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Response to ECG

Maria J G T Vehreschild, Surabhi Taori, Simon D Goldenberg, Florian Thalhammer, Emilio Bouza, Joop van Oene, Graham Wetherill, Areti Georgopali
Information is limited or lacking on fidaxomicin treatment of Clostridium difficile infection (CDI) in patients with inflammatory bowel disease, fulminant or life-threatening CDI, severe renal impairment, moderate-to-severe hepatic impairment and pregnancy. The ANEMONE study investigated fidaxomicin use in a routine clinical setting, focusing on these medical conditions of specific interest (MCSIs). This retrospective, post-authorisation study reviewed hospital records from Austria, Germany, Spain and the UK (June 2012-June 2015), collecting data from hospital admission to 30 days after last fidaxomicin dose...
August 11, 2018: European Journal of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases
Wei Wei, Qingxuan Jia, Yongli Feng, Gang Chen
Emotion recognition is an important pattern recognition problem that has inspired researchers for several areas. Various data from humans for emotion recognition have been developed, including visual, audio, and physiological signals data. This paper proposes a decision-level weight fusion strategy for emotion recognition in multichannel physiological signals. Firstly, we selected four kinds of physiological signals, including Electroencephalography (EEG), Electrocardiogram (ECG), Respiration Amplitude (RA), and Galvanic Skin Response (GSR)...
2018: Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience
Elien B Engels, Annemijn Vis, Bianca D van Rees, Lina Marcantoni, Francesco Zanon, Kevin Vernooy, Frits W Prinzen
BACKGROUND: The recently developed quadripolar left ventricular (LV) leads have been developed to increase the benefit of cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT). These leads offer the option to stimulate the LV on multiple sites (multipoint pacing, MPP). Invasive haemodynamic measurements have shown that MPP increases haemodynamic response. PURPOSE: To investigate whether the beneficial effect of MPP can be explained by better electrical resynchronization. METHODS: Different LV lead locations were tested during biventricular (BiV) pacing and MPP in 29 CRT candidates...
July 17, 2018: Journal of Electrocardiology
Victor Bazan, Óscar Alcalde, Sandra Valdivielso
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
August 2018: Revista Española de Cardiología
Carine I van Capelle, Esther Poelman, Ingrid M Frohn-Mulder, Laurens P Koopman, Johanna M P van den Hout, Luc Régal, Bjorn Cools, Wim A Helbing, Ans T van der Ploeg
BACKGROUND: Cardiac failure is the main cause of death in untreated classic infantile Pompe disease, an inheritable metabolic myopathy characterized by progressive hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Since the introduction of enzyme replacement therapy (ERT), survival has increased significantly due to reduced cardiac hypertrophy and improved cardiac function. However, little is known about ERT's long-term effects on the heart. METHODS: Fourteen patients were included in this prospective study...
July 19, 2018: International Journal of Cardiology
Lucia Baratto, Sonya Youngju Park, Negin Hatami, Praveen Gulaka, Shreyas Vasanawala, Thomas Koshy Yohannan, Robert Herfkens, Ronald Witteles, Andrei Iagaru
BACKGROUND: Florbetaben, a 18 F-labeled stilbene derivative (Neuraceq®, formerly known as BAY-949172), is a diagnostic radiopharmaceutical developed to visualize β-amyloid plaques in the brain. Here, we report a pilot study evaluating patients with suspected cardiac amyloidosis for systemic extent of disease. METHODS: We prospectively enrolled nine patients, 61-86 year old (mean ± SD 69.4 ± 8.6), referred from the cardiac amyloid clinic. First, dynamic imaging of the heart was acquired immediately after injection of 222-318...
July 24, 2018: EJNMMI Research
A Pierro, S Cilla, A Totaro, V Ienco, C Sacra, C M De Filippo, G Sallustio
AIM: To evaluate the feasibility of coronary artery disease (CAD) evaluation using electrocardiogram-gated computed tomography CT of the thoracic aorta. MATERIALS AND METHODS: A total of 477 patients, who underwent CT angiography of the thoracic aorta, were included retrospectively. Dose-length products (DLP) were recorded. Two blinded readers graded image quality of the coronary arteries on a three-point scale. Coronary artery stenosis has only been reported if considered significant, i...
July 21, 2018: Clinical Radiology
Melanie J Hezzell, Margaret Sleeper, Jonathan Ferrari, Jason Arndt
Heart rate variability (HRV) is a physiologic phenomenon that occurs due to changing autonomic tone resulting in variable RR intervals. A reduction in HRV is used as an index of pain in neonatal human patients. Objective measures of pain would be valuable in the evaluation of canine patients and assessment of response to pain management strategies. We hypothesized that dogs with diseases associated with discomfort (osteoarthritis and bone neoplasia) would have reduced HRV compared with normal, healthy dogs...
July 24, 2018: Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association
Jörg Täubel, Georg Ferber, Sara Fernandes, A John Camm
Understanding the physiological fluctuations in the corrected QT (QTc) interval is important to accurately interpret the variations in drug-induced prolongation. The present study aimed to define the time course of the effect of moxifloxacin on the QT interval to understand the duration of the responses to moxifloxacin. This retrospective analysis was performed on data taken from a thorough QT 4-way crossover study with 40 subjects. Each period consisted of a baseline electrocardiogram (ECG) day (day -1) and a treatment day (day 1)...
July 24, 2018: Journal of Clinical Pharmacology
Giordano D'Urso, Annalisa Anastasia, Elena Toscano, Sara Patti, Andrea de Bartolomeis
Aripiprazole is an atypical antipsychotic drug with a polypharmacological mechanism of action and a favorable tolerability profile. Its major indications are schizophrenia and mania in adults and adolescents. Here we present the case of a 43-year-old Caucasian man with schizophrenia who developed atrial fibrillation (AF) after starting aripiprazole treatment. Prior to this treatment, he had never received any antipsychotic drugs. On admission to our inpatient unit, he showed severe psychotic symptoms and was started on aripiprazole with a rapid titration regimen (15 mg on the first day and then 15 mg twice daily thereafter) in combination with lorazepam (2...
July 23, 2018: Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology
Lucy Beishon, Claire A L Williams, Thompson G Robinson, Victoria J Haunton, Ronney B Panerai
Cognitive testing with transcranial Doppler ultrasonography (TCD) has been used to assess neurovascular coupling (NVC), but few studies address its multiple contributions. Subcomponent analysis considers the relative myogenic (resistance area product, RAP) and metabolic (critical closing pressure (CrCP)) contributors. The aim of this study was to investigate the changes in subcomponents that occur with cognitive stimulation with the Addenbrooke's Cognitive Examination (ACE-III) in healthy controls. Healthy volunteers underwent continuous recording of bilateral TCD, heart rate (HR, three-lead ECG), end-tidal CO2 (ETCO2 , capnography), and mean arterial pressure (MAP, Finometer)...
July 2018: Physiological Reports
B Cambon, L Hidalgo Bachs, J R Lusson, S Boeuf Gibot, P Vorilhon
AIM OF THE STUDY: To obtain a consensus from a panel of experts (GP and cardiologists) on the elements to appear on the correspondence sent by GP at the patient's first consultation with the cardiologist and on the response of the cardiologist. METHOD: A list of proposals concerning the content of the exchanges between the GP and the cardiologist was established by a scientific council of three GPs and one cardiologist, based on a review of the literature and their practices...
July 19, 2018: Annales de Cardiologie et D'angéiologie
Frank T Stümpel, Juliane Stein, Kirsten Himmler, Beatrix Scholz, Matthias D Seidl, Boris V Skryabin, Frank U Müller
Background: Atrial fibrillation (AF) is a significant cause of morbidity and mortality with foreseeably increasing prevalence. While large animal models of the disease are well established but resource intensive, transgenic AF mouse models are not yet widely used to develop or validate novel therapeutics for AF. Hemizygous mice with a cardiomyocyte-specific overexpression of the human cAMP response element modulator (CREM) isoform IbΔC-X spontaneously develop AF on grounds of an arrhythmogenic substrate consisting of alterations in structure, conduction, and calcium handling...
2018: Frontiers in Pharmacology
Maria Luce Caputo, Antonius van Stipdonk, Annekatrin Illner, Gabriele D'Ambrosio, François Regoli, Giulio Conte, Tiziano Moccetti, Catherine Klersy, Frits W Prinzen, Kevin Vernooy, Angelo Auricchio
BACKGROUND: CRT has been proven to achieve most benefit in patients with left bundle branch block morphology (LBBB). However, ECG criteria to define LBBB significantly differ from each other. Objective of the study was to evaluate the impact of different ECG criteria for LBBB definition on survival, hospitalization for heart failure and reverse remodelling in patients who received cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT). METHODS AND RESULTS: Three-hundred-sixteen consecutive patients were included in the analysis...
July 16, 2018: International Journal of Cardiology
Aruna Ramesh, Kenneth A LaBresh, Rhea Begeman, Bentley Bobrow, Teri Campbell, Nayanjeet Chaudhury, Marcia Edison, Timothy B Erickson, John D Manning, Bellur S Prabhakar, Pavitra Kotini-Shah, Naresh Shetty, Pamela A Williams, Terry Vanden Hoek
Background: A system of care designed to measure and improve process measures such as symptom recognition, emergency response, and hospital care has the potential to reduce mortality and improve quality of life for patients with ST-elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI). Objective: To document the methodology and rationale for the implementation and impact measurement of the Heart Rescue India project on STEMI morbidity and mortality in Bangalore, India. Study Design: A hub and spoke STEMI system of care comprised of two interventional, hub hospitals and five spoke hospitals will build and deploy a dedicated emergency response and transport system covering a 10 Km...
June 2018: Contemporary Clinical Trials Communications
Göksel Çinier, Ahmet İlker Tekkeşin, Duygu Genç, Ufuk Yıldız, Emrecan Parsova, Levent Pay, Bryce Alexander, Emrah Bozbeyoğlu, Ceyhan Türkkan, Ahmet Taha Alper, Adrian Baranchuk
INTRODUCTION: Interatrial block (IAB) is strongly associated with recurrence of atrial fibrillation (AF) in different clinical scenarios. Atrial fibrosis is considered the responsible mechanism underlying the pathogenesis of IAB. The aim of this study was to investigate whether IAB predicted AF at 12 months follow up in a population of patients with ST segment elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI). METHODS: Prospective, single center, observational study of patients presenting with ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) and referred to primary percutaneous coronary intervention (P-PCI)...
July 18, 2018: Clinical Cardiology
Mingliang Jiang, Xiangshu Dong, Hong Lang, Wenxing Pang, Zongxiang Zhan, Xiaonan Li, Zhongyun Piao
Orphan genes, also called lineage-specific genes (LSGs), are important for responses to biotic and abiotic stresses, and are associated with lineage-specific structures and biological functions. To date, there have been no studies investigating gene number, gene features, or gene expression patterns of orphan genes in Brassica rapa . In this study, 1540 Brassica -specific genes (BSGs) and 1824 Cruciferae-specific genes (CSGs) were identified based on the genome of Brassica rapa . The genic features analysis indicated that BSGs and CSGs possessed a lower percentage of multi-exon genes, higher GC content, and shorter gene length than evolutionary-conserved genes (ECGs)...
July 16, 2018: International Journal of Molecular Sciences
Sarah A Best, Kate D Sutherland
Lung cancer remains one of the world's deadliest cancers, with effective targeted treatment options available for only a small subset of patients. The rapid expansion of cancer genomics in recent years has provided insight into the genetic landscape of all major lung cancer subtypes and led to new discoveries on the heterogeneous biology underlying lung tumorigenesis. Interestingly, these studies have revealed a high frequency of alterations in the Kelch-like ECG-associated protein 1 (KEAP1)-Nuclear factor erythoid-2-related factor 2 (NRF2) stress response pathway, for which no targeted treatments are currently available...
August 1, 2018: Cell Cycle
M Nardelli, A Greco, O P Danzi, C Perlini, F Tedeschi, E P Scilingo, L Del Piccolo, G Valenza
Emphatic doctor-patient communication has been associated with improved psycho-physiological well-being involving cardiovascular and neuroendocrine responses. Nevertheless, a comprehensive assessment of heartbeat linear and nonlinear dynamics throughout the communication of a life-threatening disease has not been performed yet. To this extent, we studied linear heartbeat dynamics through the extraction of time-frequency domain measurements, as well as heartbeat nonlinear and complex dynamics through novel approaches to compute multi-scale and multi-lag series analyses: namely, the multi-scale distribution entropy and lagged Poincaré plot symbolic analysis...
July 14, 2018: Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing
Maja Cikes, Brian Claggett, Amil M Shah, Akshay S Desai, Eldrin F Lewis, Sanjiv J Shah, Inder S Anand, Eileen O'Meara, Jean L Rouleau, Nancy K Sweitzer, James C Fang, Sanjeev Saksena, Bertram Pitt, Marc A Pfeffer, Scott D Solomon
OBJECTIVES: This study assessed the relationship between atrial fibrillation (AF) and outcomes in the TOPCAT (Treatment of Preserved Cardiac Function Heart Failure With an Aldosterone Antagonist) trial, to evaluate whether AF modified the treatment response to spironolactone and whether spironolactone influenced post-randomization AF. BACKGROUND: AF is common in heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF) and likely contributes to increased risk of adverse outcomes...
August 2018: JACC. Heart Failure
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