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Sévérine de Bruijn, Chris Kenyon, Nicolas Léonard, Erika Vlieghe
BACKGROUND: Neurosyphilis is the result of an infection of the central nervous system caused by the spirochete Treponema pallidum. Its clinical presentation includes meningovascular syphilis, tabes dorsalis, and dementia paralytica, resulting in a wide range of symptoms such as psychosis, Parkinsonism, and depression. CASE REPORT: A 49-year-old male was admitted to a psychiatric hospital because of social withdrawal and self-neglect, indicative of a major depression...
February 21, 2017: Acta Clinica Belgica
Takeshi Nishijima, Katsuji Teruya, Satoshi Shibata, Yasuaki Yanagawa, Taiichiro Kobayashi, Daisuke Mizushima, Takahiro Aoki, Ei Kinai, Hirohisa Yazaki, Kunihisa Tsukada, Ikumi Genka, Yoshimi Kikuchi, Shinichi Oka, Hiroyuki Gatanaga
BACKGROUND: The epidemiology of incident syphilis infection among HIV-1-infected men who have sex with men (MSM) largely remains unknown. METHODS: The incidence and risk factors for incident syphilis (positive TPHA and RPR> = 1:8) among HIV-1-infected MSM who visited a large HIV clinic in Tokyo for the first time between 2008 and 2013 were determined, using clinical data and stored blood samples taken every three months for screening and determination of the date of incident syphilis...
2016: PloS One
Prabhav Aggarwal, Sonali Bhattar, Satyendra Kumar Sahani, Preena Bhalla
OBJECTIVE: WHO and NACO recommend treatment of STIs/RTIs on the basis syndromic case management (SCM), even without laboratory confirmation, which may lead to over-treatment. Thus, this study was conducted to evaluate the utility of laboratory diagnosis for confirmation of patients with vaginal discharge diagnosed on the basis of SCM. METHODOLOGY: 234 married women in reproductive age group, diagnosed as having vaginal discharge syndrome were included. Normal saline wet-mount slide preparations were made for detection of motile trichomonads...
October 2016: International Journal of Health Sciences
D Guedes de Carvalho, J Bouleau, M Pichenot, S Dive, L Duthoit, E Auxenfants, O Carpentier
BACKGROUND: The clinical polymorphism of syphilis leads to diagnostic issues. We report a case of secondary syphilis revealed by skin and mucosal erosions, and responsible for sensorineural hearing loss and asymptomatic papillitis. PATIENTS AND METHODS: A 55-year-old man presented oral and peri-anal erosions as the initial symptoms of secondary syphilis. He reported hypoacusis and a pure-tone audiogram revealed bilateral sensorineural hearing loss. Ophthalmological investigation revealed isolated right papillitis and superior temporal scotoma with blind-spot enlargement...
November 2016: Annales de Dermatologie et de Vénéréologie
Edith Nakku-Joloba, Agnes Kiragga, Joshua Kimeze Mbazira, Fred Kambugu, Mary Jett-Goheen, Rosalind Parkes Ratanshi, Charlotte Gaydos, Yukari C Manabe
A diagnostic performance study comparing the only Food and Drug Administration-approved, point-of-care (POC) treponemal test (Syphilis Health Check) and the World Health Organization pre-qualified SD Bioline POC treponemal test against a treponemal hemagglutination test (TPHA) and a sequential algorithm of nontreponemal rapid plasma reagin and TPHA found both POC tests had >85% sensitivity compared with the TPHA and >85% sensitivity and >95% specificity compared with the rapid plasma reagin and TPHA standards...
October 2016: Sexually Transmitted Diseases
A Leclercq, E Cinotti, B Labeille, B Cribier, A C Biron, C Vermersch, J Montlouis, F Cambazard, J L Perrot
PATIENTS AND METHODS: Herein we report the case of an 18-year-old pregnant patient presenting with plantar and ano-genital lesions of syphilis, pharyngitis, erythematosus and scalynasolabial intertrigo and angular cheilitis. REFLECTANCE CONFOCAL MICROSCOPY: In vivo reflectance confocal microscopy examination (Vivascope 3000(®); Caliber Inc, Rochester, NY, USA, distributed in France by Mavig, Munich) of ano-genital lesions enabled us to identify hyper-reflective elongated rods in the papillary dermis suggesting spirochetes...
November 2016: Annales de Dermatologie et de Vénéréologie
W S Nambei, D Rawago-Mandjiza, E Gbangbangai
The aim of this study was to determine the seroprevalence of HIV, the hepatitis B and C viruses, and syphilis as well the risk factors for these diseases among blood donors in Bangui, Central Africa Republic. This cross-sectional study examined samples from donors giving blood in August and September, 2013. HIV1/2 antibodies was screened with the Determine and Unigold HIV tests. Hepatitis B surface antigens were detected by sandwich immunochromatographic methods (DIAspot HBsAg test), and antibodies to HCV by the DIAspot test strip...
May 1, 2016: Médecine et Santé Tropicales
Wang Yanhua, Shi Haishan, Hou Le, Zhong Xiaomei, Chen Xinru, Li Ling, Wu Zhangying, Zheng Dong, Zhang Yuefen, Tan Yan, Luo Xinni, Liu Sha, Ning Yuping
BACKGROUND: Neurosyphilis is caused by the invasion of Treponema pallidum into the central nervous system. General paresis (GP) is a type of neurosyphilis. The main manifestation of general paresis is dementia; however, this is different from the other types of dementia, which can be cured by adequate doses of penicillin in the early stage. Neurosyphilis is the "great imitator" because it can mimic many types of medical disorders. In addition, the manifestations of neurosyphilis are not typical...
2016: BMC Psychiatry
Linda Sommese, Chiara Sabia, Antonella Esposito, Carmela Iannone, Maria Lourdes Montesano, Claudio Napoli
The recrudescence of syphilis is leading to the development of new serological tests. The goal of this study was to compare the performance of the more recent Elecsys Syphilis assay, the Electro Chemiluminescence Immunoassay (ECLIA), with the former Architect Syphilis TP assay, the Chemiluminescent Microparticle Immunoassay (CMIA), for the detection of antibodies against Treponema pallidum in blood donors. Serum samples of 5543 voluntary blood donors were screened in parallel with two tests. All repeatedly reactive (RR) samples by one or both assays were further analysed for confirmation by immmunoblot INNO-LIA and TPHA...
2016: Infectious Diseases
Bhanu Mehra, Sonali Bhattar, Shikhar Saxena, Deepti Rawat, Preena Bhalla
BACKGROUND: Serology is considered the mainstay of syphilis diagnosis. The limitations of the traditional serological methods and the advent and availability of novel immunochromatographic assays have led to the widespread application of rapid point-of-care procedures as screening tools for syphilis. However, these tests have not been extensively evaluated. This study was designed to evaluate the performance of a rapid syphilis diagnostic test known as SD BIOLINE Syphilis 3.0 (SD Biostandard Diagnostics Private Limited, Gurgaon, Haryana, India)...
January 2016: Journal of Laboratory Physicians
Ronald Salamano, Raquel Ballesté, Abayubá Perna, Natalia Rodriguez, Diego Lombardo, Natalia García, Pablo López, Pablo Cappuccio
Lumbar puncture in neurologically asymptomatic HIV+ patients is still under debate. There are different criteria for detecting neurosyphilis through cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), especially in cases that are negative through the Venereal Disease Research Laboratory (VDRL), regarding cellularity and protein content. However, a diagnosis of neurosyphilis can still exist despite negative VDRL. Treponema pallidum hemagglutination assay (TPHA) titers and application of the TPHA index in albumin and IgG improve the sensitivity, with a high degree of specificity...
February 2016: Arquivos de Neuro-psiquiatria
Gretchen M Cooley, Oriol Mitja, Brook Goodhew, Allan Pillay, Patrick J Lammie, Arnold Castro, Penias Moses, Cheng Chen, Tun Ye, Ronald Ballard, Diana L Martin
WHO has targeted yaws for global eradication by 2020. The program goals are to interrupt the transmission in countries where yaws is endemic and to certify countries as yaws free where yaws was endemic in the past. No new rapid plasmin reagin (RPR) seroreactivity in young children is required for certification of elimination at a country level. We sought to evaluate whether antibody responses to specific treponemal antigens measured in a high-throughput multiplex bead array (MBA) assay differentiate past versus current infection and whether a nontreponemal lipoidal antigen test can be incorporated into the MBA...
May 2016: Journal of Clinical Microbiology
Georgia A Zissimou, Christos P Constantinides, Maria Manoli, Galatia K Pieridou, Sophia C Hayes, Panayiotis A Koutentis
Tetraphenylhexaazaanthracene (TPHA), a fluorescent zwitterionic biscyanine with a closed-shell singlet ground state, on treatment with manganese dioxide or phenyliodine bis(trifluoroacetate) (PIFA), undergoes oxidative dimerization to give a near-zero dipole scissor 5,5'-dimer DI-TPHA. Both acene components of the new dimer DI-TPHA maintain their biscyanine closed-shell singlet ground state motifs, as judged by analysis of both single crystal X-ray crystallographic and density functional theory computational studies; however, unlike TPHA, DI-TPHA is only very weakly fluorescent...
March 4, 2016: Organic Letters
Prabhav Aggarwal, Sonali Bhattar, Satyendra K Sahani, Preena Bhalla, Vijay K Garg
Homosexuality is not legally and socially accepted in India. Thus, this area of research has largely been ignored by Indian authors, resulting in dearth of knowledge, particularly with respect to sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in this high-risk group. Over a period of two years (2013-2014), 738 males sought care at skin and venereal diseases clinics, 52 (7.05%, 95% CI=5.4-9.14%) of who identified themselves as MSM and were enrolled in the study. Diagnosis was made on the basis of clinical presentation and laboratory testing, wherever indicated...
September 2016: Journal of Infection and Public Health
Mihai Dorin Vartolomei, Ovidiu Simion Cotoi, Mihail Alexandru Badea, Calin Bogdan Chibelean, Titiana Cotoi, Violeta Morariu, Cosmin Albu, Silviu Horia Morariu
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
2015: Acta Dermatovenerologica Croatica: ADC
Bineeta Kashyap, Tanu Sagar, Iqbal R Kaur
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Syphilis is one of the most common preventable causes of adverse effects during pregnancy. Antenatal screening prevents the delay between diagnosis and treatment there by reducing the risk of congenital syphilis. The objective of this study was to evaluate the utility of an immunochromatographic assay as a point of care test for antenatal screening of syphilis. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Sera of 200 antenatal mothers were evaluated for serodiagnosis of syphilis by the venereal disease research laboratory (VDRL), Treponema pallidum hemagglutination assay (TPHA) and SD BIOLINE Syphilis 3...
July 2015: Indian Journal of Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Tugba Ensari, Ayse Kirbas, Ayse Seval Ozgu-Erdinc, Sibel Gokay Saygan, Salim Erkaya, Dilek Uygur, Nuri Danisman
INTRODUCTION: This study aimed to document the prevalence of syphilis among pregnant women in Turkey. METHODOLOGY: In this retrospective cohort study, a total of 63,276 sera obtained between January 2007 and June 2014 from women who were routinely screened for syphilis as a part of antenatal care at a tertiary referral hospital in Turkey were analyzed. Serological screening was done with the rapid plasma reagin (RPR) test on venous blood samples. Treponema pallidum hemagglutination assay (TPHA) was the confirmation test for the diagnosis of syphilis in patients who had positive results in the screening test...
September 2015: Journal of Infection in Developing Countries
Emine Ünal, Müzeyyen Gönül, Seray Çakmak, Ayşegül Yalçınkaya Iyidal, Arzu Kılıç, Ülker Gül, Pinar Doner
INTRODUCTION: Human papillomavirus (HPV) is one of the most common causes of sexually transmitted diseases (STD). The incidence of condyloma acuminata (CA) has increased in recent years. AIM: To determine demographical features and serological test results of STD in patients with CA. MATERIAL AND METHODS: A cross-sectional survey was conducted on 94 patients presenting to a dermatology clinic in Ankara, Middle Anatolia, Turkey. Dermatological examinations were made and the patients completed a questionnaire which consisted of questions about their marital status, partners and condom use...
August 2015: Postȩpy Dermatologii i Alergologii
David Fegan, Mary Jacqueline Glennon, Jacob Kool, Fasihah Taleo
The management of yaws has changed in recent years. Mass treatment with oral azithromycin has replaced intramuscular benzathine benzylpenicillin. Treponemal and non-treponemal serology (equivalent to TPHA and RPR) point-of-care blood testing is now available. In addition, recent studies in yaws endemic regions have shown that a significant number of leg ulcers in children which are clinically suggestive of yaws are caused by Haemophilus ducreyi. It is noteworthy that the World Health Organization has also set the ambitious goal to eliminate yaws by 2020...
April 2016: Tropical Doctor
Christos P Constantinides, Georgia A Zissimou, Andrey A Berezin, Theodosia A Ioannou, Maria Manoli, Demetra Tsokkou, Eleni Theodorou, Sophia C Hayes, Panayiotis A Koutentis
Tetraphenylhexaazaanthracene, TPHA-1, is a fluorescent zwitterionic biscyanine with a closed-shell singlet ground state. TPHA-1 overcomes its weak 16π antiaromaticity by partitioning its π system into 6π positive and 10π negative cyanines. The synthesis of TPHA-1 is low yielding and accompanied by two analogous TPHA isomers: the deep red, non-charge-separated, quinoidal TPHA-2, and the deep green TPHA-3 that partitions into two equal but oppositely charged 8π cyanines. The three TPHA isomers are compared...
August 21, 2015: Organic Letters
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