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Aging Metanalysis

Albert M Isaacs, Jay Riva-Cambrin, Daniel Yavin, Aaron Hockley, Tamara M Pringsheim, Nathalie Jette, Brendan Cord Lethebe, Mark Lowerison, Jarred Dronyk, Mark G Hamilton
BACKGROUND: Hydrocephalus is a debilitating disorder, affecting all age groups. Evaluation of its global epidemiology is required for healthcare planning and resource allocation. OBJECTIVES: To define age-specific global prevalence and incidence of hydrocephalus. METHODS: Population-based studies reporting prevalence of hydrocephalus were identified (MEDLINE, EMBASE, Cochrane, and Google Scholar (1985-2017)). Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses guidelines were followed...
2018: PloS One
Francisca V Córdova, Salesa Barja, Pablo E Brockmann
During the last years, a decline in the amount of hours of sleep has been observed in children. Sleep deficiency has been linked to an increase in calories, snacks, and fat intake. The objective of this study was to review the evidence between sleep duration and eating habits in children. We performed an electronic search in MEDLINE, The Cochrane Central Register, BIREME, EMBASE, LILACS, and Epistemonikos. Study selection criteria was: children aged 2-18 yrs within studies that aimed to associate sleep duration and eating habits...
June 6, 2018: Sleep Medicine Reviews
S Zullino, T Simoncini
SSRIs are the first choice for the treatment of mood disorders during pregnancy and lactation. Despite the known side effects, the benefits/risks balance suggests their use. Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy (HDP) and Intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR) are the main vascular effects of these drugs, with mechanisms that involves endothelial dysfunction in feto-placental system. These data are supported by animal models, even if preliminary findings are not yet adequately supported by molecular and clinical data...
September 2018: Vascular Pharmacology
Thales A S H Ilha, Fabio V Comim, Rafaela M Copes, Juliet E Compston, Melissa O Premaor
The survival of HIV-infected patients has increased with the advent of antiretroviral therapy with the emergence of new comorbidities. Vertebral fracture is a manifestation of reduced bone strength and osteoporosis. This study aims to assess the frequency of spine fractures in HIV-positive men and women aged over 18 years. We performed a systematic review of randomized controlled trials, cohort studies, cross-sectional studies, and case-control studies. Studies that evaluated morphometric and/or clinical vertebral fracture were included...
May 18, 2018: Scientific Reports
Laura Amato, Danilo Fusco, Anna Acampora, Katia Bontempi, Alessandro Cesare Rosa, Paola Colais, Fabio Cruciani, Mariangela D'Ovidio, Francesca Mataloni, Silvia Minozzi, Zuzana Mitrova, Luigi Pinnarelli, Rosella Saulle, Salvatore Soldati, Chiara Sorge, Simona Vecchi, Martina Ventura, Marina Davoli
BACKGROUND Improving quality and effectiveness of healthcare is one of the priorities of health policies. Hospital or physician volume represents a measurable variable with an impact on effectiveness of healthcare. An Italian law calls for the definition of «qualitative, structural, technological, and quantitative standards of hospital care». There is a need for an evaluation of the available scientific evidence in order to identify qualitative, structural, technological, and quantitative standards of hospital care, including the volume of care above or below which the public and private hospitals may be accredited (or not) to provide specific healthcare interventions...
September 2017: Epidemiologia e Prevenzione
Slobodan Obradovic, Boris Dzudovic, Ivica Djuric, Zoran Jovic, Nemanja Djenic
OBJECTIVE: The objective of the study was to determine whether women significantly have more frequently right ventricular infarction than men. METHODS: The study population consisted of consecutive patients with ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) who underwent primary percutaneous intervention. The following criteria were used for the diagnosis of right ventricular infarction: ST-segment elevation in one of the right precordial leads V4R-V6R for equal or more than 1 mm together with ST-segment elevation in at least two contiguous inferior leads...
June 2015: Acta Cardiologica
Zbigniew Siudak, Waldemar Mielecki, Artur Dziewierz, Tomasz Rakowski, Jacek Legutko, Stanisław Bartuś, Krzysztof L Bryniarski, Łukasz Partyka, Dariusz Dudek
BACKGROUND: Current STEMI guidelines recommend thrombectomy should be considered during primary PCI. Multiple data from randomized clinical trials, registries, and metanalysis have confirmed the efficacy of thrombectomy in terms of surrogate endpoints like better myocardial perfusion, less pronounced distal embolization, and conflicting results on lower all-cause mortality. Our aim was to analyze long-term outcome of STEMI patients treated with manual thrombectomy during primary PCI in a contemporary national registry...
January 1, 2015: Catheterization and Cardiovascular Interventions
Ruogu Li, Shuansuo Yang, Lei Tang, Yiqing Yang, Hui Chen, Shaofeng Guan, Wenzheng Han, Hua Liu, Jinjie Dai, Qian Gan, Weiyi Fang, Xinkai Qu
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Coronary chronic total occlusion (CTO) is the last stage of coronary artery atherosclerosis. Percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) is a therapeutic procedure used to recanalize vessels with total occlusion. However, successful recanalization of CTO is still not optimal, and the key influence factors are still uncertainty. Therefore, a scientific evaluation on the effective of PCI for CTO treatment is necessary. METHODS: Relevant studies of PCI treatment for CTO were examined...
2014: Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery
Laura Amato, Paola Colais, Marina Davoli, Eliana Ferroni, Danilo Fusco, Silvia Minozzi, Fulvio Moirano, Paolo Sciattella, Simona Vecchi, Martina Ventura, Carlo Alberto Perucci
BACKGROUND: Improving quality and effectiveness of health care is one of the priorities of health policies. Hospital or physician volume represents a measurable variable with a relevant impact on effectiveness of health care. A recent Italian law, the "spending review", calls for the definition of "qualitative, structural, technological and quantitative standards of hospital care". There is a need for an accurate evaluation of the available scientific evidence in order to identify these standards, including the volume of care above or below which the public and private hospitals may be accredited (or not) to provide specific health care interventions...
March 2013: Epidemiologia e Prevenzione
Nicola Bizzaro, Danilo Villalta, Davide Giavarina, Renato Tozzoli
BACKGROUND: Methods to detect anti-nucleosome antibodies (ANuA) have been available for more than 10 years and the test has demonstrated its good sensitivity and high specificity in diagnosing systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). Despite these data produced through clinical and laboratory research, the test is little used. OBJECTIVE: To verify the diagnostic performance of methods for measuring ANuA and to compare them with those for anti-dsDNA antibodies. DATA SOURCES: A systematic review of English and non-English articles using MEDLINE and EMBASE with the search terms "nucleosome", "chromatin", "anti-nucleosome antibodies" and "anti-chromatin antibodies"...
December 2012: Autoimmunity Reviews
Mario Fioravanti, Valentina Bianchi, Maria Elena Cinti
BACKGROUND: This is an update of a previous meta-analysis published in 2005. METHODS: It includes the data published up to march 2010 for a total of 247 papers and 18,300 cases. Cognitive deficits are examined in 5 different domains: Memory functioning (128 studies), Global cognitive functioning (131 studies), Language (70 studies), Executive function (67 studies), Attention (76 studies). Only controlled studies were included: patients vs. normal subjects. RESULTS: Results evidence that in all domains and in all different analyses performed within each domain, patients show a significant reduction of cognitive efficiency with respect to normal subjects...
June 20, 2012: BMC Psychiatry
Luca Trotta, Ilaria Guella, Giulia Soldà, Francesca Sironi, Silvana Tesei, Margherita Canesi, Gianni Pezzoli, Stefano Goldwurm, Stefano Duga, Rosanna Asselta
BACKGROUND: Significant efforts have been focused on investigating the contribution of common variants to Parkinson disease (PD) risk. Several independent GWAS and metanalysis studies have shown a genome-wide significant association of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in the α-synuclein (SNCA) and microtubule-associated protein tau (MAPT) regions. Here we investigated the role of SNCA and MAPT as PD susceptibility genes in a large Italian population of 904 patients and 891 controls...
March 2012: Parkinsonism & related Disorders
Panagiotis Peitsidis, Emmanouil Manolakos, Vasiliki Tsekoura, Rolf Kreienberg, Lukas Schwentner
PURPOSE: To perform an extensive systematic review to examine all the available literature reporting iatrogenic acquired arteriovenous malformation (AVM) induced after diagnostic curettage and to describe a further case of a 34-year-old woman presenting with acute vaginal bleeding due to AVM induced after uterine curettage for termination of pregnancy. METHODS: We searched the electronic databases: MEDLINE (1950-2011), Embase (1980-2011), Cochrane Library (2004-2011), Cinahl (1981-2011), Popline (2004-2011)...
November 2011: Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics
Claudio Sandroni, Christophe Adrie, Fabio Cavallaro, Cristina Marano, Mehran Monchi, Tommaso Sanna, Massimo Antonelli
AIM: To compare the outcome of organs retrieved from patients brain dead due to cardiac arrest (CA) with that of organs retrieved from patients brain dead due to other causes (non-CA). METHODS: Systematic review. Clinical studies comparing the outcome of patients and organs retrieved from donors brain dead after being resuscitated from cardiac arrest with that of patients and organs retrieved from donors brain dead not due to cardiac arrest were considered for inclusion...
December 2010: Resuscitation
Zbigniew Siudak, Tomasz Rakowski, Artur Dziewierz, Magnus Janzon, Ralf Birkemeyer, Justyna Stefaniak, Łukasz Partyka, Krzysztof Zmudka, Dariusz Dudek
BACKGROUND: Primary percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) is the preferred method of reperfusion in patients with ST elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI). Abciximab is a well established adjunct to primary PCI. The proper timing of abciximab administration in STEMI patients has been investigated in randomised trials, registries and metanalysis, providing conflicting results. METHODS: Consecutive data on STEMI patients, transferred for primary PCI in hospital/ambulance STEMI networks between November 2005 and January 2007, from 15 PCI centres in seven European countries was gathered together for a one-year long-term clinical observation (93% rate of completeness)...
May 2010: Kardiologia Polska
Stefano Barbi, Ivana Cataldo, Giovanni De Manzoni, Samantha Bersani, Simona Lamba, Silvia Mattuzzi, Alberto Bardelli, Aldo Scarpa
BACKGROUND: PIK3CA is one of the genes most frequently mutated in human cancers and it is a potential target for personalized therapy. The aim of this study was to assess the frequency and type of PIK3CA mutations in gastric carcinoma and compare them with their clinical pathological correlates. METHODS: We analysed 264 gastric cancers, including 39 with microsatellite instability (MSI), for mutations in the two PIK3CA hotspots in exons 9 and 20 by direct sequencing of DNA obtained from microdissected cancer cells...
2010: Journal of Experimental & Clinical Cancer Research: CR
Eva Segura-Ortí
Exercise as a therapeutic tool used in End-stage renal disease patients (ESRD) in hemodialysis (HD) is not routinately applied, as it occurs with cardiac or respiratory patients. Lack of awareness of research in this field may contribute to the current situation. Thus, the aims of this review are: 1) to systematically review the literature of exercise training on adult HD patients or patients at a pre-HD stage; 2) to show the evidence on the benefits of exercise for counteracting physiological, functional and psychological impairments found even in older ESRD patients; 3) to recommend requirements of future research in order to include exercise prescription in the HD patients treatment...
2010: Nefrología: Publicación Oficial de la Sociedad Española Nefrologia
Fabiano Timbó Barbosa, Mário Jorge Jucá, Aldemar Araújo Castro
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Currently, it is controversial on whether neuroaxis block (NB) is more effective than general anesthesia (GA) in elderly individuals undergoing non-cardiac surgeries. The objective of this study was to determine the efficiency of NB in comparison to GA for revascularization of the lower limbs (RLL) in the elderly. METHODS: A search of the following data base was conducted: MEDLINE (1955 to 2007), CINHAL (1982 to 2007), EMBASE (1980 to 2007), LILACS (1982 to 2007), and ISI (1945 to 2007)...
March 2009: Revista Brasileira de Anestesiologia
Manuel García Mérida, Jairo Moreno Román, Carlos Miguélez Lago, Francisca Rius Díaz, Moisés Mieles Cerchar, Eulogio Galiano Duro
OBJECTIVES: To know the incidence of new contralateral VUR and its evolution in children with primary unilateral vesicoureteral reflux (VUR) managed with endoscopic treatment (ET). METHODS: During 7.5 years a total of 228 children with primary VUR underwent endoscopic implantation of bulking material, 90 of them (39.5%) have been unilateral. The inclusion criterion was: unilateral primary VUR managed with ET, without previously contralateral VUR. Collected data included: patient age, gender, indications for surgery, number of preoperative cystourethrograms, preoperative and new contralateral postoperative VUR grades, nephropathy in the ipsilateral or contralateral sides, type and volume of bulking material used, and VUR outcome...
March 2008: Archivos Españoles de Urología
P De Rango, P Cao, G Parlani, F Verzini, D Brambilla
AIM: To compare the results of endovascular repair (EVAR) in large and small (diameter < 5.5cm) abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAA). METHODS: A systematic review was performed to identify studies comparing the outcomes after EVAR of large and small aneurysms. Outcomes considered were: risk of death (perioperative, all cause, aneurysm-related), ruptures, and complications (conversion, reintervention). Weighted pooled estimates of outcomes in patients with small versus large aneurysms were calculated...
February 2008: European Journal of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery
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