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Pazhanivel Mohan, Varun Sundar, Emmanuel Bhaskar, Syluvai Anthony
Alanine aminotransferase (ALT) is the most common and cost effective screening test for asymptomatic liver disease. There is paucity of data on normal ALT among healthy individuals in India. An observational cross sectional study was conducted from January to July 2013 to estimate the upper limit of normal for ALT in healthy south Indian population. Adults undergoing voluntary or pre-employment health screening were included. Those with current and past alcoholism or smoking, acute illness or hospitalization during preceding 12 months, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory or over the counter medication use within a month, current or past intake of herbal medications, any chronic medical illness, abnormal body mass index (BMI), fatty liver in ultrasound, abnormality in haemoglobin, platelet count, blood sugar, creatinine, lipid profile and thyroid function test and positive serology (Hepatitis B, C or HIV) were excluded...
July 2017: Indian Journal of Clinical Biochemistry: IJCB
Hafiza Sobia Arshad, Rizwan Ahmed Dudekula, Masooma Niazi, Sandeep Malik, Misbahuddin Khaja
BACKGROUND Sarcomatoid carcinoma is a rare, aggressive, malignant cancer composed of sarcoma and sarcoma-like components, and can occur in different organs such as the thyroid gland, bone, skin, breast, pancreas, liver, urinary tract, and lung. Pulmonary sarcomatoid carcinoma accounts for only a small percentage of lung cancers and has histological variants that include pleomorphic carcinoma, giant cell carcinoma, spindle cell carcinoma, carcinosarcoma, and pulmonary blastoma. CASE REPORT Here, we present a case of sarcomatoid carcinoma in a 63-year-old HIV-positive Hispanic male who presented with back pain, dry cough, and weight loss...
July 7, 2017: American Journal of Case Reports
Jin Tae Hong, Dong Ju Son, Chong Kil Lee, Do-Young Yoon, Dong Hun Lee, Mi Hee Park
Interleukin-32 (IL-32) is a novel cytokine involved in inflammation and cancer development. IL-32 gene consists of eight small exons, and IL-32 mRNA has nine alternative spliced isoforms, and was thought to be secreted because it contains an internal signal sequence and lacks a transmembrane region. IL-32 is initially expressed selectively in activated T cells by mitogen and activated NK cells and their expression is strongly augmented by microbes, mitogens, and other cytokines. The IL-32 is induced mainly by pathogens and pro-inflammatory cytokines, but IL-32 is more prominent in immune cells than in non-immune tissues...
June 2017: Pharmacology & Therapeutics
Justyna Roszkiewicz, Elzbieta Smolewska
Within the last 30 years, the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection has changed its status from inevitably fatal to chronic disorder with limited impact on life span. However, this breakthrough was mainly the effect of introduction of the aggressive antiviral treatment, which has led to the clinically significant increase in CD4+ cell count, resulting in fewer cases of the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) and improved management of opportunistic infections occurring in the course of the disease...
November 2016: Rheumatology International
Rosalind Ramsey-Goldman, Amarpali Brar, Carrie Richardson, Moro O Salifu, Ann Clarke, Sasha Bernatsky, Dimitre G Stefanov, Rahul M Jindal
OBJECTIVE: We investigated malignancy risk after renal transplantation in patients with and without systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). METHODS: Using the United States Renal Data System from 2001 to 2009, 143 652 renal transplant recipients with and without SLE contributed 585 420 patient-years of follow-up to determine incident cancers using Medicare claims codes. We calculated standardised incidence ratios (SIRs) of cancer by group using age, sex, race/ethnicity-specific and calendar year-specific cancer rates compared with the US population...
2016: Lupus Science & Medicine
Vanja Vučićević Boras, Dora Gabrić, Vlaho Brailo, Nada Čikeš, Danko Velimir Vrdoljak
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
2015: Acta Dermatovenerologica Croatica: ADC
Rolf Teschke, Christian Frenzel, Albrecht Wolff, Axel Eickhoff, Johannes Schulze
The diagnosis of drug induced liver injury (DILI) is based primarily on the exclusion of alternative causes. To assess the frequency of alternative causes in initially suspected DILI cases, we searched the Medline database with the following terms: drug hepatotoxicity, drug induced liver injury, and hepatotoxic drugs. For each term, we used the first 100 publications. We reviewed references, selected those reports relevant to our study, and retrieved finally 15 publications related to DILI and alternative causes...
March 2014: Annals of Hepatology
Christopher D Houle, Gregory L Finch, Robert J Mauthe, David M Potter, Jacqueline A Walisser, Iain B Gardner, Robert H DeWit
Lersivirine is a nonnucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor (NNRTI) being developed for the treatment of HIV-1 infection. Like other NNRTIs, lersivirine is a potent enzyme inducer in rodents capable of inducing a number of hepatic enzymes including those involved in its own metabolism. Preclinically lersivirine has been associated with hepatocellular hypertrophy and thyroid gland follicular cell hypertrophy in rats, mice, and dogs. In rodents, we show that development of thyroid hypertrophy is related to the classic mechanism, namely increased thyroxine (T4) clearance secondary to induction of uridine-diphosphoglucuronosyltransferase (UDPGT) in the liver and a resulting increase in thyroid-stimulating hormone...
July 2014: Toxicologic Pathology
Hakan Turan, Ibak Gönen, Hülya Albayrak, Cihangir Aliağaoğlu
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
2013: Acta Dermatovenerologica Croatica: ADC
Melvin Tay, Tow Keang Lim, Pyng Lee
SESSION TYPE: Miscellaneous Global Case Report PostersPRESENTED ON: Tuesday, October 23, 2012 at 01:30 PM - 02:30 PMINTRODUCTION: We present a clinical puzzle of a middle aged man with worsening dyspnea.CASE PRESENTATION: A 65-year-old Chinese man presented to the respiratory unit for progressive dyspnea of 6 months' duration. He first consulted Cardiology 2 months ago for the same complaint. He did not have accompanying chest pain, orthopnea, paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea or leg edema. He did not complain of cough, wheeze or weight loss...
October 1, 2012: Chest
I A Kazantseva, S V Lishchuk, L E Gurevich, M A Bobrov, S A Terpigorov
The paper describes a case of generalized lymphadenopathy clinically recognized as malignant lymphoma in a 59-year-old woman. Her death occurred from bilateral pneumonia. Autopsy also showed a tumor-like mass in the thymus. On histological examination, the lymph nodes, thymus, and spleen exhibited an intensive polyclonal IgG4+ plasma cell infiltration. Lymphoid plasma cell infiltration with increased count of IgG+ plasma cells, progressive sclerosis, and phlebitis obliterans were found in the pancreas and peripancreatic adipose tissue, liver, kidney, epicardium, thyroid, pituitary, skin, and other organs...
July 2012: Arkhiv Patologii
Georgia A Paxton, Katrina J Sangster, Ellen L Maxwell, Catherine R J McBride, Ross H Drewe
OBJECTIVE: To document the prevalence of nutritional deficiencies, infectious diseases and susceptibility to vaccine preventable diseases in Karen refugees in Australia. DESIGN: Retrospective audit of pathology results. SETTING: Community based cohort in Melbourne over the period July 2006-October 2009. PARTICIPANTS: 1136 Karen refugee children and adults, representing almost complete local area settlement and 48% of total Victorian Karen humanitarian intake for the time period...
2012: PloS One
Anupam Prakash, Ramesh Aggarwal
BACKGROUND: Effective transfusion and chelation have prolonged the quality and longevity of life in thalassemics, who now survive into adulthood. Hence, adult physicians need to be aware of their clinical and laboratory profile and the problems faced by them. AIM: The present study was aimed to evaluate the clinical profile of adult thalassemics. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Adult (>18 years) thalassemia major patients (n=19) were evaluated clinically and fasting pretransfusion blood samples were analyzed for complete blood counts, kidney and liver function tests, plasma glucose, serum ferritin, and thyroid hormone levels...
March 2012: North American Journal of Medical Sciences
Anamika Basu, Heather Rojas, Hiya Banerjee, Irena B Cabrera, Kayla Y Perez, Marino De León, Carlos A Casiano
Oxidative stress-modulated signaling pathways have been implicated in carcinogenesis and therapy resistance. The lens epithelium derived growth factor p75 (LEDGF/p75) is a transcription co-activator that promotes resistance to stress-induced cell death. This protein has been implicated in inflammatory and autoimmune conditions, HIV-AIDS, and cancer. Although LEDGF/p75 is emerging as a stress survival oncoprotein, there is scarce information on its expression in human tumors. The present study was performed to evaluate its expression in a comprehensive panel of human cancers...
2012: PloS One
Tanja S Zabka, Mark R Fielden, Rosario Garrido, Jianhua Tao, Adrian J Fretland, Jennifer L Fretland, Mudher A Albassam, Thomas Singer, Kyle L Kolaja
During routine safety evaluation of RO2910, a non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor for HIV infection, histopathology findings concurrent with robust hepatocellular induction occurred in multiple organs, including a unique, albeit related, finding in the pituitary gland. For fourteen days, male and female rats were administered, by oral gavage vehicle, 100, 300, or 1000 mg/kg/day of RO2910. Treated groups had elevated serum thyroid-stimulating hormone and decreased total thyroxine, and hypertrophy in the liver, thyroid gland, and pituitary pars distalis...
June 2011: Toxicologic Pathology
D A Zarebska-Michaluk, D M Lebensztejn, W M Kryczka, E Skiba
PURPOSE: To assess the prevalence and predictive factors of extrahepatic manifestation (EM) in patients with chronic hepatitis C (CHC) infection in Poland. MATERIAL AND METHODS: 340 consecutive patients (mean age: 42 years) with untreated CHC were studied between 2000 and 2006. The HCV infection was defined by positive serology and serum HCV RNA. The inflammation grade and fibrosis stage were assessed according to Ishak. Demographic, laboratory and liver biopsy data were collected...
2010: Advances in Medical Sciences
Annie J Sasco, Antoine Jaquet, Emilie Boidin, Didier K Ekouevi, Fabian Thouillot, Thomas Lemabec, Marie-Anna Forstin, Philippe Renaudier, Paul N'dom, Denis Malvy, François Dabis
BACKGROUND: With the lengthening of life expectancy among HIV-positive subjects related to the use of highly active antiretroviral treatments, an increased risk of cancer has been described in industrialized countries. The question is to determine what occurs now and will happen in the future in the low income countries and particularly in sub-Saharan Africa where more than two-thirds of all HIV-positive people live in the world. The objective of our paper is to review the link between HIV and cancer in sub-Saharan Africa, putting it in perspective with what is already known in Western countries...
January 11, 2010: PloS One
Howard Liebman
Immune thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP) can be classified as primary (known also as idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura) or as secondary to an underlying condition such as a malignant or nonmalignant disorder. Commonly occurring conditions associated with secondary ITP include lymphoproliferative disorders (chronic lymphocytic leukemia [CLL], Hodgkin's disease and non-Hodgkin's lymphomas), autoimmune collagen vascular diseases (systemic lupus erythematosus [SLE], thyroid disease, antiphospholipid syndrome [APS]), and chronic infections (human immunodeficiency virus [HIV], Helicobacter pylori, hepatitis C virus [HCV])...
October 2007: Seminars in Hematology
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