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Juan Li, Min Yan, Yuan Zhang, Chao Feng, Huicong Wang, Cuiyu Wang, Li Sun
Genetic variants are linked to vitiligo and associated autoimmune diseases. We performed a meta-analysis to evaluate the effects of the rs12150220, rs2670660, and rs6502867 polymorphisms within the human NLR Family Pyrin Domain Containing 1 (NLRP1) gene. We initially identified 1,306 candidate articles through literature searches of Pubmed, WOS, Embase, CNKI, WANFANGI, Ovid, Scopus, and Cochrane in July 2017. After strict screening, we included 19 eligible case-control studies, and analyzed the data using Stata/SE 12...
October 20, 2017: Oncotarget
McKenzie Davies, Addison Jacobs, David L Brody, Stuart H Friess
Hypoxemia during initial stabilization of patients with severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) has been associated with poorer outcomes. However, the effects of delayed hypoxemia occurring during intensive care following TBI on outcome is unclear. Preclinical models of TBI have rarely shown cognitive or behavioral deficits beyond six weeks post injury and commonly have not included modeling of secondary insults. We have previously developed a murine model of TBI followed by delayed hypoxemia to model the secondary insult of hypoxemia and brain hypoxia occurring in the intensive care setting...
November 17, 2017: Journal of Neurotrauma
Odessa Addison, Steven J Prior, Rishi Kundi, Monica C Serra, Leslie I Katzel, Andrew W Gardner, Alice S Ryan
OBJECTIVES: To determine the prevalence of sarcopenia in older men with peripheral arterial disease (PAD) and to compare to a subset of the group to age, race, sex, and body mass index (BMI)-matched non-PAD control counterparts. We also sought to compare the functional status of those with PAD with and without sarcopenia. DESIGN: Cohort study. SETTING: A Veterans Affairs medical center. PARTICIPANTS: Sedentary, community dwelling men age 50+ years with a confirmed diagnosis of PAD (N=108; 44% black; BMI 27...
November 11, 2017: Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Bracken A Armstrong, Richard D Betzold, Addison K May
Three therapeutic principles most substantially improve organ dysfunction and survival in sepsis: early, appropriate antimicrobial therapy; restoration of adequate cellular perfusion; timely source control. The new definitions of sepsis and septic shock reflect the inadequate sensitivity, specify, and lack of prognostication of systemic inflammatory response syndrome criteria. Sequential (sepsis-related) organ failure assessment more effectively prognosticates in sepsis and critical illness. Inadequate cellular perfusion accelerates injury and reestablishing perfusion limits injury...
December 2017: Surgical Clinics of North America
Jessica L Deichmann, Daniel G Mulcahy, Hadrien Vanthomme, Elie Tobi, Addison H Wynn, Breda M Zimkus, Roy W McDiarmid
Development projects in west Central Africa are proceeding at an unprecedented rate, often with little concern for their effects on biodiversity. In an attempt to better understand potential impacts of a road development project on the anuran amphibian community, we conducted a biodiversity assessment employing multiple methodologies (visual encounter transects, auditory surveys, leaf litter plots and pitfall traps) to inventory species prior to construction of a new road within the buffer zone of Moukalaba-Doudou National Park, Gabon...
2017: PloS One
Steve S Ho, Andrew T Keown, Bennett Addison, J Kent Leach
The adhesion and migration of cells entrapped in engineered materials is regulated by available adhesive ligands. Although mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) spheroids injected into damaged tissues promote repair, their transplantation in biomaterials which regulate cell migration from the aggregate may further enhance their therapeutic potential. Alginate hydrogels were modified with Arginine-Glycine-Aspartic acid (RGD) at increasing concentrations, and osteogenically induced human MSC spheroids were entrapped to assess cell migration, survival, and differentiation...
November 13, 2017: Biomacromolecules
Victoria Shepherd, Emma Thomas-Jones, Matthew J Ridd, Kerenza Hood, Katy Addison, Nick A Francis
BACKGROUND: Recruitment of participants is particularly challenging in primary care, with less than a third of randomised controlled trials (RCT) achieving their target within the original time frame. Participant identification, consent, randomisation and data collection can all be time-consuming. Trials recruiting an incident, as opposed to a prevalent, population may be particularly affected. This paper describes the impact of a deferred recruitment model in a RCT of antibiotics for children with infected eczema in primary care, which required the recruitment of cases presenting acutely...
November 10, 2017: Trials
Paul S Addison, Dominique Jacquel, David M H Foo, Ulf R Borg
The robust monitoring of heart rate from the video-photoplethysmogram (video-PPG) during challenging conditions requires new analysis techniques. The work reported here extends current research in this area by applying a motion tolerant algorithm to extract high quality video-PPGs from a cohort of subjects undergoing marked heart rate changes during a hypoxic challenge, and exhibiting a full range of skin pigmentation types. High uptimes in reported video-based heart rate (HRvid) were targeted, while retaining high accuracy in the results...
November 9, 2017: Journal of Clinical Monitoring and Computing
Kamal M F Itani, Addison K May
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
November 2017: Surgical Infections
Katharine E Kolpan, Michael Warren
This paper highlights how Geographic Information Systems (GIS) can be utilized to analyze biases and patterns related to physical and cultural geography in Florida. Using case recovery locations from the C. Addison Pound Human Identification Laboratory (CAPHIL), results indicate that the majority of CAPHIL cases are recovered from urban areas with medium to low population density and low rates of crime. The results also suggest that more accurate record keeping methods would enhance the data.
October 20, 2017: Forensic Science International
Addison R L Marshall, Jamie Stokes, Francesco N Viscomi, John E Proctor, Johannes Gierschner, Jean-Sebastien G Bouillard, Ali M Adawi
In this work, plasmonic nano-gaps consisting of a silver nanoparticle coupled to an extended silver film have been fully optimized for single molecule Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS) spectroscopy. The SERS signal was found to be strongly dependent on the particle size and the molecule orientation with respect to the field inside the nano-gap. Using Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD) simulations to complement the experimental measurements, the complex interplay between the excitation enhancement and the emission enhancement of the system as a function of particle size were highlighted...
November 16, 2017: Nanoscale
Addison N Desnoyer, Weiling Chiu, Candy Cheung, Brian O Patrick, Jennifer A Love
Reacting the low-valent nickel complex [(dtbpe)Ni]2(μ-η(2):η(2)-C6H6) with oxaziridines was found to form mixtures of imine, amide and aldehyde products. If the N-substituent of the oxaziridine is sufficiently bulky, a short-lived intermediate can be isolated and characterized by X-ray diffraction studies as an oxazanickela(ii)cyclobutane. This is the first well-defined example of N-O oxidative addition of an oxaziridine to a transition metal. Subsequent fragmentation of this oxazanickelacyclobutane forms a complex mixture of products, including a nickel(ii) imido complex, demonstrating that oxaziridines can serve as nitrene precursors...
November 16, 2017: Chemical Communications: Chem Comm
Å B Saevik, A-K Åkerman, K Grønning, I Nermoen, S F Valland, T E Finnes, M Isaksson, P Dahlqvist, R Bergthorsdottir, O Ekwall, J Skov, B G Nedrebø, A-L Hulting, J Wahlberg, J Svartberg, C Höybye, I H Bleskestad, A P Jørgensen, O Kämpe, M Øksnes, S Bensing, E S Husebye
BACKGROUND: Early detection of autoimmune Addison's disease (AAD) is important as delay in diagnosis may result in a life-threatening adrenal crisis and death. The classical clinical picture of untreated AAD is well-described, but methodical investigations are scarce. OBJECTIVE: Perform a retrospective audit of patient records with the aim of identifying biochemical markers for early diagnosis of AAD. MATERIAL AND METHODS: A multicentre retrospective study including 272 patients diagnosed with AAD at hospitals in Norway and Sweden during 1978-2016...
November 3, 2017: Journal of Internal Medicine
Milena Jamiołkowska, Artur Bossowski
Polyglandular autoimmune syndromes (PAS) is a group of heterogenous conditions characterized by the association of at least two organ-specific autoimmune disorders, concerning both endocrine and non-endocrine organs. Type III is defined as the combination of autoimmune thyroid disease and other autoimmune condition (other than Addison's disease) and is divided into four subtypes. We describe a teenage female patient - with the family history of autoimmune diseases, who has simultaneously developed the symptoms of autoimmune thyroid disease with the clinical picture of hyperthyroidism and myasthenia gravis at the age of fifteen...
2017: Pediatric Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism
Daniel Eriksson, Frida Dalin, Gabriel Nordling Eriksson, Nils Landegren, Matteo Bianchi, Åsa Hallgren, Per Dahlqvist, Jeanette Wahlberg, Olov Ekwall, Ola Winqvist, Sergiu-Bogdan Catrina, Johan Rönnelid, Anna-Lena Hulting, Kerstin Lindblad-Toh, Mohammad Alimohammadi, Eystein S Husebye, Per Morten Knappskog, Gerli Rosengren Pielberg, Sophie Bensing, Olle Kämpe
Context: Autoimmune polyendocrine syndrome type 1 (APS1) is a monogenic disorder that features autoimmune Addison's disease as a major component. Although APS1 accounts for only a small fraction of all Addison's disease cases, it is vital with an early identification of these individuals in order to prevent potentially lethal complications of APS1. Objective: To determine whether available serological and genetic markers are valuable screening tools for the identification of APS1 among patients diagnosed with Addison's disease...
October 20, 2017: Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism
Anna V Pavlishchuk, Sergey V Kolotilov, Matthias Zeller, Samuel E Lofland, Laurence K Thompson, Anthony W Addison, Allen D Hunter
Complexes {[LnCu5(GlyHA)5(m-bdc)(H2O)4-x]2[LnCu5(GlyHA)5(SO4)(m-bdc)(H2O)4]2}·(30 + 2x)H2O (where GlyHA(2-) = glycinehydroxamate, m-bdc(2-) = m-phthalate; Ln = Pr and x = 0.21 for compound 1, or Ln = Sm and x = 0.24 for 3) and one-dimensional (1D) coordination polymers {[NdCu5(GlyHA)5(H2O)5(m-bdc)]nn[NdCu5(GlyHA)5(H2O)4(μ-CO3)(m-bdc)]}·13nH2O (2) and {[EuCu5(GlyHA)5(H2O)3](m-bdc)2[EuCu5(GlyHA)5(m-bdc)(H2O)3]}n·17nH2O (4) were obtained starting from the 15-metallacrown-5 complexes {[LnCu5(GlyHA)5(SO4)(H2O)6...
November 6, 2017: Inorganic Chemistry
Dimitrios Chantzichristos, Anders Persson, Björn Eliasson, Mervete Miftaraj, Stefan Franzén, Ann-Marie Svensson, Gudmundur Johannsson
OBJECTIVES: We determined the incidence and prevalence of Addison's disease (AD) among persons with or without type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM) in nationwide, matched cohort studies. METHODS: Persons with T1DM were identified from the Swedish National Diabetes Register and each was matched for age, sex, year, and county to five controls randomly selected from the general population. Persons with AD were identified from the Swedish National Inpatient Register. Baseline demographics and seasonal onset variation of AD were presented by descriptive statistics...
October 24, 2017: European Journal of Endocrinology
Andre Antunes, Dean Montgomery, Paul Addison, Ulf Borg
Adequate perfusion of blood is fundamental to brain tissue viability, and failure to appropriately regulate cerebral blood flow is related to neurological damage. Cerebral tissue oxygenation is commonly used as a surrogate of cerebral blood flow for non-invasive measures of autoregulation, but may only be valid during periods of constant oxygen delivery. We present a new algorithm to correct for supply oxygen-induced variations in cerebral tissue oxygenation, and we validate it by measuring the improved correlation of the corrected tissue oxygenation with blood flow...
July 2017: Conference Proceedings: Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society
Mengdi Xu, Jun Cheng, Annan Li, Jimmy Addison Lee, Damon Wing Kee Wong, Akira Taruya, Atsushi Tanaka, Nicolas Foin, Philip Wong
Identifying vulnerable plaque is important in coronary heart disease diagnosis. Recent emerged imaging modality, Intravascular Optical Coherence Tomography (IVOCT), has been proved to be able to characterize the appearance of vulnerable plaques. Comparing with the manual method, automated fibroatheroma identification would be more efficient and objective. Deep convolutional neural networks have been adopted in many medical image analysis tasks. In this paper, we introduce deep features to resolve fibroatheroma identification problem...
July 2017: Conference Proceedings: Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society
Paul S Addison, David M H Foo, Dominique Jacquel
The extraction of heart rate from a video-based biosignal during motion using a novel wavelet-based ensemble averaging method is described. Running Wavelet Archetyping (RWA) allows for the enhanced extraction of pulse information from the time-frequency representation, from which a video-based heart rate (HRvid) can be derived. This compares favorably to a reference heart rate derived from a pulse oximeter.
July 2017: Conference Proceedings: Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society
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