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Chang-Jun Ji, Yoon-Mo Yang, Jung-Hoon Kim, Su-Hyun Ryu, Hwan Youn, Jin-Won Lee
PerR is a metal-dependent peroxide sensing transcription factor which controls the expression of genes involved in peroxide resistance. The function of Bacillus subtilis PerR is mainly dictated by the regulatory metal ion (Fe2+ or Mn2+ ) coordinated by three N-donor ligands (His37, His91, and His93) and two O-donor ligands (Asp85 and Asp104). While H2 O2 sensing by PerR is mediated by Fe2+ -dependent oxidation of N-donor ligand (either His37 or His91), one of the O-donor ligands (Asp104), but not Asp85, has been proposed as the key residue that regulates the sensitivity of PerR to H2 O2 ...
May 5, 2018: Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications
Wendy Rénier, Arnaud Bourdin, Pierre-Alain Rubbo, Marianne Peries, Luc Dedieu, Sophie Bendriss, Laurent Kremer, Stéphane Canaan, Dominique Terru, Sylvain Godreuil, Nicolas Nagot, Philippe Van de Perre, Edouard Tuaillon
BACKGROUND: Better understanding of the immune response directed against Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) is critical for development of vaccine strategies and diagnosis tests. Previous studies suggested that Mtb enzymes involved in lipid metabolism, are associated with persistence and/or reactivation of dormant bacilli. METHODS: Circulating antibodies secreting cells (ASCs), memory B cells, and antibodies directed against Cut4 (Rv3452) and CFP21 (Rv1984c) antigens were explored in subjects with either active- or latent-tuberculosis (LTB), and in Mtb-uninfected individuals...
2018: PloS One
Jan Zirk-Sadowski, Jane A Masoli, Joao Delgado, Willie Hamilton, W David Strain, William Henley, David Melzer, Alessandro Ble
OBJECTIVES: To estimate associations between long-term use of proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) and pneumonia incidence in older adults in primary care. DESIGN: Longitudinal analyses of electronic medical records. SETTING: England PARTICIPANTS: Individuals aged 60 and older in primary care receiving PPIs for 1 year or longer (N=75,050) and age- and sex-matched controls (N=75,050). MEASUREMENTS: Net hazard ratios for pneumonia incidence in Year 2 of treatment were estimated using the prior event rate ratio (PERR), which adjusts for pneumonia incidence differences before initiation of treatment...
April 20, 2018: Journal of the American Geriatrics Society
Frederik Van de Perre, Michael R Willig, Steven J Presley, Frank Bapeamoni Andemwana, Hans Beeckman, Pascal Boeckx, Stijn Cooleman, Myriam de Haan, André De Kesel, Steven Dessein, Patrick Grootaert, Dries Huygens, Steven B Janssens, Elizabeth Kearsley, Patrick Mutombo Kabeya, Maurice Leponce, Dries Van den Broeck, Hans Verbeeck, Bart Würsten, Herwig Leirs, Erik Verheyen
Protecting aboveground carbon stocks in tropical forests is essential for mitigating global climate change and is assumed to simultaneously conserve biodiversity. Although the relationship between tree diversity and carbon stocks is generally positive, the relationship remains unclear for consumers or decomposers. We assessed this relationship for multiple trophic levels across the tree of life (10 organismal groups, 3 kingdoms) in lowland rainforests of the Congo Basin. Comparisons across regrowth and old-growth forests evinced the expected positive relationship for trees, but not for other organismal groups...
March 2018: Science Advances
R Anty, G Favre, A Coilly, E Rossignol, P Houssel-Debry, C Duvoux, V De Ledinghen, V Di Martino, V Leroy, S Radenne, N Kamar, V Canva, L D'Alteroche, F Durand, J Dumortier, P Lebray, C Besch, A Tran, C M Canivet, D Botta-Fridlund, H Montialoux, C Moreno, F Conti, C Silvain, P Perré, F Habersetzer, A Abergel, M Debette-Gratien, S Dharancy, V L M Esnault, C Fougerou-Leurent, C Cagnot, A Diallo, A Veislinger, H Danjou, D Samuel, G-P Pageaux, J-C Duclos-Vallée
BACKGROUND: In liver transplant recipients with hepatitis C virus recurrence, there is concern about renal safety of sofosbuvir-based regimens. Changes in serum creatinine or in the estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) under treatment are used to look for possible renal toxicity. However, serum creatinine and eGFR are highly variable. AIM: To analyse renal function trajectory with numerous assays of serum creatinine over a long period of time. METHODS: In a multicentre cohort of 139 patients, the eGFR was obtained from serum creatinine using the Chronic Kidney Disease-Epidemiology Collaboration (CKD-EPI) equation...
April 17, 2018: Alimentary Pharmacology & Therapeutics
Yannick Simonin, Olivier Sillam, Marie J Carles, Serafin Gutierrez, Patricia Gil, Orianne Constant, Marie F Martin, Gilda Girard, Philippe Van de Perre, Sara Salinas, Isabelle Leparc-Goffart, Vincent Foulongne
Infection with Usutu virus (USUV) has been recently associated with neurologic disorders, such as encephalitis or meningoencephalitis, in humans. These findings indicate that USUV is a potential health threat. We report an acute human infection with USUV in France putatively associated with a clinical diagnosis of idiopathic facial paralysis.
May 2018: Emerging Infectious Diseases
Eric Nagaonle Somé, Ingunn M S Engebretsen, Nicolas Nagot, Nicolas Yelbomkan Meda, Roselyne Vallo, Chipepo Kankasa, James K Tumwine, Mandisa Singata-Madliki, Kim Harper, G Justus Hofmeyr, Philippe Van de Perre, Thorkild Tylleskär
OBJECTIVE: We have assessed HIV-1 disease progression among HIV-1-positive mothers in relation to duration of any or exclusive breast feeding in the context of ANRS 12174 trial. METHODS: The analysis was completed on 203, 212, 272 and 529 HIV-1-positive and lactating mothers with CD4 count >350 cells/µL from Burkina Faso, South Africa, Uganda and Zambia, respectively. The trial compared lamivudine and lopinavir/ritonavir as a peri-exposure prophylaxis during a 50-week follow-up time...
April 5, 2018: BMJ Open
Ana Martin-Calvo, Stijn Van der Perre, Benjamin Claessens, Sofia Calero, Joeri F M Denayer
The vapor phase adsorption of butanol from ABE fermentation at the head space of the fermenter is an interesting route for the efficient recovery of biobutanol. The presence of gases such as carbon dioxide that are produced during the fermentation process causes a stripping of valuable compounds from the aqueous into the vapor phase. This work studies the effect of the presence of carbon dioxide on the adsorption of butanol at a molecular level. With this aim in mind Monte Carlo simulations were employed to study the adsorption of mixtures containing carbon dioxide, butanol and ethanol...
April 5, 2018: Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics: PCCP
Ha-Na Lee, Chang-Jun Ji, Hyun-Hee Lee, Jungwook Park, Young-Su Seo, Jin-Won Lee, Jeong-Il Oh
Mycobacterium smegmatis mc2 155 has three genes (MSMEG_6383, furA1; MSMEG_3460, furA2; MSMEG_6253, furA3) encoding FurA (ferric-uptake regulator A) paralogs. Three FurA paralogs in M. smegmatis are functionally redundant and negatively regulate expression of a subset of genes involved in peroxide detoxification such as ahpC, katG1, and katG2, as well as their own genes. The FurA paralogs sense H2 O2 via metal-catalyzed His oxidation (MCHO) in the same way as PerR. The propensity of FurA2 and FurA3 for MCHO is greater than that of FurA1...
March 22, 2018: Molecular Microbiology
Sinead Brophy, Jonathan Kennedy, Fabiola Fernandez-Gutierrez, Ann John, Robert Potter, Christine Linehan, Michael Kerr
OBJECTIVE: Antipsychotics are licensed for psychosis and are also prescribed for behavior control. This study aims to examine characteristics and outcomes of children prescribed antipsychotics. METHODS: A cohort study using general practice and hospital records linked with education records for 1,488,936 children living in Wales between 1999 and 2015. The characteristics of the children who were prescribed antipsychotics are presented using descriptive statistics and outcomes such as respiratory illness, diabetes, and injury were analyzed using multilevel logistic regression and the prior event rate ratio (PERR)...
April 2018: Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology
Dimitri Van de Perre, Colin R Janssen, Karel A C De Schamphelaere
Under natural conditions, organisms can experience a variety of abiotic (e.g., temperature, pH) and biotic (e.g., species interactions) factors, which can interact with toxicant effects. By ignoring species interactions conventional ecotoxicological studies (i.e., single-species tests) oversimplify the actual field situation. We investigated whether temperature and interspecific competition affected the effects of zinc (Zn) on a Daphnia longispina population. The D. longispina populations were exposed in a full factorial design to 3 different Zn treatments (background, 29, and 110 μg Zn/L), 2 different temperature regimes (cold, 17-18 °C; warm, 21-22 °C), and 2 interspecific competition levels (no interspecific Brachionus competition = no Brachionus calyciflorus added; interspecific Brachionus competition = B...
February 26, 2018: Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry
Yinong Young-Xu, Robertus Van Aalst, Salaheddin M Mahmud, Kenneth J Rothman, Julia Thornton Snider, Daniel Westreich, Vincent Mor, Stefan Gravenstein, Jason K H Lee, Edward W Thommes, Michael D Decker, Ayman Chit
Background: To examine whether a high-dose inactivated influenza vaccine was more efficacious in preventing hospitalizations than a standard-dose vaccine in the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) senior population. Methods: This study estimated the relative vaccine effectiveness (rVE) of high-dose versus standard-dose using a retrospective cohort of VHA patients 65 years of age or older in the 2015-16 influenza season. To adjust for measured confounders, we matched each high-dose recipient with up to four standard-dose recipients vaccinated at the same location within a two-week period and having two or more pre-existing medical co-morbidities...
February 14, 2018: Journal of Infectious Diseases
Weili Han, Xiangxiang Chen, Huimin Yu, Lingyun Chen, Mei Shen
A rapid, sensitive, and validated method was developed for the simultaneous determination of four iminosugars, 1-deoxynojirimycin (DNJ), d-fagomine (FAG), 2-O-a-d-galactopyranosyl-DNJ (Gal-DNJ), and 4-O-β-d-glucopyranosyl-fagomine (Glu-FAG), in mulberry leaves. The method used hydrophilic interaction chromatography coupled with tandem mass spectrometry. Based on this method, the seasonal variations of iminosugars in the leaves of different mulberry species (Morus alba, Morus multicaulis Perr, Morus atropurpurea Roxb...
June 15, 2018: Food Chemistry
E Mattana, M Sacande, G Bradamante, P Gomez-Barreiro, S Sanogo, T Ulian
Anogeissus leiocarpa (DC.) Guill. & Perr. (Combretaceae) has important economic and cultural value in West Africa as source of wood, dye and medicine. Although this tree is in high demand by local communities, its planting remains limited due to its very low propagation via seed. In this study, X-rays were used to select filled fruits in order to characterise their morphology and seed germination responses to treatment with sulphuric acid and different incubation temperatures. Morphological observations highlighted a straight orthotropous seed structure...
May 2018: Plant Biology
Etzael Espino-Pérez, Julien Bras, Giana Almeida, Cédric Plessis, Naceur Belgacem, Patrick Perré, Sandra Domenek
Nanocomposites are an opportunity to increase the performance of polymer membranes by fine-tuning their morphology. In particular, the understanding of the contribution of the polymer matrix/nanofiller interface to the overall transport properties is key to design membranes with tailored selective and adsorptive properties. In that aim, cellulose nanocrystals (CNC)/polylactide (PLA) nanocomposites were fabricated with chemically designed interfaces, which were ensuring the compatibility between the constituents and impacting the mass transport mechanism...
March 1, 2018: Carbohydrate Polymers
Karinne Sauval, Laetitia Perre, Séverine Casalis
Numerous studies have evidenced the involvement of the phonological code during visual word recognition not only in skilled adult readers but also in child readers. Moreover, in skilled adult readers, visual word processing has been shown to be sensitive to phonetic details such as phonemic features (e.g., manner of articulation, place of articulation, voicing and nasality in French) which are typically involved in phonological lexicon access during speech processing. In contrast, it is not known whether and when visual word recognition is affected by phonemic features during learning to read...
January 2018: Acta Psychologica
Vu Van Loi, Tobias Busche, Karsten Tedin, Jörg Bernhardt, Jan Wollenhaupt, Nguyen Thi Thu Huyen, Christoph Weise, Jörn Kalinowski, Markus C Wahl, Marcus Fulde, Haike Antelmann
AIMS: Staphylococcus aureus is a major human pathogen and has to cope with reactive oxygen and chlorine species (ROS, RCS) during infections, which requires efficient protection mechanisms to avoid destruction. Here, we have investigated the changes in the RNA-seq transcriptome by the strong oxidant sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) in S. aureus USA300 to identify novel redox-sensing mechanisms that provide protection under infection conditions. RESULTS: NaOCl stress caused an oxidative stress response in S...
January 30, 2018: Antioxidants & Redox Signaling
E Rosenthal, C Fougerou-Leurent, A Renault, M P Carrieri, F Marcellin, R Garraffo, E Teicher, H Aumaitre, K Lacombe, F Bailly, E Billaud, S Chevaliez, S Dominguez, M A Valantin, J Reynes, A Naqvi, L Cotte, S Metivier, V Leroy, M Dupon, T Allegre, P De Truchis, V Jeantils, J Chas, D Salmon-Ceron, P Morlat, D Neau, P Perré, L Piroth, S Pol, M Bourlière, G P Pageaux, L Alric, D Zucman, P M Girard, I Poizot-Martin, Y Yazdanpanah, F Raffi, E Le Pabic, C Tual, A Pailhé, I Amri, E Bellissant, J M Molina
OBJECTIVES: Studies evaluating the efficacy and safety of the fixed-dose combination ledipasvir (LDV)/sofosbuvir (SOF) in patients coinfected with HIV-1 and hepatitis C virus (HCV) have mainly included treatment-naïve patients without cirrhosis. We aimed to evaluate the efficacy and safety of this combination in treatment-experienced patients with and without cirrhosis. METHODS: We conducted a multicentre, open-label, double-arm, nonrandomized study in patients coinfected with HIV-1 and HCV genotype 1 with and without cirrhosis, who had good viral suppression on their antiretroviral regimens...
March 2018: HIV Medicine
Jean-Pierre Molès, Edouard Tuaillon, Chipepo Kankasa, Anne-Sophie Bedin, Nicolas Nagot, Arnaud Marchant, Joann M McDermid, Philippe Van de Perre
Initiating breastfeeding within the first hour of life confers an important benefit in terms of child mortality and severe morbidity. Intestinal permeability to ingested macromolecules and immunoglobulins is limited to the first days of human life. These exchanges cease in the very early post-partum period but may increase beyond the neonatal period in response to local inflammation or introduction of a weaning food. From animal- and limited human-based observations, compelling evidence points out to breastmilk cells also trafficking from mother to infant mucosal tissues and participating to the maternal microchimerism...
March 2018: Pediatric Allergy and Immunology
Tolulope Omolola Ajala, Hope Idemudia Olaiya, Oluwatoyin Adepeju Odeku
BACKGROUND: Natural polymers such as gums have gained attention in drug delivery systems due to their availability, compatibility and degradation under natural and physiological conditions. OBJECTIVES: The aim of the present study was to investigate the film forming properties of gums obtained from the stem of Cissus polpunea (Guill and Perr) and the seed of Irvingia gabonensis (O'Rorke). MATERIAL AND METHODS: Gums were extracted from the relevant plant parts and characterized using functional, proximate and elemental properties...
January 2017: Polimery W Medycynie
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