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Aging Review

Lisa S Rotenstein, Matthew Torre, Marco A Ramos, Rachael C Rosales, Constance Guille, Srijan Sen, Douglas A Mata
Importance: Burnout is a self-reported job-related syndrome increasingly recognized as a critical factor affecting physicians and their patients. An accurate estimate of burnout prevalence among physicians would have important health policy implications, but the overall prevalence is unknown. Objective: To characterize the methods used to assess burnout and provide an estimate of the prevalence of physician burnout. Data Sources and Study Selection: Systematic search of EMBASE, ERIC, MEDLINE/PubMed, psycARTICLES, and psycINFO for studies on the prevalence of burnout in practicing physicians (ie, excluding physicians in training) published before June 1, 2018...
September 18, 2018: JAMA: the Journal of the American Medical Association
Amine Mazine, Rodolfo V Rocha, Ismail El-Hamamsy, Maral Ouzounian, Bobby Yanagawa, Deepak L Bhatt, Subodh Verma, Jan O Friedrich
Importance: The ideal aortic valve substitute in young and middle-aged adults remains unknown. Objective: To compare long-term outcomes between the Ross procedure and mechanical aortic valve replacement in adults. Data Sources: The Ovid versions of MEDLINE and EMBASE classic (January 1, 1967, to April 26, 2018; search performed on April 27, 2018) were screened for relevant studies using the following text word search in the title or abstract: ("Ross" OR "autograft") AND ("aortic" OR "mechanical")...
October 1, 2018: JAMA Cardiology
Takehiko Nakasato, Aya Hiramatsu, Yuki Matsui, Tsutomu Unoki, Hideaki Shimoyama, Kazuhiko Oshinomi, Jun Morita, Yoshiko Maeda, Michio Naoe, Kohzo Fuji, Hiroshi Ogura, Mayumi Homma, Toshiko Yamochi, Masafumi Takimoto, Yoshio Ogawa
BACKGROUND: Upper urinary tract neuroendocrine carcinoma (UUT-NEC) is extremely rare and has a poor prognosis. Although a few cases of successful treatment have been reported, no treatment has shown established efficacy. PATIENTS AND METHODS: We analyzed 70 UUT-NEC patients, including 68 with small cell neuroendocrine carcinoma (SCNEC) and large cell neuroendocrine carcinoma (LCNEC) reported between 1985 and 2017 and 2 treated at our hospital. RESULTS: Median patient age was 66 years, 58...
October 9, 2018: Cancer Treatment and Research Communications
Eva Lehtonen, Harshadkumar Patel, Sierra Phillips, Martim Correia Pinto, Sameer Naranje, Ashish Shah
INTRODUCTION/AIM: Recent comparisons of suture versus metal staple skin closure on the rates of wound complications in orthopaedic surgeries have yielded conflicting results. Several studies have since started to approach this question based on anatomic location, comparing suture versus staple closure in total hip and knee arthroplasty and acetabulum fracture surgery. Ankle fractures are one of the most commonly treated fractures by orthopaedic surgeons with unique challenges to skin closure due to the lack of subcutaneous support...
August 22, 2018: Foot
Chee Kiang Tay, Yang Hyun Cho, Jinkyeong Park, Jeong Hoon Yang, Chi Ryang Chung, Kiick Sung, Juhee Cho, Danbee Kang, Hyejeong Park, Gee Young Suh
PURPOSE: ECMO use has increased lately. However, differences between adult ECMO and non-ECMO patients admitted to the ICU remain unstudied. In terms of volume-outcome relationship, the impact of ECMO volume on survival has not been validated in a real world cohort. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Retrospective analysis of data from the Korean Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service over 5 years, between August 1, 2009 and July 31, 2014. The ECMO group comprised patients who received ≥1 ECMO run...
October 2, 2018: Journal of Critical Care
Minna Joki-Erkkilä, Elina Suikki
BACKGROUND: Residual anogenital findings following sexual abuse are rare. There is a need for further understanding of the interpretation of hymenal findings. OBJECTIVES: This study evaluates which is more significant with respect to posterior hymenal tissue morphology - previous consensual penile vaginal penetrations or vaginal delivery. DESIGN: A post hoc study comparing nulliparous and parous hymen in heterosexually active female volunteers, with the focus on healed hymenal defects...
September 6, 2018: Forensic Science International
Ana Creo, Fares Alahdab, Alaa Al Nofal, Kristen Thomas, Amy Kolbe, Siobhan Pittock
INTRODUCTION: Thyroid cancer is the most common pediatric endocrine cancer; accurate diagnosis and prompt management of pediatric thyroid nodules is critical. The McGill Thyroid Nodule Score (MTNS), based upon clinical, ultrasound (US), and cytology criteria has recently been modified and studied in a pilot pediatric group with good results. We aim to describe the diagnostic accuracy of the pediatric modified MTNS (PMTNS) in a large pediatric cohort. METHODS: We utilized an established retrospective cohort between 1996 and 2015 of 99 patients ≤ 21 years old with 131 thyroid nodules...
October 16, 2018: Clinical Endocrinology
Tobias Tritschler, Noémie Kraaijpoel, Grégoire Le Gal, Philip S Wells
Importance: Venous thromboembolism (VTE), comprising deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism (PE), is a common and potentially fatal disease. Objective: To summarize the advances in diagnosis and treatment of VTE of the past 5 years. Evidence Review: A systematic search was conducted in EMBASE Classic, EMBASE, Ovid MEDLINE, and other nonindexed citations using broad terms for diagnosis and treatment of VTE to find systematic reviews and meta-analyses, randomized trials, and prospective cohort studies published between January 1, 2013, and July 31, 2018...
October 16, 2018: JAMA: the Journal of the American Medical Association
Amar U Kishan, Xiaoyan Wang, Wendy Seiferheld, Laurence Collette, Kiri A Sandler, Howard M Sandler, Michel Bolla, Philippe Maingon, Theo De Reijke, Gerald E Hanks, Nicholas G Nickols, Matthew Rettig, Alexandra Drakaki, Robert E Reiter, Daniel E Spratt, Patrick A Kupelian, Michael L Steinberg, Christopher R King
Importance: Androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) improves survival outcomes in patients with high-risk prostate cancer (PCa) treated with radiotherapy (RT). Whether this benefit differs between patients with Gleason grade group (GG) 4 (formerly Gleason score 8) and GG 5 (formerly Gleason score 9-10) disease remains unknown. Objective: To determine whether the effectiveness of ADT duration varies between patients with GG 4 vs GG 5 PCa. Design, Setting, and Participants: Traditional and network individual patient data meta-analyses of 992 patients (593 GG 4 and 399 GG 5) who were enrolled in 6 randomized clinical trials were carried out...
September 20, 2018: JAMA Oncology
Daniel R Duncan, Paul D Mitchell, Kara Larson, Maireade E McSweeney, Rachel L Rosen
Importance: Proton pump inhibitors (PPI) are commonly prescribed to children with oropharyngeal dysphagia and resultant aspiration based on the assumption that these patients are at greater risk for reflux-related lung disease. There is little data to support this approach and the potential risk for increased infections in children treated with PPI may outweigh any potential benefit. Objective: The aim of this study was to determine if there is an association between hospitalization risk in pediatric patients with oropharyngeal dysphagia and treatment with PPI...
October 11, 2018: JAMA Otolaryngology—Head & Neck Surgery
Russell G Witt, Michael Zobel, Benjamin Padilla, Hanmin Lee, Tippi C MacKenzie, Lan Vu
Importance: Sutureless gastroschisis repair offers an alternative to the traditional sutured method and has been associated with decreased intubation time. Published study results are inconsistent regarding the advantages of sutureless closure. Objective: To compare the clinical outcomes of sutureless and sutured gastroschisis repair. Design, Setting, and Participants: A single-center cohort review was performed of all consecutive patients (n = 97) who underwent gastroschisis repair from February 1, 2007, to April 30, 2017, at the University of California, San Francisco...
September 19, 2018: JAMA Surgery
Kyeong-Tae Lee, Young Jae Lee, Ara Kim, Goo-Hyun Mun
BACKGROUND: Single-stage latissimus dorsi (LD) neuromuscular transfer has been a valuable option for dynamic smile reanimation. However, there is a paucity of studies evaluating the potential donor morbidity in such cases. The present study aimed to comprehensively analyze the donor morbidity following functional LD muscle transfer. METHODS: Patients who underwent single-stage functional LD muscle transfer for smile reanimation between 2002 and 2016 were reviewed...
October 12, 2018: Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
David H Ge, Nicholas D Stekas, Christopher G Varlotta, Charla R Fischer, Anthony Petrizzo, Themistocles S Protopsaltis, Peter G Passias, Thomas J Errico, Aaron J Buckland
STUDY DESIGN: Retrospective cohort study at a single institution. OBJECTIVE: To analyze the perioperative and postoperative outcomes of patients who underwent open transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion (O-TLIF) and bilateral minimally invasive (MIS) Wiltse approach TLIF (Wil-TLIF). SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA: Several studies have compared Open TLIF to MIS TLIF, however, comparing the techniques using a large cohort of one-level TLIFs has not been fully explored...
October 15, 2018: Spine
Benjamin J Levy, Brandon M Tauberg, Ari J Holtzman, Konrad I Gruson
INTRODUCTION: To report on the effectiveness of a standardized patient positioning and padding protocol in reducing lateral femoral cutaneous nerve (LFCN) palsy in obese patients who have undergone shoulder surgery in the beach chair position. METHODS: We retrospectively reviewed the medical records of 400 consecutive patients with a body mass index (BMI) of ≥30 kg/m who underwent either open or arthroscopic shoulder surgery in the beach chair position by a single surgeon...
October 15, 2018: Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
Neil P Sheth, Joshua C Rozell, Wayne G Paprosky
As the demand for total hip arthroplasty (THA) continues to increase, the burden of revision THA is also expected to increase. Although the quality of polyethylene has improved markedly, osteolysis continues to be a risk for older designs and younger, active patients. Although progressive but typically asymptomatic in early stages, osteolysis can result in component failure and complicate revision surgery. Serial radiographs are paramount for monitoring progression. Although select cases may be treated with observation, surgery should be considered based on age, activity level, and projected life span...
October 15, 2018: Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
Katherine G Chen, Panos G Christakis, Emily Y Chew
PURPOSE: To provide long-term, natural history data of a case of a subclinical choroidal neovascular membrane (CNVM) in the setting of age-related macular degeneration. METHODS: Retrospective review of the 10-year clinical course of a patient including multimodal imaging. RESULTS: A 75-year-old white female with macular degeneration presented with visual acuity of 20/25 in the right eye and 20/40 in the left eye. In the left eye, a retinal pigment epithelial detachment with associated subretinal and intraretinal fluid was found on spectral domain optical coherence tomography...
October 15, 2018: Retinal Cases & Brief Reports
Alexandra M Bender, Elizabeth D Thompson, David J Hackam, John L Cameron, Daniel S Rhee
Solid pseudopapillary neoplasms (SPNs) are the most common pediatric pancreatic tumor; however, most data in children are extrapolated from adults. This study describes a young presentation of SPN in a 5-year-old girl and presents a comprehensive systematic review of the literature regarding SPNs in children. A systematic review was performed using PubMed and Embase for all articles in English using predetermined search terms, including "solid pseudopapillary neoplasm" and "pediatric" and historical terms for SPN...
November 2018: Pancreas
Gautam Singh Parmar, Bhushan Ghodke, Sunandini Bose, Ashok Kumar Meena
PURPOSE: To evaluate a new surgical technique ("prick and print") for harvesting shaped donor corneal grafts in cases with perforated peripheral ulcerative keratitis (PUK). METHODS: We conducted a retrospective case series at a tertiary center. Medical records of 13 patients with perforated PUK, who underwent tectonic eccentric keratoplasty using the stenciling-based prick and print technique during the past 1 year, were reviewed. All patients (15 eyes of 13 patients) received grafts of varying sizes and shapes (14 crescentic and 1 biconvex)...
October 5, 2018: Cornea
Priscella Chan, Angela Hsu, Jenna Godfrey, Selina S Silva, Rachel Y Goldstein, Deirdre Ryan, Paul D Choi, Robert M Kay
This study compared the outcomes of four salvage procedures in treating painful dislocated hips in patients with cerebral palsy: Schanz osteotomy, Girdlestone, Castle, and McHale procedures. A retrospective review of cerebral palsy patients treated between 1990 and 2014 with minimum 6-month follow-up was carried out. Of 69 hips (62 patients), there were 36 McHales, 24 Castles, four Girdlestones, and five Schanz procedures at a mean age of 13.9 years. All four procedures provided pain relief. Proximal femoral migration was similar following the procedures, but heterotopic ossification was more common after the Castle procedure...
October 15, 2018: Journal of Pediatric Orthopedics. Part B
Nur Adibah Mohidem, Zailina Hashim, Malina Osman, Rafiza Shaharudin, Farrah Melissa Muharam, Punitha Makeswaran
Background Tuberculosis (TB) is making a comeback and has remained one of the main causes of mortality among the list of infectious diseases in Malaysia. Objective To evaluate the burden and demographic, socio-economic and behavior as risk factors of TB among communities in Malaysia. Method A comprehensive search of Scopus, Sciencedirect, PubMed, DOAJ, CINAHL Plus, MyJournal, BIREME, BMC Public Health, Medline, CAB, EMBASE (Excerpta Medica dataBASE), and Web of Science (WoS) was undertaken from the articles published from 1st January 2008 to 31st December 2017 using medical subject heading (MeSH) key terms...
October 16, 2018: Reviews on Environmental Health
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