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Step width

Sander Jespers, Sander Deridder, Gert Desmet
A new type of microfluidic flow distributor (referred to as the mixed mode or MM-distributor) is proposed. Its performance characteristics are determined using computational fluid dynamics (CFD), both in the absence and the presence of clogging, which is an important problem in microfluidic systems. A comparison is made with two existing, well-performing distributor types: the bifurcating (BF) distributor and an optimized diverging distributor, the so-called radially interconnected (RI) distributor. It was found that, in the absence of clogging, the MM-distributor produces only a little more dispersion than the bifurcating (BF) distributor, but much less than the radially interconnected (RI) distributor...
January 12, 2018: Journal of Chromatography. A
Juan C Duran, Felipe Aguirre, Rodrigo Pino, Diego Velásquez
PURPOSE: To measure dimensional changes of the periimplant soft tissue profile after removal of a single implant fixed interim restorations using digital impression procedures. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Ten participants presenting with single implant-supported fixed interim restorations (ISFIRs) on the maxillary esthetic zone. A 2-step silicone impression was made of the maxillary arch with the ISFIRs. The experimental procedure was obtained by making digital impressions of the gingival contours immediately after ISFIR removal...
January 17, 2018: Implant Dentistry
Julio Gómez-Menchero, Juan Francisco Guadalajara Jurado, Juan Manuel Suárez Grau, Juan Antonio Bellido Luque, Joaquin Luis García Moreno, Isaías Alarcón Del Agua, Salvador Morales-Conde
BACKGROUND: Closing the defect (CD) during laparoscopic ventral hernia repair began to be performed in order to decrease seroma, to improve the functionality of the abdominal wall, and to decrease the bulging effect. However, tension at the incision after CD in large defects is related to an increased rate of pain and recurrence. We present the preliminary results of a new technique for medium midline hernias as an alternative to conventional CD. METHODS: A prospective controlled study was conducted from January 2015 to January 2017 to evaluate an elective new procedure (LIRA) performed on patients with midline ventral hernias (4-10 cm width)...
January 17, 2018: Surgical Endoscopy
Giedre Zurauskaite, Marc Meier, Alaadin Voegeli, Daniel Koch, Sebastian Haubitz, Alexander Kutz, Luca Bernasconi, Andreas Huber, Mario Bargetzi, Beat Mueller, Philipp Schuetz
BACKGROUND: Red cell distribution width (RDW) predicts disease outcome in several patient populations, but its prognostic value in addition to other disease parameters in unselected medical inpatients remains unclear. Our aim was to investigate the association of admission RDW levels and mortality adjusted for several disease pathways in unselected medical patients from a previous multicenter study. METHODS: We included consecutive adult, medical patients at the time point of hospital admission through the emergency department into this observational, cohort study...
2018: PloS One
A Delafontaine, P Fourcade, J L Honeine, S Ditcharles, E Yiou
Balance control and whole-body progression during gait initiation (GI) involve knee-joint mobility. Single knee-joint hypomobility often occurs with aging, orthopedics or neurological conditions. The goal of the present study was to investigate the capacity of the CNS to adapt GI organization to single knee-joint hypomobility induced by the wear of an orthosis. Twenty-seven healthy adults performed a GI series on a force-plate in the following conditions: without orthosis ("control"), with knee orthosis over the swing leg ("orth-swing") and with the orthosis over the contralateral stance leg ("orth-stance")...
January 16, 2018: Scientific Reports
Thibault Lafosse, Malo Le Hanneur, Julia Lee, Bassem Elhassan
BACKGROUND: Subscapularis (SSC) tendon tears are a challenging problem because they can significantly alter shoulder mechanics and function. Tendon retraction and advanced fatty degeneration associated with a chronic tear may make it irreparable. Tendon transfers options for such tears are viable, but results in the setting of associated glenohumeral instability are inconsistent. With the potential to recreate the SSC line of pull, the teres major (TM) may be a viable option for transfer...
January 12, 2018: Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery
Mirosław Gierczak, Joanna Prażmowska-Czajka, Andrzej Dziedzic
This paper describes the design, manufacturing and characterization of newly developed mixed thick-/thin film thermoelectric microgenerators based on magnetron sputtered constantan (copper-nickel alloy) and screen-printed silver layers. The thermoelectric microgenerator consists of sixteen thermocouples made on a 34.2 × 27.5 × 0.25 mm³ alumina substrate. One of thermocouple arms was made of magnetron-sputtered constantan (Cu-Ni alloy), the second was a Ag-based screen-printed film. The length of each thermocouple arm was equal to 27 mm, and their width 0...
January 12, 2018: Materials
Peng Chen, Dongbing He, Yunxia Jin, Junming Chen, Jingyin Zhao, Jiao Xu, Yibin Zhang, Fanyu Kong, Hongbo He
In this paper, we present a method for achieving precise evaluation of amplitude of refractive index modulation (RIM) inside the volume Bragg grating (VBG) recorded in photo-thermo-refractive (PTR) glasses. The Gaussian divergence characteristics of the incident beam is theoretically considered when calculating the angular selectivity of VBG, and the profiles of experimental angular selectivity curves are utilized to determine the value of RIM with one step. The effectiveness of our proposed method is experimentally verified...
January 8, 2018: Optics Express
Peter Prislan, Katarina Cufar, Martin De Luis, Jožica Gricar
We investigated the dynamics of xylem differentiation processes and vessel characteristics in Fagus sylvatica L. to evaluate the plasticity of xylem structures under different environmental conditions. In 2008-10, analyses were performed on microcores collected weekly from two temperate sites: Menina planina (1200 m above sea level (a.s.l.)) and Panska reka (400 m a.s.l.). The duration between the onset and end of major cell differentiation steps and vessel characteristics (i.e., density, VD; mean diameter, MVD; mean area, MVA; and theoretic conductivity area, TCA) were analysed in the first and last quarters of the xylem rings, also in respect of local weather conditions (precipitation, temperature)...
January 9, 2018: Tree Physiology
Milovan Matovic, Milica Jankovic, Marko Barjaktarovic, Marija Jeremic
OBJECTIVE: After radioiodine therapy of differentiated thyroid cancer (DTC) patients, whole body scintigraphy (WBS) is standard procedure before releasing the patient from the hospital. A common problem is the precise localization of regions where the iod-avide tissue is located. Sometimes is practically impossible to perform precise topographic localization of such regions. METHOD: In order to face this problem, we have developed a low-cost Vision-Fusion system for web-camera image acquisition simultaneously with routine scintigraphic whole body acquisition including the algorithm for fusion of images given from both cameras...
September 2017: Hellenic Journal of Nuclear Medicine
Richard Price, Nancy Low Choy
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Walking in the community is an important aspect of independence and quality of life (QOL) that poses challenges for individuals with stroke. This study investigated whether performance on the Functional Gait Assessment (FGA) differentiated spatiotemporal gait parameters, QOL, and fall history of community-ambulating individuals with stroke. We hypothesized that those scoring higher on the FGA would present with better gait speed and cadence, stride width and length, and improved load time on the paretic limb, report a higher QOL, and be less likely to have a fall history than those who scored lower on the FGA...
January 10, 2018: Journal of Geriatric Physical Therapy
Katy H Stimpson, Lauren N Heitkamp, Joscelyn S Horne, Jesse C Dean
Young, healthy adults walking at typical preferred speeds use step-by-step adjustments of step width to appropriately redirect their center of mass motion and ensure mediolateral stability. However, it is presently unclear whether this control strategy is retained when walking at the slower speeds preferred by many clinical populations. We investigated whether the typical stabilization strategy is influenced by walking speed. Twelve young, neurologically intact participants walked on a treadmill at a range of prescribed speeds (0...
December 24, 2017: Journal of Biomechanics
Zhipeng Hou, Qiang Zhang, Guizhou Xu, Chen Gong, Bei Ding, Yue Wang, Hang Li, Enke Liu, Feng Xu, Hongwei Zhang, Yuan Yao, Guangheng Wu, Xixiang Zhang, Wenhong Wang
Nanoscale topologically non-trivial spin textures, such as magnetic skyrmions, have been identified as promising candidates for the transport and storage of information for spintronic applications, notably magnetic racetrack memory devices. The design and realization of single skyrmion chain at room temperature (RT) and above in the low-dimensional nanostructures are of great importance for future practical applications. Here, we report the creation of a single skyrmion bubble chain in a geometrically confined Fe3Sn2 nanostripe with a width comparable to the featured size of a skyrmion bubble...
January 4, 2018: Nano Letters
Shenghao Wang, Yuyan Zhang, Fuyi Cao, Zhenying Pei, Xuewei Gao, Xu Zhang, Yong Zhao
This paper presents a novel spectrum analysis tool named synergy adaptive moving window modeling based on immune clone algorithm (SA-MWM-ICA) considering the tedious and inconvenient labor involved in the selection of pre-processing methods and spectral variables by prior experience. In this work, immune clone algorithm is first introduced into the spectrum analysis field as a new optimization strategy, covering the shortage of the relative traditional methods. Based on the working principle of the human immune system, the performance of the quantitative model is regarded as antigen, and a special vector corresponding to the above mentioned antigen is regarded as antibody...
February 13, 2018: Analytica Chimica Acta
Srikant Vallabhajosula, Sarah K Humphrey, Alys J Cook, Jane E Freund
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Previous studies have shown that older adults at high fall risk exhibit altered spatiotemporal gait parameters such as lesser gait speed, shorter step length, and greater step width compared with their healthy counterparts. Measurement of these gait parameters for older adults can play a pivotal role in clinical evaluation. While the GAITRite walkway has been previously validated and used extensively for research purposes, the Zeno walkway validity has not been established...
December 28, 2017: Journal of Geriatric Physical Therapy
Carlos Garcia Nunez, William Taube Navaraj, Fengyuan Liu, Dhayalan Shakthivel, Ravinder S Dahiya
This work reports a temperature-assisted dip-coating method for self-assembly of silica (SiO2) micro-/nano-spheres (SPs) as monolayers over large areas (~cm2). The area over which self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) are formed can be controlled by tuning the suspension temperature (Ts), which allows precise control over meniscus shape. Furthermore, the formation of periodic stripes of SAM, with excellent dimensional control (stripe width and stripe-to-stripe spacing), is demonstrated using a suitable set of dip-coating parameters...
December 27, 2017: ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
Tanaya Kumar, Anita Sanap, Karan Bhargava, Shalini Aggarwal, Gurupriya Kaur, Kunal Kunjir
Introduction: Conventional Class II cavity preparations used for restoring small lesions with amalgam may be inappropriate for composite resin restorations due to the extensive cavity form, large occlusal contact area, and thin or missing margins of the tooth. Cavity preparation in the proximal areas as per the precepts of Clark is a conservative method of caries excavation and tooth preparation. Materials and Methods: Conventional Class II and Clark's Class II cavities were prepared on the mesial surfaces of 60 molars...
May 2017: Journal of Conservative Dentistry: JCD
James A Sturk, Edward D Lemaire, Emily H Sinitski, Nancy L Dudek, Markus Besemann, Jacqueline S Hebert, Natalie Baddour
PURPOSE: Describe and quantify how people with transfemoral amputations (TFA) maintain stable gait over a variety of surfaces; including, downhill and uphill, top and bottom-cross-slopes, medial-lateral translations, rolling hills and simulated rocky surfaces. METHODS: Ten TFA and ten matched people without amputations (NA) walked in a virtual environment with level, sloped and simulated uneven surfaces on a self-paced treadmill. Stability was quantified using medial-lateral margin of stability (ML-MoS), step parameters, and gait variability (standard deviations for speed, temporal-spatial parameters, foot clearance and root-mean-square of medial-lateral trunk acceleration)...
December 24, 2017: Disability and Rehabilitation. Assistive Technology
Nathaniel S Miller, Kelvin L Chou, Nicolaas I Bohnen, Martijn L T M Müller, Rachael D Seidler
BACKGROUND: Gait dysfunction is a common symptom of Parkinson's disease that can cause significant disability and put patients at risk for falls. These symptoms show variable responsiveness to dopaminergic therapy. OBJECTIVE: To determine whether dopaminergic (rs1076560 DRD2 G > T and rs4680 catechole-o-methyltranspherase (COMT) Val158Met) or brain derived neurotrophic factor (rs6265 BDNF Val66Met) genetic polymorphisms are associated with gait function and medication responsiveness in Parkinson's disease...
December 12, 2017: Parkinsonism & related Disorders
Hanna Martiskainen, Nimrod Moiseyev
There is an increasing interest in the photoinduced dynamics in the low frequency, ω, regime. The multiphoton absorptions by molecules in strong laser fields depend on the polarization of the laser and on the molecular structure. The unique properties of the interaction of atoms and molecules with lasers in the low-frequency regime imply new concepts and directions in strong-field light-matter interactions. Here we represent a perturbational approach for the calculations of the quasi-energy spectrum in the low-frequency regime, which avoids the construction of the Floquet operator with extremely large number of Floquet channels...
December 14, 2017: Journal of Chemical Physics
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