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Vitamins and minerals digestion

Renjusha Menon, G Padmaja, A N Jyothi, V Asha, M S Sajeev
Sweet potato starch (SPS) noodles despite being gluten-free, has low nutritional value as it lacks proteins, minerals, vitamins etc. The objective of this study was to develop gluten-free starch noodles from sweet potato with enhanced protein content through fortification with whey protein concentrate (WPC) and to study the effect of protein fortification and blending SPS with banana (BS), cassava (CS) and mung bean (MBS) starches and annealed cassava starch (ACS) in reducing the starch digestibility. The highest protein retention in cooked noodles was obtained for 20 % WPC fortification, while the lowest starch digestibility was observed for 40 % BS fortified noodles followed by 50 % ACS fortified noodles...
September 2016: Journal of Food Science and Technology
Lei Zhang, Ling Liu, Defa Li, Quanfeng Li, Xiangshu Piao, Philip A Thacker, Michael A Brown, Changhua Lai
The objective of this research was to determine the effects of variety and storage duration on the nutrient digestibility and the digestible (DE) and metabolisable (ME) energy content in maize when fed to growing pigs. Four maize varieties (LS1, LS2, LS3 and LS4) were hand-harvested from the same growing area in China in early October of 2012. The samples were sun dried to about 14% moisture content and then stored in the warehouse of the Fengning Pig Experiment Base at China Agricultural University for 0, 3 or 10 months...
September 9, 2016: Archives of Animal Nutrition
Taketo Uchiyama, Norifumi Tatsumi, Sahoko Kamejima, Tsuyoshi Waku, Ichiro Ohkido, Keitaro Yokoyama, Takashi Yokoo, Masataka Okabe
Chronic kidney disease (CKD) disrupts mineral homeostasis and its representative pathosis is defined as secondary hyperparathyroidism (SHPT). SHPT occurs during the early course of progressive renal insufficiency, and is associated with mortality and cardiovascular events. SHPT results in reduction of calcium-sensing receptor (CaSR) and vitamin D receptor (VDR) in the parathyroid glands during CKD. However, the precise mechanism of CaSR and VDR reduction is largely unknown. CKD was induced through two-step 5/6 nephrectomy, and then CKD rats and sham-operated rats were maintained for 8 weeks on diets containing 0...
October 2016: Human Cell
Hongliang Wang, Meng Shi, Xiao Xu, Long Pan, Ling Liu, Xiangshu Piao
The hull attached to the barley kernel can be mechanically removed thus reducing the fiber content of the barley. This experiment was carried out to evaluate the effects of partial dehulling on the nutrient digestibility as well as the DE and ME content of barley. Two barley samples (HF and LF) with either high or low fiber contents were obtained from the Hubei and Jiangsu Provinces of China. A portion of the two barleys was mechanically dehulled (DHF and DLF). Thirty barrows (initial BW=31.5±3.2 kg) were assigned to 1 of 5 diets in a randomized complete block design...
August 19, 2016: Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences
Carlo Giuseppe Rizzello, Marco Montemurro, Marco Gobbetti
Durum wheat semolina was fermented with sourdough lactic acid bacteria and fungal proteases aiming at a complete gluten hydrolysis. The gluten-free (GF) semolina, added with naturally GF ingredients and structuring agents, was used to produce bread (rendered GF bread; rGFB) at industrial level. An integrated approach including the characterization of the main chemical, nutritional, structural, and sensory features was used to compare rGFB to a gluten-containing bread and to 5 commercial naturally GF breads...
September 2016: Journal of Food Science
Jaime Samour, Janine Perlman, Jörg Kinne, Vijay Baskar, Ulrich Wernery, Gerry Dorrestein
This manuscript reports three independent accidental cases of vitamin (Vit) B6 toxicosis in gyrfalcons (Falco rusticolus) and peregrine falcons (Falco peregrinus) and a toxicology study that was conducted to characterize the clinical responses of gyrfalcons and gyrfalcon × peregrine falcons to a range of single intramuscular (IM) and oral (PO) doses of Vit B6. Both lethal and nonlethal doses were determined. Twelve female gyrfalcons died following IM injection of 1 ml of a vitamin B preparation. Within 30 min of injection, the birds passed pistachio green-colored urates and progressed to vomiting, anorexia, cessation of normal activity, ptosis, collapse, and death, occurring 24-36 hr post injections...
June 2016: Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine: Official Publication of the American Association of Zoo Veterinarians
Rahman Ullah, M Nadeem, A Khalique, M Imran, S Mehmood, A Javid, J Hussain
The ancient grain is becoming enormously popular in modern food regimen in many countries; the higher proportion of α-linolenic acid makes chia the superb source of omega-3 fatty (about 65 % of the oil content). Omega-3 fatty acid has been associated with a large number of physiological functions in human body. Chia seed is a potential source of antioxidants with the presence of chlorogenic acid, caffeic acid, myricetin, quercetin, and kaempferol which are believed to have cardiac, hepatic protective effects, anti-ageing and anti-carcinogenic characteristics...
April 2016: Journal of Food Science and Technology
Zygmunt Zdrojewicz, Marta Herman, Ewa Starostecka
The aim of this article is to show current knowledge concerning valuable substances biologically active present in hen eggs and underline important nutritive role of hen eggs. Hen egg is a good source of nutrients such as proteins, vitamins (A, B2, B6, B12, D, E, K), minerals and lipids. The significant part of lipids is a group of unsaturated phospholipids, which are components of cell membranes, act protectively on the cardiovascular system and contribute to a decrease of cholesterol level and blood pressure...
2016: Postȩpy Higieny i Medycyny Doświadczalnej
K M Wood, A C J Pinto, D D Millen, R Kanafany Guzman, G B Penner
In a 4 × 4 Latin square design (24-d periods), 4 ruminally cannulated Hereford × Angus/Simmental heifers were used to evaluate the effect of increasing levels of monensin concentration on DMI, ruminal fermentation, short-chain fatty acid (SCFA) absorption across the reticulorumen, and total tract barrier function. Heifers were fed a barley-based finishing diet (76% rolled barley grain, 12% barley silage, 8% mineral and vitamin supplement, and 4% canola meal) containing 0, 22, 33 or 48 mg/kg monensin. Urinary recovery of Cr-EDTA was used as an indicator of total tract barrier function (d 18 to 20)...
June 2016: Journal of Animal Science
F van der Heide
This review focuses on the acquired causes, diagnosis, and treatment of intestinal malabsorption. Intestinal absorption is a complex process that depends on many variables, including the digestion of nutrients within the intestinal lumen, the absorptive surface of the small intestine, the membrane transport systems, and the epithelial absorptive enzymes. Acquired causes of malabsorption are classified by focussing on the three phases of digestion and absorption: 1) luminal/digestive phase, 2) mucosal/absorptive phase, and 3) transport phase...
April 2016: Best Practice & Research. Clinical Gastroenterology
C L Rosser, A D Beattie, H C Block, J J McKinnon, H A Lardner, P Górka, G B Penner
The objectives were to evaluate the effect of harvest maturity of whole-crop oat (Study 1) and whole-crop barley (Study 2) on forage intake and sorting, ruminal fermentation, ruminal digestibility, and total tract digestibility when fed to beef heifers. In Study 1, 3 ruminally cannulated heifers (417 ± 5 kg) were used in a 3 × 3 Latin square design with 24-d periods. Whole-crop oat forage harvested at the late milk (LMILK), hard dough (HD), or ripe (RP) stages was fed for ad libitum intake and heifers were supplemented (1% of BW) with alfalfa pellets, barley grain, canola meal, and a mineral and vitamin pellet...
February 2016: Journal of Animal Science
E D Batista, A H Hussein, E Detmann, M D Miesner, E C Titgemeyer
This study evaluated the efficiency of Lys utilization by growing steers. Five ruminally cannulated Holstein steers (165 ± 8 kg) housed in metabolism crates were used in a 6 × 6 Latin square design; data from a sixth steer was excluded due to erratic feed intake. All steers were limit fed (2.46 kg DM/d), twice daily, diets low in RUP (81% soybean hulls, 8% wheat straw, 6% cane molasses, and 5% vitamins and minerals). Treatments were 0, 3, 6, 9, 12, and 15 g/d of Lys continuously abomasally infused. To prevent AA other than Lys from limiting performance, a mixture providing all essential AA to excess was continuously abomasally infused...
February 2016: Journal of Animal Science
O A Bolarinwa, O Adeola
Direct or indirect methods can be used to determine the DE and ME of feed ingredients for pigs. In situations when only the indirect approach is suitable, the regression method presents a robust indirect approach. Three experiments were conducted to compare the direct and regression methods for determining the DE and ME values of barley, sorghum, and wheat for pigs. In each experiment, 24 barrows with an average initial BW of 31, 32, and 33 kg were assigned to 4 diets in a randomized complete block design. The 4 diets consisted of 969 g barley, sorghum, or wheat/kg plus minerals and vitamins for the direct method; a corn-soybean meal reference diet (RD); the RD + 300 g barley, sorghum, or wheat/kg; and the RD + 600 g barley, sorghum, or wheat/kg...
February 2016: Journal of Animal Science
L Zhang, Y K Li, Z C Li, Q F Li, M B Lyu, D F Li, C H Lai
This experiment was conducted to determine the effect of variety and planting year on the nutritive values of corn fed to growing pigs. Four corn varieties examined in this experiment were planted in the same village located in Longhua County, Heibei Province, China, in 2012, 2013, and 2014, respectively. During each year, corn was hand-harvested in early October and sun dried to about 14% moisture content. Three batches of twenty-four barrows (33.27±4.30, 31.88±2.93, 34.21±3.81 kg body wight [BW] in 2012, 2013, and 2014, respectively) were used and allotted to a complete block design with 4 diets and 6 replicate pigs per diet...
December 2016: Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences
Michael Oster, Franziska Just, Kirsten Büsing, Petra Wolf, Christian Polley, Brigitte Vollmar, Eduard Muráni, Siriluck Ponsuksili, Klaus Wimmers
Phosphorus (P) is of vital importance for many aspects of metabolism, including bone mineralization, blood buffering, and energy utilization. In order to identify molecular routes affecting intrinsic P utilization, we address processes covering P intake, uptake, metabolism, and excretion. In particular, the interrelation of bone tissue and immune features is of interest to approximate P intake to animal's physiology and health status. German Landrace piglets received different levels of digestible phosphorus: recommended, higher, or lower amounts...
May 15, 2016: American Journal of Physiology. Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology
Jinhu Tian, Jianchu Chen, Xingqian Ye, Shiguo Chen
Potato (Solanum tuberosum L) is an important food crop worldwide and a good source of vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber as well as phytochemicals, which benefits human body as nutrients supplementary and antioxidants. However, cooked potato is also considered as a high-glycemic-index food because of its high content of rapidly digestible starch, long-term consumption of which will increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and type-2 diabetes. Domestic cooking (boiling, frying, steaming, etc.) are usually adopted before potato consumption...
July 1, 2016: Food Chemistry
Maria V Chandra-Hioe, Christina H M Wong, Jayashree Arcot
Apart from being a rich and inexpensive protein source, legumes provide essential vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre. Considering the nutritional benefits, legumes flour can potentially be incorporated in the development of new products. The aim of this study was to investigate whether fermentation affects the protein content, in vitro protein digestibility, trypsin inhibitor activity and the functionality of proteins in faba bean, desi and kabuli chickpea. Australian grown chickpea and faba bean were selected and initially soaked, de-hulled, dried and milled into flour...
March 2016: Plant Foods for Human Nutrition
Justyna Wojcieszek, Lena Ruzik
Physalis peruviana could attract great interest because of its nutritional and industrial properties. It is an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and carotenoids. Physalis Peruviana is also known to have a positive impact on human health. Unfortunately, still little is known about trace elements present in Physalis Peruviana and their forms available for the human body. Thus, the aim of this study was to estimate bioaccessibility and characterization of species of cobalt, copper and selenium in Physalis Peruviana fruits...
March 2016: Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology
Saira Sultan, Nuzhat Huma, Masood Sadiq Butt, Muhammad Aleem, Munawar Abbas
Dairy products are associated with numerous health benefits. They are good source of nutrients like carbohydrates, protein (bioactive peptides), lipids, minerals and vitamins which are essential for growth, development and maintenance of the human body. Accordingly, dairy bioactive peptides are one of targeted compounds present in different dairy products. Dairy bioactive compounds can be classified as anti-hypertensive, anti-oxidative, immmunomodulant, anti-mutagenic, anti-microbial, opoid, anti-thrombotic, anti-obesity and mineral-binding agents depending upon biological functions...
February 6, 2016: Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition
R S Marques, L J Chagas, F N Owens, F A P Santos
Performance responses to steam flaking flint corn as well as to the addition of roughage to finishing diets composed of whole flint corn were evaluated. Ninety-six Nellore bulls were stratified by initial BW (373 ± 11 kg) and randomly allotted to 16 feedlot pens (6 bulls/pen) in a randomized complete block design with 4 replicates/treatment. Dietary treatments for the 86-d feeding trial consisted of (DM basis) 1) 78.8% steam-flaked flint corn with 6% sugarcane bagasse and 0.20% urea, 2) 85% whole flint corn without sugarcane bagasse, 3) 81...
January 2016: Journal of Animal Science
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