dermatitis (AD) is a chronic inflammatory skin disease with a complex pathogenesis. Although regulatory T cells (Tregs) have previously been studied in AD, their role remains controversial, likely owing to patient heterogeneity. Thus, we recruited adult AD patients and age-matched healthy controls, and assessed their filaggrin (FLG) genotype, serum IgE level, and eczema area and severity index (EASI). We found increased proportions of all circulating Treg subpopulations in AD patients. Moreover, we show positive correlations between circulating Tregs and serum IgE FLG null mutations limited the expansion of both memory and effector Tregs and enhanced that of recently thymus-emigrated Tregs...
December 4, 2018: Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine
Manisha Agarwal, Richa Ranjan, Lagan Paul, Deepa Sharma
BACKGROUND: Syphilitic uveitis is an infective uveitis and a great mimicker. Misdiagnosis can lead to delay in the specific treatment resulting in deterioration of uveitis and loss of vision. FINDINGS: A 38-year-old unmarried female presented with pain, redness, and blurring of vision in the left eye for the last 5 days. She denied history of any sexual exposure in the past. Anterior segment examination of the right eye was normal and the left eye showed keratic precipitates with anterior chamber cells and iris pigments on anterior lens capsule...
December 4, 2018: Journal of Ophthalmic Inflammation and Infection
Harpreet Singh, Baljit Kaur, Harpreet Kaur, Palwinder Singh
We report the development of a bisubstrate reagent that, similar to tyrosyl t-RNA synthetase (TyrTS), provides a surface for ATP and l-Tyr to render a pseudo-intramolecular reaction forming 5'-tyrosyl adenylate (tyrAd). The presence of the reagent in solution with TyrTS marred the enzymatic reaction and, noticeably, tyrAd formed under the catalytic mode of the biomodel reagent was not picked up by TyrTS and hence was not transferred to tRNA. A potential application of this reagent, which doesn't allow the formation of tyrosyl tRNA, may lie in an emerging therapeutic targeting the translation machinery of cells without inhibiting the normal workings of enzymes...
December 5, 2018: Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry
Andrew Bell, Hero P Wit
Gammatones have had a long history in auditory studies, and recent theoretical work suggests they may play an important role in cochlear mechanics as well. Following this lead, the present paper takes five examples of basilar membrane impulse responses and uses a curve-fitting algorithm to decompose them into a number of discrete gammatones. The limits of this 'sum of gammatones' (SOG) method to accurately represent the impulse response waveforms were tested and it was found that at least two and up to six gammatones could be isolated from each example...
2018: PeerJ
Srinivas Bojanapu, Vivek Mangla, Siddharth Mehrotra, Shailendra Lalwani, Naimish Mehta, Samiran Nundy
Brunner's gland hyperplasia is an extremely rare benign hamartomatous lesion seen in proximal duodenum. Difficulty in diagnosing the condition pre-operatively puts the surgeon in dilemma for deciding appropriate management. We retrieved details from prospectively maintained retrospective data from January 2014 to April 2018. Four patients were identified of which three were males and one was female. Symptoms ranged from 4 days to 4 years, with abdominal pain, vomiting and malena being predominant. No patients were identified with diagnosis pre-operatively...
November 2018: Journal of Surgical Case Reports
Chunzhao Zhao, Omar Zayed, Zheping Yu, Wei Jiang, Peipei Zhu, Chuan-Chih Hsu, Lingrui Zhang, W Andy Tao, Rosa Lozano-Durán, Jian-Kang Zhu
The perception and relay of cell-wall signals are critical for plants to regulate growth and stress responses, but the underlying mechanisms are poorly understood. We found that the cell-wall leucine-rich repeat extensins (LRX) 3/4/5 are critical for plant salt tolerance in Arabidopsis The LRXs physically associate with the RAPID ALKALINIZATION FACTOR (RALF) peptides RALF22/23, which in turn interact with the plasma membrane-localized receptor-like protein kinase FERONIA (FER). The lrx345 triple mutant as well as fer mutant plants display retarded growth and salt hypersensitivity, which are mimicked by overexpression of RALF22 / 23 Salt stress promotes S1P protease-dependent release of mature RALF22 peptides...
December 4, 2018: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
Natthakit Chavapradit, Nasikarn Angkasekwinai
BACKGROUND: Gastrointestinal (GI) cryptococcosis is rarely reported. Most cases were diagnosed during evaluation of comorbid conditions, incidental findings, or postmortem. Here, we present a case of Crohn's disease with gastrointestinal cryptococcosis that resembled exacerbation of Crohn's disease. CASE PRESENTATION: A 64-year-old woman with Crohn's disease (CD) was referred to Siriraj Hospital due to worsening of abdominal pain and watery diarrhea for 2 weeks...
December 4, 2018: BMC Infectious Diseases
Perrine Soret, Marta Avalos, Linda Wittkop, Daniel Commenges, Rodolphe Thiébaut
BACKGROUND: Biological assays for the quantification of markers may suffer from a lack of sensitivity and thus from an analytical detection limit. This is the case of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) viral load. Below this threshold the exact value is unknown and values are consequently left-censored. Statistical methods have been proposed to deal with left-censoring but few are adapted in the context of high-dimensional data. METHODS: We propose to reverse the Buckley-James least squares algorithm to handle left-censored data enhanced with a Lasso regularization to accommodate high-dimensional predictors...
December 4, 2018: BMC Medical Research Methodology
Yasuhiro Murata, Katsuhiko Ando, Masanobu Usui, Hiromu Sugiyama, Akinobu Hayashi, Akihiro Tanemura, Hiroyuki Kato, Naohisa Kuriyama, Masashi Kishiwada, Shugo Mizuno, Hiroyuki Sakurai, Shuji Isaji
BACKGROUND: Anisakid nematodes (Anisakis spp. or Pseudoterranova spp.) usually infect gastric or intestinal walls, while they rarely infect in extra-gastrointestinal sites of human body. Generally, Anisakis spp. larvae are highly infected in fish intermediate hosts, whereas Pseudoterranova spp. larvae are very rarely infected. To the best of our knowledge, there have been no reports which have documented cases of hepatic anisakiasis caused by Pseudoterranova spp. This report describes the first documented case of hepatic anisakiasis due to infection with Pseudoterranova decipiens and clinical features of the hepatic anisakiasis through literature review...
December 4, 2018: BMC Infectious Diseases
Lucia Natali, Alberto Vangelisti, Lucia Guidi, Damiano Remorini, Lorenzo Cotrozzi, Giacomo Lorenzini, Cristina Nali, Elisa Pellegrini, Alice Trivellini, Paolo Vernieri, Marco Landi, Andrea Cavallini, Tommaso Giordani
BACKGROUND: Similar to other urban trees, holm oaks (Quercus ilex L.) provide a physiological, ecological and social service in the urban environment, since they remove atmospheric pollution. However, the urban environment has several abiotic factors that negatively influence plant life, which are further exacerbated due to climate change, especially in the Mediterranean area. Among these abiotic factors, increased uptake of Na + and Cl - usually occurs in trees in the urban ecosystem; moreover, an excess of the tropospheric ozone concentration in Mediterranean cities further affects plant growth and survival...
December 4, 2018: BMC Genomics
Amy Armstrong-Javors, Kalpathy Krishnamoorthy
Headache and Neurologic Deficits with cerebrospinal fluid Lymphocytosis (HaNDL) syndrome is a rare stroke mimicker characterized by moderate to severe headache temporally associated with transient neurologic deficits, typically hemiparesis, hemisensory disturbance, and/or aphasia. Cerebrospinal fluid studies reveal a lymphocytosis and elevated protein. Episodes recur over a period no longer than 3 months. Here we describe the case of a 16-year-old boy who presented with 3 episodes of self-resolving neurologic deficits, papilledema on fundoscopic examination, and leptomeningeal enhancement on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)...
December 5, 2018: Journal of Child Neurology
Chao Yang, Chencheng Yao, Ruhui Tian, Zijue Zhu, Liangyu Zhao, Peng Li, Huixing Chen, Yuhua Huang, Erlei Zhi, Yuehua Gong, Yunjing Xue, Hong Wang, Qingqing Yuan, Zuping He, Zheng Li
MicroRNAs (miRNAs) play important roles in mammalian spermatogenesis, which is highly dependent on Sertoli cells. However, the functions and mechanisms of miRNAs in regulating human Sertoli cells remain largely unknown. Here, we report that hsa-miR-202-3p mediates the proliferation, apoptosis, and synthesis function of human Sertoli cells. miR-202-3p was upregulated in Sertoli cells of Sertoli cell-only syndrome (SCOS) patients compared with obstructive azoospermia (OA) patients with normal spermatogenesis...
October 25, 2018: Molecular Therapy. Nucleic Acids
Marzieh Alikhasi, Behnoush Yaghoub Zadeh, Hanieh Nokhbatolfoghahaei
Because of its importance in the development of peri- implant mucositis and peri-implantitis, residual excess cement (REC) detection is often the focus of studies addressing cement-retained implant-supported restorations. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the sensitivity and specificity of laser fluorescence (DIAGNOdent) for detecting residual excess ZnO-based cement around dental implants. In this in- vitro study, 15 tissue level implants were embedded in acrylic resin. To simulate gingiva around the implants, the trans-gingival part of each implant was covered with gingival mask silicon material...
December 4, 2018: Journal of Oral Implantology
Rinaldi Fabio, Marzani Barbara, Pinto Daniela, Sorbellini Elisabetta
Background Alopecia areata (AA) is a non-scarring auto-immune hair disorder. Recent researches explained the role of growth factors (GFs) in hair follicle cycling. The main reservoir of GFs are alpha-granules of platelets and novel procedures have been implemented aimed at collecting platelet-rich plasma (PRP). PRP has been safely implemented in many medical application and has also been successfully used as alternative cell-based therapies for the treatment of hair growth disorder, among which also AA. Objectives By mean of a randomized double-blinded, placebo and active-controlled, parallel group study we have studied the efficacy of a cosmetic product (named TR-M-PRP plus) comprising biomimetic peptides specific for hair growth mimicking PRP composition for the treatment of AA...
December 4, 2018: Journal of Dermatological Treatment
Sushil A Luis, Nandan S Anavekar, Peter C Spittell, Krishnaswamy Chandrasekaran
We present the case of a 26-year-old female restrained front-seat passenger who presents following a motor vehicle accident, with CT angiogram features suggestive of possible acute aortic injury. However, clinical features including relative hemodynamic stability and absence of typical symptoms were discordant with these imaging findings. This case illustrates that even with ECG-gating, CT angiogram artifact mimicking acute aortic injury may still occur. Careful evaluation and clinical correlation is of vital importance, both to ensure acute aortic injury is not missed and that patients are not erroneously sent for aortic surgery when there is no aortic injury...
December 4, 2018: Echocardiography
Taliha Oner, Oktay Korun, Ahmet Celebi
Cardiac hydatid cysts are a rare presentation of hydatid cyst disease in the body, with a reported cardiac involvement rate of <2%. The left ventricle is the most common site of cardiac involvement. Here, we report a patient with a hydatid cyst that ruptured into the pericardium after producing an aneurysm on the right ventricular free wall, appearing as fibrinated fluid and a solid mass lesion in the pericardium. Our aim in this case report was to emphasise that the possibility of a hydatid cyst should not be overlooked in the differential diagnosis of pericardial tumours...
December 4, 2018: Cardiology in the Young
Mehmet Nuri Cevizci, Ali Fettah, Mehmet Eşref Kabalar
Cevizci MN, Fettah A, Kabalar ME. A case of atypically located leiomyoma mimicking axillary lymphadenomegaly. Turk J Pediatr 2018; 60: 319-321. Leiomyomas are benign smooth muscle tumors rarely seen in children and may occur anywhere in the body containing smooth muscle. Here, we report a case of a 4-year-old girl presenting with swelling in the left axillary region and with pain during arm movements. The solid mass in the axillary region was totally excised. The patient was discharged without complications on the same day...
2018: Turkish Journal of Pediatrics
Shun-Ichiro Bessho, Yoko Ibuka
Economic theory predicts that vaccination policies at the local level can be negatively affected by the policies of neighboring regions because of free-riding motives, whereas positive dependency may exist due to policy diffusions among localities. By using the unique variations in the provision of vaccination subsidies in Japan, we assess how vaccination policies in a local government are affected by the decisions of neighboring governments. We find that the provision of vaccination subsidies is positively correlated with the decisions of neighboring localities...
December 3, 2018: Health Economics
B Garel, S Ingen-Housz-Oro, D Afriat, C Prost-Squarcioni, F Tétart, B Bensaid, C Bara Passot, M Beylot-Barry, V Descamps, S Duvert-Lehembre, S Grootenboer-Mignot, G Jeudy, A Soria, M B Valnet-Rabier, A Barbaud, F Caux, B Lebrun-Vignes
AIMS: Linear immunoglobin A (IgA) bullous dermatosis (LABD) is a rare autoimmune dermatosis considered spontaneous or drug-induced (DILAD). We assessed all DILAD cases, determined the imputability score of drugs, highlighted suspected drugs. METHODS: Data for patients with DILAD were collected retrospectively from the French Pharmacovigilance network (from 1985 to 2017) and from physicians involved in the Bullous Diseases French Study Group and the French Investigators for Skin Adverse Reactions to Drugs...
December 4, 2018: British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology
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