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José M Mier, Gildardo Cortés-Julián, Juan Berrios-Mejía, Zotés Víctor-Valdivia
BACKGROUND: Prolonged air leak after pleural decortication is one of the most frequent complications. OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study is to compare the effects of prolonged air leak between the digital chest drainage (DCD) system and the classic drainage system in patients with empyema class IIB or III (American Thoracic Society classification) in pleural decortication patients. MATERIAL AND METHODS: A total of 37 patients were enrolled in a prospective randomized control trial over one year, consisting of 2blinded groups, comparing prolonged air leak as a main outcome, the number of days until removal of chest drain, length of hospital stay and complications as secondary outcomes...
January 10, 2017: Cirugia y Cirujanos
M Nasir Khan, M Mobin, Zahid Khorshid Abbas, Manzer H Siddiqui
Nitric oxide (NO) and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) have been shown to act as signaling molecules in various physiological processes, play significant roles in plant cellular processes, and also mediate responses to both biotic and abiotic stresses in plants. The present investigation was carried out to test the effect of exogenous NO on endogenous synthesis of H2S in osmotic-stressed wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) seedlings. The results show that application of NO to wheat seedlings, suffered from PEG8000-induced osmotic stress, considerably enhanced the activities of H2S-synthesizing enzymes l-cysteine desulfhydrase (LCD) and d-cysteine desulfhydrase (DCD) leading to enhanced level of endogenous H2S content...
January 3, 2017: Nitric Oxide: Biology and Chemistry
Dan Liu, Sheng Xu, Hua-Li Hu, Jincheng Pan, Pengxia Li, Wen-Biao Shen
There are limited data concerning the role of endogenous H2S in prolonging postharvest of vegetables and fruits. By using fluorescence microscope with a specific probe, we discovered that during the senescence of postharvest daylily flower, endogenous H2S homeostasis was impaired. The activities of two important synthetic enzymes of H2S, L-cysteine desulfhydrase (LCD) and D-cysteine desulfhydrase (DCD), exhibited decreasing tendencies. By contrast, NaHS (a H2S donor) not only blocked above decreased H2S production, but also extended postharvest life of daylily...
January 6, 2017: Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry
Ina Jochmans, Marieke van Rosmalen, Jacques Pirenne, Undine Samuel
Liver allocation in Eurotransplant is complex as allocation rules need to follow not only the guidelines of the European Commission but also the specific regulations of each of the 7 Eurotransplant countries with active liver transplant programs. Thirty-eight liver transplant centers served a population of about 135 million in 2015. Around 1600 deceased donor livers are transplanted annually. The number of deceased organ donors remains stable but donor age is increasing. Nevertheless, liver utilization rates are unchanged at around 80%...
January 6, 2017: Transplantation
M Miyahara, M Lagisz, S Nakagawa, S E Henderson
BACKGROUND: Systematic reviews and meta-analyses are considered to be the 'gold standards' for synthesizing research evidence in particular areas of enquiry. However, such reviews are only useful if they themselves are conducted to a sufficiently high standard. The aim of this study was to conduct a narrative meta-review of existing analyses of the effectiveness of interventions designed for children with developmental co-ordination disorder (DCD). METHODS: A narrative meta-review of systematic and meta-analytic reviews aimed at evaluating the effectiveness of intervention for children with DCD was conducted on studies published between 1950 and 2014...
December 30, 2016: Child: Care, Health and Development
Xie-Feng Ye, Yanfeng Xue, Tianxiao Ling, Yong Wang, Xiao-Na Yu, Changxin Cheng, Guosheng Feng, Liangbin Hu, Zhiqi Shi, Jian Chen
Cinnamaldehyde (CA) is natural plant-derived compound that has been highly appreciated for its medicinal properties. However, little information is known about the regulation of plant intrinsic physiology by CA. To address these gaps, physiological, histochemical, and biochemical approaches were applied to investigate CA-facilitated cadmium (Cd) tolerance in the roots of tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum) seedlings. Treatment with CdCl₂ at 20 μM for 72 h resulted in the significant decrease in root elongation by 40...
December 24, 2016: Molecules: a Journal of Synthetic Chemistry and Natural Product Chemistry
K A McLean, J Camilleri-Brennan, S R Knight, T Drake, R Ots, C A Shaw, S J Wigmore, E M Harrison
INTRODUCTION: Donation after circulatory death (DCD) liver allografts are increasingly used for transplantation. However, the post-transplantation clinical and quality of life outcomes of DCD recipients are traditionally considered to be inferior compared with donation after brain death (DBD) allograft recipients. Decision making for such marginal organs can be difficult. This study investigated the optimal decision to accept or decline a DCD liver allograft for a patient based on their current health...
December 27, 2016: Liver Transplantation
K P Croome, D D Lee, D K Perry, J M Burns, J H Nguyen, A P Keaveny, C B Taner
BACKGROUND: The use of liver grafts from donation after cardiac death donors (DCD LT) has been limited due to the increased rate of graft failure, mostly related to ischemic cholangiopathy(IC). It is our hypothesis that long term outcomes and quality of life similar to patients undergoing liver transplantation with donation after brain death donors (DBD LT) can be achieved. METHODS: Clinical outcomes of all patients undergoing DCD LT (n = 300) between 1998-2015 were compared to a propensity score matched cohort of patients undergoing DBD LT (n = 300)...
December 27, 2016: Liver Transplantation
Andrea Mannini, Octavio Martinez-Manzanera, Tjitske F Lawerman, Diana Trojaniello, Ugo Della Croce, Deborah A Sival, Natasha M Maurits, Angelo Maria Sabatini
Early-Onset Ataxia (EOA) and Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) are two conditions that affect coordination in children. Phenotypic identification of impaired coordination plays an important role in their diagnosis. Gait is one of the tests included in rating scales that can be used to assess motor coordination. A practical problem is that the resemblance between EOA and DCD symptoms can hamper their diagnosis. In this study we employed inertial sensors and a supervised classifier to obtain an automatic classification of the condition of participants...
December 2, 2016: Gait & Posture
Rodrigo F Alban, Bobby L Gibbons, Vanessa L Bershad
BACKGROUND: Organ availability is a consistently limiting factor in transplant surgery. A primary driver of this limitation is donor conversion rate, which is defined as the percentage of eligible donors for whom procurement is actually performed. An alternative way to increase organ availability is through improved utilization of organs from donors after cardiac death (DCD). Recently, a concerted, multidisciplinary effort has been made within our system to improve conversion rates and DCD utilization, thus increasing organ availability...
November 22, 2016: Curēus
Maëlle Biotteau, Yves Chaix, Mélody Blais, Jessica Tallet, Patrice Péran, Jean-Michel Albaret
The most common neurodevelopmental disorders (e.g., developmental dyslexia (DD), autism, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)) have been the subject of numerous neuroimaging studies, leading to certain brain regions being identified as neural correlates of these conditions, referring to a neural signature of disorders. Developmental coordination disorder (DCD), however, remains one of the least understood and studied neurodevelopmental disorders. Given the acknowledged link between motor difficulties and brain features, it is surprising that so few research studies have systematically explored the brains of children with DCD...
2016: Frontiers in Neurology
P Asunta, H Viholainen, T Ahonen, M Cantell, J Westerholm, M M Schoemaker, P Rintala
OBJECTIVES: Observational screening instruments are often used as an effective, economical first step in the identification of children with Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD). The aim was to investigate the psychometric properties of the Finnish version of the Motor Observation Questionnaire for Teachers (MOQ-T-FI). METHODS: The psychometric properties were tested using two separate samples (S1: age range 6-12, M 9y 5mo, females 101, males 92; S2: age range 6-9, M 7y 7mo, females 404, males 446)...
December 21, 2016: Human Movement Science
Jeffrey P Orlowski
BACKGROUND:  In 2012, one organ procurement organization (OPO) welcomed a new President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). This OPO, LifeShare Transplant Donor Services of Oklahoma (LifeShare), had just celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2011. While LifeShare was well-established chronologically, growth in organ donors and organs transplanted from these donors had occurred at a much slower rate during the collaborative era and afterward (2003-2011) than the donor/transplant growth the United States (US), as a whole, had experienced...
November 15, 2016: Curēus
J D de Boer, W H Kopp, K Ooms-de Vries, B J J M Haase-Kromwijk, C Krikke, J de Jonge, L W E Van Heurn, A G Baranski, J A Van der Vliet, A E Braat
Between March 2012 and August 2013, 591 quality forms were filled out for abdominal organs in The Netherlands. In 133 cases (23%) there was a discrepancy between the evaluation from the procuring and transplanting surgeons. Injuries were seen in 148 (25%) organs of which 12 (2%) led to discarding of the organ; 1/133 (0.8%) livers, 5/38 (13%) pancreata and 6/420 (1.4%) kidneys (p<0.001). Higher donor BMI was a risk factor for procurement related injury in all organs (OR 1.06, p=0.011) and DCD donation in liver procurement (OR 2...
December 19, 2016: Transplant International: Official Journal of the European Society for Organ Transplantation
Axel Andres, Michela Assalino, Graziano Oldani, Christian Toso, Thierry Berney
The lack of available organs remains one of the main limitations in the field of solid organ transplantation. Most transplant organizations work on improving donation rate through public information programs, and by exploring new organ sources, such as Donors after Cardio-circulatory Death (DCD). This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.
December 17, 2016: Transplant International: Official Journal of the European Society for Organ Transplantation
Johannes J Noordstar, Janjaap van der Net, Lia Voerman, Paul J M Helders, Marian J Jongmans
BACKGROUND AND AIMS: Children with DCD have lower self-perceptions and are less physically active than typically developing children. The aim of this quasi-experimental study was to investigate whether an integrated perceived competence and motor intervention affects DCD children's motor performance, self-perceptions, and physical activity compared with a motor intervention only. METHODS AND PROCEDURES: The intervention group consisted of 20 children and the care-as-usual group consisted of 11 children, all aged 7-10 years...
January 2017: Research in Developmental Disabilities
L M Cardenas, T M Misselbrook, C Hodgson, N Donovan, S Gilhespy, K A Smith, M S Dhanoa, D Chadwick
Emissions of nitrous oxide (N2O) from soils from grazed grasslands have large uncertainty due to the great spatial variability of excreta deposition, resulting in heterogeneous distribution of nutrients. The contribution of urine to the labile N pool, much larger than that from dung, is likely to be a major source of emissions so efforts to determine N2O emission factors (EFs) from urine and dung deposition are required to improve the inventory of greenhouse gases from agriculture. We investigated the effect of the application of cattle urine and dung at different times of the grazing season on N2O emissions from a grassland clay loam soil...
November 1, 2016: Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment
Demian Marchione, Maria Izquierdo, Giovanni Bistoni, Remco W A Havenith, Alceo Macchioni, Daniele Zuccaccia, Francesco Tarantelli, Leonardo Belpassi
The Dewar-Chatt-Duncanson (DCD) model provides a successful theoretical framework to describe the nature of the chemical bond in transition metal compounds and is especially useful in structural chemistry and catalysis. However, how to actually measure its constituents (substrate to metal donation and metal to substrate back-donation) is yet uncertain. Recently, we demonstrated that the DCD components can be neatly disentangled and the π back-donation component put in strict correlation with some experimental observables...
December 10, 2016: Chemistry: a European Journal
Catherine Purcell, Kate Wilmut, John P Wann
The ability to safely cross a road is a perceptual-motor skill that involves coordination between a pedestrian's perception of the approaching vehicles and their locomotive capability to execute the road crossing action. Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) is a chronic disorder that is characterised by significant motor difficulties that impact on daily living, including a reduced ability to perform visually guided actions. A total of 25 typically developing primary school aged children and 25 age- and gender-matched children with DCD were presented with a virtual desktop task that required them to select suitable temporal crossing gaps between vehicles a stream of traffic approaching at either 20mph, 30mph or 40mph from the near-side (one-lane) or both near+far-sides (two-lane)...
December 7, 2016: Human Movement Science
Jaimin R Trivedi, Allen Cheng, Michele Gallo, Erin M Schumer, H Todd Massey, Mark S Slaughter
BACKGROUND: Optimum use of donor organs can increase the reach of the transplantation therapy to more patients on waiting list. The heart transplantation (HTx) has remained stagnant in United States over the past decade at approximately 2,500 HTx annually. With the use of the United Network of Organ Sharing (UNOS) deceased donor database (DCD) we aimed to evaluate donor factors predicting donor heart utilization. METHODS: UNOS DCD was queried from 2005 to 2014 to identify total number of donors who had at least one of their organs donated...
December 6, 2016: Annals of Thoracic Surgery
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