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Xiangdong fu

Jiawen Xie, Ling Jin, Tangtian He, Baowei Chen, Xiaosan Luo, Baihuan Feng, Wei Huang, Jun Li, Pingqing Fu, Xiangdong Li
Airborne transmission is one of the environmental dissemination pathways of antibiotic resistance genes (ARGs), and has critical implications for human exposure through inhalation. In this study, we focused on three regions of China to reveal some unique spatiotemporal features of airborne bacteria and ARGs in fine aerosols (PM2.5): (1) greater seasonal variations in the abundance of bacteria and ARGs in temperate urban Beijing than in the subtropical urban areas of the Yangtze River Delta (YRD) and Pearl River Delta (PRD) regions, with regional disparities in bacterial communities; (2) geographical fingerprints of ARG profiles independent of seasonal cycles and land-use gradients within each region; (3) region-independent associations between the targeted ARGs and limited bacterial genera; (4) common correlations between ARGs and mobile genetic elements (MGEs) across regions; and (5) PM2...
December 10, 2018: Environmental Science & Technology
QingBo Xu, WeiShi Zheng, PanPan Duan, JiaNing Chen, YanYan Zhang, FeiYa Fu, HongYan Diao, XiangDong Liu
In this article, durable antimicrobial cotton fabric was prepared by a one-pot modification process using a colloidal solution of silver nanoparticles (Ag NPs) stabilized by carboxymethyl chitosan (CMC). Due to coordination bonds between the amine groups of CMC and the Ag NPs and the ester bonds present between the carboxyl groups of CMC and the hydroxyl groups of cellulose, the Ag NPs were tightly immobilized onto the cotton fiber surface. As a result, the Ag NPs that were adhered on the cotton fabrics have uniform dispersion and small size, ranging from 10 nm to 80 nm...
January 15, 2019: Carbohydrate Polymers
Fanxin Zeng, Jiangping Fu, Fang Hu, Yani Tang, Xiangdong Fang, Fanwei Zeng, Yanpeng Chu
Breast cancer (BC) is one of the leading causes of death among women worldwide. The gene expression profile GSE22358 was downloaded from the Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO) database, which included 154 operable early-stage breast cancer samples treated with neoadjuvant capecitabine plus docetaxel, with (34) or without trastuzumab (120), to identify gene signatures during trastuzumab treatment and uncover their potential mechanisms. The gene ontology (GO) and Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes pathway (KEGG) enrichment analyses were performed, and a protein-protein interaction (PPI) network of the differentially expressed genes (DEGs) was constructed by Cytoscape software...
August 14, 2018: Oncotarget
Qiuyang Fu, Tao Wang, Yong Liang, Yong Lin, Xiangdong Zhao, Jian Wan, Suxiao Fan
Objectives.: The energy consumption process of cochlea and neural signal transduction along the auditory pathway are highly dependent on blood oxygen supply. At present, it is under debate on whether the obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS) would affect the auditory function since the patients suffer from low oxygen saturation. Moreover, it is difficult to detect the functional state of auditory in less severe stage of OSAS. Recently, speech-evoked auditory brainstem response (speech-ABR) has been reported to be a new electrophysiological tool in characterizing the auditory dysfunction...
August 24, 2018: Clinical and Experimental Otorhinolaryngology
Shan Li, Yonghang Tian, Kun Wu, Yafeng Ye, Jianping Yu, Jianqing Zhang, Qian Liu, Mengyun Hu, Hui Li, Yiping Tong, Nicholas P Harberd, Xiangdong Fu
Enhancing global food security by increasing the productivity of green revolution varieties of cereals risks increasing the collateral environmental damage produced by inorganic nitrogen fertilizers. Improvements in the efficiency of nitrogen use of crops are therefore essential; however, they require an in-depth understanding of the co-regulatory mechanisms that integrate growth, nitrogen assimilation and carbon fixation. Here we show that the balanced opposing activities and physical interactions of the rice GROWTH-REGULATING FACTOR 4 (GRF4) transcription factor and the growth inhibitor DELLA confer homeostatic co-regulation of growth and the metabolism of carbon and nitrogen...
August 2018: Nature
Xiangxiang Ren, Li Zhao, Abdusalam Abdukerim, Xun Chen, Yunhua Chen, Xiangyi Cui, Deqing Fang, Changbo Fu, Karl Giboni, Franco Giuliani, Linhui Gu, Xuyuan Guo, Ke Han, Changda He, Di Huang, Shengming He, Xingtao Huang, Zhou Huang, Xiangdong Ji, Yonglin Ju, Yao Li, Heng Lin, Huaxuan Liu, Jianglai Liu, Yugang Ma, Yajun Mao, Kaixiang Ni, Jinhua Ning, Andi Tan, Hongwei Wang, Meng Wang, Qiuhong Wang, Siguang Wang, Xiuli Wang, Shiyong Wu, Jingkai Xia, Mengjiao Xiao, Pengwei Xie, Binbin Yan, Jijun Yang, Yong Yang, Hai-Bo Yu, Jianfeng Yue, Tao Zhang, Jifang Zhou, Ning Zhou, Qibin Zheng, Xiaopeng Zhou
We search for nuclear recoil signals of dark matter models with a light mediator in PandaX-II, a direct detection experiment in the China Jinping underground laboratory. Using data collected in 2016 and 2017 runs, corresponding to a total exposure of 54 ton day, we set upper limits on the zero-momentum dark matter-nucleon cross section. These limits have a strong dependence on the mediator mass when it is comparable to or below the typical momentum transfer. We apply our results to constrain self-interacting dark matter models with a light mediator mixing with standard model particles, and set strong limits on the model parameter space for the dark matter mass ranging from 5 GeV to 10 TeV...
July 13, 2018: Physical Review Letters
Suolan Fu, Linlin Zhang, Jiapei Lv, Bijun Zhu, Wei Wang, Xiangdong Wang
Multi-dimensions dynamics of the genome play important roles in the maintenance of cell function, regulation of transcriptional signals and occurrence of diseases. With rapid development of methodologies, the genome organization and structure are found as three-dimensional (3D) or with dynamic changes (4D), and regulated by a large number of factors. The present article aims to overview the 3C derivation method Hi-C and ChIA-PET assay technologies coupled with newdata analysis methods, capture the spatial interactions between different loci across the entire genome, reveal the regularity of the genome spatial structure...
August 16, 2018: Seminars in Cell & Developmental Biology
Feiya Fu, Jiayuan Gu, Ruihong Zhang, Xinyi Xu, Xiaodong Yu, Lin Liu, Xiangdong Liu, Jinping Zhou, Juming Yao
Cellulose based Ag-functionalized ZnO nanocomposite (AZC) films were prepared using a green and easy scale-up strategy. Firstly, ZnO embedded cellulose (ZC) nanocomposite was synthesized from a cellulose-NaOH/zincate/urea solution through a biomimetic approach. Secondly, Ag nanoparticles (NPs) with a mean diameter of 53.2 nm were efficiently deposited onto the surface of embedded ZnO in cellulose matrix under UV irradiation (16 w), yielding the multi-hybrid AZC film. Owing to the porous structure of cellulose substrate and its rich hydroxyl group, the NPs in the ACZ films displayed good stability...
November 15, 2018: Journal of Colloid and Interface Science
Bing Yan, Sijin Liu, Bin Zhao, Xiangdong Li, Qiang Fu, Guibin Jiang
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
August 7, 2018: Environmental Science & Technology
Feiya Fu, Meiqi Huang, Weilan Zhang, Yang Zhao, Xiangdong Liu
A self-healing polybenzoxazine is synthesized solely based on dynamic ester bonds. For this purpose, an anhydride (succinic anhydride) was added into bisphenol F derived benzoxazine monomer before thermocuring. Owing to the transesterification of newly formed ester bonds, the thermoset network behaves as a thermoplastic at 140 °C in the presence of Zn (Ac)2 , and shows self-healing properties even after multiple damage-healing cycles. Furthermore, kinetics study indicates that the transesterification is a first-order reaction and the activation energy is about 135...
July 9, 2018: Scientific Reports
Lei Cheng, Jianjun Chen, Qingling Fu, Shaoheng He, Huabin Li, Zheng Liu, Guolin Tan, Zezhang Tao, Dehui Wang, Weiping Wen, Rui Xu, Yu Xu, Qintai Yang, Chonghua Zhang, Gehua Zhang, Ruxin Zhang, Yuan Zhang, Bing Zhou, Dongdong Zhu, Luquan Chen, Xinyan Cui, Yuqin Deng, Zhiqiang Guo, Zhenxiao Huang, Zizhen Huang, Houyong Li, Jingyun Li, Wenting Li, Yanqing Li, Lin Xi, Hongfei Lou, Meiping Lu, Yuhui Ouyang, Wendan Shi, Xiaoyao Tao, Huiqin Tian, Chengshuo Wang, Min Wang, Nan Wang, Xiangdong Wang, Hui Xie, Shaoqing Yu, Renwu Zhao, Ming Zheng, Han Zhou, Luping Zhu, Luo Zhang
Allergic rhinitis (AR) is a global health problem that causes major illnesses and disabilities worldwide. Epidemiologic studies have demonstrated that the prevalence of AR has increased progressively over the last few decades in more developed countries and currently affects up to 40% of the population worldwide. Likewise, a rising trend of AR has also been observed over the last 2-3 decades in developing countries including China, with the prevalence of AR varying widely in these countries. A survey of self-reported AR over a 6-year period in the general Chinese adult population reported that the standardized prevalence of adult AR increased from 11...
July 2018: Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Research
Jinlong Du, Zaoming Wu, Engang Fu, Yanxiang Liang, Xingjun Wang, Peipei Wang, Kaiyuan Yu, Xiangdong Ding, Meimei Li, Marquis Kirk
The mechanism of radiation-induced detwinning is different from that of deformation detwinning as the former is dominated by supersaturated radiation-induced defects while the latter is usually triggered by global stress. In situ Kr ion irradiation was performed to study the detwinning mechanism of nanotwinned Cu films with various twin thicknesses. Two types of incoherent twin boundaries (ITBs), so-called fixed ITBs and free ITBs, are characterized based on their structural features, and the difference in their migration behavior is investigated...
2018: Science and Technology of Advanced Materials
Qian Liu, Ruixi Han, Kun Wu, Jianqing Zhang, Yafeng Ye, Shuansuo Wang, Jianfeng Chen, Yajun Pan, Qi Li, Xiaopeng Xu, Jiawu Zhou, Dayun Tao, Yuejin Wu, Xiangdong Fu
The simultaneous improvement of grain quality and yield of cereal crops is a major challenge for modern agriculture. Here we show that a rice grain yield quantitative trait locus qLGY3 encodes a MADS-domain transcription factor OsMADS1, which acts as a key downstream effector of G-protein βγ dimers. The presence of an alternatively spliced protein OsMADS1lgy3 is shown to be associated with formation of long and slender grains, resulting in increases in both grain quality and yield potential of rice. The Gγ subunits GS3 and DEP1 interact directly with the conserved keratin-like domain of MADS transcription factors, function as cofactors to enhance OsMADS1 transcriptional activity and promote the co-operative transactivation of common target genes, thereby regulating grain size and shape...
February 27, 2018: Nature Communications
QingBo Xu, XiaTing Ke, LiWen Shen, NaiQin Ge, YanYan Zhang, FeiYa Fu, XiangDong Liu
To obtain durably antimicrobial cotton fabric, carboxymethyl chitosan (CMC) was covalently linked to cotton fibers via an esterification with the cellulose hydroxyl groups, and the silver nanoparticles (Ag NPs) were adhered to the fiber surface by the coordination bonds with the amino groups of CMC. The finished cotton fabrics have an excellent antibacterial function and outstanding laundering durability. Even after 50 consecutive laundering tests, the modified cotton fabrics still show satisfactory bacterial reduction rates (BR) against both S...
May 2018: International Journal of Biological Macromolecules
Zhen Zhang, Jun Chen, Jun Huang, Yan Wo, Yixin Zhang, Xiangdong Chen
OBJECTIVE: This study is designed to explore permeability of ethosomes encapsulated with 5-florouracil (5-FU) mediated by CO2 fractional laser on hypertrophic scar tissues. Moreover, therapeutic and duration effect of CO2 fractional laser combined with 5-FU encapsulated ethosomes in rabbit ear hypertrophic scar model will be evaluated. METHODS: The permeated amount of 5-FU and retention contents of 5-FU were both determined by high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)...
January 18, 2018: Nanoscale Research Letters
Meiyu Peng, Qi Zhang, Yingnan Cheng, Shuyu Fu, Huipeng Yang, Xiangdong Guo, Jieyou Zhang, Lina Wang, Lijuan Zhang, Zhenyi Xue, Yan Li, Yurong Da, Zhi Yao, Liang Qiao, Rongxin Zhang
Pancreatic cancer is an aggressive malignancy that is unresponsive to conventional radiation and chemotherapy. Therefore, development of novel immune therapeutic strategies is urgently needed. L-4F, an Apolipoprotein A-I (ApoA-I) mimetic peptide, is engineered to mimic the anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative functionalities of ApoA-I. In this work, H7 cells were orthotopically implanted in C57BL/6 mice and treated with L-4F. Then, pancreatic cancer progression and the inflammatory microenvironment were investigated in vivo ...
November 21, 2017: Oncotarget
Xiangyi Cui, Abdusalam Abdukerim, Wei Chen, Xun Chen, Yunhua Chen, Binbin Dong, Deqing Fang, Changbo Fu, Karl Giboni, Franco Giuliani, Linhui Gu, Yikun Gu, Xuyuan Guo, Zhifan Guo, Ke Han, Changda He, Di Huang, Shengming He, Xingtao Huang, Zhou Huang, Xiangdong Ji, Yonglin Ju, Shaoli Li, Yao Li, Heng Lin, Huaxuan Liu, Jianglai Liu, Yugang Ma, Yajun Mao, Kaixiang Ni, Jinhua Ning, Xiangxiang Ren, Fang Shi, Andi Tan, Cheng Wang, Hongwei Wang, Meng Wang, Qiuhong Wang, Siguang Wang, Xiuli Wang, Xuming Wang, Qinyu Wu, Shiyong Wu, Mengjiao Xiao, Pengwei Xie, Binbin Yan, Yong Yang, Jianfeng Yue, Dan Zhang, Hongguang Zhang, Tao Zhang, Tianqi Zhang, Li Zhao, Jifang Zhou, Ning Zhou, Xiaopeng Zhou
We report a new search for weakly interacting massive particles (WIMPs) using the combined low background data sets acquired in 2016 and 2017 from the PandaX-II experiment in China. The latest data set contains a new exposure of 77.1 live days, with the background reduced to a level of 0.8×10^{-3}  evt/kg/day, improved by a factor of 2.5 in comparison to the previous run in 2016. No excess events are found above the expected background. With a total exposure of 5.4×10^{4}  kg day, the most stringent upper limit on the spin-independent WIMP-nucleon cross section is set for a WIMP with mass larger than 100  GeV/c^{2}, with the lowest 90% C...
November 3, 2017: Physical Review Letters
Changbo Fu, Xiaopeng Zhou, Xun Chen, Yunhua Chen, Xiangyi Cui, Deqing Fang, Karl Giboni, Franco Giuliani, Ke Han, Xingtao Huang, Xiangdong Ji, Yonglin Ju, Siao Lei, Shaoli Li, Huaxuan Liu, Jianglai Liu, Yugang Ma, Yajun Mao, Xiangxiang Ren, Andi Tan, Hongwei Wang, Jimin Wang, Meng Wang, Qiuhong Wang, Siguang Wang, Xuming Wang, Zhou Wang, Shiyong Wu, Mengjiao Xiao, Pengwei Xie, Binbin Yan, Yong Yang, Jianfeng Yue, Hongguang Zhang, Tao Zhang, Li Zhao, Ning Zhou
We report new searches for solar axions and galactic axionlike dark matter particles, using the first low-background data from the PandaX-II experiment at China Jinping Underground Laboratory, corresponding to a total exposure of about 2.7×10^{4}  kg day. No solar axion or galactic axionlike dark matter particle candidate has been identified. The upper limit on the axion-electron coupling (g_{Ae}) from the solar flux is found to be about 4.35×10^{-12} in the mass range from 10^{-5} to 1  keV/c^{2} with 90% confidence level, similar to the recent LUX result...
November 3, 2017: Physical Review Letters
Yubin Wang, Bo Yin, Dinuo Li, Guijun Wang, Xiangdong Han, Xuejun Sun
Gastric cancer is a malignancy that starts from the cells in the stomach with relatively low overall survival rate. Chemotherapy following resection surgery has been recommended as a curative strategy for gastric cancer. However, the mechanism of the chemotherapy drugs on gastric cancer is not completely understood. Pyroptosis is a form of programmed cell death and plays critical role in immunity. The role of pyroptosis on cancer cells is less known. In this study, we treated SGC-7901 and MKN-45 with 5-FU and found that the cell viability was significantly decreased...
January 1, 2018: Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications
Yunfei Fu, Yilun Chen, Rui Li, Fang Qin, Tao Xian, Lu Yu, Aoqi Zhang, Guosheng Liu, Xiangdong Zhang
Due to the thinness and small scale of cirrus clouds, its lateral boundary may be missed by conventional passive remote-sensing techniques and climate models. Here, using satellite observations in June-August from 2006 to 2011, a global dataset for the cirrus cloud lateral boundary (CCLB) was established. The results indicate that the optical properties, such as the lidar backscatter, the depolarization ratio and the optical depth, sharply decrease from cloudy regions to clear-sky regions. There are significant regional differences in optical properties and height and thickness of the CCLB...
October 27, 2017: Scientific Reports
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