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Sang Keun Ha, Jin-Ah Lee, Eun Jung Cho, Inwook Choi
Although luteolin is known to have potent anti-inflammatory activities, much less information has been provided on such activities of its hepatic metabolites. Luteolin was subjected to hepatic metabolism in HepG2 cells either without or with catechol O-methyl transferase (COMT) inhibitor. To identify hepatic metabolites of luteolin without (luteolin metabolites, LMs) or with COMT inhibitor (LMs+CI), metabolites were treated by β-glucuronidase and sulfatase, and found that they were composed of glucuronide and sulfate conjugates of diosmetin in LMs or these conjugates of luteolin in LMs+CI...
January 10, 2017: Journal of Food Science
Sun Jin Kim, Han Eol Lee, Hyeongdo Choi, Yongjun Kim, Ju Hyung We, Ji Seon Shin, Keon Jae Lee, Byung Jin Cho
Flexible thermoelectric generators (f-TEGs) are emerging as a semipermanent power source for self-powered sensors, which is an important area of research for next-generation smart network monitoring systems in the Internet-of-things era. We report in this paper a f-TEG produced by a screen-printing technique (SPT) and a laser multiscanning (LMS) lift-off process. A screen-printed TEG was fabricated on a SiO2/a-Si/quartz substrate via the SPT process, and the LMS process completely separated the rigid quartz substrate from the original TEG by selective reaction of the XeCl excimer laser with the exfoliation layer (a-Si)...
December 27, 2016: ACS Nano
P Lopez-Legarrea, J Garcia-Rubio, F Oviedo-Silva, D Collado-Mateo, E Merellano-Navarro, P R Olivares
BACKGROUND AND AIMS: The concern over the weight gain problem continues to grow among both the international scientific community and public health authorities, since overweight and obesity prevalence rates continue to increase worldwide. In Chile, two out of three people are overweight, whereas 25% of the adult population is obese. Abdominal fat, has been linked to the development of a number of metabolic disorders. Waist circumference (WC) and the waist:height ratio (WHtR) have recently been evidenced as good predictors of metabolic risk for both adults and children...
September 28, 2016: Nutrition, Metabolism, and Cardiovascular Diseases: NMCD
Michael L Francavilla, Candace L White, Brandon Oliveri, Edward Y Lee, Ricardo Restrepo
OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this article is to review the practical imaging workup and characteristic imaging appearances of intraabdominal lymphatic malformations (LMs) in the pediatric population with a brief discussion of some common differential diagnoses found in a vascular anomaly clinic. CONCLUSION: LMs are uncommon pediatric lesions. Because of their rarity among LMs overall, a tendency to present later in life than superficial LMs, and often incidental identification, intraabdominal LMs pose a particular diagnostic challenge, and pathologic entities that are more prevalent must be carefully excluded first...
December 22, 2016: AJR. American Journal of Roentgenology
Shuai Guo, Teng Lu, Qiaolong Hu, Baohui Yang, Xijing He, Haopeng Li
Purpose. To preliminarily evaluate the feasibility and accuracy of using rapid prototyping drill templates (RPDTs) for C1 lateral mass screw (C1-LMS) and C2 pedicle screw (C2-PS) placement. Methods. 23 formalin-fixed craniocervical cadaver specimens were randomly divided into two groups. In the conventional method group, intraoperative fluoroscopy was used to assist the screw placement. In the RPDT navigation group, specific RPDTs were constructed for each specimen and were used intraoperatively for screw placement navigation...
2016: BioMed Research International
Jens Altenbernd, Michael Forsting, Thomas Lauenstein, Axel Wetter
Objective To investigate dual-energy CT of hypovascular liver metastases (LMs) with special focus on window settings (WSs). The aim of the study is to investigate the extent to which adapted WSs and the low-energy images of DECT improve the visibility especially of smaller LMs. Materials and Methods 30 patients with LMs of colorectal cancer were investigated with DECT of the liver. In each patient contrast-enhanced DECT imaging with portal-venous delay was performed. The total number, mean number and conspicuity (1 = excellent - 5 = poor) of LMs were documented on 80-kVp images and virtual 120-kVp images with different WSs (25/200 HU, 50/200, 75/200 HU, 25/350 HU, 50/350 HU, 75/350 HU, 25/500 HU, 50/500 HU, 75/500 HU)...
December 21, 2016: RöFo: Fortschritte Auf Dem Gebiete der Röntgenstrahlen und der Nuklearmedizin
Benjamin Fourneaux, Vanessa Chaire, Carlo Lucchesi, Marie Karanian, Raphael Pineau, Audrey Laroche-Clary, Antoine Italiano
The PI3K/AKT/mTOR pathway plays a crucial role in the development of leiomyosarcomas (LMSs). In this study, we tested the efficacy of dual PI3K/mTOR (BEZ235), PI3K (BKM120) and mTOR (everolimus) inhibitors in three human LMS cell lines. In vitro and in vivo studies using LMS cell lines showed that BEZ235 has a significantly higher anti-tumor effect than either BKM120 or everolimus, resulting in a greater reduction in tumor growth and more pronounced inhibitory effects on mitotic activity and PI3K/AKT/mTOR signaling...
December 16, 2016: Oncotarget
Michael Hermanussen, Jan M Wit
BACKGROUND/AIMS: Increasing agreement exists about the use of length-for-age as the indicator of choice in monitoring the long-term impact of chronic nutritional deficiency. Yet, already shortly after World War I, a causal link between nutrition and growth was questioned. Also, modern meta-analyses of controlled nutrition intervention studies show that the net effect of nutrition on body height is small. Broad evidence obtained from historic observations on human starvation made since the 19th century questions an obligatory association between nutrition and growth...
December 19, 2016: Hormone Research in Pædiatrics
Songsong Cheng, Yiheng Wei, Yuquan Chen, Shu Liang, Yong Wang
This paper presents a fractional order modified least square algorithm(FOMLMS), which involves an iteration order switch strategy. A FOMLMS scheme whose iteration order can be extended into α∈(0,2) is investigated. The performance of FOMLMS with the iteration order in different interval (0<α<1or1<α<2) is separately analyzed. It turns out that, both of a larger iteration order (0<α<2) and iteration step size can always result in a faster response speed and convergence speed. Therefore, in order to obtain a satisfying convergence speed without sacrificing other performance, a hybrid switch law of iteration order is naturally developed...
December 12, 2016: ISA Transactions
Jdg de Santana, J R Florêncio, Lms de Almeida, L S Fernandes, A A da Silva Filho, M J Salvador, O V Sousa, M S Alves
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
December 2016: Planta Medica
L Gabel, H M Macdonald, L Nettlefold, D Race, H A McKay
OBJECTIVES: To provide age- and sex-specific reference data for mechanography-derived parameters of muscle function in Canadian children and youth using the single two-legged jump (S2LJ) with hands-on-waist. METHODS: Our sample included 2017 observations from 715 participants (9-21 years; 338 girls). Participants performed three S2LJ with hands-on-waist on a force platform (Leonardo Mechanograph, Novotec). Outcomes were maximum peak power (Pmax), Pmax/mass, peak force/body weight (Fmax/BW), force efficiency, maximum jump height (Hmax), and velocity (Vmax)...
December 14, 2016: Journal of Musculoskeletal & Neuronal Interactions
Brayans Becerra-Luna, Raúl Martínez-Memije, Raúl Cartas-Rosado, Oscar Infante-Vázquez
OBJECTIVE: To improve the identification of peaks and feet in photoplethysmographic (PPG) pulses deformed by myokinetic noise, through the implementation of a modified fingertip and applying adaptive filtering. METHOD: PPG signals were recordedfrom 10 healthy volunteers using two photoplethysmography systems placed on the index finger of each hand. Recordings lasted three minutes andwere done as follows: during the first minute, both handswere at rest, and for the lasting two minutes only the left hand was allowed to make quasi-periodicmovementsin order to add myokinetic noise...
December 9, 2016: Archivos de Cardiología de México
Leonidas V Athanasopoulos, Thanos Athanasiou
Left main stem (LMS) disease is known to be a poor prognostic factor in terms of morbidity or mortality. Traditionally, it has been treated with constitution of bypass to provide required haemodynamic stability. We searched the literature for evidence on off-pump (OFP) surgery for treating this high-risk group of patients focusing in our review on postoperative outcomes, concerns and controversies. The majority of the studies identified showed favourable or equal outcomes of OFP when compared to conventional approach...
November 2016: Journal of Thoracic Disease
K Benmohammed, P Valensi, B Balkau, A Lezzar
OBJECTIVES: The objective of this study was to derive a sex- and age-specific definition of the metabolic syndrome (MetS) and its abnormalities for adolescents. STUDY DESIGN: This is a cross-sectional study. METHODS: A total of 1100 adolescent students, aged 12-18 y, were randomly selected from schools and classrooms in the city of Constantine, Algeria; all had anthropometric measurements taken, and 989 had blood tests. Gender-specific growth curves for components of the MetS were derived, using the LMS (lambda-mu-sigma) method, and the percentiles corresponding to the thresholds of the MetS components proposed for adults by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) were identified...
December 2016: Public Health
Sang Bum Kim, John M Rhee, Byung Hak Oh, You Gun Won, Yousun Jung, Kun Young Park, William C Hutton, Chulmin Kim
STUDY DESIGN: Cadaveric OBJECTIVE.: Determine optimal fluoroscopic views for detecting cervical lateral mass screw (LMS) violations SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA.: Single plane intraoperative xrays are commonly used but frequently inadequate due to its complex trajectory. Fluoroscopy can be taken in multiple planes, but the ideal fluoroscopic view to assess malposition is not known: depending on the view, any given screw may look "in" or "out". METHODS: C3-6 LMS were inserted in 3 cadavers...
December 2, 2016: Spine
Yulia Lakhman, Harini Veeraraghavan, Joshua Chaim, Diana Feier, Debra A Goldman, Chaya S Moskowitz, Stephanie Nougaret, Ramon E Sosa, Hebert Alberto Vargas, Robert A Soslow, Nadeem R Abu-Rustum, Hedvig Hricak, Evis Sala
PURPOSE: To investigate whether qualitative magnetic resonance (MR) features can distinguish leiomyosarcoma (LMS) from atypical leiomyoma (ALM) and assess the feasibility of texture analysis (TA). METHODS: This retrospective study included 41 women (ALM = 22, LMS = 19) imaged with MRI prior to surgery. Two readers (R1, R2) evaluated each lesion for qualitative MR features. Associations between MR features and LMS were evaluated with Fisher's exact test. Accuracy measures were calculated for the four most significant features...
December 5, 2016: European Radiology
Erik C Brown, Kunal Gupta, Christina Sayama
Lateral meningocele syndrome (LMS) is a rare genetic connective tissue disorder. It is associated with morphological changes similar to those of other connective tissue disorders, with the unique distinction of multiple, often bilateral and large, lateral meningoceles herniating through the spinal foramina. In some cases, these lateral meningoceles can cause pain and discomfort due to their presence within retroperitoneal tissues or cause direct compression of the spinal nerve root exiting the foramen; in some cases compression may also involve motor weakness...
December 2, 2016: Journal of Neurosurgery. Pediatrics
Laura Pazzaglia, Chiara Novello, Amalia Conti, Serena Pollino, Piero Picci, Maria Serena Benassi
PURPOSE: Highly aggressive adult soft tissue sarcomas (STS), i.e., leiomyosarcomas (LMS) and undifferentiated pleomorphic sarcomas (UPS), present complex genomic anomalies and overall 5-year survival rates of 20 to 40%. Here, we aimed to identify new biomarkers that may be employed to improve the treatment of non-translocation STS patients. We validated 12 miRNAs implicated in tumor development using primary STS samples and selected miR-152 for further analysis in STS-derived cell lines...
November 29, 2016: Cellular Oncology (Dordrecht)
Weicang Wang, Jun Yang, Weipeng Qi, Haixia Yang, Chang Wang, Bowen Tan, Bruce D Hammock, Yeonhwa Park, Daeyoung Kim, Guodong Zhang
OBJECTIVE: Enzymatic metabolism of polyunsaturated fatty acids leads to formation of bioactive lipid metabolites (LMs). Previous studies have shown that obesity leads to deregulation of LMs in adipose tissues. However, most previous studies have focused on a single or limited number of LMs, and few systematical analyses have been carried out. METHODS: A LC-MS/MS-based lipidomics approach was used, which can analyze >100 LMs produced by cyclooxygenase, lipoxygenase, and cytochrome P450 (CYP) enzymes, to analyze the profile of LMs in high-fat diet-induced obesity in mice...
January 2017: Obesity
Zhijie Wang, Naiyi Shi, Aung Naing, Filip Janku, Vivek Subbiah, Dejka M Araujo, Shreyaskumar R Patel, Joseph A Ludwig, Lois M Ramondetta, Charles F Levenback, Pedro T Ramirez, Sarina A Piha-Paul, David Hong, Daniel D Karp, Apostolia M Tsimberidou, Funda Meric-Bernstam, Siqing Fu
Advanced stage leiomyosarcoma (LMS) is incurable with current systemic antitumor therapies. Therefore, there is clinical interest in exploring novel therapeutic regimens to treat LMS. We reviewed the medical records of 75 consecutive patients with histologically confirmed metastatic LMS, who had been referred to the Clinical Center for Targeted Therapy at MD Anderson Cancer Center. To lay the foundation for potential phase I trials for the treatment of advanced LMS, we analyzed tumor response and survival outcome data...
December 2016: Cancer Medicine
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