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Shaneel Shah, Umberto Benedetto, Massimo Caputo, Gianni D Angelini, Hunaid A Vohra
OBJECTIVES: Existing evidence comparing the outcomes of coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery versus percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) in patients with poor left ventricular function (LVF) is sparse and flawed. This is largely due to patients with poor LVF being underrepresented in major research trials and the outdated nature of some studies that do not consider drug-eluting stent PCI. METHODS: Following strict inclusion criteria, 717 patients who underwent revascularization by CABG or PCI between 2002 and 2015 were enrolled...
June 22, 2018: European Journal of Cardio-thoracic Surgery
Rejane Reich, Eneida Rejane Rabelo-Silva, Simone Marques Dos Santos, Miriam de Abreu Almeida
OBJECTIVE: To map the production of knowledge on vascular access complications in patients undergoing percutaneous procedures in hemodynamic laboratories. METHODS: Scoping review study. The search strategy was developed in three stages, considering the period from July 2005 to July 2015 in the PubMed, CINAHL, Scopus, and LILACS databases. The collected data were analyzed and summarized in a narrative form. RESULTS: One-hundred twenty-eight publications that made it possible to map the contexts of study of complications, occurrence according to access routes, as well as an understanding of diagnosis and clinical management, were included...
June 7, 2018: Revista Gaúcha de Enfermagem
Ásthildur Árnadóttir, Mikkel Schoos, Jacob Lønborg, Kiril Ahtarovski, Henning Kelbæk, Steffen Helqvist, Dan Høfsten, Peter Clemmensen, Thomas Engstrøm, Lars Nepper-Christensen, Niels Vejlstrup, Lars Køber, Kasper Iversen
BACKGROUND: Primary percutaneous coronary intervention (pPCI) is recommended in patients presenting with ST-elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) within <12 h of symptom onset. However, patients-reported symptom duration is not always reliable. Cardiac specific troponin T (cTnT) and the endogenous stress marker copeptin have different temporal release patterns for myocardial infarction MI. We hypothesized that copeptin/troponin-ratio is associated to the duration of coronary occlusion and therefore inversely proportional to myocardial salvage...
June 19, 2018: Clinical Biochemistry
Jeffrey C Karr
BACKGROUND: Over a 74-month period (∼6 years), 143 lower-extremity osteomyelitis locations in 125 patients were treated with a calcium sulfate/hydroxyapatite liquid bone void filler with antibiotic(s). METHODS: The osteomyelitis locations were treated with a percutaneous antibiotic delivery technique delivering intraosseous antibiotic followed by either oral or intravenous antibiotics for 4 weeks. RESULTS: There was no recurrence of osteomyelitis in 96...
May 2018: Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association
(no author information available yet)
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA or we) is classifying the percutaneous nerve stimulator for substance use disorders into class II (special controls). The special controls that apply to the device type are identified in this order and will be part of the codified language for the percutaneous nerve stimulator for substance use disorders' classification. We are taking this action because we have determined that classifying the device into class II (special controls) will provide a reasonable assurance of safety and effectiveness of the device...
February 5, 2018: Federal Register
Sandeep Gupta, Susanta Kumar Das, Dilip Kumar Pal
OBJECTIVE: The ultra-mini percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) for treating low-volume renal nephrolithiasis is being used as an alternative modality to the conventional PCNL. However its use in the supine position has been scarcely reported. MATERIAL AND METHODS: Patients who underwent ultra-mini PCNL in the supine position within the time frame of January 2017 to July 2017 were studied. All these patients had this as their first-line treatment. The patients had calculus limited to either a single calyx or just extending to the pelvis and the stone size was less than 2 cm in its maximal dimension...
July 2018: Turkish Journal of Urology
Ahmet Bindayi, Michelle L Mcdonald, Alp T Beksac, Gerant Rivera-Sanfeliz, Ahmed Shabaik, Fiona Hughes, Lejla Aganovic, Donna E Hansel, Ithaar H Derweesh
OBJECTIVE: To investigate the utility of multiphase computed tomography (CT) and percutaneous renal mass biopsy (PRMB) in differentiating between papillary renal cell carcinoma (pRCC)-Type 1 and -Type 2, as emerging data have suggested differential enhancement patterns in different renal tumor histologies. MATERIAL AND METHODS: Retrospective analysis of 51 patients (23 pRCC-Type 1/28 pRCC-Type 2) who underwent multiphase CT followed by surgery from July 2011 to April 2016 was performed...
July 2018: Turkish Journal of Urology
Napatt Kanjanahattakij, Pattara Rattanawong, Tanawan Riangwiwat, Narut Prasitlumkum, Nath Limpruttidham, Pakawat Chongsathidkiet, Wasawat Vutthikraivit, Erin Crossey
BACKGROUND: Fragmented QRS reflects disturbances in the myocardium predisposing the heart to ventricular tachyarrhythmias. Recent studies suggest that fragmented QRS (fQRS) is associated with mortality in ST-elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) patients who underwent percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI). However, a systematic review and meta-analysis of the literature has not been done. We assessed the association between fQRS and overall mortality in STEMI patients who subsequently underwent PCI by a systematic review and meta-analysis...
June 22, 2018: Annals of Noninvasive Electrocardiology
T Yetgin, E Boersma, P C Smits, A G de Vries, E Huijskens, F Zijlstra, M M J M van der Linden, R J M van Geuns
OBJECTIVE: To investigate 1‑year outcomes with routine prasugrel treatment after acute coronary syndrome (ACS) in a large-scale registry. METHODS: The Rijnmond Collective Cardiology Research registry is a prospective, observational study that enrolled 4,258 consecutive ACS patients treated with percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) with 1‑year follow-up. Patients received prasugrel as first-choice antiplatelet agent, except for increased bleeding risk patients in which clopidogrel was recommended...
June 21, 2018: Netherlands Heart Journal
José Sérgio Nascimento Silva, Isly Maria Lucena de Barros, Fabiano Lima Cantarelli, Rodrigo Cantarelli Alves, Felipe José de Andrade Falcão, Josefa Martinelly Dos Santos Silva, Flávio Roberto Azevedo de Oliveira, Rodrigo Pinto Pedrosa
To verify the frequency and predictors associated with stent thrombosis (ST) in a developing country. Observational, case-control study including 2535 consecutive patients undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) in two reference hospitals in Brazil, from October 2013 to December 2015. ST patients were matched to controls in a 1:3 ratio for gender, age, procedure indication, and performing hospital. From the total sample, 65 (2.5%) ST occurred and were matched with 195 controls (age 64.9 ± 11...
June 21, 2018: Journal of Thrombosis and Thrombolysis
Yusuke Ando, Masatoshi Ishigami, Yoji Ishizu, Teiji Kuzuya, Takashi Honda, Yoshiki Hirooka
Sclerosed hemangioma is difficult to distinguish from intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma or liver metastasis due to their imaging resemblance, thus pathological diagnosis is often required; however, percutaneous biopsy entails a risk of dissemination if the tumor is malignant. Perflubutane, a contrast agent of ultrasonography, has a characteristic feature of being phagocytosed by Kupffer cells. Hepatic malignant lesions contain few or no Kupffer cells, therefore, they are shown as a contrast defect. We report a case in which contrast enhanced ultrasonography (CEUS) with perflubutane was useful to evaluate indications for percutaneous tumor biopsy...
June 21, 2018: Clinical Journal of Gastroenterology
Tesfaye Telila, Elsayed Mohamed, Kurt M Jacobson
Rheumatic heart disease remains a major cause of significant mortality and morbidity in the developing world. Rheumatic mitral and aortic stenosis are the two most common valvular sequelae of acute rheumatic fever. Open surgical procedures with either valve replacement or surgical commissurotomy have largely been replaced by percutaneous commissurotomy and balloon valvuloplasty for selected patients since the early 1980s. The purpose of our review is to examine the literature for any recent advancement in procedural techniques of balloon valvuloplasty for selected patients with rheumatic mitral and or aortic stenosis...
June 22, 2018: Current Treatment Options in Cardiovascular Medicine
Jong Woong Park, Yong-Il Kim, Hyun Guy Kang, June Hyuk Kim, Han Soo Kim
OBJECTIVE: For symptomatic metastasis of the long bones, intramedullary nailing has been the most accepted fixation method. Intramedullary nailing has effective control of pain, perioperative bleeding, and local tumor progression by augmentation with bone cement around the nail. Here, we report the preliminary results of a new surgical implant that allows for simultaneous injection of bone cement while inserting a percutaneous, flexible intramedullary nail. MATERIALS AND METHODS: We performed palliative surgeries for long-bone metastasis using a multi-hole injection nail (MIN) with multiple side holes in the distal one third...
June 21, 2018: Skeletal Radiology
Shigeru Saito, Mitchell W Krucoff, Shigeru Nakamura, Roxana Mehran, Akiko Maehara, Hussein R Al-Khalidi, Stephen M Rowland, Gudaye Tasissa, Debbie Morrell, Diane Joseph, Yumiko Okaniwa, Yoshisato Shibata, Barry D Bertolet, Mark D Rothenberg, Philippe Généreux, Hiram Bezerra, David F Kong
Aims: Harmonized Assessment by Randomized Multicentre Study of OrbusNEich's Combo StEnt (HARMONEE) (NCT02073565) was a randomized pivotal registration trial of the Combo stent, which combined sirolimus and an abluminal bioabsorbable polymer with a novel endoluminal anti-CD34+ antibody coating designed to capture endothelial progenitor cells (EPC) and promote percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) site healing. Methods and results: Clinically stabilized PCI subjects were randomized 1:1 to receive Combo or everolimus-eluting stents (EES)...
June 21, 2018: European Heart Journal
Wei Zhao, Hui Wang, Ji-Hong Hu, Zhao-Hong Peng, Jin-Zhou Chen, Jian-Qiang Huang, Yong-Neng Jiang, Gang Luo, Gen-Fa Yi, Jin Shen, Bu-Lang Gao
Purpose: To investigate the pain relief effect and safety of percutaneous radiofrequency ablation (RFA) with a multitined electrode combined with cement injection in patients with painful metastatic bone tumors. Materials and methods: Sixteen patients with 34 osteolytic metastatic lesions were treated with RFA including 4 males and 12 females (age range 54-84). Thirteen patients with spinal metastases received additional cement injection. Medical imaging, a visual analog scale (VAS) and the EORTC QLQ-C30 were performed to evaluate the metastatic lesion, pain and quality of life, respectively, before and after RFA and at follow-ups...
June 20, 2018: Japanese Journal of Clinical Oncology
(no author information available yet)
[This corrects the article DOI: 10.21037/cdt.2017.10.16.].
June 2018: Cardiovascular Diagnosis and Therapy
Y Q Liu, J Lu, Y C Hao, C L Xiao, L L Ma
OBJECTIVE: To analyze the potential perioperative risk factors that affect the development of urosepsis following percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) for upper urinary tract calculi with a regression model, and to develop a nomogram for predicting the probability of postoperative urosepsis after PCNL according to the identified independent risk factors. METHODS: We retrospectively analyzed the clinical data from consecutive 405 cases of upper urinary tract calculi treated by one-phase PCNL between January 2013 and December 2016 in our clinical department...
June 18, 2018: Beijing da Xue Xue Bao. Yi Xue Ban, Journal of Peking University. Health Sciences
Joao Pimentel Torres, Nuno Morais, Agostinho Cordeiro, Estevao Lima
Lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) are a common complaint in the general population with great impact on the quality of life. Besides the classical pathologies, there are less common causes that must be considered in the treatment approach for patients with LUTS. We present the case of a 30-year-old patient with multiple emergency department episodes with dysuria, urinary frequency, suprapubic pain and an episode of acute urinary retention. The blood and urine tests only revealed increased systemic inflammatory parameters...
June 21, 2018: BMJ Case Reports
Rachel C Orme, William A E Parker, Mark R Thomas, Heather M Judge, Kathleen Baster, Wael Sumaya, Kenneth P Morgan, Hannah C McMellon, James D Richardson, Ever D Grech, Nigel M Wheeldon, Ian R Hall, Javaid Iqbal, David Barmby, Julian P Gunn, Robert F Storey
Background -Ticagrelor has superior efficacy to clopidogrel in the management of acute coronary syndromes but has not been assessed in patients undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) for stable coronary artery disease (CAD). We compared the pharmacodynamic effects of ticagrelor and clopidogrel in this stable population. Methods -180 aspirin-treated stable CAD patients, who were planned to undergo elective PCI in a single center, were randomized 1:1:1 to either a standard clopidogrel regimen or one of two regimens of ticagrelor, either 90mg (T90) or 60mg twice-daily (T60), both with 180mg loading dose...
June 21, 2018: Circulation
Fabio V Lima, Suraj Singh, Puja B Parikh, Luis Gruberg
BACKGROUND: Left ventricular end-diastolic pressure (LVEDP) reflects ventricular performance and volume status. We sought to analyze the relationship between LVEDP and the incidence of contrast-induced acute kidney injury (AKI) in patients with acute coronary syndrome undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI). METHODS: Between January 2006 and December 2008, a total of 254 patients presenting with an acute coronary syndrome had the LVEDP assessed prior to the intervention...
June 9, 2018: Cardiovascular Revascularization Medicine: Including Molecular Interventions
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