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Collin T Zahler, Hongyu Zhou, Alireza Abdolvahabi, Rebecca L Holden, Sanaz Rasouli, Peng Tao, Bryan Shaw
Quantifying how a protein regulates its net electrostatic charge during electron transfer (ET) is a means of directly measuring factors that contribute to either redox potential and/or reorganization energy. Charge regulation by proteins during ET has never been measured because few tools exist to measure the net charge of a folded protein in solution at different oxidation states. Here, by using protein charge ladders and capillary electrophoresis, we determined that the net charge of myoglobin, cytochrome c, and azurin changed by 0...
February 16, 2018: Angewandte Chemie
Vijay Kumar Reddy Surasani, Tanaji Kudre, Rajashekhar V Ballari
Study was conducted to recover proteins from pangas (Pangasius pangasius) processing waste (fillet frames) using pH shift method and to characterize the recovered isolates. pH 2.0 from acidic range and pH 13.0 from alkaline range were found to have maximum protein recovery (p < 0.05). During the recovery process, acidic pH (pH 2.0) was found to have minimal effect on proteins resulting in more stable isolates and strong protein gels. Alkaline pH (pH 13.0) caused protein denaturation resulting in less stable proteins and poor gel network...
February 15, 2018: Environmental Science and Pollution Research International
Rebecca Grammer, Jingping Wang, Edward Lahey
Rhabdomyolysis is a condition in which damaged muscle tissue breaks down and intracellular contents, including myoglobin, are released into the circulation. This produces a nonspecific clinical syndrome including electrolyte disturbances, hypovolemia, metabolic acidosis, coagulopathies, and risk of acute kidney injury. Rhabdomyolysis has been reported as a complication of prolonged surgical procedures but has rarely been reported in the oral and maxillofacial surgery literature. Early diagnosis and treatment of rhabdomyolysis are important to avoid long-term complications such as renal failure...
February 2, 2018: Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Y Yagoubi, H Hajji, S Smeti, M Mahouachi, M Kamoun, N Atti
The aim of this experiment was to study the effect of total replacement of oat hay by rosemary distillation residues (RR) on growth, carcass characteristics and meat quality of Barbarine lambs. A total of 21 lambs were divided into three groups. The control group (C) was offered 600 g of oat hay; the RR87 and RR60 groups received 600 g of pellets containing 87% and 60% of RR, respectively. The CP content was 9% and 14% for RR87 and RR60, respectively. All animals were supplemented by 600 g of concentrate. After 77 days of fattening, lambs were slaughtered...
February 15, 2018: Animal: An International Journal of Animal Bioscience
Hans Jonas Meyer, Alexander Emmer, Malte Kornhuber, Alexey Surov
OBJECTIVE: Diffusion weighted imaging (DWI) has the potential of being able to reflect histopathology architecture. A novel imaging approach, namely histogram analysis, is used to further characterize tissues on MRI. The aim of this study was to correlate histogram parameters derived from ADC maps with serological parameters in myositis. METHODS: 16 patients with autoimmune myositis were included in this retrospective study. DWI was obtained on a 1.5T scanner by using the b values of 0 and 1000 s/mm2...
February 13, 2018: British Journal of Radiology
Benjamin W B Holman, Cassius E O Coombs, Stephen Morris, Matthew J Kerr, David L Hopkins
Different chilled (~0.1 °C for up to 5 weeks) then frozen storage (up to 12 months) combinations and two frozen storage holding temperatures (-12 °C and -18 °C) effects on beef M. longissimus lumborum (LL) protein structure degradation and a marker of protein oxidation were tested. Particle size (PS) analysis and protein solubility results found storage combination effects on protein degradation to be significant (P < 0.05), although the influence of frozen holding temperatures was negligible...
February 2, 2018: Meat Science
Deepti Sharma, Jongmin Lee, Heungjoo Shin
We developed an electrochemical redox cycling-based immunosensor using a 3D carbon system consisting of a suspended mesh and substrate-bound interdigitated array (IDA) nanoelectrodes. The carbon structures were fabricated using a simple, cost-effective, and reproducible microfabrication technology known as carbon microelectromechanical systems (C-MEMS). We demonstrated that the 3D sub-micrometer-sized mesh architecture and selective modification of the suspended mesh facilitated the efficient production of large quantities of electrochemical redox species...
February 3, 2018: Biosensors & Bioelectronics
Stephan van der Zwaard, Franck Brocherie, Bengt L G Kom, Grégoire P Millet, Louise Deldicque, Willem J van der Laarse, Olivier Girard, Richard T Jaspers
In this study, we investigate adaptations in muscle oxidative capacity, fiber size and oxygen supply capacity in team-sport athletes after six repeated-sprint sessions in normobaric hypoxia or normoxia combined with 14 days of chronic normobaric hypoxic exposure. Lowland elite field hockey players resided at simulated altitude ({greater than or equal to}14 h∙d-1 at 2800-3000 m) and performed regular training plus six repeated-sprint sessions in normobaric hypoxia (3000 m; LHTLH; n=6) or normoxia (0 m, LHTL; n=6) or lived at sea level with regular training only (LLTL; n=6)...
February 8, 2018: Journal of Applied Physiology
Hardik Ghelani, Valentina Razmovski-Naumovski, Rajeswara Rao Pragada, Srinivas Nammi
High-carbohydrate containing diets have become a precursor to glucose-mediated protein glycation which has been linked to an increase in diabetic and cardiovascular complications. The aim of the present study was to evaluate the protective effect of (R)-α-lipoic acid (ALA) against glucose-induced myoglobin glycation and the formation of advanced glycation end products (AGEs) in vitro. METHODS: The effect of ALA on myoglobin glycation was determined via the formation of AGEs fluorescence intensity, iron released from the heme moiety of myoglobin and the level of fructosamine...
February 8, 2018: Biomolecules
Denisa Hathazi, Florina Scurtu, Cristina Bischin, Augustin Mot, Amr A A Attia, Jacob Kongsted, Radu Silaghi-Dumitrescu
The autocatalytic reaction between nitrite and the oxy form of globins involves free radicals. For myoglobin (Mb), an initial binding of nitrite to the iron-coordinated oxygen molecule was proposed; the resulting ferrous-peroxynitrate species was not detected, but its decay product, the high-valent ferryl form, was demonstrated in stopped-flow experiments. Reported here are the stopped flow spectra recorded upon mixing oxy Hb (native, as well as chemically-derivatized in the form of several candidates of blood substitutes) with a supraphysiological concentration of nitrite...
February 7, 2018: Molecules: a Journal of Synthetic Chemistry and Natural Product Chemistry
Zheng Li, Meng Li, Xin Li, Jianzeng Xin, Ying Wang, Qingwu W Shen, Dequan Zhang
A quantitative analysis of protein phosphorylation in ovine LTL muscle with different color stability was performed in the present study using TMT labeling in combination with TiO2 phosphopeptide enrichment. A total of 3412 phosphopeptides assigned to 1070 phosphoproteins were identified by mass spectrometry, of which 243 proteins were detected to be differentially phosphorylated between muscles of different color stability. Among these differentially phosphorylated proteins, 27 phosphoproteins were identified to be key color-related proteins by informatics analysis...
May 30, 2018: Food Chemistry
Silvia DE Rosa, Gianluca Villa, Kenji Inaba, Sara Samoni, Claudio Ronco
INTRODUCTION: This narrative review will describe treatment options for patients in the ICU with major extremity injury requiring extracorporeal myoglobin removal and contemporaneous support for systemic complications, such as sepsis, systemic inflammation and coagulation disorders. EVIDENCE ACQUISITION: Peer-reviewed manuscripts indexed in PubMed. A systematic search for articles describing treatment options for patients in the ICU with major extremity injury were included in the analysis...
February 5, 2018: Minerva Anestesiologica
Abdelrahim Abdrabou Sadek, Shaimaa Mohamed Mahmoud, Mohammed Abd El-Aal, Ahmed Ahmed Allam, Walaa Ibrahim Abd El-Halim
Background: Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) is the most common childhood form of muscular dystrophy. The incidence of cardiomyopathy in DMD increases with age, so its early detection is important because institution of cardioprotective medical therapies may slow adverse remodeling and attenuate heart failure symptoms in these patients. Objective: To assess the cardiac functions in children clinically suspected to have DMD. Methods: Over a one-year period, 28 male children aged from 3 to 18 years old, who met the criteria for diagnosis of DMD compared to 47 healthy controls children, were approached to participate in the study...
November 2017: Electronic Physician
Wenbo Tang, Xin Liu, Lixin Qiu, Xiaoying Zhao, Mingzhu Huang, Jiliang Yin, Jin Li, Weijian Guo, Xiaodong Zhu, Zhiyu Chen
Tumor hypoxia is common in a number of solid tumor types including gastric cancer, and is associated with treatment resistance and poor prognosis. The present study aimed to investigate the function of hypoxia-associated genetic polymorphisms in predicting treatment response and survival in patients with metastatic gastric cancer (MGC) treated with EOF (oxaliplatin and 5-fluorouracil combined with epirubicin) as first-line chemotherapy. The present retrospective study enrolled 108 Chinese patients with MGC receiving EOF as first-line chemotherapy, and genotyped six single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in four hypoxia-associated genes [myoglobin (MB) rs7292 and rs7293, ATP Binding Cassette Subfamily G Member 2 rs2231142, MutL homolog 1 (MLH1) rs1800734 and rs9852810, and Poly(ADP-Ribose) Polymerase 1 rs1136410]...
January 2018: Oncology Letters
John Owoicho Orgah, Miao Wang, Xiaohu Yang, Zhilong Wang, Dandan Wang, Qi Zhang, Guanwei Fan, Jihong Han, Gangjian Qin, Xiumei Gao, Yan Zhu
BACKGROUND/AIMS: High blood pressure is a major risk factor for chronic kidney disease. Currently, single-target anti-hypertensive drugs are not designed for high blood pressure-related organ damages. Danhong injection (DHI), made from the aqueous extracts of Radix Salviae miltiorrhizae and Flos Carthamus tinctorius, has various pharmacological effects, including BP lowering in SHR, mediated by the reduction of vascular remodeling and the up-regulation of Kallikrein-kinin system published recently by our team, yet if it renders renal protection remains unknown...
January 23, 2018: Kidney & Blood Pressure Research
Fabio Librizzi, Rita Carrotta, Judith Peters, Antonio Cupane
Protein dynamics is characterized by fluctuations among different conformational substates, i.e. the different minima of their energy landscape. At temperatures above ~200 K, these fluctuations lead to a steep increase in the thermal dependence of all dynamical properties, phenomenon known as Protein Dynamical Transition. In spite of the intense studies, little is known about the effects of pressure on these processes, investigated mostly near room temperature. We studied by neutron scattering the dynamics of myoglobin in a wide temperature and pressure range...
February 1, 2018: Scientific Reports
Max Linke, Juergen Koefinger, Gerhard Hummer
We present a method to calculate the fully anisotropic rotational diffusion tensor from molecular dynamics simulations. Our approach is based on fitting the time-dependent covariance matrix of the quaternions that describe the rigid-body rotational dynamics. Explicit analytical expressions have been derived for the covariances by Favro, which are valid irrespective of the degree of anisotropy. We use these expressions to determine an optimal rotational diffusion tensor from trajectory data. The molecular structures are aligned against a reference by optimal rigid-body superposition...
January 30, 2018: Journal of Physical Chemistry. B
Haijiao Zheng, Xiqian Li, Qiong Jia
β-cyclodextrin vesicles (CDVs) were firstly introduced into polymer monolith to prepare pH-responsive adsorption material and used for selective capture-release of a cardiac biomarker, myoglobin (Myo). SH-CDV was decorated with adamantane modified SH-octapeptide to enhance the encapsulation and release rates of Myo. Afterwards, SH-CDV was introduced into polymer monolith via click reaction to produce a pH-responsive monolith. Combining with mass spectrometry detection, the CDV-based pH-responsive monolith was used for selectively enrichment of Myo glycopeptides from mixture of Myo and nonglycoprotein (BSA) tryptsin digests reach up to 1:10000...
January 24, 2018: ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
Kristin M O'Brien, Elizabeth L Crockett, Jacques Philip, Corey A Oldham, Megan Hoffman, Donald E Kuhn, Ronald Barry, Jessica McLaughlin
The unusual pattern of expression of hemoglobin (Hb) and myoglobin (Mb) among Antarctic notothenioid fishes provides an exceptional model system for assessing the impact of these proteins on oxidative stress. We tested the hypothesis that the lack of oxygen-binding proteins may reduce oxidative stress. Levels and activity of pro-oxidants, small-molecule and enzymatic antioxidants, and levels of oxidized lipids and proteins in liver, oxidative skeletal muscle, and heart ventricle were quantified in five species of notothenioid fishes differing in the expression of Hb and Mb...
December 21, 2017: Journal of Experimental Biology
Andre Nyberg, Didier Saey, Mickael Martin, François Maltais
Single-limb exercises have been used as a strategy to improve aerobic exercise tolerance in patients with COPD by alleviating the cardiopulmonary demand. We asked if this strategy would also apply to cardiorespiratory demand and amount of work performed during single-limb and two-limb low-load/high-repetition shoulder-flexion and knee-extension resistance exercises in 20 COPD patients (FEV1 = 1.0 L, 38% of predicted) and 15 matched controls. Peak ventilation (V̇E), peak oxygen consumption (V̇O2), peak heart rate (HR) and the total amount of work achieved were assessed...
December 21, 2017: Journal of Applied Physiology
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