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Mind body connection

Adam W Hanley, Eric L Garland, Richard G Tedeschi
Objective: A growing body of theoretical and empirical work suggests that mindfulness may support more positive posttraumatic outcomes by reducing posttraumatic stress (PTS) and encouraging posttraumatic growth (PTG). Positive reappraisal (PR), a cognitive coping correlate of dispositional mindfulness (DM) has also been linked with greater PTG. However, neither DM nor PR have been modeled in relation to core posttraumatic constructs such as core belief disruption, intrusive rumination, deliberate rumination, PTS and PTG...
October 13, 2016: Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice and Policy
Ingegerd Bergbom, Carin Modh, Ingela Lundgren, Lillemor Lindwall
BACKGROUND: The body of first-time pregnant women is affected in many ways, and the women may not know what to expect. Conversations between women and healthcare personnel about women's bodily experience in early pregnancy can contribute to increased body knowledge, which may have a positive impact in later stages of their pregnancy and in relation to delivery. The aim of the study was to describe first-time pregnant women's experiences of their body in early pregnancy (pregnancy weeks 10-14)...
October 11, 2016: Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences
Juanjuan Zhuang, Jihong Wang, Xinsheng Lai
Qijie theory is one of the important components of TCM meridian and collateral system. It is the shortcut for the communication from the exterior to the interior and for the transverse connection, strengthens the therapeutic effects of acupuncture and moxibustion on the disorders of internal organs and enlarges the indications of acupoints. Professor LAI Xinsheng originally creats Tongyuan acupuncture technique. It is a kind of acupuncture therapeutic methods, including promoting the circulation of the governor vessel, regulating the mind and conducting qi to the origin...
May 2016: Zhongguo Zhen Jiu, Chinese Acupuncture & Moxibustion
Brandi M Crowe, Marieke Van Puymbroeck, Arlene A Schmid
Yoga facilitates relaxation and connection of mind, body, and spirit through the use of breathing, meditation, and physical postures. Participation in yoga has been extensively linked to decreased stress, and as a result, is considered a therapeutic intervention by many. However, few theories exist that explain the link between yoga participation and improved psychosocial wellbeing. The leisure-stress coping conceptual framework suggests that through participation in leisure, an individual can decrease stress while concurrently restoring and building up sustainable mental and physical capacities...
July 27, 2016: International Journal of Yoga Therapy
Loredana Tirlea, Helen Truby, Terry P Haines
PURPOSE: To test the effectiveness of an intervention delivered by health professionals outside the school environment to girls identified with issues such as poor body image, low self-esteem, low self-confidence, nonparticipation in sports, or being overweight or underweight. DESIGN: The study's design was a stepped-wedge randomized controlled trial to test the efficacy of an intervention on self-esteem, impairment induced by eating disorders, self-efficacy, body satisfaction, and dieting behaviors...
March 2016: American Journal of Health Promotion: AJHP
David E Scharff, Roberto Losso, Lea Setton
Enrique Pichon-Rivière's work, fundamental to Latin American and European psychoanalytic development, is largely unknown in English-language psychoanalysis. Pichon's central contribution, the link (el vinculo), describes relational bonds in all dimensions. People are born into, live in, and relate through links. Psychic structure is built of links that then influence external interaction. Links, expressed in mind, body and external action, continuously join internal and external worlds. Links have two axes: vertical axis links connect generations through unconscious transgenerational transmission; horizontal axis links connect persons to life partners, family, community and society...
June 15, 2016: International Journal of Psycho-analysis
JoAnn Stevelos
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
May 2016: Diabetes Self-management
Alexandra Pârvan
Ontology is involved in medical care, because what both doctors and patients think the disease, the patient and the doctor are affects the giving and receiving of care, and hence the definition of medical care as profession. Going back to ancient philosophical views of disease as 'bounded entity' or as 'relation' (still echoed in contemporary theories and mindsets), I propose a way to think ontologically about disease that places it in necessary connection with the patient as person. Drawing on Augustine's views on disease, bodily integrity, and the human person as mind-body unit, I speak of 'monistic dualism' as the view where the unit and health of the person is continuously and personally generated by the mind's attention to and action on the body, whether the body is impaired or not...
August 2016: Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice
Terry Crowe, Victoria Sanchez, Allison Weber, Amy Murtagh
The purpose of this study was to understand the influence of a cultural immersion experience on personal and professional healthcare practices of occupational therapists. The experience, a 10-day course in Oaxaca, Mexico, exposed participants to alternative and complementary medicine through interactive sessions with Mexican indigenous traditional healers. The literature indicates that cultural immersion experiences can increase the perceived cultural effectiveness of healthcare professionals. Three focus groups were conducted with eight occupational therapists and two occupational therapy fieldwork students who had participated in the course...
June 1, 2016: Occupational Therapy International
Lee F Monaghan, Jonathan Gabe
The embodiment of health identities is a growing area of interest. Questions posed in this literature include: how important is the body in our understandings/experiences of health, how are everyday definitions of health and self embodied despite chronic illness, and how do social relations influence these interpretations? Mindful of such questions, this paper draws on a qualitative study of mild to moderate asthma among young people in Ireland. In-depth interviews were undertaken with 31 respondents aged between 5 and 17, including boys (n = 15) and girls (n = 16) from different class and ethnic backgrounds...
July 2016: Social Science & Medicine
Shobitha Muthukrishnan, Reena Jain, Sangeeta Kohli, Swaraj Batra
INTRODUCTION: Various pregnancy complications like hypertension, preeclampsia have been strongly correlated with maternal stress. One of the connecting links between pregnancy complications and maternal stress is mind-body intervention which can be part of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). Biologic measures of stress during pregnancy may get reduced by such interventions. AIM: To evaluate the effect of Mindfulness meditation on perceived stress scores and autonomic function tests of pregnant Indian women...
April 2016: Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research: JCDR
L Robert Slevc, Nicholas S Davey, Martin Buschkuehl, Susanne M Jaeggi
A growing body of research suggests that musical experience and ability are related to a variety of cognitive abilities, including executive functioning (EF). However, it is not yet clear if these relationships are limited to specific components of EF, limited to auditory tasks, or reflect very general cognitive advantages. This study investigated the existence and generality of the relationship between musical ability and EFs by evaluating the musical experience and ability of a large group of participants and investigating whether this predicts individual differences on three different components of EF - inhibition, updating, and switching - in both auditory and visual modalities...
July 2016: Cognition
Yuri Jang, Ya-Ching Huang, Hyunwoo Yoon, Shumin Lin
The present study examined the factors associated with self-rated health (SRH) and self-rated mental health (SRMH) in a sample of 108 older Chinese Americans (MeanAge = 70.6, SD = 7.70). SRH and SRMH were highly associated with each other. In the multiple regression models, chronic conditions and functional disability emerged as significant predictors of poor SRH and SRMH. However, the significance of depressive symptoms was only obtained in the model of SRMH. The findings reflect the body-mind connection among older Chinese Americans and provide implications for integrative health promotion efforts...
July 2016: Social Work in Public Health
Tamaki Matsumoto, Tetsuya Kimura, Tatsuya Hayashi
BACKGROUND: Yuzu (Citrus junos Sieb. ex Tanaka), a yellow-golden colored citrus fruit, has traditionally been used to promote psychosomatic health in Japan. While the yuzu produces a distinctive, pleasing aroma of citrus and floral, the efficacy of its fragrance remains unknown. The present study investigated the soothing effects of the fragrance of yuzu essential oil from the perspective of autonomic nervous system activity, which plays a crucial role in the integrity of the mind-body connection...
2016: BioPsychoSocial Medicine
Tracey Carr, Elizabeth Quinlan, Susan Robertson, Wendy Duggleby, Roanne Thomas, Lorraine Holtslander
OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this pilot study was to investigate the palliative potential of home-based yoga sessions provided to women with advanced cancer. METHOD: Personalised 45-minute yoga sessions were offered to three women with advanced cancer by an experienced yoga teacher. Each woman took part in a one-to-one interview after the completion of the yoga programme and was asked to describe her experiences of the programme's impact. RESULTS: The personalised nature of the yoga sessions resulted in similar positive physical and psychosocial effects comparable to those demonstrated in other studies with cancer patients...
March 2016: International Journal of Palliative Nursing
Fereshteh Ahmadi, Jisung Park, Kyung Mee Kim, Nader Ahmadi
The present study aimed to explore the use of meaning-making coping (existential, spiritual, and religious coping) among cancer patients in Korea and to investigate the impact of culture on their choice of coping methods. Thirty-three participants with various kinds of cancer were interviewed. Four different kinds of coping resources emerged from analyses of the interview transcripts: (1) belief in the healing power of nature; (2) mind-body connection; (3) relying on transcendent power; and (4) finding oneself in relationships with others...
December 2016: Journal of Religion and Health
David Bueno, Jordi Garcia-Fernàndez
Within the consolidated field of evolutionary development, there is emerging research on evolutionary aspects of central nervous system development and its implications for adult brain structure and function, including behaviour. The central nervous system is one of the most intriguing systems in complex metazoans, as it controls all body and mind functions. Its failure is responsible for a number of severe and largely incurable diseases, including neurological and neurodegenerative ones. Moreover, the evolution of the nervous system is thought to be a critical step in the adaptive radiation of vertebrates...
2016: Fluids and Barriers of the CNS
Jennifer L Lapum, Rachel J Bar
The movement and music associated with dance plays an important role in many individuals' lives and can become imprinted upon the body and mind. Dance is thus closely associated with memory because of these deep connections. Without conscious thought, dance has the potential to be initiated as individuals age. In the current article, the authors share narrative reflections about their experiences with, and the potential of, dance as an intervention for aging populations diagnosed with dementia-related diseases...
March 2016: Journal of Psychosocial Nursing and Mental Health Services
Cynthia Vieira Sanches Sampaio, Manuela Garcia Lima, Ana Marice Ladeia
A growing number of people are seeking health recovery treatments with a holistic approach to the human being. Meditation is a mental training capable of producing connection between the mind, body and spirit. Its practice helps people to achieve balance, relaxation and self-control, in addition to the development of consciousness. At present, meditation is classified as a complementary and integrative technique in the area of health. The purpose of this review of the literature was to describe what meditation is, its practices and effects on health, demonstrated by consistent scientific investigations...
February 25, 2016: Journal of Religion and Health
Konstantine P Panegyres, Peter K Panegyres
The aim of this historical overview is to show that the theories of Alcmaeon of Croton formed an important part of a developing conception of the brain and the nervous system. The vital contributions of Praxagoras of Kos, who suggested the existence of what we now call "neurons", and Herophilus of Chalcedon, who distinguished between sensory and motor nerves and demonstrated the existence of the nervous system by dissection, also established the foundation principles of neuroscience, but their importance is sometimes forgotten...
July 2016: Journal of Clinical Neuroscience: Official Journal of the Neurosurgical Society of Australasia
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